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  1. If you do that - then I would REQUIRE a safe space for me .......
  2. Kind of reminds me of a former NHL goalie Dominik H...... or something. Heard that he made the HOF. They never got him to stop flopping
  3. AGREE - he is still a very young D-man and I would expect him to continue to improve. He dosn't have a significant injury history ( yet ) and he seems like a hard working guy. His demeanor is excellent and the years ( I believe it was 2 ) living with Scotty and family gave him a GREAT SCRIPT to follow. IMHO PS I don't think he will try to extort us.
  4. AGREE with Fisix!! I didn't see us chasing hits very much. I lot of times I saw them just CHECK a guy that I WANTED to have them cream him!!! The stress they put on their labrum is tremendous just shooting the puck and if they are hit during the process they will destroy their shoulder. Knee injuries just happen with playing - surprised there are not more and more severe. We had bad luck but I believe that most teams have similar injury lists. IMHO
  5. Been a season ticket holder since '93 and think that the SSH are very supportive of the team. 41 games plus preseason is difficult to get to all of them - so I sell about 5 - 7 games a year - due to work and family obligations. The fans are very supportive and vocal - no " nasty chants " like the Preds. I believe the Preds are practically giving some of their tickets away. IMHO NEXT YEAR WILL BE OUR CUP WINNING TEAM !!!! GO DUCKS !!!
  6. AGREE - we had some poorly timed injuries and some poorly timed penalties - need to work on our PP. Our Captain was great - best I've seen him play for the ENTIRE SEASON. The windows closing but not as fast as we thought last year - the young guys are keeping it open -next year the Cup will be ours. Have a good conditioning summer - see you in 4 montths
  7. AGREE - the Samuelis' have done a great job of promoting hockey in SoCal. There are teams all over the place but have trouble finding time on the ice - sometimes practicing at 3- 4 AM. My 8 year old grandson has been playing hockey since age 4 and like it better than baseball ( which he also plays ). It is growing but still needs some better media promotion.
  8. I can only HOPE that Gibson has tremendous off season workout program. If he doesn't he will be injured again and again. Those groin issues and hamstring issues NEVER heal unless you strengthen the tissue around them AND increase your flexibility. If he has another year like this last one he should traded or cut - because it won't be getting better. IMHO
  9. The only ones a would worry about is Subban ( a BUF - an Air Force term ), Neal ( dirty ), and Floppy Forsberg ( might hit someone on his way down ). Hope we have the team on the same page !!
  10. Tonight the Ducks will be fighting for their lives ( playoff ) and will have to have that mentality. Similar to finishing a marathon - when you either "hit the wall " or you run through it. It's a matter of conditioning and/or mental focus or both ! I believe that RC will have them in a good place tonight and we will see if their bodies hold up. GO DUCKS !!!!
  11. .. he was lucky that he wasn't suspended for the REST OF THE SEASON for TOUCHING the "gifted one " - the "Messiah " - the "second coming " etc,etc, etc ..
  12. AGREE - we have a chance to bring the game 7 home and we are DUE some PUCK LUCK IMHO !!!
  14. Kesler is a WARRIOR and I'm glad he is OUR warrior !!!!! GO DUCKS !!!
  15. BOO - our last few games have been loud and excited. I agree with Gotchabari - they don't know what they are doing. I have friends that live in Nashville and they are fairly uneducated about hockey especially the nuances. IMHO \GO DUCKS !!! GO KESS - YOU ARE IN HIS HEAD ( A VERY LONELY PLACE )