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  1. Hopefully the Ducks article is wrong, but according to it, only one is actually on ESPN.
  2. So this is potentially awful news: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/ducks-to-play-in-11-nationally-televised-broadcasts-during-2021-22-season/c-326184568 “ESPN and ESPN+/Hulu will exclusively broadcast eight Ducks games, including six contests at Honda Center. Anaheim will make its first appearance on ESPN during opening week, facing off against the Minnesota Wild on Friday, Oct. 15 (ESPN+/Hulu).“ If the bold is true, then 6 Ducks games will be locked behind the ESPN+ paywall, and not even local fans will get the game through their existing cable/satellite subscriptions on a local channel. I’m not sure if Hulu would stream the game live for free, but I’m guessing not. This would be the 1st time local fans would be locked out of watching their team play without forking over even more money on another subscription. I’ve been *bleeped* over ESPN for what they’ve been doing with ESPN+ for a few years now, but this takes the cake. I’ll have no moral issues at all pirating the stream to these games if they really are exclusive.
  3. Trading Gibson in a deal for Eichel could be great asset management. Too bad it’s probably unlikely. Goalie’s rarely bring back a haul in trades; considering where the team is right now it would be a great move if the Ducks could use him to get a #1 superstar center. Even that rumored Carolina trade deadline deal that didn’t go through probably would have been good for the Ducks. I like that it seems Murray is open to moving Gibson if he’s getting something really good back. Strike while the iron is hot if his stock around the league is high.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t get too excited about how someone looks in camp. At least in this case though, “based on reports...from scouts who attended” is more of a consensus than his opinion alone. So that’s nice. It’s all moot anyway because tons of industry people are excited about Zellweger. That’s something to be excited about.
  5. Pronman isn’t god. Not sure why anyone would get so concerned about what he says, likewise no one should get so excited if he or another industry person likes one of our prospects. They may be right, they may be wrong. Who knows? Consensus seems to be a guy like Dostal and our prospects in general look very good. I’m not going to get caught up on one persons opinion.
  6. It’s pretty damn impressive the amount of effort he puts into hockey, including all the money he pays out of pocket. Most of the stuff in that tweet isn’t him being a giant a**hole, it’s the good aspect of a captain holding his teammates accountable and living up to the standard he asks of everyone else. I could do without the screaming and perhaps other ways he might be a jerk. Getting the team to ditch the crap food and switch to better alternatives is a no-brainer and it makes you wonder why they were there in the 1st place.
  7. And Murray says, “nope enjoy your dumpster fire that just got gas poured all over it, but if you want this all to end we’ve got an offer on table for you.” lol I just love how one day after Adams tries to act all tough Eichel’s agents come out and put him back in his place. Get it done on the cheap Murray!
  8. Sexlaf already covered a lot of what I was going to say, but really only Eichel makes sense if you can get him without losing much of what you have in the system, and certainly not the really good pieces like Zegras, Drysdale, and McTavish. To make a baseball comparison, most of our top prospects are guys who look really good, but are AA players. They are still a few years away. Adding free agents at the bloated contracts the vast majority have gotten this summer now because we have good looking prospects who might make an impact in 2-3 years would be very stupid. I don’t know that we sell off ALL our veteran players, but Lindholm, Rakell, and Manson are all playing on their last year of their contracts so you don’t want to lose them for nothing if they aren’t going to re-sign. Lindholm’s probably the only one I want to re-sign. If you can get a good return for Rakell/Manson you should probably do it. I’d also be open to trading Gibson if the offer is really good because we have Dostal in the wings. With our prospect pool, the timeline to be good is in about 2-3 years (probably 3 unless we get some good surprises). Eichel works for that at the right price. Spending in free agency this summer and keeping all our veterans? Not so much.
  9. Delauriers is a much better hockey player than Reaves (Reaves is that bad), so maybe this actually increases his value if another team thinks they need toughness. Maybe not 1st, but possibly a 2nd is more realistic now.
  10. Ryan Reaves to NYR for a 3rd. Glad to see that jackass out of the division, but looking forward to seeing what he does to Tom Wilson.
  11. I love Adams’ delusion. He’s been huffing and puffing a lot lately, first at the draft and now this. I remember Friedman’s comments at draft were basically like, “uhhh what?” It’s hilarious Buffalo thinks they are in control of this thing. Let’s see how long that lasts when training camp hits, Eichel’s still disgruntled, and still without surgery. Good luck. Buffalo’s been backed into a corner and all Murray (or another GM) has to do is keep waiting it out.
  12. That I don’t know to be true. Times ticking for Buffalo, and the longer this goes on and more teams look elsewhere, the more Buffalo will have to come off their asking price. I was adamant about not giving up #3 overall this year in an Eichel trade before the draft, and I’m certainly not doing it now. Buffalo can move on if they won’t do it without one of the 3 players you mentioned, and the Ducks can stick to their rebuilding plan as it currently exists. That’s fine with me. Either get Eichel at a discount, or stay the course.
  13. There was a pre-draft quote in the OC Register where Murray talked about having a presentation for ownership about the future of the franchise and it going well. I’m assuming Stephens’ quote is about the same thing. In OCR’s quote, Murray mentioned how the core of every Cup team is 85% drafted (I think that was the number he used, it was definitely in the 80s). If ownership is on board with waiting for that core to emerge, then I’m not sure how much improvement really matters. At least improvement in terms of wins/losses. Improvement might just mean seeing Zegras/Drysdale and maybe a couple young guys take another step.
  14. The longer it goes on the better it is for Anaheim (and whatever other team might try their hand). It’ll be a mess for Buffalo if he’s not traded when training camp opens. Hopefully Murray sticks to his guns and gets it done on a discount without Zegras/Drysdale. Someone mentioned McTavish in the trade, and that’s also crazy. dtsdlaw’s proposal is where I’d draw the line. I’d be pretty upset to lose Perreault because I think he’s going to be a good player, but if that gets it done for a protected 1st in 2022 then I’d begrudgingly accept. No way in hell I’d give them Perreault and an unprotected 1st among the other things in his deal. If Murray does that Eichel *bleeping* better be a top 10 player in the league for us.
  15. I don’t mind it either. The Ducks aren’t hurting for cap space. I’m sure if he was in Teemu’s shoes with the team actually being good he would have taken less to be on a winning team. I’m just saying that 4.5m is not a discount at all.
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