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  1. QUESTION ??? Now that BM is the Coach AND the GM - does that means he collects 2 large checks for his jobs (2) AND can he fire himself !
  2. That is a STUNNING number to me. Talk about leaving your goalie out to dry - I'd say so. Hopefully the D will get to playing real NHL hockey, and not All Star hockey where no checking is allowed. I'd sit any D-man that didn't lay the body on someone ( from the opposing team ). Wednesday should be interesting to say the least.
  3. I hope that we have some " ears " in the locker room that may share some of the issues that the players may be voicing. I would suggest that BM do " an exit " interview BFORE the next game - to get an HONEST read of the team individually, as well as collectively . That would save a lot of time and give Management some insight BEFORE the Trade Deadline, so that the correct moves will be on the table. IMHO
  4. BM taking over as Coach might be a VERY VERY good thing. If the team continues to fail, and the rubber hits the road, BM might be looking for another job. Kill 2 birds with one stone. If on the other hand the team starts playing a better brand of hockey, the question will have been answered - it was RC's fault. IMHO This will also be a test of Team Leadership - can Getz and the A's be able to spark the rest of the team ? We'll see !!
  5. This team has done more damage to the FAN BASE than anything before - even worse than letting Paul and Teemu get away. We still had a competitive team after that and continued to BUILD. This terrible excuse for a team is inexcusable . Clearly RC and GMBM have lost the team, the locker room, and probably the equipment man !! Their play is INEPT at best. The owners need to step up and act LIKE OWNERS and DO SOMETHING. I have been a hockey fan for over 50 years ( original NYR and then the last 25 years Ducks ) and I cannot remember a display such as this. It is embarrassing to admit that I am a fan of the ANAHEIM DUCKS. PERIOD END SENTENCE !!!!!
  6. I know but I can dream !!!!
  7. I would love Teemu to be the GM just to see what he could do to the " old guard ". He is probably having too much fun with golf, his kids and his automobiles - BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM IN THAT POSITION !!!!
  8. Was talking to a former MLB player and his suggestion ( from the coach ) was to have the team go out and get s**t faced drunk and then go out and play as if you were a kid!! Said it worked for him and his team.
  9. I'm with you. My wife wonders why I am watching the game AGAIN - and I explained to her I WANT THE DUCKS TO WIN !!! Or at the very least be competitive . I have been a Season Ticket Holder since game ONE and this is the worst exhibition I have seen - it rivals the ICE MAN and the FLAMING Wild Wing but they were fixable. I'm not sure that this is fixable. IMHO
  10. Tell it to SCHULMAN !!!!! Perhaps he might be watching the game tonight
  11. Not every game but I would give him at least 50% so as to not wear out our #1 - playing every game as he has done is an injury waiting to happen - and mentally discouraging
  12. I have heard from a couple of hockey people that the was the ice is prepared and finished is " secret " and that certain "ice experts " have different techniques to get the best ice. Canada has the best mostly due to their cold weather and also less other events that they cover the ice i.e concerts, motor cross, rodeos, etc ....
  13. Agree - it has to be a terrible place to be ( in the locker room ). Our guys are not committing to ANY type of system. When they try to do RC's dump and chase they don't seem to pursue it and then all heck breaks out and what we see is a " non-system " - which results in penalties, give aways, and no speed. This year is GONE and hopefully RC along with it. IMHO
  14. EXACTLY !! You could feel the difference in the building when Kase would turn on the speed - it's just not there when he is out and he going to out for a long time. Might be out after training camp ( hope not long but possible )
  15. COOL ! GROOVY !!