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  1. TT is Troy Terry ! Where did Perry go ? They bought him or but nobody wants him ? Retirement I guess ? NM he is a Star ! LOL Enemy now.
  2. who did we cut ties with ? And TT broke his leg ??? And who is the coach ?
  3. Did we get any new promising players ? 1st login in months 😁
  4. Hey we have way more emoticons to use now. 🏃‍♂️ Emojis I guess is correct term.
  5. I thought maybe RC had them shut down after he was fired.🤤
  6. LOL Good one. 👨‍🚀
  7. They are working. Think it was because they are revamped and have a new look to them. Works...cool.
  8. Why were the boards down for several days??? Russians ???
  9. Yep...the State of California
  10. 2022. Ducks renamed and relocated. Irvine ICE Rangers. Rangers of the Great Park.
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