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  1. Trevor Murphy pots goal #3 for the Gulls. 3-1 S.D. after 2 periods.
  2. Gulls take 2-1 lead 5 mins into 2nd period courtesy of Sammy Steele.
  3. 1-1 at the end of 1. Tropp with the Gulls goal.
  4. I enjoyed watching the game yesterday. Eakins game plan shut down Chicago pretty good. I thought Steele played well. Sherwood's elbow to the head could get looked at. From one angle it looked bad and from another not so bad. It will be interesting to see if he gets any time for the hit.
  5. FWIW.... https://www.chicagowolves.com/team/standings/ Click on the dropdown box for 2018-2019 regular season standings.
  6. Ben Street makes it 6-2 Gulls! And the Gulls advance!
  7. 4 minutes in to period 2 and Bakersfield makes it 3-2 Gulls. Comtois and Carrick score 5 mins apart...Gulls lead 5-2! 4 mins left in 2nd.
  8. Kossila just potted his second goal at 17:30. Gulls lead 3-1 end of period 1.
  9. 2-1 Gulls so far in the first. Kossila and DeLeo with the goals
  10. and he gets 1 fricking game. Just another glaring example of how inappropriate Cogliano's 2 game suspension was. McAvoy's hit was vicious.
  11. karma for the tankers
  12. no way should the Blackhawks be there...just so wrong.
  13. LOL....Kings boned too
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