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  1. I’ve noticed after like 5 games under his belt he has looked better than the last couple years for sure
  2. Imo perry looks better this year than last year!
  3. Montour goal and assist last night
  4. Don’t expect much we have been standing still the last few years just watching others get stronger
  5. Yeah it wasn’t like we needed some kind of finisher or any offense help
  6. Monty trades to buffalo
  7. If the teams plays like last night then we have a shot
  8. Missing Kase is the nail! He was like the only one that would attack with speed
  9. He looked pale when the camera was on him. He could barely move! It was hard to watch
  10. So true about staying behind the net and then turning it over. Ugh during the 5 game winning streak passing was so nice and crisp
  11. Yes, hockey players burn hundreds of calories each time they go for a skate which keeps them lanky. If you look at the locker room interview a lot of players are really skinny. They would need to consume even way more calories than they are burning to gain some weight. So yes hockey players focus more on edurance and cardiovascular
  12. This is horrible news. Kase can’t seem to stay healthy.
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