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  1. AGREE- hope that Gibby plays lights out and stays healthy. I hate the 1, 1-A routine that we have been doing for the previous years ( not so much last year ). Would like a VERY STRONG #1 ( that stays healthy ). IMHO
  2. With the HUGE goalie equipment along with GIANT goalies and the rule changes I don't think anyone will approach 99's numbers. He was the RIGHT man at the RIGHT time to set UNREACHABLE numbers. IMHO
  3. uh Perry ..... ?
  4. Perhaps his wife will enjoy his homes ( future ) in NYC, Fla, and LA - while he still spends the winters in Edmonton
  5. AGREE - unless we have tremendous injury problems this coming year ( Gibby ? ) I would expect us to get to the next step - the Cup Finals. IMHO
  6. AGREE -I believe that Miller really wants to be in the LA area to be with his wife and son - so his only choices would be the Queens or Ducks. If he couldn't get either he would be asking for a lot more money ( and probably get it ). Family stability is IMPORTANT - especially as we get older. I imagine this will be his last contract.
  7. I'd hold out for 4 years @ 2.75 M per year with a modified NTC or No Movement clause ( because you are WORTH it ) IMHO
  8. I think Jäger wood be a " flyer " for 1 - 1.5M for one year. It's a bet but if you get a good roll of the dice we just might end up with a Cup. IMHO Just wondering if Jager could out point Marleau for the season ????????
  9. I'm HAPPY for both sides. Fair deal to lock up a very good ( and improving ) D-man. He strikes me as a stand up guy with leadership qualities. He will DEFINITELY win us a CUP. IMHO
  10. Didn't Gibson have some " issues " in college and/or the minors ??
  11. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results - you know the rest - IMHO
  12. In a few years they will be getting a # 1 draft pick ( again ) because they will have difficulty winning games - they will start to lose 7 to 6 and 8 to 7. Great games to watch but not so much for playoffs and winning the Cup. IMHO
  13. proposal

    Dallas just bought out Niemi - ? good for us or not ? Change in scenery might make a HUGE difference and for a CHEAP price.
  14. Dallas bought out Niemi - a ? good pick up for us ? Seems like a change of scenery for him might do the trick and his price should be VERY VERY reasonable.IMHO
  15. EXACTLY !!!!