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  1. Who is the big Right D that likes to stand up at the red line and not let skaters just zoom by???? I like it
  2. Zegras hurt anybody see the play?
  3. Yup had to log in to talk about that play. Zegras looked off the defender and you can see McT opening up in the slot for the One-t and he drilled it. Beautiful power play move
  4. I believe we got hockey tonight! Young guys take the ice at 5 and will be streamed online
  5. Ugh I’m bummed about the requirements. I run a childcare and this whole time me and my wife have felt good…since we got the vax it’s all gone downhill. I couldn’t even get the 2nd dose because I got so Sick. Such a bummer that we have to go through this just to enjoy a live sport
  6. Hello! Kraken just announced that they will require proof of vax to attend games. Have the Ducks made any kind of announcement like this? I hope they don’t 👎🏽
  7. I agree just seemed like there was no strat/system to exit. I felt like teams where just having to much fun down low on us since they knew no one would touch them.
  8. Ugh still feel like all our D is soft. No snarl. Don’t even care about numbers when we are so easy to play against.
  9. I mean there has to be a plan to improve our offense. Unbelievable how we have done nothing to address it
  10. So far nothing? I don’t know how Gibson is willing to go through another season with no improvement in front of him
  11. Looks like Suter to Stars talk about wanting to get harder to play against
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