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  1. Lol Gibson is hardly injury prone he had one season plagued with injuries. With that logic its a good thing we traded Freddie, the friggan flu kept him out of commission for a couple WEEKS. Would hate to see what an actual injury keeps him out. Gibson is no shakier than Andersen, and at a younger age too. Andersen is 5 years older than Gibson, no crap hes going to be a bit more mature physically and mentally, and its not like Andersen is without his collapses, including his shortside goal hes good for once a game. Gibson is one of the two most highly touted young goalies in the world (maybe three with Murrays play in the playoffs) Gibson is signed to a MUCH more manageable contract Gibson has the potential to be one of the best goaltenders in the league and has put up very similar numbers to Andersen despite being 5 years younger. The Ducks made the right choice plain and simple. Gibson is the goalie of the future and is the goalie of now. Andersen is a good starter, hes not elite, and his cap hit is double the price of Gibsons.
  2. Guess I'm the only one who loves this trade. Sure they weren't sure things, nor were they entirely proven (Pretty similar situation to Andersen, had a good team in front of them, limited work load overall and had a more coveted goalie in front of them. ) Both Martin Jones and Cam Talbot were traded for a good chunk less. Jones was 25 when traded, Talbot was 27. Both had similar numbers to Andersen. Jones got a 1st (Ended up being 29th overall) and a 5th round pick prospect, Talbot got a 2nd and a 3rd. We got a 1st (30th overall) and a 2nd. And that was at a point when they were the best goaltending options available... Right now Fleury. Bishop are available reportedly. And there's UFA options like Reimer, Ramo and Domingue available for free. The goaltending market is pretty flooded right now and there's not many teams who are looking for tendy's. That AND the expansion draft looming next year and what I see is the Ducks getting as good a return as they could for an unsigned goaltender.
  3. Main thing is teams technically aren't allowed to talk actual salary or numbers until July 1st.
  4. Clarkson is a closer comparison imo. Both 26/27 in their breakout year (Turned 27 late into the season, Clarkson in March, Bels in June) Both put up almost twice their career high goals (Clarkson 30 from 17, Beleskey 22 from 11) Both had almost twice as many goals as assists (Clarkson with 30 and 16, Bels with 22 and 10) Both had career years in the playoffs in long playoff runs (Clarkson with 12 points in 24 games, Beleskey with 9 points in 16 games)
  5. I would be absolutely 100% shocked if Beleskey ever matches his play this season. He benefited from being on a great team with 3 forwards spread over 2 lines that require planning around. That leaves room for the other 9 forwards (And specifically the 3 remaining on the top 6) to get more ice and more quality opportunities. Beleskey has not ever showed even an inkling of a reason to expect him to put up 25-30 goals, 50 points, until this season which so happens to be in a contract season 1 year removed from David Clarkson, who shares several qualities with Mr. Beleskey, cashed in big time on a contract. If you don't think that played a part in why Beleskey played so well this season, then I don't think you're thinking clearly. If that wasn't at least a part of why he played so well, then A: He's doing something wrong, and B: His agent is doing something wrong. Players notoriously over-achieve in contract years. Clarkson, Semin, Bickell just to name a few. Beleskey is not a 4-5m player, he's just not. That type of money is reserved for players who create offense on their own and a player you build a line around, not a player who gets the majority of his scoring opportunities because pressure is averted to a different player on the ice.
  6. Agreed, hope he gets the biggest contract possible, I honestly don't see any possibility of him living up to the contract he's going to get but I wish him the best.... So long as he doesn't go to a team I hate
  7. Chris Johnston ‏@reporterchris 3m3 minutes ago Matt Beleskey is heading to free agency, per #Ducks GM Bob Murray. Says team's best offer was "rejected immediately."
  8. He can try, He's a RFA so he's not in the same freedom area. He hasn't proved he's worth a big offer sheet, and the Ducks would match any reasonable offer sheet.
  9. I will always love Beleskey (Unless he goes to Dallas, LA, Ottawa or Montreal) but I have a strong feeling he's going to be Bryan Bickell/David Clarkson 2.0 and I'm pretty happy that it looks like it won't be us ponying up the money to allow that to happen.
  10. Darren DregerVerified account‏@DarrenDreger Unless talks with the Ducks escalate unexpectedly this week, plan is for Matt Beleskey to become an unrestricted free agent July 1. #TSN
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