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  1. Aberg can’t stick with any team. Kloos is an undersized college kid that hasn’t had his NHL chance yet. Probably won’t end up being anything special, but his AHL stats are decent, especially this year. He should help the Gulls if nothing else. The real story today is Jones/Terry being called up. Let’s see how they do. It will especially be interesting to see the difference in Terry from the start of the season to now.
  2. Cogs is a good player to have on a team with a decent chance to do some damage in the playoffs, or even better an actual Cup contender. Ducks are neither so it makes sense to trade him for a younger/cheaper option with more potential team control. Perhaps Murray could have gotten a 2nd round pick for him at the deadline or an interesting prospect, but I guess Murray likes Shore more than a potential prospect, and a 2nd round pick on a playoff team would likely be closer to a 3rd anyway. The value seems decent. I get fans have an emotional attachment to Cogs, and I liked his intangibles. That said, there’s very little downside to this move.
  3. Anaheim doesn’t have the money right now to go after big ticketed UFA’s, so I don’t think it matters much about what UFA’s think of the place. Maybe when Getzlaf/Perry’s salaries come off the books. If there’s one thing Murray knows it’s drafting. He’s got a great scouting department.
  4. I take a more macro view of all this. This team isn’t a Stanley Cup contender even with a better coach, and Murray knows this. The worst part of this season is likely that Gibson will be the reason the team doesn’t get an extremely high draft pick to get some more offensive talent into the organization. He’s just too good.
  5. The Swiss are getting destroyed by Finland 4-0 only 8 minutes in. Looks like USA vs Finland in the finals.
  6. USA beats Russia 2-1 to move on to the finals.
  7. Dostal has been amazing in net for the Czech’s tonight. He’s a Ducks prospect. This game could be a huge blowout if not for him. Czech’s only have 9 shots on goal and there’s only 10 minutes left in the game.
  8. lol Canada. USA has been getting stronger as the tournament has gone on even without Hughes playing. He’s in tonight against the Czech’s and the US is dominating, up 2-0. Could be heading to the semi’s.
  9. Merry Christmas!
  10. Great move by ownership. Well deserved extension for Murray.
  11. Only one game in, but Kase transformed the 4th line tonight making it look dangerous at times, and Spronger played well with Henrique.
  12. Thankfully it’s 21 and not 20. We’d have to protect 3 players with NMC if it was 20.
  13. Sprong dominated the AHL as a 20 year old. This could be a really good pick up if he can make the transition. He’s barely played in the NHL and still only 21. Lots of Pens fans saying he never got much of a chance when he played and he was mishandled.
  14. If you look at the way the contract is structured he’ll be affordable for every team in the league after year 2. He’s very expensive the 1st 2 years.