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  1. So someone confirm for me: Ducks manage to get Rakell and Lindholm signed by some means or method. With Vatnen, Getz, Perry, Kesler, then Rakell and Lindholm (and even Fowler presumed resigned at market) and factoring in a few others the Ducks will continually have cap issues in the future absent relying upon a solid handful of AHLers making a substantial impact to take cap pressure off (e.g. making Fowler expendable, etc.). So IS NOW in the new normal for the Ducks as to cap issues? Are we now experiencing what we can expect to have looming over us not just in this situation but as things unfold over the next few years? BM has not had to manage (contracts and player movement) when bumped up against the cap year over year. That is a far more dicey assignment. Thus the success of the younger AHLers really drives the impact in the future or we will always be butting heads with the cap over the next four five years, correct?
  2. Someone said Getz and Perry are the ones dropping the gloves..........really? We sign Garbutt and we freak but Boll is one missed placed swing and he is too is player no one wants.........unless he is on our team? Hypocracy. "RC is our new coach, might as well embrace his style". So average is the new way to live, might as well be average. Nice mindset. Just five weeks ago our teams lack of success was hopped on our star players playing soft during the playoffs, not soft as in not fighting, but in just being mentally soft. Now we also do not want them being physically tough? No where in any of this do I see where the supposed NHL is out to out thug the Ducks has it hurt us in the standings the past couple of years. Nor has it been the culprit in winning a game seven at home. Dallas last year tried to be buffoons...........result? Who cares what happens in the daily grind of regular season......? The playoffs are the end all for the NHL. The NHL playoffs are what make the game what it is (admittedly a marginal top tier sport in the US). But what pretty much goes bye bye in the playoffs?? Who was Detroits bad a$$ thug all those years and where were they in terms of PIM when while winning SCs?
  3. But we would have then (at least) effectively given up Andersen and Fowler.......worthwhile?
  4. Not being anything close to in the know......... Is there a LH LW in the top three or four? If so any impact players? Then would an #8 plus another pick (e.g. a #30) get someone to trade down in exchange? Stupid idea?
  5. Understand that most any and all contracts between a professional athlete and the related franchise or even sponsor PROHIBIT the public expression of disparaging comments without approval in advance. Make excessive remarks about how great things are at your leisure, but disparaging comments about teammates, management or the organization and you are in violation of the agreement. Now sure players do often speak out but more often than not their negative comments if ANY are measured (very). Further organizations may choose or not choose to enforce transgressions occurring in violation of these contractual obligations but understand that is not done in any way in a public forum. It is very obvious once that contractual code is violated too often that someone will be leaving the organization. Even if there are no movement clauses, etc. Why? Because the player may be in breach and thus other areas of the contract then are either nullified or void or the player is essentially told to waive their rights of suffer the consequences of a breach. Yes players that want to know how to get out of dodge, so to speak, and will often use this as a route to be traded or otherwise. But in general those players are typically misfits of some kind and thus are not welcomed with open arms at other organizations. There is a lot of gamesmanship and "professionalism" behind the scenes. So when a organization says (publicly) that 'so and so was a consummate professional" this is not always (rarely) just referring to performance, practice habits, showing up or also relates to follow the terms of the deal through thick and thin. As such what a player says when asked questions of the media is rarely a full honest opinion when discussing difficult issues. When discussing victories, and championships, awards or accolades you will get the best answers. It is why reporters like to follow successful teams. Otherwise they are having to cut through the "bs". But even the media is smart about it and they know what a player can and cannot openly say and will and will not say. This too is why fans are often frustrated when an organization is not doing well and the media is challenging the players for in depth responses. Do you ever hear a post game interview question "so what did you think of the match ups you got tonight? How was the bench management in your opinion?" These questions are not asked as the answer will be vanilla and of no value as the player is not going to speak his mind for many reasons one of which is he may simply be obligated not to. Find quotes of any player in any situation when asked about a hiring of a new coach gravitating to "terrible", "what planet is our owner on", "I am calling my agent I want out". You might get a "well have to see how it works out. I will do my best to assist in any way possible and I am looking forward to the next season". This employer employee relationship carries over and exists in many situations outside of sports. Most corporate officers are contractually bound as well from making public comments that would harm or demean the brand of their organization even if truthful (in their own opinion). Do you think when Steven Jobs resigned and Apple named a new Chairman the Chief Financial Officer would come out and say "we just hired the biggest ego manic in the world. He is a grade a jerk". Or do you get "a bright mind, he will make us all perform at our best abilities. Great for the organization." None of this means Perry and Getzlaf were not being honest. It just means you really do not if what they said is how they truly feel.
  6. Scary!!! What happens if that hire flops.........what a mess the franchise will be in with the swinging door HC syndrome. Question for the guys (ladies) that know or have a good idea: Would last season's lackluster beginning have happened under RC? And if so would we have recovered? We know BM (was it) did not let him recover when we last offed him. The point being if the Ducks (again) start slow how will the months of November and December be around here?
