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  1. I don't think most would agree he can at least play until the age of Jagr, and certainly not well, because what Jagr is doing is extraordinary. You're basically suggesting Ovechkin should have no problem doing something that no one else can do. Admittedly, Ovechkin is the best goal scorer of his generation, but there is no guarantee he ages well, and he'd have to age unbelievably well for him to do what Jagr is.
  2. I think the flaw is that he's limited offensively at this level. He isn't creative. His shot isn't high end, by NHL standards. He's certainly fast, but his overall mobility outside of straight line speed isn't terrific. His passing skills are rather meh. Finally, I think he suffers from tunnel vision. He gets the puck on his stick and he wants to get it on net, even if it means leaving his linemates behind with his speed, or putting a bad angle shot on net. Etem is a player who, I think, would be much more successful if he reinvented himself like Cogliano. He was also expected to be an offensive contributor, and he even was for a bit, but it wasn't something he could sustain. When we acquired him, his role wasn't that of a top six scoring forward, like he was in Edmonton, but a utility defensive forward. And it's difficult to argue that he has been much more effective in that role. For us, at least. That's what I think Etem needs to do.
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