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  1. Panerin gone as well to NY rangers
  2. It’s a done deal now! Officially posted ! Going to miss him ! But he was on the decline for the last 3 years
  3. I feel like we’ve always won with Hozler in the line up for some reason. Someone needs to get the w/l record with him in
  4. San Jose stinks they can’t figure it out
  5. Pazonator

    playoff game...

    If it was a duck for sure 3-4 games
  6. Pazonator

    playoff game...

    Tampa is the new Washington...power house the last couple years that won’t get anywhere and always the favorite
  7. It was a rough one since the beginning it felt like an upward climb with all the injuries. It’s been a good run the last few years and I’m thankful for the winning culture here. If I remember correctly we were right back in it the last time we missed the playoffs the next year.
  8. I’ve noticed after like 5 games under his belt he has looked better than the last couple years for sure
  9. Imo perry looks better this year than last year!
  10. Montour goal and assist last night
  11. Don’t expect much we have been standing still the last few years just watching others get stronger
  12. Yeah it wasn’t like we needed some kind of finisher or any offense help
  13. Monty trades to buffalo
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