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  1. He’s been struggling so far with the big club saw this coming g
  2. I liked the physical play and the grit he brings. He is someone that will make it hard for skaters to make it to the front of our net. We have been missing that for the last few years.
  3. Believe he got claimed by someone else
  4. Stubhub is looking at around 25 (starting)For up stairs and it will probably stay around that. I don’t see it going below that. I would buy now to secure a lower row.
  5. Yes it looked like he batted it when it was above his shoulder
  6. Taking over on the first line again ?
  7. Let’s go get those gameday discussions going
  8. Evander Kane suspended 3 games! So looks like he will be out against the Ducks Oct. 5th
  9. Thanks for that info dts! I think we are maybe looking at Sherwood going down! But we will see ! I like his shot
  10. Wow Guhle just sniped one! I knew I liked him from those few games last year for a reason
  11. Ducks have looked dangerous here
  12. Doesn’t help that we’ve only played 2 so far. I haven’t seen any recap video of the Arizona game at all. There’s like 3 games in 4 nights coming up though
  13. Good to hear about Fowler! First televised game should be tomorrow it’s televised by the Kings
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