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  1. Well, the "Wild Wing" jersey was always awful looking. However, due to the "reverse" retro plan it does look better in white rather than the original teal. I myself would have preferred a variation on the "diagonally split teal/eggplant" theme. It could be worse. They could have used the HIDEOUS rugby style alternate sweater with the striped sleeves...
  2. Actually, they were having issues on the ICE... hee-hee... Well, it kinda is - he was the one in the penalty box! OK, enough humor and sarcasm. Glad to see Perry, Cogliano and Khudobin in the final! Would love to see Cogs lift the Cup after all he went through with that silly suspension.
  3. Well, we seem to play better 4 on 4 than on the power play. I have an idea. Perhaps when we draw a penalty we could quickly take a penalty of our own before the whistle blows. That way we'd have a better chance of scoring... 🙃
  4. Congrats to Perry on his 1000th game! Would have been nice to reach the milestone with the Ducks before being bought out. https://www.nhl.com/stars/news/dallas-stars-corey-perry-becomes-340th-player-in-nhl-history-to-reach-1000-games-played/c-311253508
  5. The 19/20 season is ready to begin! Does anyone wish to predict where the Ducks will be in the standings at the end of this season? I predict 7th in points in the West. Should be good for 1st wild card or possibly 3rd in division. (Note - I can hear all of you shrieking with disbelief...)
  6. Well, in defense of Moose... I remember back in 06-07. Throughout the whole season there were posts about how stupid the owners were, how stupid the GM was and how stupid the coach was, etc etc. And if we didn't make such-and-such blockbuster trade we'd NEVER make the playoffs. Anyone remember how that season ended? And Moose was there then, just like now - always optimistic. We need someone like Moose to balance out all the negative Nancys on the board.
  7. Gads, can you imagine Perry signing with Boston next year and being put on the same line as Marchand?..
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