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  1. I would scratch the 2019 1st off the list. At this rate it will be a top 5 pick and the Ducks need young players. My moves to make: 1) Fire Carlyle. Replace with Eakins on an interim basis. If he gets results make him full time coach in the summer. If not find someone else. 2) Move one of Fowler, Montour, or Manson for a decent return of good young players and picks (likely Fowler) 3) Trade Eaves to whoever will take him for anything or buyout in the summer 4) Trade Perry or Kesler for anything. If retaining half of Kesler's salary is needed then do so. 3 mil is better then 6. 5) Trade Silfverberg for draft pick. Hopefully 1st round. 6) Trade Miller to a contender if he wants to go. Can resign with the Ducks in the summer.
  2. So what's the excuse now? The team is healthy and this is by far the worst period they have played all season. There is no more too many injuries excuses. Time to can Carlyle and let someone work with them for next year. This team will be picking in the top 5.
  3. So we are starting to get things booked. Coming down Mar 17-23. Taking in the games on Mar 20 vs WPG (birthday) and 22 vs SJ. May take in game onnMar 17 vs FLA depending on if flights are on time. Will be doing Disney for three days. Any suggestions for things to do on the game days during the day? We wont be renting a vehicle so we are limited to transit/uber. May check out the shops one day.
  4. Not sure how Crosby was taken away from the Ducks? Because when they did that lottery there were two teams left when it was announced and it was between Anaheim and Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh won? Is that way? Let's not forget that the NHL announced the lottery results in reverse order, so when the lottery actually happened, every team was in the draw for #1. Pittsburgh was picked out of that. Then the Ducks got picked out at #2. The league just chose to announce it in reverse order, countdown style.
  5. Murray hoping for another waiver gem. Ducks have claimed Chad Johnson off waivers from the Blues. Must not have good news on the Miller front. edit - Ryan Miller out 6 weeks. Rakell sprained ankle, no time table for his return. https://www.tsn.ca/ducks-claim-g-johnson-miller-out-six-weeks-1.1224544
  6. Injuries is no excuse anymore. Besides Kase, there is nobody else injured that would make any impace to improve this team. Perry would just fit in with the terrible passing and turn overs
  7. With two days off between games now is the time to fire Carlyle. Through half the game tonight the Ducks are on pace to be outshot 52-20. If Carlyle isn't gone after this then it's time Bob Murray goes too. Time to retool. Get a new GM who isnt scared to make moves to improve the team. Maybe see if Brian Burke wants to come back as GM. Yes the Ducks have injuries and an aging roster, but so do the Wild and yet they are playing really good, or the Ducks are that bad making them look good. The injuries are just an excuse. Comtois, Kase and an ineffective Perry are really the only injuries left. And once they are healthy the Ducks will be right back to the old slow team.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the whale watching. My wife would love that. We were also planning a beach day. My original thoughts were Newport Beach, as watching the games all the time I always hear about it. We will rent a car and may drive down to San Diego as well. We did Vegas a couple years ago for a week and felt that we got enough of it that it isn't a bucket list to go back anytime soon.
  9. Going to be making our first trip down to Anaheim in March this year. Taking in two games, including one on my birthday. Coming for about a week. Wondering about recommendations on places to stay and things to do in the area besides the game. Any really good places to eat that people may recommend too.
  10. saskduckfan


    Best option here would be for Kesler to retire if he is taking the full year off. Or the Ducks put him on LTIR to allow the cap space (like Chicago and Hossa) and then retire next year. Ducks can then enter the Tavares sweeps. At least the have Henrique for a replacement.
  11. I saw Carolina is looking to add some toughness to their forward group and maybe willing to move Jeff Skinner. How about Skinner for Perry straight up. Ducks get faster, Hurricanes get tougher. Assuming Perry would waive his NMC.
  12. His stats won't go up that much. He didn't put up overly big numbers when he played on the third of fourth line this year and the goal scoring didn't increase, and that wasn't against top players. I truly believe he is done.
  13. The sad part was I was wanting the Ducks to trade Perry after the 2016 first round exit to Nashville. I was tired of him doing absolutely nothing in the playoffs then. If only the Ducks would have thought of it that summer and done it. They would have got decent value then, before he started declining at a rapid pace. Now he does a whole lot of nothing in the regular season and playoffs.
  14. I knew the roster was to start the year. The thing is there really isn't much need for 4th line grinders anymore. I would rather have youth and speed on the 4th line. Guys that will play in the NHL but be easier to start them on a 4th line against weaker competition and see how they do. Let them develop their game and move up the lineup, while at the same time providing a 4th line capable of producing offense and playing minutes without being a liability. Serious since March 1, Chimera-Grant-and whoever (Brown, Kelly, Ritchie/Terry) were not effective and I didn't expect them to do anything when they were on the ice. The Ducks need to dump the cycle system for sure. It is painful to watch night in and night out and see them just turn the puck over the majority of the time without developing any chances. And the only way it goes, is with the coach.
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