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  1. Who would take Rico with that contract? You know with Bob's contracts they don't need a no movement clause because we can never move them anyway due to the bad contract.
  2. You need to start watching Kings games LOL
  3. As long as we're thinking about ex-players for our new coach, I say we give Youngblood a jingle.
  4. I really can't complain what BM did yesterday and today. We moved a young but very mistake prone and poor defenseman, IMO, in Montour for a late first rounder and a prospect. I was so displeased with Montour all year that I'm happy with that trade. We moved Gibbons for nothing but Gibbons was another I felt was worthless so good trade. We moved Del Zotto who has been very meh for meh in return. Meh on that one. I look at it that we moved 3 worthless pieces which is another step in re-tooling this team.
  5. Montour has been terrible for quite some time. A first round pick and defenseman prospect......BM shoots he scores!
  6. So glad to see Montour go. I called him a better version of Sami when we moved Sami but in IMO...they're both bad.
  7. Sprong is only 21. Would like to see more of him before shedding him.
  8. The next stretch of 5 games is only going to enhance our chances.
  9. I was listening to the NHL Network on XM yesterday and obviously there was a lot of talk about Anaheim's situation. But one comment struck my funny bone. There were two hosts and first guy says that even though Anaheim has lost 19 of their last 21, they are still just 6 points out of a play off spot. Then the other guy on que says they may as well be 600 points out of a playoff spot. Killed me lol. On a more positive note...today the host reviewed his top 4 all time goalie performances in NHL playoff history and drum roll please.......J.S.G. in 2003 was numero uno.
  10. One partial game from Kevin Boyle and some are ready to trade Gibson??? You don't trade John Gibson. It's not like we have Freddy with Gibson waiting in the wings.
  11. Short of bringing up our kids from the minors, I don't think you have to worry. The current roster BM has put together sucks. But...."we have to get faster". Couldn't resist.
  12. I tried to show with the little emoticon that I was being sarcastic. Mission failed.
  13. I'd trade Getz, Perry and Kesler for that first pick I'm sure there would be plenty of takers for those contracts LOL....ok I'd keep Getz and add Rico.
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