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  1. Quick question - just who IS this Eichel fellow anyway?..
  2. Entry Draft Day! The yearly extravaganza where, after each draft pick is selected, we all gather 'round and bemoan our GM because he didn't pick our personal favorite! Woo-hoo! Being as we're still FAR away from a deep playoff run I hope we simply select the best available player and go from there. None of this, "The Ducks trade their number three pick to Nashville in exchange for a third, fourth and fifth round pick in the 2048 draft."
  3. I THINK this is where this post should go... Pretty fair article about questionable trades and the upcoming draft for both the Ducks and Kings. https://www.sgvtribune.com/2021/07/06/whicker-luke-hughes-could-help-ducks-negotiate-long-road-back/
  4. Belarus

    Draft Lottery

    Oddly, it's Gary Bettman's birthday as well.
  5. Gads, we were the ONLY team to go backwards in the lottery. At least New Jersey didn't get it again...
  6. Well, it seems like this is the appropriate place to put the link to this well written article. https://www.ocregister.com/2021/05/05/whicker-worst-ducks-team-in-history-waits-for-elevator-to-restart/
  7. Well, he did almost get a hat trick last night - that should count for something... (Watch, that'll probably be the only goals he scores all season.)
  8. Anyone want to take bets that BM does absolutely nothing by the trade deadline?
  9. With Buffalo doing so poorly and possibly looking to shake things up, any thoughts about the possibility of getting Montour back if he were to become available?
  10. Belarus


    Nice work, Gorb! The only thing I have to add is that I did see Jason Blake's first NHL game, where he scored his first NHL goal. Assisted by who else but... Rob Blake. I just hope the Kings don't sign a forward named Gibson. We'll be in trouble if they do...
  11. Belarus


    In the category of bizarre lineup questions... I've noticed over the years that, oddly enough, there aren't a lot of Smiths or Jones' in the NHL. Is it possible that the Duck's lone goal scored last night was the first time in NHL history that a player named Jones (Max) scored against a goaltender named Jones (Martin)?
  12. Speaking of Teemu, I wonder if he himself would make a good NHL coach? The message board would melt if the Ducks announced they had hired him...
  13. Well, the "Wild Wing" jersey was always awful looking. However, due to the "reverse" retro plan it does look better in white rather than the original teal. I myself would have preferred a variation on the "diagonally split teal/eggplant" theme. It could be worse. They could have used the HIDEOUS rugby style alternate sweater with the striped sleeves...
  14. Actually, they were having issues on the ICE... hee-hee... Well, it kinda is - he was the one in the penalty box! OK, enough humor and sarcasm. Glad to see Perry, Cogliano and Khudobin in the final! Would love to see Cogs lift the Cup after all he went through with that silly suspension.
  15. Congrats to Perry on his 1000th game! Would have been nice to reach the milestone with the Ducks before being bought out. https://www.nhl.com/stars/news/dallas-stars-corey-perry-becomes-340th-player-in-nhl-history-to-reach-1000-games-played/c-311253508
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