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  1. And this is the problem with management at this point. Injuries are not a legitimate excuse. Perry will not be back in the lineup until March, at the earliest. It's very possible that he may be out for the entire season. You mean to tell me that this team will start playing regular season hockey in March? When the team is healthy? Newsflash: NHL regular season started in October, you can't just wait until March for everyone to get healthy and then compete. It just won't happen.
  2. Moose, Carlyle should have been beyond gone at this point. Murray should never have re-hired him to begin with.
  3. To be fair, the shots were 28-24 when Getzlaf scored the go ahead goal. Then the team went into prevent defense for the rest of the game. I am willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt considering that this is a back-to-back.
  4. Other teams have their own injuries to sort out (Vancouver for example), the season starts in October and not January. You can't wait for players like Perry to be healthy and then start the season.
  5. Makes sense and he needs to be held accountable for that. The big question is at what point do the Samuelis step in and make that decision?
  6. Mooseduck having an opinion on a member of the team? Moose I am impressed! Honestly though, the biggest issue that I can see with this team is on the way they are playing and the system that they are trying to execute. There is just no way that this team is going to get it done with the system that currently in place. Who does that fall under? Coaching. No amount of team meetings and airing out the problems is going to help this team keep up with the rest of the league especially if the system they are trying to execute does not cater to the roster composition.
  7. Rooch20

    bob murray

    Murray has made his fair share of both brilliant moves as well as mistakes (See Francois Beauchemin episodes 1, 2, and 3 and James Wisniewski for William Karlsson)
  8. Yeah, that would be best case scenario.
  9. TBH, i'd go on knowing that he won't be here to take dumb penalties at inopportune times.
  10. Love the length! Love the amount, great deal all the way around!
  11. Jamie Benn doesn't exactly have the greatest skating ability either but he makes it work!
  12. The biggest question here is How patient will the Ducks' front-office staff be with his development? It took Rakell a bit to figure out he's an offensive dynamo. Even longer with Karlsson.
  13. Obviously, there's a reason for Bob Murray's brain-trust to take him over other candidates. TSN, Sportsnet, and even NBC thinks he's nothing more than a 2-way, "do-everything" centerman. I think he's got a lot of untapped offensive skills that nobody really paid attention to.
  14. I imagine what the scouts and analysts were saying about that draft before the draft itself came around. I know it's easy to look at it from hind-sight but I imagine that 2003 draft class was just like any other draft. I think the X-factor behind the successes of a majority of those players were the fact that the NHL took a year off (2004-2005 lockout). That draft class had an extra year to ripe. WIthout the lockout, I think the overall crop of that draft class would have been different.
  15. I know I'm late on this but I wanted to take time to digest the draft a little bit. Overall, I liked what Madden and Co. did with the picks as Getzlaf, Perry, and Kesler are heading towards the twilight of their careers so, it would have behooved of them not to take strong centers that can play the 1st and 2nd line C roles in case if Steel doesn't work out. Lundestrom's already ahead of the game since he's playing full-time in Lulea with and against former and fringe NHL players and he's only 18! It would be a safe bet to keep him there until he's 20 and then give him 1-2 years in the AHL to adjust to the smaller ice-rink and a more physical play-style. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does in the next WJC when he's playing with kids his age.
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