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  1. That win tonight might have sealed us finishing ahead of Rangers/Sabres. We’ll likely win tomorrow against LA, and we’ll be 4 points ahead of NYR and 2 ahead of BUF. Going to need some major help now to finish below 7th.
  2. Good help from the Oilers beating Columbus today.
  3. Last night was a must lose game, so good thing the Jets came through. It’s too bad the Rangers really screwed us over on Tuesday. They lost at home to the Red Wings; they needed to win that game. Canucks took care of business against the Sens last night at least.
  4. I feel like the kids playing well and getting confidence should pay off for next season. The question will be will that payoff + the player the Ducks pick outweigh keeping Carlyle and picking no worse than #3? I suspect it will (as long as we don’t really drop down to #10 or something), but it’s going to take awhile to truly judge it.
  5. More luck for the Ducks tonight. Perfect result from the Canucks/Hawks - Canucks won in OT, so Chicago gains 1 point and the Canucks get 2.
  6. Actually, we had about a 6 point gap between #5 and #6 a couple weeks ago, and we were only a few points off Detroit and New Jersey. We were still within shot of the Kings as well. We were coming off a 5 game losing streak. Ever since then we’ve gone 6-3 and seen that nice gap shrink all the way down to 2 points.
  7. Due to some really fortunate luck. If it weren’t for the Ducks imploding in the final minutes against Chicago and the Blues that alone would have us picking 9th right now. Throw in the teams above us picking up points as well and it shows that the Ducks have been incredibly lucky not to ruin this whole thing. Thankfully they have more games played than anyone else; hopefully it limits the damage.
  8. Happy to be wrong. Luck is on our side tonight as the Sabres and Canucks both managed shootout wins. Edmonton yet to play.
  9. Got help from Chicago and Edmonton today. Probably not getting any help tomorrow.
  10. Ducks are now only 2 points or less behind 4 teams. That’s the difference between #5 or #9, which is huge. They are getting very close to throwing this away. Hopefully we get some help from other teams. Thankfully we have 2-3 more GP than anyone else, so that could end up helping us.
  11. Perfect tanking night. Hawks won, and Oilers beat Rangers in OT. We now have a 6 point separation from a bunch of teams above us. Only a 2 point buffer between us and the Canucks though, so hopefully they start winning. Looks like our current position at #5 is the best we’re gonna be able to do unless a team below us goes on a winning streak and we don’t pick up many points to close out the season.
  12. lol good luck. The Kings are absolute trash and probably will lose all 3 remaining games against us. Ducks are lucky teams above them keep winning because their play of late could easily have them picking closer to 10 than top 5. So no, they aren’t really going for the same draft picks; clearly one team is full on tanking and it isn’t the Ducks. If Murray wanted the best chances at getting the best pick he wouldn’t have fired Carlyle.
  13. Btw, the Blues are on a B2B and beating the Kings 4-0 in the 3rd. They barely had to try compared to our game. The Kings are absolute garbage; really know how to tank though. Unfortunately, we’re probably taking all 3 games from them in regulation. They are just way too trash.
  14. Very good tank results tonight. 3 point game between Sabres/Hawks with the Hawks winning, 3 point game between Rangers/Wings with the Wings winning, Oilers beat the Canucks (either would have worked), and Coyotes beat the Flames. We now have our 4 point cushion between 5-6th overall back, and with the Wings winning we’re 3 points back of #3 overall.
  15. Wow!! The Ducks are so incredibly fortunate tonight. You’ve got to lose this game being on the 2nd night of a B2B against a playoff team down 3-1 if you’re going to have a successful tank. The Canucks also beat the Leafs after being down 2-0, so this was a very good tank night. It’s really good all-around. The kids look really good and are getting confidence from their play. Don’t need the two points to get a positive effect for next season there. Terry especially looks like he could be a 50-60 point player next year.
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