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  1. “Keeping forward talent”...? He sold Cogs (hardest working/fastest forward they had at the time with a huge +\-) for a f’ing bag of pucks.
  2. Good reply... Agree, but players, yes are NO joke and try to play to their ability, but they are human. I said “team” is a joke. They are living in Socal making bank and have plenty to fall back on. Without leadership, they don’t give a sh*t. Leadership (GM & Owners) starts at the top. When Burke left, the team spiraled down the toilet.
  3. You would.., as you look through orange and black glasses. 🤪.
  4. I held season seats from 1993-2010. Management has become a joke. Team is a joke because Murray is horrible. Players on this team don’t seem to give a crap. They take your money and live large in sunny Ca the life of Riley not giving a rat’s behind because tomorrow (if it’s a home stand) is another day at the beach. WAke up Ducks.
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