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  1. Ducks and the Kapanen, Maken it Happenen...
  2. With two full scoops of Kasperis per box. You know the type that turns your milk blue.
  3. Oh, he’s a hockey player? I thought Kasperi Kapanen was a Finnish breakfast cereal...
  4. If Randy Carlyle is still the coach starting next season, I won’t watch Ducks hockey. I get Game Center every season. I’ll just watch Easten Conference or something... Seriously where do we draw the line? He shouldn’t have been hired back in the first place.
  5. I think after one game we know exactly who these guys are and what’s expected. I mean come on, Comtois is on track for 82 goals his rookie season!
  6. We all saw what happened last night. We all know where this train is going and it only has one stop baby, CUP TOWN USA. The Sharks better take a LONG HARD LOOK at what they are ALL doing with their lives and think about reassessing their situation, cuz I don’t think signing some wanna-be pirate of Sweden is gonna change he fact that Jonesie is TURRIBLE.
  7. Just wait, Zther will show up and talk about how tight he is and all his little followers will just parrot what he says
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