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  1. hate to see him go given what we currently have on this hockey team......looking forward to the end of the Bob Murray regime.
  2. WolfgangDuck


    Just hate seeing the fricking Kings move up. Not surprised we moved down, pretty standard protocol for us.
  3. WolfgangDuck


    Well if I thought it was fixed...Detroit would have been #1. Who didn't think an orig 6 team wasn't going to be #1?
  4. My own opinion which I know many won't agree with....this trade is great for him. He was belittled often here for his his physique, he gets a clean slate in Boston. I never felt BM ever allowed Nick Ritchie to be Nick Ritchie.
  5. I have no problem with the trade. Kase is continually injured and I think the concussions have affected his play. He's had a hard time finishing. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he has a long career but at this point I feel like he's damaged goods.
  6. I think both Manson & Ritchie fit better on a team that is very physical. That's just not the Ducks style these days.
  7. Mixed feelings for me as it's the end of an era. CPears has been my favorite Duck since very early in his career. Watching him the past couple of years has been painful. It would have been nice for Pears to perhaps restructure his contract to stay here but not many players do that these days. I'm assuming he was approached with that and declined so buying him out was the right thing to do as painful as it was.
  8. I really can't complain what BM did yesterday and today. We moved a young but very mistake prone and poor defenseman, IMO, in Montour for a late first rounder and a prospect. I was so displeased with Montour all year that I'm happy with that trade. We moved Gibbons for nothing but Gibbons was another I felt was worthless so good trade. We moved Del Zotto who has been very meh for meh in return. Meh on that one. I look at it that we moved 3 worthless pieces which is another step in re-tooling this team.
  9. I have felt for sometime that BM is destroying this team. Yes, Carlyle needs to go but BM has orchestrated this mess. If I'm not mistaken, we have now lost 16 of our last 18 (yea an OT loss is a loss in my book). Just wondering if ownership even cares...... Just throwing this out there because it's been sticking in my craw all season long....Getz, Perry and Kes not the greatest contracts to have right now but those guys gave us a good playoff run. Henrique's contract on the other hand....good lord....worst on the books by far IMO. Another BM doozy.
  10. Yea I really don't want BM doing much of anything except giving his resignation.
  11. Have to laugh. Silf has been one of our very few bright spots this year yet everyone wants to move him lmao. Sure! Sign Henrique for 5.8 and and jump up and down for joy but hell no to Silf getting 4.5. LOL.
  12. lol...pretty much sums up BM's ridiculous idea that we need to play "faster" with the current roster he had when he said it, not to mention it was complete opposite style of play of the fricking coach he has!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dumb idea to begin with that is now playing out like I thought it would....will never work. We can all lambaste Carlyle...but this is Murray's mess.
  13. I was thinking that if we are out of playoff contention near the trade deadline that Kes might be willing to waive his NTC to get traded to a playoff contender given he hasn't won a Cup. It could be a win/win for everyone under that scenario.
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