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  1. Pretty clear there are many variations and qualifications that fans would put on how has a number retired. Well it is up to Samuelli to decide or delegate to others to decide, so the rest of it is mere fodder. Do players who were around at the beginning of a franchise get more cred than once a franchise is 50 years old, etc. Does the player who is always smiling v. a grump and does not stop to shake everyone's hands get a few extra votes? Does the player who buries a lot of goals but runs over puppies lose votes? Does a player who never is on a CUP winning team get taken down a notch even though he sets records? There is not black line test or standard. That is why you do what you do when you buy your jersey, or otherwise. You are voting with your $$$. Nothing says when you look up in the rafters (after all) that you see a number that you do not agree with, does it spoil the night or dirty the accolades of the other numbers? Eh.........I prefer to see banners for TEAM accomplishments. Individual........that is what the hockey hof is for is it not? I am "ambivalent" to retiring numbers for what is a team sport (best example of a team sport in my eyes). So put what you want in the rafters......but save some room for CUP banners if you can. Does Mike Trout have his number retired if he never wins squat with the Angels, has average post seasons when the opp is present and bolts for a new club when he wants to win and make more money? Yeah he won some MVPs.....but he won some MVPs,,,,,why layer on the accolades? Or might it depend upon if he hired the right PR firm to handle what is said about him in the media, or signed a kids glove at spring training or didn't?
  2. Ok I get it.......I think? But this is southern california and you "want (June, July, August and September) to go quicker"........You want your life to rush just to get to another NHL season? Just ribbing you a is summer after all. Wanting summer in California to go quicker.......(tilts head)??? That is a first for me. Maybe so you can play roller hockey when it is 50 degress v. 80 or 90? I play with my family Saturday mornings, early (6AM, 7AM) in the winter. Summer.....too hot. They complain too much. But to rush life along to get to the first three months of an NHL season...........that can wait as long as it takes, I have plenty of other things to do until then. Roller hockey would be one of those items for sure. Now open session ice skating.........that is a great escape during the don't rush my summer along just for a game against the Coyotes. I can wait a bit for that.
  3. go the main discussion thread and review the ED sub thread. There is a four day list from grown men going over and over and over and over the same thing. Oh and it requires that you post 10 to 15 I hate Kevin Beiska threads as well to garner any real feedback. More intensity over the ED than game 7 against Chicago.........
  4. a GM supposed to be negotiating deals today for the expansion draft of 2020 (hypothetical). But we all know the league is not stopping at 31 teams so should one consider NMC's etc in anticipation of what may happen in a year, two or three? And who knows that the rules will be. This was simply "everyone sacrifice a player and stick your hand in the pot and take out some $$". It also add dramas to June which the league likes. This to me is a not a traditional trade or deal that a GM should be judged or graded on. Sure you can still get an A or an F but a good portion of that may due to prior deals that simply were not avoidable years ago. If the terms had allowed a team to protect 10 players (or pick a format noting that I do not believe any prior expansion draft had terms similar to the previous expansion draft) we would not have had this issue. In consideration of the hurdles we face BM did not create them (all) with full disclosure of what the expansion draft 2017 rules would be.
  5. If I recall correctly there was a tweet during the playoffs by some NHL level goaltending coach who made the comment about Gibson. Something to the effect that he is not as committed as he needs to be to advance his game, does not take somethings seriously and that (that) person would not want to work with him because of his attitude (as if until his attitude changes coaching him will reap limited rewards). Much inferred. Again do not quote me on the specifics but I know it was from an external third party public comment. Some say his lack of wanting to adjust what he is doing to help avoid injuries could be a long term issue with him (not being interested in doing it this way v. that way or trying this v. that kind of thing)......
  6. Been following by sat radio THE FAN radio in Pittsburgh which is branded as the Steelers and Pirates radio station. But right now non stop Pens talk. Lots of discussion, lots of call in banter. Who says Hockey cannot be examined, analyzed and talked about? In relation to attendance even when we were in the SC playoffs the local sports radio was not loaded up with Ducks talk all day and night. We simply do not have the same mindset for the sport out West that appears to exist back east, etc. But I am very thankful I can go watch world class hockey here.
  7. Perry automatically banks an extra $550K+ a year by going to Vegas. This is known as income tax savings due to Nevada having no state income tax v earning it in here in CA. Trust me his advisors or the advisors or any marquee player are all over this. Four years and that is $2.2MM+ bump in net. Layer in a side agreement with the Knights for off ice promotional income, merchandising (understand that the off ice money - endorsements - will be 5X to 10X greater in Vegas than here in OC). That first marquee Knights player is going to sell a *$%^load of jerseys and deals can be struck where that player receives top line royalties for those sales. The town is dripping with anticipation for this franchise. See Nashville and how it is reacting to the success of its team. They will be supporting this team left and right (initially) and off ice money will be far more lucrative than an NHL player can make in Anaheim or other soft NHL markets. Thus a person of Perry's caliber will surely bump his net by over $1MM+ in net take home per year (NET). Further the huge benefit of endorsement income is its sourced to state of residence - thus signing a deal with several local auto dealers, etc. etc. can be very lucrative and those types of local businesses are very much wanting to align themselves with this franchise and organization. Layer in a contractual agreement where he has free use of the Fidelity National fleet of Corporate aircraft, in exchange for making X# off season appearances at corporate events and he can travel to and from Vegas to where ever he wants, pro bono. Vegas, as a city, has never had "their own" players to admire and support other than the UNLV Running Rebels back in the late 80's. And do a little checking on what kind of support and cred college players received in the community............they were folk legends. Greg Anthony, et al. Foley has his sights set on the NBA and the NHL is his first bite at the apple. Thus, those in the local marketplace are wanting to do all they can to align themselves to get in good graces with Foley and they can help Vegas lure talent by having endorsement deals in the wings which is something many franchises simply cannot offer. This is not Perry specific but whomever Vegas MAY target, if offered, for a marquee player. They want someone to the face of the organization and better it be a known quantity (cheap advertising for them) v. a 1st round 18 year old draft pick.
