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  1. bUT GRanT HAd a bunCh oF IcE TImE bECauSe thE dUCkS tooK sO MaNY penALtieS....
  2. Pretty much. Solomon also might have put in his $.02.
  3. Grant and Pateryn on waivers. They play him the most minutes of any F last night and then waive him. Classic.
  4. Yeah, my mistake on both Rakell and Lindholm. 6 years is a a commitment, for sure. I'd say they got good value on both of those deals, but not great. If Rakell had lived up to his expectations, his deal would have been superb. Lindholm has been worth his contract. They also signed Fowler a year early, I believe. Gibson got his 8-year deal at age 25, correct? Giving 8 year deals to 21/22-year-old kids is fairly new, right?
  5. They haven't done this with ANY of their players, as far as I can tell. They bridge everybody who they draft who is "good". Getzlaf, Perry, Fowler, Rakell, Lindholm, Gibson, now Terry, Comtois, and Jones. I think that needs to change with this new crop of players.
  6. Yeah, the 8th year is always a benefit to the current team, as it should be. I'm hoping that the Ducks don't do too many more 8-year contracts for 27 to 28-year-olds, but in Lindholm's case, with where the roster currently sits, I think it would be a good move, even if they end up overpaying for the last 2-3 years of that deal, like Perry/Getzlaf. ALSO, I'm hoping that the Ducks see the new trend, and, if warranted, DO NOT bridge Zegras/Drysdale/McTavish, but sign them to 8-year contracts when they are 21-22, not 27 or 28.
  7. He can make more money on the open market, but it all depends on his mindset, where he is at in his life. This is the organization that drafted him, played him at a young age, paid him very well on his second contract. So he may have personal attachments and loyalties that we are unaware of. And then there is the aspect of how well he enjoys playing with these particular teammates, old and new. If he's happy here, the difference between $6.75 mil AAV and, say $7.25 AAV in another market, may not matter. We'll see. Even if he knows he wants to stay, it behooves him (and his agent) to wait on signing an extension.
  8. Well, apparently Benoit and Hutton are on the Gulls roster. Which leaves Fowler, Lindholm, Drysdale, Shattenkirk, Manson, Mahura, and Pateryn on the D roster. 7. Meaning 14 F's. Sounds like Groulx and McTavish made the cut. Congrats to those two!
  9. Like I've stated numerous times before on this matter, I'm in the camp that believes the Sabres have absolutely, completely, screwed the pooch in this matter.
  10. I don't know how he got to 4 months for disc replacement, but that is 16 weeks, and that is not remotely close to what I have heard/read.
  11. If he gets disc replacement and not fusion I think the recovery is 6 weeks. So add another 4 weeks MAX to that to get him back in the lineup and if they made a trade say this weekend and he got the surgery the following week (say 10/16) he could be playing before Christmas, if not earlier in December.
  12. The Ducks ACTIVELY avoided drafting Kaliyev. It was even a miss or a matter of not reaching. He was a late first-round predicted pick, and the second best goal scorer in the draft, just behind Caufield. I still don't get it. Maybe Kaliyev will never pan out, and the "issues" that were never really discussed that had him drop in the draft will keep him from becoming a good NHL player/goal scorer. But right now, he looks like a guy who knows how to beat goaltenders. He is 1000% more developed/ready at this point than Tracey. Zegras/Kaliyev, McTavish/Perreault would have been pretty interesting.
  13. In that specific situation, it reeks of "over-coaching". Jmo.
  14. He was stapled to the bench last night in the 3rd. Played like 3 minutes.
  15. Eichel/Zegras/McTavish down the middle for the next 5 years? Yes, s'il vous plait.
  16. Ginger v. Ginger!
  17. I hope he does it. I am Team Eichel on this one. I think the Sabres have screwed this up about as badly as you can.
  18. Well, 4 months from his surgery would be 8/23/21, 6 months would be 10/23. Not sure if that is a return to ice date or a return to game-ready date. There is no recent news I could find. Just stuff from late April. I just thought I read somewhere that he would be on IR to start the season. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/31317916/anaheim-ducks-jakob-silfverberg-hip-surgery-4-6-months
  19. I can't recall what the time frame on his recovery from surgery was. Let me look for it.
  20. Smart money is on Steel. Look at all the C's they will have - Getzlaf, Henrique, Zegras, Lundestrom, Grant, Steel. And then look at the LW - Comtois, Jones, Deslauriers, Volkov, Milano, Rieder, (I think Rakell will start the season at RW because Silf will be on IR) possibly, depending on who is at C, one of Grant, Lundestrom, Steel, Henrique. If Rieder is in the lineup, either Volkov or Steel - or both - will not be. 10 spots filled - Getzlaf, Henrique, Zegras, Grant, Lundestrom, Rakell, Comtois, Terry, Jones, Deslauriers 1 - guy on IR - Silf 4 guys for two spots - Steel, Volkov, Milano, Rieder (5 if you count Robinson, but I think he is most likely headed to SD).
  21. We've never quarantined people who were not sick, or were not showing symptoms, or who already had the virus and developed antibodies, though. In any other situation like this. Kinda weird. And that is what in essence you are doing by not allowing healthy/antibody-carrying people into the arena. It's all based around either a vaccine or constant testing. How many times a week will someone have to get tested for a M-W-F-SUN homestand? Twice at least right? I agree with not putting the staff in a bad position. That's just a bad idea. You can't try to make them into some type of enforcement arm. My sense it that it is mainly a legal issue. They don't want any liability should something happen. I think that is what almost all of the mandates/lockdowns/work-at-home stuff has been about.
  22. I'm okay with them stealing this idea! Like you said, another fanbase of 2-3 million has to contain some serious hockey fans, and Ducks fans. Get them integrated. That train ride would be fun. If they made it fun.
  23. Trying to get downtown on a weekday at 5:30-6:00 PM is worse.
  24. Maybe they wouldn't sell out, but, again, it's just a numbers game. LA has a much bigger overall base of fans to draw from when compared to ANA. As I said before, just based on geography/demographics and history/years invested. Who had bigger Cup celebrations, in terms of attendance?
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