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  1. Just circling back...we raise more than $2100 together. Great job!
  2. We've almost raised $1,000! How cool is that? But $1,500 is the goal by Fedorin Cup, which is next weekend, so we have some work to do. Please visit http://bit.ly/goooaaalll to read more about getting your custom #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll mp3 from Phil Hulett. Imagine a goal scored by you , assisted by Perry and Getlaf...or a goal scored by a friend or family member who is currently battling cancer, assisted by you and another family member. It is totally customized! Let's join together to fight cancer. Just a handful of Ducks fans can make a huge difference! Thanks
  3. Who do you fight for? What do you say we go huge on this? Join Phil Hulett in the fight against cancer. Click the link below, follow the instructions...and for a small, tax-deductible donation, Phil will record a custom Anaheim Ducks Goooaaalll call for you, with the 2015-roster players of your choice (plus one non-roster player). You can even chose your own name, or those of friends, family members or co-workers. This is all for charity ahead of this year's Fedorin Cup at The Rinks Anaheim Ice, Saturday, August 29, 2015. See you there...but here's the link. click Click CLICK. http://philhulett.com/phil-hulett-records-a-custom-goal-call-for-you/ At the time of this post, $440 has been raised in a little more than a day-and-a-half. $1,500 is the goal. I think we can blow that number out of the water, don't you? Thanks for your generosity, and enjoy your recordings. V