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  1. Barry Trotz has become available as a free agent - ANYONE interested ???? BM ??
  2. Does he REALLY have to ????
  3. Careful - don't pull a Weinstein and make someone watch you
  4. It looked to me like Dillon's left skate hit Jones' right skate and that is what threw Jones off balance AND then he reached to get his balance AND Marchesseault was just skating in a straight line AWAY from the goalie. IMHO - PS not sure why that didn't call me to review it - perhaps a bad connection from Toronto
  5. AGREE - I think we MUST trade Teemu and Chris Pronger and get some QUALITY players in return i.e. Kelly, J Schultz etc ......
  6. Part of the potential " problem " might be what the CAP will be at that time. If the NHL gets anything like LVGK's expansion, the cap may not be as big an issue.IMHO
  7. I hope that RC or BM would have a " talk" with Perry and tell him that if he doesn't have a very good off season conditioning program then he WIL BE DROPPED TO THE 4th line or have him spend some time as a healthy scratch !!! Playing time is the ONLY weapon that the coach or GM has in his bag. If he doesn't show up in good physical and mental shape then I say buy out his contract or try and get him to give up his NMC and trade him to a Canadian team - he was considering that before he signed his monster deal.
  8. From your lips to God's ear ......
  9. If it IS the entire team then it can be only one of two things 1) the team is INADEQUATE or 2) the coach ( or the coaching staff ) is INADEQUATE -or I guess both i.e Coyotes . I find it hard to believe that the majority of the team is at fault therefor it must be the coaching and/or the staff. IMHO
  10. AH --- NO !! - and took a stupid "penalty " with 3:43 left ?????????
  11. We got our BUTTS KICKED and I expect we will play a much better brand of hockey Saturday. I believe it will go to game 7 ( on our home ice ) and WIN, WIN, WIN !! IMHO
  12. Just think CINDY ( that makes it easier to stomach )
  13. How about TENT CITY just across from the Big A ?
  14. AGREE - not even close. Ovi will have some physical breakdowns as he gets older. He REALLLY taxes his body !!!
  15. SORRY - just a moment of temporary INSANITY !!!!