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  1. What I find more compelling and maybe it has been discussed (my apologies if so) is what happens to SJ if they do or do not make the SCF. If they do, they then lose their 1st round in 2021. Since I am not pulling for SJ (how they heck do they have the line up and are below the cap still amazes me) wanting them to fail so that they end up in cap hell would be welcoming (not trying to be mean). So getting to the SCF and losing is IDEAL (for me). But not sure I want that risk as if the do win it all, then it would have all been well worth it (being in cap hell for the next five years........not unlike ourselves). If SJ goes to the SCF I beleive they are void of a first round for the next three years regardless of the SCF outcomes.
  2. Here is what I know (FWIW) and some of this may be obvious to some, so not trying to act as if this is entirely stealth information. Eakins is adored by his players. So much so that the younger players have openly said they in fact in some way "prefer" to be in SD v. with the "big club". Their admiration for Eakins is to put it mildly: intense. And the Gulls are doing well. Further Eakins and his wife LOVE San Diego and the lifestyle that the Gulls coaching job also affords he and his family. Dallas is hesitant to take over the Ducks when it was being bantered around in the past. He, as I am told, is not chomping at the bit for a HC job in the league. He is as it has been described "very content coaching younger players and impacting their lives and not being under a microscope. My source is in fact one of the people he has purposefully engaged to be mentors to the younger players. Murray wants him. But also does not want to mess with the Gulls chemistry as it stands given their current placement and out of respect for so many of the younger players who Murray believes will be permanently placed on the Ducks in the not so distant future. It would be double benefit to also have "their" coach as their NHL coach. Thus a mid year coaching change and hiring a "permanent" replacement is not their approach or even a good option. They were hoping the Ducks would have their late season bounce or at least remain competitive and then take the necessary steps post season. Now what they need to do is cement a deal with Eakins which may involve an agreement he regains the Gulls HC job if dismissed as the Ducks coach. Murray is (supposedly) keenly focused on the locker room environment and what is and is not working. He is beside himself that the team has appeared to have lost their "passion".
  3. I read an article by someone quoting an insider that said the sticking point is similar to an issue the Blue Jackets had last year with one of their UFA (sorry do not follow it that closely) and noted the the CBJ had all the leverage for the reason so noted - player may have to sit out a season. But to my surprise, and who knows if whomever really knows, the source said that the sticking point is BM wants at least a three year deal, or more, and NR wants a shorter deal!!?? So turn what I have been thinking upside down........who knows.
  4. Stepping back one may say that since Getz and Perry became the big men on campus that, yes, if you look around the pickins are few as to well developed in house offensive talent. Might that be an issue with their leadership? But this is the NHL. The premiere league in the world. You are a young player waiting your entire life for this opportunity. And you are going to hold out when you know you hvae not lived up to the hype still be making $1MM+++ and all you have to do is prove yourself, take your talent, work it and go after it. For some the talent is just not there, for some the mental part does not happen (ever), for some a change of scenery sparks something. But how many Ex Ducks that left and thrived, did not show, in their limited time here, some spark, consistency that made everyone say "yeah a lot more of that?"! NR has been far more lackluster than a Palmerli, Bonino, Ryan, etc. Talking about on ice flash, intensity, into it, obvious effort. NR always seems to be skating like he is ok with a B average. This league chews up and spits out Bs.....in time.
  5. The on ice philosophy experts on here tell me, if Richie has made a commitment to the physical side of the game (health, conditioning, etc.) is this possibly not a ripe opportunity for him to seize as is he not capable (emphasis on capable) of playing up to the role Perry has played the last two years? Is BM on the phone trying to get him signed or do you still wait it out and see if he sees what opportunity may have just opened up for him and if he is now supremely motivated to come in an really prove he is a changed man? Does this resonate or am I off base?
  6. I would guess the timing of a qualified return will be dependent upon how competitive the team is at that point in time. Why rush it if not warranted? Will be very interesting to see how the season plays out all things considered. Lots of current options for new blood - chance to assess how successful we have been in drafting, development and then coaching (real time). Leadership on ice - those dynamics are going to be vastly different now - that could have an intangible impact that may allow the confidence of even our skilled younger "veterans" to grow. How might this impact Kesler if by chance he is not feeling as good as he truly desires (his situation seems a bit clouded unless there was misinformation out there as at first it was may need time (year off) to get back to 100% and playing at 80% or less (2017/2018) is not a good choice. Then playing this coming season not a problem just need a delay start. Kesler might simply be an overly optimistic do not hold me back kind of guy who is never going to show weakness... and told management "I am going to give it my best. Lets not make any predictions at this time and presume I am all in"...will see if he is back at 100%.