  7. No doubt and your comparison is spot on. That said this is the US further this is So Cal and even softer hockey market than what are already sliver markets in major US cities (e.g. Boston). Thus hockey, at its best for most Ducks fans is the SC and nothing else. Just like few baseball fans (where MLB is the bomb in the US) have little interest in Baseball World Championships or Olympic baseball. In the mindset of the casual to hardened US hockey fan anything other than the SC is ho hum. Lets see what the TV rating are for the Worlds in the US compared to a Wednesday night NHL game?That is bolstered by the evidence that many hard core hockey fans abandon the SC playoffs once their team is eliminated (see ratings for SC in Canada as further similar evidence). Soccer on the other hand: yes Premier League Championships, the UEFA Cup all garner grand attention but still the World Cup dominates where "world hockey" events lose US attention (at least) I cannot speak for other countries (NHL v. those events). It is weird. I think it is in part because as you know the Premiere League championships have no playoff. But the other events are not only playoff oriented but also have the nationalistic interest you noted. Being full disclosure I wont be watching. I will just be hoping someone from the Ducks does not get injured and if they play well I will be expecting the same when back in Anaheim. For NHL players I think it is their REAL All Star game.....
  8. Teams are competing for the Stanley Cup and we applauding a player from this team for winning a slapped together international hockey competition (aren't a few of the best players in the world playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs)? Would Perry be Captain if all players in the world were literally available? Or was Perry destined for this greatness even if we advanced........what he going to bail for this international tourney anyway? If we advanced would anyone care about this tourney? But hey we also have the top 20 moments from our season to check out before the season is even over though?
  9. Do you think so? That being the case you are suggesting if we do not even find the playoffs BM is gone. Yes? If we find the playoff but lose in 5 games (not a painful game 7) in say the second round is he gone or does losing only count against you if it is a game 7 at home? If this is all leaning against BM how unfair might that be when the owner will not spend to the cap and you may lose great current and future talent on your blueline? Imagine if we do not find the playoffs in 2017 and BM again shakes up both the coaching the players a bit. All I can say is WOW and hold on as a new GM will bring another coach (likely) and before you know it we are a large washing machine mess. BM make it happen baby as I am not liking the long term outcome if it does not happen!!!
  10. So can we now change the title of the thread from "Feeling Angry" to "Unexcited"?
  11. I have Angel season seats as well. Real good seats and they go to market for a lot less than my Ducks
  12. If the Ducks in effect trade Yeo for BB then that will show BM was over the top emotional in his reaction and had no plan. Did anyone, at Yeo's firing, say "dang, too bad our coach is locked in and under contract as that would be a great hire if we were not saddled with XX".
  13. I agree Steve. BB is not responsible per se. What do we know about our team........they would not have come back from down 2 - 0 in game 6 and then recover from one goal down after giving up a goal with 10 minutes left. Ducks lose that game that Nashville won last night. Nashville is nails. They have heart. In past game sevens when LA and Chicago (both) quickly scored. We rolled over. Can you blame the coach? In my book, no. Yes in all instances all the teams were good teams but it is not that we lost it is how we lost and what the players faces looked like WHILE they were losing. That is what piddlees off BM. See his comments "where were they in games 1 and 2?". He is not talking about having lost he is talking about how they lost and how they played (without a sense of urgency). I believe it is the chemistry of our core players that is reflected in how we lose critical games. I am not sure our next coach is going to be able to change what might be the DNA make up (personalities) of some of our players. Lets see how Ovy performs in this back against the wall game six against the Pens. He was balls out in game 5. Lets see how Bonino and Hagelin perform. Is that due to their coach? Will Ovy's performance be a result of his Barry or his own effort? I have a client who was a key player on the US Men's 1980 gold medal team. He then went on to play for the NYRs. He said "BB being 1 - 7 in game sevens is not by happenstance". Just his insight FWIW. Ironically he lives in Minnesota and told me "know we have him and we are happy about it. He gets teams into the playoffs".
  14. You guys are bringing up good points. 1. So tell me this as someone who is not that hockey knowledgeable - you use the word "system" etc. Well aren't we going to have a different coach who will now have a different system? Or does BM need to find a coach who will coach (his) a system that is aligned with our existing roster? 2. Restated how does BM make changes when you are going to have a new coach and it is not that easy to slot new players into a system you may not have seen come to full fruition? OR at least it makes it even more of a crap shoot. Yes the new coach may have a system he is bring with him but does that mean our roster fits that system? Thus does this whole concept to systems complicate both the coaching hire and player management. After all we are not rebuilding whereby you have time (years) to develop the system and the players around it. 3. If we fired our coach for a first round exit, after the past three years, is the bar not set for a far better result next year......thus impacting #2 above? 4. Why do Bonino, Palmeri, Hagelin leave Anaheim and THRIVE. Not just play well but THRIVE? Is (was) BBs system so vastly different that they would never have succeeded here or is it just not getting the chance to excel that held them back? The whole "change of location" thing matters, sure, but not to the extent that these players have matured and prospered now off our roster? This too in some respects gets back to #2.
  15. I agree 100%. No doubt. But the top brass still have to be there. But YES the teams that do win it typically get scoring from everyone. Nevertheless look at the last four years. How many meaningful Game 5, 6 or 7 goals did our "superstars" pot? First few if any and then only after the game (game 7) was lost. That cannot be said for the Redwings, Kings and Blackhawks, etc. But that too, talk to any Kings fan and ask them what they feel about Kopitar's performance in playoffs.