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  1. He IS BACK and played very nicely. Great to see him with the puck on his stick and his very good decision making. His presence will make us are dangerous. IMHO
  2. This stretch will really tell us what our team is made of - if they can go 500 or better then we have a good chance to get in the PO's and go deep - if not we might get in and then go one and done. A test of our mettle and our coaching staff. IMHO GO DUCKS !!!!
  3. He is very lucky that he didn't have an eye injury. He should completely recover from everything expect the BRAIN INJURY the one that keep him from wearing a face shield.He has dodged 2 bullets - one above the eye the other below the eye - next one might take out his eye FOREVER !! Screws will stay in forever or until the season is over - they are to help the healing and the risk of the bone being moved about. He'll probably start skating in about 3-4 weeks. If he says the face shield cuts down his scoring, how does 2-3 months work for his point total - can't score if you can't skate - DUH !! BM MADE all the guys wear the Kevlar skate covers - he should grow a pair and INSIST that they all wear face protection. IMHO
  4. How FRIGGEN STUPID of Getz and Murray to not REQUIRE a face shield for EVERYONE OF THE PLAYERS ( and even RC ) to wear protective gear when there are pucks and sticks around!!!!! Getz is lucky that his one of his eye muscles wasn't entrapped in the fracture - not career ending but more of a risk for more time off. Just BONEHEADED choices for valuable pieces of our Ducks machine - lets go back to the days of no helmets and not face protection for our goalies STUPID !!!! STUPID !!!! STUPID !!!! IMHO
  5. " Kiss myA$$ " wilt that go to the rhythm of the " Go Queens Go " - just wondering - it beats " Refs Su** "
  6. That's a low blow Z. IMHO
  7. AGREE - he is a very valuable asset and should have his EYES protected - PERIOD !! It is foolish of him to avoid wearing protection. I'l bet he wears a CUP - to protect the things that are most valuable to him - he should wear a visor to protect that which is most valuable to US ( the fans ). IMHO
  8. VERY VERY good news. Probably responding to treatment in a very positive way. The hooker will be how much ( or all ) of his muscle response will completely recover - and how fast. Can only hope for the best
  9. That's an understatement for this game. At least 5 of the goals scored tonight were tap ins to a wide open net . Their guys just beat our D-men to the open space.We got out skated and out smarted. IMHO
  10. CORRECT - it doesn't make sense to transition out of our strength - we should be adding to it - until Getz, Perry and Kesler are no longer the premier players on the Ducks. IMHO
  11. He had no knowledge of it when he signed his contract - it is STUNNING when the very first symptoms appear - YOU CAN'T GO UP 3 OR 4 STAIRS -and then it quickly gets worse. He will have it progress over time but he would have been freaked out by the very first notable symptoms
  12. Was out of town ( Montana fishing ) and was stunned to hear about Eaves GBS. I have had patients with it and even one of my partners. It can range from a moderately significant problem to a life threatening issue. However for an elite athlete I would expect him be unable to play at his level for at least 9 - 18 MONTHS !!! With early diagnosis and aggressive treatment he MAY return to his previous level of play. LTIR sounds the best but, sad to say, he may be done for his hockey career. We can only pray that he makes a complete recovery and that he returns to the game he loves
  13. AGREE - I have to keep telling myself that the team that I am seeing IS NOT the team that WILL BE playing at the critical time !! Our guys will be back fairly soon and HEALTHY - they will be better RESTED at playoff time. .500 would be a very nice place to start from and I am PREDICTING that we will WIN ANOTHER CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP - and we will be in the SC FINALS. OF THIS I AM CERTAIN !!! GO DUCKS !!!!
  14. AGREE - having a rested Kesler,Hampus, and Vatts should put us in a FANTASTIC position to run the table - if they can avoid any further injuries. It will also let some of the young-uns get some confidence and experience to show what they have. Last year the injuries to Gibson really hurt - if he is injured this year we have a world class backup in Miller. I agree with some of the pundits - we should be Cup favorite GO DUCKS !!!
  15. AGREE - however I have to believe that our PP will look a whole lot better when we get our first line players off IR. I have been impressed with Perry and his positioning - just like the Perry of OLD - it looked like he was skating faster and wasn't hanging back as much as he did last year. IMHO GO DUCKS !!!!