  7. Excellent points as usual. So the correlation here (??) both GMs value defense over offense? If you are going to be lite be lite on offense. Maybe for BM his hands are a bit tied, on the other side of the blue line, due to the twins contracts and Eaves and Kesler health issues (one ice performance/certainty). The decline of CP and those to IRs not planned for and unavoidable (all occurring at once). Maybe he then grips the bevy of Dmen even tighter without thinking about it? Fear of being offensively challenged so you counter with..(beef up the D and lock down (double down) on your goalie)?? But if he is defensively minded and offensively challenged.......seems he would have been drooling at the Karlsson opp. Even if the team is not as successful as desired, in the hockey world even more so a small market warm weather franchise, Getz (for now), Fowler, LIndholm, Rakell, Karlsson, and a competent goalie (I know some on here are not convinced), can still sell tickets. We can scope out on ice hypotheticals all day long but you still have to keep the eye on the prize (fannies in the seats, more so when the owner also holds the management contract and thus gets and extra slice of attendance related revenue. HS wants warm bodies in the building and he too is a bonafide fan and wants to see the team score more goals than the opponent night in night out). What the venue may sound and look like during a bona fide rebuild.........might not be pretty more so given our new neighbors to the east. And yes even for the casual hockey fan goal scorers draw fan attention. But Karlsson transcends that divide....when considering star power. Star power still matters..........though we do not generally discuss it in that context.
  8. Great points. i will give you a fourth. If we are waiting a rebuild (seems like it from what people are noting - holding picks for the rebuild, etc.), it seems to be BM is holding cards just for that purpose as well as not wanting to let the dogs loose and let the a few young players sink or swim. After all you tell me DTSD what is a rebuild...trading away your top assets for picks, prospects, etc. Based upon your notation, a good one, do you see BM trading what you note he will not trade now but will do so in in a rebuild? I do not. I see him harboring talent right now that should actually be in the ice otherwise when will they find ice time..........in a rebuild? So by default we are just biding our time for the rebuild? The problem with all of it is that two/three of your home grown dmen that BM seems to want to hold on to will either be jettisoned anyway (if we engage in a true rebuild.....we surely are not going to be offering up Silfverberg or Kesler or you name him (offensive player) to score a lot of picks or prospects....OR by the time we begin this rebuild are we not going to be facing monster resignings (such as Lindholm and a few others) or lose them just when the 2 - 3 year mark of the rebuild is setting in (right when you expect to see results start to pan out)? So is the presmise - lets see how this year works out? If not favorable, then we may start to take a longer view approach? Still hamstrung by aging veteran contracts what are your options? Then two years even farther down the road you risk losing Lindholm others and what is your choice as what is your bait for a rebuild effort? Signing key players to long term monster contracts is not a rebuild.
  9. I think this is perfect for BM. The word to the young players hungry for a roster spot is, at present, one is clearly open. Come get it!! For Ritchie if he truly is trying to up his game, what better motivation to be held out of practice knowing other younger players are trying to show they want it more. For us fans, who is losing sleep over this? So BM cannot lose.
  10. Sorry I meant that if kesler were not to play that would be a material change to the offensive lineup forcing some new to happen.
  11. I am not looking for this team to field the same offensive lineup as they have over the past two years so we can sit around and hope that this year will be better than last year because of this quirk or that quirk. The offensive core has been fairly routine and regimented for some time now. Almost to the point of being stale and hoping that it all comes together (because it did in the past but even then we did not win a cup). We have had great success, no doubt and we have been close. We are fortunate fans!! But no success at getting past the last metric and we have in truth taken a step backward (last year). Yes there were possible reasons many valid but so what, it was still a down year by Ducks standards!! With NR we hope for players to have better years, the lights to come on, for him to grow into his body or whatever the generic phrases, (excuses) etc. etc. that are commonly bantered about. I would be very excited to see change and even material change. The same top three lines over and over and over again.........just has muted interest and then coupled with hoping it all comes together. This year the only material change, at this point, is confirmation that Kesler is not going to play. That would result in a material change to the offensive line up (due to a negative event occurring). Eaves playing and returning after a year off, at his age..........call it change but fingers crossed. So personally I would not lose sleep if NR was never signed. I just wouldn't. Call me a fool. That is ok. In the long run the arc of the franchise I do not believe is altered if NR ever plays for the Ducks again or not. Let the dogs out with some young players who we can either be complaining about in a year or two or be thankful they got their shot (a legit shot). Nothing ventured nothing gain. Waiting for NR to clue in and dial in, after several years, sorry but this is the best league in the world. If you one needs more motivation than that, they are missing a very important skill set. I do not see a player who leaves it all on the ice night after night and you can tell just by the look in his eyes that he wants to be the best he can possibly be night in night out. I do not see it or feel it. What do I know? I saw Bill Foley (Vegas Golden Knights) speak here in OC........his exact words about following up on their "fairy tale" first year - "if you are not growing your dying". He wants to be better......NOW. Never be satisfied. On top of it that his plan to was win the Stanley Cup within five years of entering the league!! He is not satisfied relying upon hope. Maybe it is his West Point training? Put that mindset on how you address the NR's and even others on this team. That is how you win or die trying. The mantra of waiting it out for the lights to come on for players after years of grooming.......of that maybe someone will have a bounce back season or learn to play differently. Crap Nick you are in your early 20's and making a million a year. Get fricking busy and get busy now otherwise let someone roll over you and next man up!! Give me a few new players, hungry players, new names, a few new jersey numbers to learn. Hope is not a strategy.
