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  1. I’m kind of surprised the Ducks were even in it with Columbus getting Laine and a young center back. If I’m Columbus I’d much rather have what they got back if I knew I could re-sign Laine, instead of getting a number of lower quality pieces and a 1st from the Ducks.
  2. I could take 15 more years of Zegras owning Canada.
  3. That would be good for some OHL kids. Their league banned checking if they were going to play, because somehow that’ll stop COVID-19, which is pretty much a waste of time for player development.
  4. Zegras with another great game, this time against good competition. Thrun looked good as well. Nothing spectacular, but he mostly did well with his 1st pass and retrieving pucks. Colangelo didn’t look out of place, and made the occasional play. I didn’t notice Sundsvik too much, except he missed a wide open goal on a wrap-around shot. On the negative side, LaCombe had an awful game. His bad pinch led to him coming back and giving up a penalty shot, and he consistently struggled in his own zone. I only saw him make 1 good play in the offensive zone. Any time he was on the ice Sweden looked dangerous.
  5. I like the Colangelo pick though. One of the places that loved Perreault also like both Gunler and Colangelo. I’d have been happy with either.
  6. Zegras 🤤 Thrun looked decent too, and combined nicely with Zegras on one of his goals. Lacombe and Colangelo had a few nice moments in limited ice time as well.
  7. He had 1st round grades pretty much everywhere, a number in the mid round, and a couple in the top 15. We could have taken him instead of Colangelo with our 2nd, but the reason he fell was some character issues (either effort or attitude, maybe it was both). He was always known for having a good shot. Our guy Sundsvik picked up an assist today so that’s cool.
  8. Colangelo played and scored the 11th goal.
  9. If the Ducks and Kings were going to attempt a joint thing I think it would have to be in OC since LA is being far more aggressive with Covid restrictions than OC is. It’s a cool idea. Personally I think it would be bad from a fan perspective, both watching at home and if you felt like attending the game. The camera angles for outdoor games suck for watching on TV, and viewing angles for fans in attendance aren’t good either. Plus, the quality of hockey is always worse for outdoor games. It’s a fun idea, but I don’t see it happening.
  10. The guy we selected with that 4th rounder was ranked #74 by Craig Button and NHL Central Scouting, and has pretty good comps in one statistical model: https://mobile.twitter.com/Felix_Sicard/status/1313928619970883584 We could look back on that trade and really end up loving it. Not that it’s not already a good one. 3 years for Grant is too long, but he’s always a player you can move at the deadline any given year.
  11. 3.9 at only 3 years is a decent deal for him. Definitely a solid upgrade over Gudbranson, who was making 4m.
  12. If this means we’re using that money to replace him with a better player, then good. Otherwise, I’d rather keep him and then get a better return at the trade deadline. He was decent for us.
  13. I’m surprised the Ducks took one of the players I mentioned last night with the 36th pick! That Hockey Prospecting scouting website that had Perreault ranked #8 had Colangelo at #23. I’m a bit bummed we passed on Zion Nybeck at 104. Carolina took him at 115. He was mostly ranked from 30-73. Could be a steal for the Canes years down the road. The guy we got instead (Thimo Nickl) was ranked as high as 74 and as low as 92 so the value was there. I’m really surprised we took Arytom Galimov. That screams swinging for the fences, and why not with a 5th round pick? Overaged Russian forward, but he was ranked 117 and 119 at two places I saw. It’s good to see he’s off to nice start for his KHL team.
  14. Did a little digging, and I’m actually more interested in who might be available at 67 and 104. There’s some interesting guys that would be a huge reach at 36, but could still be available at 67 and maybe even 104. The Ducks should probably have the chance to grab a forward with a 1st round grade at 36, especially if a defenseman or 2 get taken before them. If Murray/Madden like a few players in the 37-65 range just as much as the guys still available at 36 I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded down to get 2 picks in that range. I’m not so sure Gunler, Peterka, and Mysak impress me so much more than some of the other forwards in the later 2nd or 3rd round. At least in terms of projecting putting up offense. For example, there’s a center named Ty Simlanic. He’s ranked anywhere from 31-51 (one place has him at 19). If Gunler, Peterka, or Mysak is available at 36 and someone really wants him, I don’t think it would be so bad to trade down a few spots, get Simlanic, and get another 3rd. Sam Colangelo is a similar guy. There’s a number of guys like this in that 31-60 range. There’s a guy I’d like to get at 104 named Zion Nybeck. He’s undersized at 5’8, but he’s a scorer. He’s mostly ranked in the 60-70s. Probably won’t be available at 104, and there could be better value at 67.
  15. I don’t read it like that. That assumes Murray/Madden don’t consider the two D in a tier above the forwards. Considering some scouts had Sanderson #3, and many rankings had Drysdale at #4, there’s some legitimacy there. Plus, if Murray/Madden consider the draft deep at forward, it’s possible they saw better value in going D at #6. I’d say it looks good so far getting Perreault at #27. Obviously we won’t know for sure for a number of years.
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