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  1. The Sharks game last night the Ducks were amazing , looked like they flipped a switch , but why wait until it's too late to play right ?
  2. Sad , Kings have gotten it together , we are imploding.
  3. Darn it I want hockey and I want it now !!!
  4. Don't be nuts...just spray your butts... With a shower massager.
  5. Watching Matt Barnaby vs Garth Snow is still ROFL fun. A classic.
  6. Toilet Paper hoarders are "Keeing up with the Jones"😁 They have gone nuts.
  7. Hate this...I need Hockey ! Been watching bench-cleating brawls from 90s and 80s😂 on YouTube
  8. Will they clamp down on Glafs snot-rockets now? I remember watching Gretzky growing up...he was always spitting through teeth while on bench.
  9. I always loved playing pick up hockey in summer , Ducks probably will too. It's like an extra long season to me.🏒🤸‍♂️
  10. Blessing for Ducks and I I now have time to get a TV and all the injured Ducks will heal up during pause.🤸‍♂️🦆 It's going to be a Stanley Cup Summer !
  11. SBNation says we may be trading with Pens🏒 Rakell Kase Silf ???
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