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  1. Ok, you guys are freaking me out. They better not trade my Mattie. He is my favorite player. Just because he went cold for a few games, they bench him...just not right. Until last night, he was leading the team with goals. That deserves a contract extension, not a benching..shame on BM and BB.
  2. BITE YOUR TONGUE.. I am a huge fan of Mattie B. I hope BM signs him to an extension ASAP. I will be so upset if the Ducks let him go. He has been playing very good.
  3. Yes, he is...12 goals this season..new career high for a season..he is playing great. Hope they keep him on the top line with the twins. Just love Mattie B...
  4. Bite your tongue...they better not trade my Mattie B. I will be upset.
  5. I got my pic taken with him during the preseason. I got him to sign it and then last night, saw him again at Face Off Fest. He is so darn cute. I told him I was yelling real loud when he scored the GWG the other night vs St Louis. He just laughed. Going to have to get me a Mattie B jersey.
  6. So Happy for Mattie B. He is my favorite Duck. I was so happy last night when he scored..got the game winner. Nice job Mattie B.
  7. I have been a big fan of Mattie B for awhile now. I am glad to see him playing on the top line with the Twins. Hope he stays there for now. I am thinking of having his name/number added to one of those new road jerseys. We will see, for now, huge fan of Mattie. A few years ago, he was leaving Anaheim Ice with some of the other rookie players. I had taken a few pictures of some of the guys and I was getting them to sign them. He wanted to see my pictures. He said, these are really good. He has always been super nice to talk to and glad he is getting his time to shine with our Ducks. During the preseason, he was working in the elevator by my section, I got my pic taken with him. Maybe I will get it signed on friday, opening night red carpet event.
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