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  1. Well it took a long time for this post to come to conclusion but looks like the answer is finally pretty definitive. I see some sniping and griping by some of the folks here and of course you are all entitled to your opinion. But I would hope there isnt anyone who follows hockey who would see Kes as anything other than one of the greatest warriors the game has seen in recent times. I do wish we could have seen him stay healthy and lift a cup with our Ducks, but much more so I wish him and his family the best for the rest of his life. GO Ducks!
  2. Yeah thats generally what I was thinking, and afraid I was going to hear. Thanks again for the info
  3. OK Thanks for the information folks. And yeah, mentally Kesler is one of the toughest warriors out there. I really wish he had simply skipped last season and gotten back to full strength. I have to think the combination of pushing it last season, all the stuff he had to do to keep playing, plus now trying to push through it again this season does not bode well at all for his longevity.
  4. So, I really have not been able to watch many Ducks games this season (work has been insane), but it looks like Kesler has been in almost every game but has pretty much no stats to speak of. Something like 6 points and a -15 or so. Anyone in the know (or at least who has been able to see them play) have any info on how he looks or if he is actually supposed to be healthy at this point? Thanks much!
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