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  1. Game 4 Friday night at 7pm will air on NHL Network.
  2. Suck it Sharks, this was a long time coming. Forever losers.
  3. SJ is missing Karlsson, Hertl, and Pavelski in this game. Hopefully this is part of the hockey gods raining down fierce judgement.
  4. Sharks got run over by a semi truck in game 5. Hopefully they get what they deserve and St. Louis finishes them off at home in game 6.
  5. Gulls take game 2 with a 3-0 win. Not too difficult of a game for the Gulls.
  6. My guide is now showing the Gulls game tomorrow at 5pm on NHL network. Good stuff.
  7. Looks like this has been a crazy game. Another OT game for the Gulls.
  8. Refs can’t gift another win to the undeserving Sharks, Blues tie the series 2-2.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/icemancometh/status/1129531172281700352 Eric Stephens is saying tomorrow’s game 2 is supposed to be on NHL Network. It’s not showing on my guide yet though.
  10. The NHL refs are a ****ing joke. How the hell are the Sharks benefitting from all these blown calls? Refs just handed Sharks game 3 because they didn’t call a handpass right before the goal. What a joke.
  11. Wooooo Blues take game 2!
  12. Sharks can suck an egg. There’s nothing better than the fans/players of your rivals not getting the satisfaction of winning when your team also can’t win. Z’s B’s all the way.
  13. I really hope Boston destroys SJ like they are destroying Carolina right now if it ends up being those two teams in the SCF.
  14. Not sure where you’re seeing that, but game 5 is going to OT.
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