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  1. I am going to disagree with most on this thread. I really like this pick up. If EE gets quality ice time I could see him making a big jump. I saw something last year that just makes me think with the right line mates he can reach his potential. Don't play him with Boll and Wagner and let's really see what he can do. Not to mention I really think he is a good piece for the penalty kill.
  2. Did you watch this team from Christmas on? It did give everything it had. It made up a 16 point deficit while dealing with new players and injuries. Chicago added Andrew Ladd at the deadline. The Kings with a full payroll still added Milan Lucic and we let Matt Beleskey go for nothing. You really don't think we could have used "one more bullet". This team gave what it had. Am I disappointed - you bet. It has eaten at me for a week. Sometimes pucks go off players skates for goals (game 1), sometimes pucks flipped 20 feet in the air don't settle right and become goals and deflections that are close to crossbar height go in and puck luck goes the wrong way. I don't have to sit here and just whine and complain that my team underachieved and absolutely blame players. It doesn't help.
  3. C'mon everybody. Please don't dissect every word that comes out of his mouth. Anyone that has followed Getzlaf and this team knows darn well that he never backs down from responsibility or accountability. if you want to criticize no look passes or mistakes in the defensive zone - fine. But to nitpick at his words becaus you want him to take even more responsibility is not right. How about this, 5 out of the last 6 Cups have been won by L.A. and Chicago all 5 Cups won by those teams had payrolls OVER the cap. We continue to go against those teams anywhere from 5-7 million UNDER the cap. How much extra support does Kopitar/Doughty or Kane/Toews get for that 10M? How would the Kings look without Carter and Lucic or the Hawks without Hossa and Seabrook? That's what the ownership and management continue to put Getzlaf/Perry and now Kesler against. Those players get maximum ownership/management support. What happens this offseason will be very intersting. It's great to have a deep organiziation with new talent feeding up to the big club but not if the only reason is to keep payroll down. It needs to be for that AND the asstes to win a Cup. P.S. Who owns the fact that Belesky could have easily been resigned with the money they gave Hagelin/Perron (I know about the no movement for two years and that was a reasonable request by M.B.) Belesky on Line two with Cogs being able to move around on other lines would have been a huge help.
  4. Sami Vatanen's compete level just blows me away. Night after night he competes like a wolverine. With his size at this position it sometimes just does not make sense. I have so much respect for that young man.
  5. I know this is a little off topic but I didn't want to start a new thread for it. What is the financial advantage for the Samueli's if we play in multiple rounds with home ice? I am just looking at the cap and if we go to at least a 3rd round with at least 9 home games does that set them up to be able to spend closer to the cap in the next year or two years? I am not clear how much of the pool goes to the home team in a playoff round. Thanks for any response.
  6. The world is littered with people who state opinions and sell them as facts.
  7. I don't even know why people respond to KillerDuck. His second verse is always the same as the first.
  8. Then don't.....................
  9. Agree with this completely.