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  1. Not much chance of getting the top two, but I like our chances with our scouting/drafting team drafting well with two firsts. its a pretty deep draft For the first round isn’t it?
  2. I would assume California taxes, especially the direction we appear to be heading will be an issue. you have to pay state and Canada taxes for many road games, and you get a tax credit for those taxes, but still have to pay the extreme high end once you reach a certain threshold. Basically, anything over 275g is taxed over 10% just over a million dollars is taxed at 13.3% there is no way any of this will go down, and I’d bet many rates will rise add in cost of living in California, especially housing, and it has to be a consideration for some guys. and we will lose a good player to Seattle. Just have to deal with it
  3. Fowl, sorry if I took it wrong. I took it as fork over some money if you want some coverage, when it seems many top teams, and I feel we have been one until this season, have reporters asking questions, and giving us some insight on the team. It’s easier to get real info out of our government than the Ducks right now, and I feel like our lack of reporting compared to some is lacking. so, sorry if it sounds like I jumped at you wrongly, I mostly feel like the organization has us overpaying for a garbage product
  4. I’m NOT saying to give players away for hope, but this draft is strong, and deep. our own pick could be high up, and we are in a tough spot going forward. Our NMC contract players are old, fighting injuries, and other than Getz, question marks. We need a top line center prospect and goal scorers. We need speed. we have depth on D, but not a ton of improvement in a highly regarded defense core. Now that may be coaching, but it could mean we need a big defenseman too. We are going to have to give to get most likely, but this core hasn’t gotten it done, so shuffling some players with this and the next draft is an opportunity. Without a ridiculous performance from Gibson, we would have the worst record locked up, and I can’t see any way we can compete in the west as is the next couple years. Again, barring some startling individual performances like we had from Gibbs last year and the first half this year
  5. Think Ducks fans have gotten what we have paid for this season ? Its a terrible value vs cost, and the communication is dreadful, to stick with this topic.
  6. but, they got those shots against one of the other worst teams in the league i think they played ok tonight, but they have been bad all year unless Gibson or Miller play like God
  7. I don’t have a solution, but since we seem to have lost goal scoring ability, teams can pressure us on the pp and due to our lack of ability to move, pass or receive passes under pressure, we will usually cough up the puck. Dumping it in on the pp I can’t even talk about. in our own zone, same thing. Any pressure and we unravel. It’s like our team lacks the fundamentals to make quick,effective passes. Any consistent forecheck and we get hemmed in. Whipping it around the boards every single time a defenseman is under pressure is so easily anticipated now it’s comical. If one of our guys is under pressure, our opponents have figured out to have a player move down the opposite side boards and to hold the line on the same side. We just bash the puck right to the opponent so often it’s maddening. there is little chance of us beating a team that gives constant effort and pressure...we just fold
  8. They could have asked Bieksa to waive his NMC and if he refused (likely he did I’d assume) they could have bought him out. bob would have had to make a couple of trades like Vatanen for players/prospects not needing protected . theres no guarantee Bob could have made the moves, but buying out Bieksa and making a trade of a player needing protection would have left us exposing very little of consequence for Vegas. we should have never signed Bieksa with a NMC (or at all) that alone makes Bob look bad.
  9. So, perfect.....we are going to be run loke the freaking Oilers. owners and management blinded by the past success of a bunch of idiots. maybe we don’t really have that many injuries. Maybe the guys just don’t want to play in this comedy (I’d say Mickey Mouse but it’s been taken) show
  10. There was a report that the Jets broadcast inside the glass said on their telecast that the bench was battling with Carlyle to pull Gibby
  11. I'll be happy for Belesky if he gets his payday. 4 mil per offered by Ducks was a surprise to me. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but the Ducks are a payroll budget team. Guy has worked hard, and improved, but has also been injured a lot. Financially, it makes little sense for the Ducks to pay him that much imo
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