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  1. Games will be on Bally Spirts So Cal, Bally Sports West, ESPN, and TNT. NBCSN no longer has hockey.
  2. Bob Murray's idea of building a successful team is to out hit everyone and have the most penalty minutes of any team. I think secretly he has been told to run the team into the ground. Maybe the Samueli's want to sell. I thought they said when they bought the team they wanted a winner. Obviously they don't care anymore or Murray would be gone. Even Buffalo had more goals then the Ducks and I only see it getting worse this year. MacTavish may turn into something, but there were better offensive talents available. I didnt like the comparisons to Max Jones. Guess we'll hope for the Wright and Bedard sweeps. Though if Murray had number 1 those years he would probably draft a 4th line checker.
  3. Guenther is my pick. Ducks need potential top 6 forwards bad. I'd hate to see them go with another D is this draft. Guenther this year and win the lottery the next two years and get Wright and Bedard.
  4. Seattle does not get pick 3. They get the third best odds to win the lottery. Standings and odds wise it would be Buffalo, Anaheim, Seattle. If any team below them wins the lottery Seattle falls back. Vegas had this happen and picked 6th, the worse they could do. For Seattle, 5th is the worst for them, 4th for the Ducks. Anaheim will not pick any lower then 4th as Vancouver would be ahead of them now. Also for the higher teams in the lottery, if they win they can only move up a max of 10 spots. So if the team in 13 wins they can only go up to 3.
  5. I'm not sure what the issue is there. The Ducks go 7F, 3D. Manson, Fowler, Lindholm on D and out of the F listed, Rakell, Terry, Comtois, Steel, Lundestrom. That's only 5. Heinen was almost traded this year, so there really are no plans for him going forward. Henrique on waivers, no plan either. Silfverberg is getting older and shouldn't be part of the team when the Ducks make the playoffs next (not happening anytime soon), Milano never gets played, not sure why he was resigned but looks like no plans either. Comtois is ED exempt, so he shouldn't be on your list which only leaves 8F. If the Ducks lose one of Henrique, Shattenkirk, Larson in the ED, then that's great for them. Henrique and Shattenkirk are on terrible contracts. If they can lose one, bonus.
  6. Ducks acquire Hayden Fleury from Hurricanes, return not yet known. Should be an improvement over Hutton. Hakkanpa and draft pick going back to Canes
  7. So the Sabres have fired their coach during a 10 game losing streak and a stretch of two wins in their last 15 games. What do the Ducks do or more so Murray, lose 9 straight and win two "coach is doing a great job". Ducks only have 2 wins in their last 15 games too. Just giving more reason why Murray needs to go. He thinks losing is doing a great job. Rember RC. Two losing streaks over 10 games and he still didnt want to fire him.
  8. Guys don't really do bridge deals anymore. I'm thinking 2 years 1.5 for Lundestrom, 4-5 years at 3 for Steel and same length at 4 for Comtois.
  9. There's all this talk about all this cap space that the Ducks will have next season. It stands at just over $22M. However, Steel, Lundestrom, and Comtois are all RFA after this year and will probably take at least $8M of that (1.5 - 2 for Lundestrom, 3 for Steel, 4 for Comtois). Then there is 5-6 for Getz if he comes back, so really only about 7M for anyone else. Best case scenario, Henrique gets picked up in the expansion draft and frees another 5M. On the topic, if the right trade offer came around, I wouldn't hesitate to move Gibson. His value is still quite high. But it has to be the right offer, basically someone sending the Ducks an offer they can't refuse.
  10. The Ducks have scored an abysmal 5 goals in their last 4 games and their season high is 3 goals. Not going to win many that way. GMBM wants the team to be faster, yet he hays a guy with speed and offensive talent that he resigned to two years at 3.4 mil sitting in the pressbox every game named Sonny Milano, yet Carter Rowney who does nothing for this team is playing every game. The two games Milano played he brought speed and energy. At this point who cares if he isnt fully liable in the defensive end. Nobody seems to be. At least he is someone that may score. Or he'll also drink the magic potion in the water bottles that makes nobody score on this team. It truly is a joke how bad they are. GMBM biggest problem is he never sees the decline in his players and never knows when to get best value for them. I was calling for Perry to be dealt after the WCF loss to Nashville. Still a productive regular season but nothing in the playoffs. Ducks bring him back and he does nothing for a few seasons and gets bought out. I'm seeing the same with Rakell these days. Once 30 goal scorer never reaching those levels again. Still has some value on a great contract but GMBM is reluctant to make a move. Will get nothing in the end. At least at this rate when that contract ends he would have done nothing to deserve a raise and should get a pay decrease, though Bob will give him 7mil a tear and a full no movement clause.
  11. It is part of the process but for years the Ducks biggest issue is scoring and how do they address it, by constantly drafting defense. Not going to solve any offensive problems that way. Hate people saying that a bad season and we can draft Power. Another defenseman
  12. Our power play has been terrible because the Ducks keep trying the same old. Park someone on front of the net to screen the goalie and shoot from the blueline. Guys are too good at blocking shots for that to work anymore. The Ducks were 0 for 2 last night and didnt even have a shot on goal on the power play.
  13. After this debacle tonight it's time to shake things up. GMBM needs to go. Eakins needs to go (another terrible coaching hire). And the players. Do the Ducks even have any that want to play. I'd trade Rakell in a heartbeat while he has any value left. We keep waiting for this bounce back year but it's never going to come. Henrique has looked awful. Silfverberg has looked lost. And the PP. Yikes. I thought they worked on this with their extra camp. Must have just worked on how to get worse. And every 4th line guy can go. All useless. No need for any of them. Shattenkirk was a wasted signing. Rakell, Henrique, Silf, Deslauries, Grant, Rowney, Backes, Shattenkirk, even Fowler can all be traded. Keep the young guys and bring up more. I'd rather watch the Ducks lose with promising prospects then the vets that have looked awful all year. Sadly there are guys like Mete and even Sam Bennett looking for opportunities elsewhere. I'd rather see Bennett over Henrique and more so Grant at this stage. BRING UP ZEGRAS!!!
  14. They were about the only line worth watching. The rest of them looked terrible. Season just started but I'm already going to say it, let Zegras play. At least then we have a young and exciting player to watch. What was with Milano sitting out. I thought the Ducks needed offense, so they sit one of the guys that is supposed to bring it. You could easily scratch Rowney instead. He doesn't bring a whole lot to the team, or Deslauries.
  15. I think it's a mix of a few things. To start with the Ducks have $13.375 million committed on their cap in two players that no longer play, Kesler and Perry. As stated, that and Backes with 3.425M is your problems. $16.8M committed there to two players not playing here and 1 that might as well not be as well. Next year though there is relief. As it stands right now the Ducks will have 30 contracts and a cap hit of $59.4M out of the 81.5 creating $22.05M in cap space next year. Also next year Getzlaf's 8.25M contract expires. He will likely resign with the team but for significantly less money. I would assume in the 4-5M range. Our RFA next year haven't shown enough for a significant raise, unless this year changes (Comtois, Jones, Steel, Lundestrom, and Heinen) so the Ducks should be sitting good after they resign them. In comparison Colorado only has 16 contracts and 58.3M committed. They will be in a worse situation next year. And they only have $898000 in space this year.
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