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  1. Well it took a long time for this post to come to conclusion but looks like the answer is finally pretty definitive. I see some sniping and griping by some of the folks here and of course you are all entitled to your opinion. But I would hope there isnt anyone who follows hockey who would see Kes as anything other than one of the greatest warriors the game has seen in recent times. I do wish we could have seen him stay healthy and lift a cup with our Ducks, but much more so I wish him and his family the best for the rest of his life. GO Ducks!
  2. Im sure there have been some clunkers out there, but I dont remember a trip like this where we not only lost every game, but were completely blown out of all of them. Really sad times for our Ducks for sure.
  3. Yeah thats generally what I was thinking, and afraid I was going to hear. Thanks again for the info
  4. OK Thanks for the information folks. And yeah, mentally Kesler is one of the toughest warriors out there. I really wish he had simply skipped last season and gotten back to full strength. I have to think the combination of pushing it last season, all the stuff he had to do to keep playing, plus now trying to push through it again this season does not bode well at all for his longevity.
  5. So, I really have not been able to watch many Ducks games this season (work has been insane), but it looks like Kesler has been in almost every game but has pretty much no stats to speak of. Something like 6 points and a -15 or so. Anyone in the know (or at least who has been able to see them play) have any info on how he looks or if he is actually supposed to be healthy at this point? Thanks much!
  6. Anyone catch any updates on Getzlaf yet and how long he is expected to be out? The complete silence seems odd at game 3. Go Ducks!
  7. Getting outscored 17-5 in our first three games? I know lots of young guys are getting looks and some playing time and such, but isnt that what the other teams are doing as well? Im not exactly panicking yet but am wondering what any folks who have actually seen any of the games are seeing out there. Go Ducks!
  8. Thats the strange thing about all of this -- noone knows where the rumor started. I think pretty much everyone here generally dismissed it as having no substance when it first started floating around, however it keeps popping up in reasonably prominent articles. I know ESPNs hockey coverage has generally been a joke, but Wyshinski seemed pretty legit before ESPN brought him over. I too hope its entirely rumor and that he'll be back just fine for the most part. For now, I'll continue to remain optimistic. Go Ducks!!
  9. Not to be all alarmist on everyone but this one popped up again, this time from Greg Wyshinski on ESPN. Anaheim Ducks Two depth moves on defense (Andrej Sustr and Luke Schenn) and adding Brian Gibbons up front, but nothing else significant happened for a team that's stuck in a purgatory between "win now" and "our second line center is 33, might miss the season and is signed through 2022 with a full no-move."
  10. Hey All, None of the information in this article is terribly revelatory, but the mention of Kesler missing the entire upcoming season definitely raised a flag. Maybe I was foolishly optimistic that he would actually be able to heal this offseason. And while I generally wished he was not playing at all last year as that seemed a bad idea, I was still hopeful that he would come back full strength in 18-19. So Im wondering if anyone has heard otherwise or if there are indications that Kesler is expected to have major issues going into next season. I know its entirely possible that the statement about him is also mere speculation and Im really hoping thats the case. Thanks for any info or thoughts. Go Ducks!! https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2018/06/11/significant-changes-could-be-coming-to-ducks-roster/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nhl
  11. Well, at least if we can squeek out one win tonight, we did better than the Kings. I wasnt expecting much in the playoffs for us, but am pretty disappointed in what Ive seen so far. The reality is that despite the strong finish, this was never really looking like our year. Although I will give a thumbs up to some of the extremely positive sentiment in this thread, Im not terribly optimistic about tonight and certainly not the series. And yes, interesting on Vegas for sure. Has anyone noticed how many former Ducks are playing prominent roles on that team....? Despite what looks like a lost season....GO DUCKS!!
  12. Sigh...I keep hoping for the sustained show of strength from our boys and they almost had me with the four game win streak, but these last two games....ouch. I suppose we can look at the fact that in the end they were both pretty close games but more and more even if we do squeak into the playoffs I find it hard to believe we will make it more than a round or so. Im too lazy to go back and read through the original stuff to understand the standings above but I have to interpret them to be a statistical representation of that same thought. Probably a topic for a different thread but where does the team go from here? At least the Blackhawks are so miserable that Im spared their bandwagon fans non-stop gloating (believe it or not they still tried to do it up until their first round sweep last year). GO DUCKS!
  13. Damn, did he really have a hip replacement? I thought it was supposed to be something less extreme than that...
  14. So....anyone know/hear whats wrong with Silf? Painful watching this season so far although I entirely agree with the sentiment that the fact we are floating around 500 under these conditions is strong testament to the depth of this roster. Also sucks having to hear all the d-bag blackhawks fans gloating as they float around 500 with an entirely uninjured roster (other than Hossa who is old anyway). I really hope most of our guys (seems Eaves may pretty much be done for at least this season, which also sucks) come back and stay healthy so I can watch a run of domination. GO DUCKS!
  15. Sheesh, I assume its the same injury that kept him out of pre-season and the first couple games. Has anyone heard what exactly it is (I fear yet another sports hernia but hopefully not), other than "lower body"?
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