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  1. Spencer_12


    Well ****, Kings got #2. At least it wasn’t #1. Crazy that some qualifying team is going to get the #1.
  2. Spencer_12


    lol Detroit dropped 3 spots. What an awful season for them.
  3. Spencer_12


    Bleh. Dropped 1 spot. Hopefully Kings didn’t win.
  4. That’s not how it works. If one or more of the qualified teams win picks 1-3 on Friday, then there will be a 2nd lottery after the end of the qualifying round. The teams that don’t win their qualifier will then be in a new draw for whichever lottery pick(s) are up for grabs.
  5. I’m waiting for the Ducks to draft in the top 5. Don’t really care about anything else. Playoffs can come back or not. Whatever. Any Cup winner this year is a gimmicky win; I’d watch though. Still, just give me my top 5 pick to look forward to. I’m more interested in baseball coming back because that guarantees sports through October unless the virus goes for round 2.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/shiramstein/status/1239325800962445321/photo/1 Yeah, about starting hockey in mid April... CDC recommending gatherings of 50 or more people be postponed/cancelled for the next 2 months.
  7. I don’t know how they are going to start by mid-April. Everyone in the baseball world acknowledged today that there’s no way they’ll only postpone the regular season by 2 weeks, which would have put the season starting in mid-April. This virus isn’t going anywhere, and packing fans back in closed stadiums in just 1 month and players back in locker rooms doesn’t seem likely. In addition, hockey’s revenues are gate-driven so it doesn’t make sense to bring the games back with no fans, and I doubt the league wants to be the only sport coming back that early. Even the Masters got postponed today, and that was scheduled for April 9-12. Furthermore, today the league told players to self-quarantine “over the next week or so,” which means no practicing. The league is going to have to give teams a week or two to practice and get back closer to game shape before playing any games. Backes didn’t skate for a couple weeks and it took him nearly as long to get back to playing. The timing just doesn’t add up. I think it’s highly unlikely NHL is back that soon unless a miracle happens.
  8. I’d take the 5th spot in the draft right now. Ducks were seemingly about to ruin their position like last year anyways.
  9. With the Kings winning tonight, the Ducks are equal distance from #2 and #7 (3 points). Only 13 games left.
  10. Right now we’re 4th, with an outside chance of finishing #2, or outside of the top 6 if we finish the season strong. We need a Cale Makar (top RHD) or a 1st line C/W. Basically we need high impact skill.
  11. I watched the Stars/Bruins game. Ritchie did have a good game. Had some blocks and a few hits to go along with his goal/assist.
  12. It was wrong? How do you know? Do you know what the other options were? Would Vegas have accepted a different trade and still let us keep Theodore, Vatanen, and Manson? Would that trade have been even worse than losing Theodore? JTTC’s post looks pretty good right now:
  13. https://www.ocregister.com/2017/06/20/do-ducks-have-deal-with-golden-knights-to-keep-from-losing-sami-vatanen-and-josh-manson-in-expansion-draft/amp/ You guys need to chill out. Murray didn’t just walk Theodore to Vegas saying, “See ya later, kiddo! We don’t want you, don’t think you’re ever gonna be good, and aren’t tough enough. Bye bye!” Theodore was the cost of keeping other guys. Murray didn’t “give up” on Theodore. Chill out with the hyperbole.
  14. I don’t think that’s quite true. I seem to remember Sojourn posting about how high he was on Karlsson when the trade went down, and at the time there was some debate between Karlsson/Rakell and if the Ducks could have spots for both. I do agree that there weren’t many, “OMG WE JUST TRADED A FUTURE STAR” posts. I do seem to remember people thinking it was a higher cost than expected for Wiz.
  15. I’m pretty sure Theodore was the cost to keep Manson.
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