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  1. LOL Vegas. So glad that happened to them. I’m still salty the NHL changed the expansion draft rules for them. Their fans need some misery before they can win. Miracle on Katella is still better. No team has ever scored 3 goals in the amount of time the Ducks did to tie, and the Ducks didn’t need help from the refs either (sorry Edmonton fans, you’re wrong).
  2. This thing was obviously rigged and that’s pretty lame. Seeing the Kings fans in meltdown mode on Twitter is pretty great though.
  3. We would have ended up getting kicked back in this draft so it didn’t end up mattering all that much. Got to take the positives after these results.
  4. This was pretty much a great outcome for the Ducks. It could have been better if Chicago didn’t get so high, but the top 2 are going East and the Kings fell all the way to 5th. We only dropped one spot and 8-9 is whatever. Pretty good day. LOL KINGS
  5. YESSSSSS Chicago in at 3, they miss the top 2 talents.
  6. Hopefully Chicago is 3rd. Even though this was rigged it’s hilarious how screwed LA got.
  7. And so far it’s right. This thing was so rigged lmao. Still... LOL KINGS HAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. https://m.imgur.com/rRDHKjq this was posted awhile ago....
  9. No King’s in the top 2. No King’s in the top 2. No King’s in the top 2. No King’s in the top 2. No King’s in the top 2. No King’s in the top 2. if I say it enough I can will it into existence right? 😩
  10. We’re in at #8 with the Canucks picking up a point in their last game.
  11. Actually, I forgot the Kings have 1 more game and could still end up #3.
  12. Professional tankers lock up #2. We’re in 9th. Could get 8th if the Canucks pick up a point in their last game. Hopefully something good finally happens to the Ducks and some team bumps LA out of a top 2 pick during the drawing.
  13. I think the smartest thing to do was keep Carlyle around for a bit longer. I believe he got fired when we had around 30 games left. I’d have waited maybe 10 more games or so. That right there could have been the difference between a top 5 pick and closer to 10 where we are now. That would still have left enough games for Murray to personally gauge the room and enough games for the kids to get their feet wet in a better environment.
  14. Ducks are now in the 8th position with a decent chance to fall to 9th. The most likely scenario is we finish 7th-9th. We can’t finish lower than 9th and it would take a miracle to finish 5th or 6th (I’m not sure if 5th is even possible since it would end up with Detroit being tied with us in points and in ROW, and I’m not sure on the tiebreakers after that).
  15. Rangers just lost at home to the Sens. They would have to get two points out of their last two games against CBJ and PITT and we would have to lose both our games in regulation for them to jump us. Not likely.
  16. If I had to guess it probably has something to do with ticket sales. A Friday night against the Kings sells itself. Wednesday against the Flames isn’t as indemand, so putting fan appreciation on this night makes it a bit sexier. Plus, there’s a lot of Kings fans in the building during those games, and I don’t think Ducks fans would enjoy sharing their night with them. That’s probably a part of it too.
  17. 7th is more likely. Rangers lost tonight against the Devils and have 3 more games left and 2 of them are against the Jackets and Pens. If we get 2 more points the Rangers would be 3 behind us, but we have way more ROW. They would need 4 points out of their last 3 games to overtake us. That’s not as likely as us finishing 7th.
  18. Terry was on crutches with a boot after the game tonight from blocking a shot. Sucks if he can’t play in the AHL playoffs. Good for the tank, though we only have 3 games left. We probably need to go 0-3 to have any chance at a top 5 pick. I’d be happy with #6 at this point, but even that might be hard.
  19. We may have a chance again at finishing in a top 5 spot if Getzlaf, Manson, and Ritchie don’t come back for the rest of the season, especially Getzlaf and Manson. Not going to get my hopes up though.
  20. That win tonight might have sealed us finishing ahead of Rangers/Sabres. We’ll likely win tomorrow against LA, and we’ll be 4 points ahead of NYR and 2 ahead of BUF. Going to need some major help now to finish below 7th.
  21. Good help from the Oilers beating Columbus today.
  22. Last night was a must lose game, so good thing the Jets came through. It’s too bad the Rangers really screwed us over on Tuesday. They lost at home to the Red Wings; they needed to win that game. Canucks took care of business against the Sens last night at least.
  23. I feel like the kids playing well and getting confidence should pay off for next season. The question will be will that payoff + the player the Ducks pick outweigh keeping Carlyle and picking no worse than #3? I suspect it will (as long as we don’t really drop down to #10 or something), but it’s going to take awhile to truly judge it.
  24. More luck for the Ducks tonight. Perfect result from the Canucks/Hawks - Canucks won in OT, so Chicago gains 1 point and the Canucks get 2.
  25. Actually, we had about a 6 point gap between #5 and #6 a couple weeks ago, and we were only a few points off Detroit and New Jersey. We were still within shot of the Kings as well. We were coming off a 5 game losing streak. Ever since then we’ve gone 6-3 and seen that nice gap shrink all the way down to 2 points.
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