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  1. 3-2 ! Snipe by Henrique from the slot! Deslaurie and Henrique both In great scoring spots when the puck found them
  2. Streams tonight no television let’s go super excited
  3. Wonder if they’ll be any TV or streams for tonight’s game
  4. Those aren’t bad 3 lines right there. Yes you can make some switches but not bad already imo
  5. I just know that it is closed to the public 😔
  6. I’ll be pretty upset if Kase is traded. He is the spark plug the team needs.
  7. Love Sherwoods ability to get shots off even when there’s a defensemen right on him
  8. It’s been super boring. I did look at some mock lineups and I actually thought it looked good and it got me excited a bit
  9. Panerin gone as well to NY rangers
  10. It’s a done deal now! Officially posted ! Going to miss him ! But he was on the decline for the last 3 years
  11. I feel like we’ve always won with Hozler in the line up for some reason. Someone needs to get the w/l record with him in
  12. San Jose stinks they can’t figure it out
  13. Pazonator

    playoff game...

    If it was a duck for sure 3-4 games
  14. Pazonator

    playoff game...

    Tampa is the new Washington...power house the last couple years that won’t get anywhere and always the favorite
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