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  1. While it’s certainly a bummer we are in this state of the world, at least SSH and folks bringing unvaccinated folks to HC wouldn’t have to pay for a COVID test. Walgreens and CVS are all now doing free PCR testing with results next day. While certainly an inconvenience, at least it’s not the $130+ we were seeing before!
  2. Just read on Twitter from SiriusXM host John Hoven that the Murray’s most recent offer included two roster players… one unnamed and the other John Gibson, for Eichel… if I were Gibson, I’d feel so deflated going from the second worst to the worst team in the league!
  3. loggoog


    I 100% think something is up.... either the Hawks or Oil get the 1st?!?!
  4. Interesting to see if they work out an extension in the coming weeks or if this is a pure rental...
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