  8. I think we are in agreement but may also disagreeing which is fine. I think it is a bit unfortunate to wonder about our attendance and yet begrudge other franchises that have a more lively fan base. They sold out 35 games last year, every game this year.....we Ducks? When they play the Hawks they have a fanbase driven "get the red out" - i.e. do not sell your tickets to Hawks fans program the Franchise itself supported. We have nothing of the sort. Sure they may not know the rules or have off color chants, etc. etc. but they enjoy themselves. ESPN, NBCS and other channels have done nothing but compliment the City and their fans for their passion. Just 10 minutes ago Barry Melrose was saying "this fanbase makes a difference to this team. It should. Most hockey cities in the league should aspire to have this level of intensity". Even our own radio announcers when asked how can Duck fans be better.......said "how about EVERYONE standing when the team comes on the ice and cheer until the anthem is sung. That goes on in most venues when the Ducks are on the road". Go read local articles about the team they know they are not a "purist" fan base but they do not care. You can't really blame a fanbase for cheering for their or some players who may be divers, etc. We had a player who was suspended twice during the same playoffs for dirty hits. We kept cheering him on as if he was our hero. Fans are fans. We have a lot of options and distractions here in CA. But the Sharks and Kings draw better. FACT - if you recall the NFL a few years back wanted to put the "LA" franchise at the intersection of the 60 and 57 fwys (diamond bar and rowland heights). There is a very large piece of land there that is now under development. Why? Interesting statistic. 1 in 20 Americans live within a 1.5 to 2 hour drive of that point on the map. The spot is only 20 minutes from the Honda Center. Do you think the NFL was concerned if the team would sell out? More so, sellout a NFC or AFC championship game? The Capitals have sold out 360 consecutive games. Washington DC the bastion of hockeydom? Yes they have a city that has people from all over..........Los Angeles does not? As you noted as to having non Ducks fans in attendance is critical to our attendance. Same is true with the Angels. Go to an Angels game when Boston is in town. People say we have a lot of distractions and options for other things to do. Surely. But we also have MILLIONS (literally) of people living very close. The overall market is massive. The affluence is higher than it is on average across the balance of the country. We have options but the fact is the Ducks is not high on that list. Something has to be on that list.
  9. Does any of these petty notations really matter? Seriously are you that part of the hockey elite that fans need to meet some criteria for being acceptable? THIS is a good reason there are attendance problems. We have venue staff going around 10 minutes into the first period of conference final games removing DUCKS TOWELS from seats because they highlight on TV that there are empty seats in the lower bowl.
  10. Good thought. It is the transition from gen1 core to gen2 core that can be a problem. Thus the length of a contract can be critical as the contract (term) may dictate who is your "core" when in fact a player with years remaining may no longer fit in as a "core" player. More so when one or some of your core players starts playing like the Scarecrow, it throws things out of whack as a franchise can become beholden to a player simply because of the term when in fact they may not longer be a core player in the here and now. But a great point.
  11. If we care about how we fare, we keep Fowler. But what really sort of boggles my mind is we spend 5 months talking salaries and cap space and needing to improve. We spend five months picking the team apart. We then spend a month saying "well it was a great season, we weren't supposed to get this far" and we spend a month bitching about attendance and ticket prices being too high. So maybe we just jettison fowler for great picks (letting one of the leagues best skaters go), get some picks, plan for the future, watch our offense languish a bit, save some money, pass the savings on to the people who attend games, and all agree that if we do anything positive it was more than we expected. Will every one then be happy? All this gyration about salaries and who to sign, who to trade, this that and everything to then only say "well hey, we did better than expected". If expectations can be managed down it seems we can solve all of this questions pretty simply.
  12. How does LV build itself an AHL team?
  13. I sure hope the "he is still young (reason trending toward excuse in another season or two) is not tied to his "lazy" nature v. development that comes from effort beyond getting his head straight as to what it takes. Professional sports is littered with "could have been's" who never get it and thus fail to reach their purported max potential. Lots of franchises wait.......and wait. In hockey waiting on a goaltender is not a straight up luxury as it is waiting on a 3rd line winger to figure it out. Teaching and coaching the mind is more difficult that coaching the body.
  14. LOL....... Why no update on Gibson or was it is normally reoccuring every other month injury.........j/k. Does Vats injury completely change ED and trade issues as to our D men?
  15. Thanks so much!! So as I understand it, Despres (or any player who can go on LTIR) absent the physical realities of being unable to pursue your profession, is assured of of having a guaranteed contract for the full term? What seems odd is if one comes OFF LTIR then the team has the option to disgorge themselves of the contract at a discount and be done with it? Is this under some premise of not having to keep what may be damaged goods (i.e. good enough to play but possibly not the same level of ability existing at the time the contract was entered)??