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  1. Digital tickets coming this season. I saw a report on the news about the L.A. Rams going to digital tickets and they would no longer be accepting PDF printed tickets. I reached out to my SSH account manager and was told the Ducks are going to the same system. I was told SSH will still receive physical printed tickets on the commemorative stock and we hope to continue to offer that for our season ticket members. They are transitioning to digital ticketing this season. You are still able to transfer and resell them, however, you will not be able to print a PDF. In the event that you need a physical ticket, we can have them printed and left at will call. The  season locations called the Terrace Saver does not come with access to their tickets via the account manager and their season seat are on a card . I was told they also hold a ‘Rookie Camp’ in early October for our new season ticket members where you get to meet your rep and we do a bit of a rundown of things like your account manager and other benefits.

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