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  1. watched RC's interview and I was impressed with his demeanor - the happiest I have seen him since we won the Cup - smiling and looking very comfortable! I believe he is a better coach than the last go round. Looks like we will have a much better " team " to go all the way. IMHO
  2. AGREE 100% - Hampus will sign a contract fairly soon - and if there were going to be any offers it would have happened by now. We are not hearing any rumblings by now if there was a major problem - and RR has a significant problem because he is " damaged goods " and is a medical risk. Too bad for him but lucky the Ducks didn't sign him earlier before the condition showed up. Glad to see Randy back in the saddle again - he will make our team better organized and responsible. IMHO PS hope we keep Cam - I think that this will be his best year so far !!
  3. Perhaps the volume speaks to a trade. We could trade a couple off the list and add a D-man to get a better L wing. Just hopen and prayen
  4. Nobody "botched" the surgery - it just happens in how a person heals. The only complication was that I heard his appendix had ruptured which increases the amount of scar tissue that will form. In my experience it happens about 15 - 20 % of ruptured appendix surgeries. I'll guess you are correct in the 4-6 week recovery and it could happen again and again. Should make his signing easier - don't think he will get a lot of attention from other teams. IMHO
  5. It must be something other the the " stomach flu " - if he is in a lot of pain the first thing that comes to mind is an obstruction of the intestine. That usually happens after an abdominal surgery and it it caused by having scar tissue form. Can be mild - can be severe - can happen one time - can happen 50 times. Hope they get the diagnosis correct and get him treated quickly
  6. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we get this season STARTED !!! I am so tired of not reading or hearing about CONTRACTS for Hampus or RR !! I check this board 4-5 times a day and NOTHING !!! Let's go BM !! ( please )
  7. The Biggest flaw with Gibson is injury - I know that injuries are a problem with Gt's but Gibby has had more than his fair share - it seems. Hope that he comes into camp in excellent shape and with a great workout plan.
  8. Can't believe that Hampus - our #1 D - with a tremendous upside - will be going anyplace but the Ponda Center - can't think of a L wing that is available that would be worth him. We will get a decent L-Wing that will be adequate ( or a bit better ) for our top line. A YOUNG #1 D is very very difficult to come by and will have a longer, stronger career. IMHO
  9. How would Vermette look on our 4th line ? 17 goals last year
  10. WHO ????
  11. Suspect that some of these moves are to protect certain players from the expansion Draft ???
  12. I think that this is a GREAT pick up. Stabilizes the goalie situation - all the way to the Cup !!! IMHO
  13. So sad - " fights " are the players way of keeping the game " FAIR ". All too often the last 2 years we have seen a number of our players get elbowed, hacked, knee on knee, ect., with NO call made - perhaps because the ref missed it or just don't think it was what it was. The Discipline that WAS handed out didn't meet the crime - i.e. a 2 game suspension for causing a concussion that the player missed 10 - 25 games ( or a CAREER ). If we had someone out there that meted out an appropriate penalty we would not be seeing so many " missed calls ". Think of # 99 and how FEW TIMES someone cheap shotted him - he had a private enforcer, one Marty McSorley. I REST MY CASE !!
  14. CONGRATS to the BEST ambassador the game has ever had. Wishing you and your family health and happiness !! GO DUCKS
  15. AGREE - I cannot even begin to try and out think what BM has going on in his head. So I have quit trying to make guesses about his plans - I will just wait and see if he comes through with a good enough deal ( s ) to make our team to get us to the SC Finals. With RC back ALL BETS ARE OFF. Hopefully the chemistry between RC and BM is good enough to get OUR TEAM on TOP. IMHO