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  1. Pazonator


    I like Mahura but he was getting so over powered against the Blues
  2. Pazonator


    Guhle is a good puck mover...hoping he clears!
  3. I think we all wonder where that effort goes. The coaches are probably dumbfounded as well but it is their job to find that key ingredient every game and implement it
  4. Backes said it perfectly! Where is that team that played Vegas? Where is that team that showed towards the end of the 2nd period?
  5. Grant has looked sluggish out there! He was a monster on the PK last year but hasn’t been the case this season! Backes should be the way to go
  6. Agree with this. The Other teams Defense is getting the puck and exiting very easily against our forecheck. This could be because our forwardS are having to battle so much on our side to get the puck out. I also feel like Hakanppa is the only D that is getting physical out there hitting and bumping skaters off the puck. All of our other Defensemen are content with skating along the attacking skaters and just attempting to stick check. When we did get physical in the offensive zone last night we did create more turns overs and chances but it’s not happening enough
  7. I bet someone will get him for something cheap and we are going to be like that’s it?
  8. I believe we’ve opened up the last two season going 5-0 to start or something like that but then fallen off
  9. We need that type of defensemen right now imo! All of our D is timid lol 😝
  10. Just saw the zegras goal and it was a beauty! Ripped it on the power play!
  11. So quiet in here! What does our roster look like?
  12. Are the guys in camp now? Sorry been away from the boards, but I’m starting to see clips of players back and some COVID reports
  13. Isn’t Shattenkirk on his way out though? Hmmm
  14. Lots of movement going on right now around the league let’s go Ducks
  15. Loved the grit he brought to the team and yes he meshed well with Fowler.
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