  12. sclives

    roster spots

    This is correct in principle. However one must consider the mindset of the decision makers. What do they view as "good enough" and at what grade of good enough (e.g. good enough not to this (fill in blank) ever or only occassionally). Coaches and GMs are human too. They have their own profile for risk, biases, personalities and then do they have any vision. Not so sure RC is the best person to judge when burgeoning talent is "good enough". Further, candidly, the style and strengths of the players trying to earn a roster spot may simply not fit the profile of play the coach prefers and thus one can be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and even someone good enough will not get the break they may actually deserve. Lastly in maturing as a player (or in any profession) the development of intangibles simply can only occur when facing so called "live bullets". Just like any parent knows you need to let you kids fail inorder to succeed. Heart, grit, determination, etc. are all valuable intangibles in a hockey player. Those will never be developed playing against lesser talent. But those intangibles win championships. If "good enough" is knowing when to ALWAYS do this and if you do not ALWAYS do this as the coach may want you to, then you may never get your shot if the Coach has no vision or sense as to what that player can become given the opportunity.
  13. Waiting to make an offer once they realize how much they need him to accomplish playing faster.
  14. Good takes. I will throw in my two cents. Mental fortitude. Due the dynamics of this team (age, history, coaching), mental fortitude is the key component that will portend how successful we will be. For me, I place my marker on what goes on between the ears. That will be the make or break lynch pin. It is a game requiring supreme effort and sacrifice regardless of talent. I believe this intangible factor being more critical for our older players (too). All great teams (which can vary from year to year) have it. Without question Vegas had it in spades last year. The Caps whom so often did not have "it" come the playoffs had it last year and it showed - just look at the Columbus series. Ovechkin was on a mission ALL season not just come April - to reference the impact having a older talented veteran whose head is in that space makes all the difference. That being said I look at both our first round playoff persona (not a plus) and I UNFONDLY recall the incredibly disappointing game, in late March, against Vancouver where the team at a critical point in the season, against a lackluster opponent, simply did not show up. That loss told me more than many of our victories. That to me is mental toughness. It seems to be a weakness of this group. I put that on the vets (mostly). Does our veteran group have "it" in them to rally an entire season and to push through? I do not believe you can just wait and turn on that intangible when needed. Not in a team sport. It has to be part of the psyche of the team from day one. Does RC foster than mentality or does his coaching style lead to more independent player by player thinking? Not sure he is a team builder v. player/style/position manager? Guys we had Selanne, Neidermeyer, Pronger last time with RC. No offense to 10, 15 or even 17 but they are not the same type of personas. They just aren't. Can they climb the mountain, sure. But given all the dynamics.....? My take it since the avalanche of game seven disappointments for this group, they may have responded by taking the approach to save their energy, "it is a long season", and hope to find the strength needed when needed and then pour it on at season's send. Pace yourself. That being said it is a long season but I am talking about mindset which need not result in excellent results night in night out but it does influence how you play and even how you lose, when you lose. You do not pace mindset. It is not something a TEAM can manufacture only when they need it. Talent to compete, but not sure about mindset to "win".
  15. It is embarrassing (IMO). Great story sure. But embarrassing. What does is say about the league and its "stars" or "heroes" or competitiveness? Three of my clients are minority owners for the VGKs. Not a one of them had ever been to a NHL game in their lives (they all have worked for Foley for more than 2 decades and he offered up to them (as he does in most of his side deals (unrelated to Fidelity National Title)) opportunities to his key people (his "soliders") to invest when he invests. Foley is a West Point grad and treats most of his business activities with relentless pursuit - winning is more important than how you win. Point is Foley in effect inferred (to them) that the NHL was run by a bunch of "old school guys who have been doing the same thing the same way for decades. We are going to do it differently from top to bottom. This will be easy". Now my clients think they are NHL know it all's and that they are showing a old school, head in the sand league how it should be done. And maybe they are right but it is maddening. Falling back to earth next year (as someone said)........dont count on it. I sat in South Coast Plaza at the Antonellos Cafe with one of them and their spouse last May. I was headed to a Ducks playoff game that night. I was jazzed. They were "well maybe next year we might be there 'but we have to go see our first hockey game first. Can't say I know anything about the sport'. Crazy. But I can see where the NHL is very old school. They sell superstars, etc. and how it is important to lock down $7MM $8MM a year players. When conversely they say out of the other side of their mouth "this is the ultimate team sport. Your best players are only on the ice 1/3rd of the game"..........Vegas has proven playing hard for a full 60 minutes can change the outcome of so many games. Not a Ducks fans can say they saw 25 games last year where the Ducks were balls to the wall for 60 minutes. I would bet any knowledgeable VGK fan would tell you that they cannot remember 10 games where their team was not fully committed for a full 60 minutes. They are playing just like they played all year and YES their defense is smothering simply because of exceptional effort. Imagine Corey Perry trying to keep up. Forget it. They play like Foley does business.........full throttle or get out of the way. Action beats inaction every time.
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