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  1. Nick Ritchie to BOS for Danton Heinen
  2. Hmm. Cant of saying two different things. You say the Ducks need some good young players. Yet a few posts before you say they should get Zucker, Weaver, Armia, Ristol, and worse of all Simmonds. None of those players check off the good young players box. Simmonds is old and worthless now. Even the Devils regret signing him. Risto likely is going nowhere. Weaver and Armia are the younger players in the group but neither are anything more then 4th line filler. And Zucker isnt young either. So which is it, vetrans you listed or trade assets to get younger players and picks. Quite frankly, as much as I would hate to see them go, if it meant landing a top 10 pick, I would move Rakell or Silf. Other then a 30 goal season two years ago, Rakell has regressed since signing his new contract. Everyone said last year was all Carlyle, but what about this year. He isnt exactly lights out and he's not going to get 30 goals again. In my opinion there are only three real untouchables on this team. Getzlaf, Gibson, and Lindholm. Everyone else on the active roster can be had for the right price, and if he was willing to waive the no trade clause, I would trade Getzlaf too for the right price. Right now it's about building for the future. I hate seeing the Ducks win as then they get further ahead of those other teams. Just a few weeks ago they were second worse in the league. If that was how they finished they would pick no worse then 5. Also keep in mind for the draft, the worse team has yet to win the lottery since the league started drafting for the top three picks.
  3. Honestly, I don't understand why people are so frustrated by this call. In my opinion this went the Ducks way. I'm a huge fan but even I can be real, this team is not going to make the playoffs and if some miracle happened and they did, they dont have the team to do anything in the playoffs. Anyone remember that Sharks series a few seasons ago, picture the same thing. The best thing that can happen for this franchise is that calls like that dont go their way and they end up losing games. The playoffs arent happening, so they might as well get a high draft pick (if somehow number 1 even better) and that can help turn this franchise around sooner rather then later.
  4. Out of all those players Kunitz, Perron, Karlson, and Palmeri are the ones that got away that should have been kept. The others are really all spare parts. Hagelin never fit in with the Ducks.
  5. Don't mind the orange jersey, but if this is to become the permanent home jersey, please don't revert to the old logo. Yes there is lots of nostalgic with it, but that was the Mighty Ducks and Disney era logo. The Ducks need to just use it as a third and either stick with what they have now or design a completely different logo. It's a different era, lets not go back to the disney time where the team was one of the bigger jokes being owned by Disney with the cartoonish logo. And yes, it brings back lots of memories for me, but I like the current look as well, if not prefered.
  6. He signed with Columbus not the Ducks. Official. Wrong logo on that list.
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