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  1. Love this clip - haven't seen another fight like this since - Travis didn't have to see his opponent he could FEEL his opponent - just like in some martial arts - and then lowered the HAMMER. Best of luck to you Travis with the rest of your life.
  2. Thanks - I didn't think of that. At least we don't have to pay plane fare anymore to get them back from the East Coast
  3. Whats with the up and down of Shea and Wags. They are sent down one day and brought back the next ,,, ??? Can anyone explain the thinking or lack there of - I know there MUST be a reason for BM's MADNESS ????
  4. Reminds of the last couple of years - slow starts and then the passes are tape to tape - then you see the guys clearing out in front of the crease - and THEN WE WIN !! I don't know if it is the coaching, the great weather, or possibly the trips to a lot of different timezones (which the East hardly ever has to change their watches ). We will be in the race if we are fortunate to avoid major injuries - and if or goalies hold up. Starting to like Bernier over Gibby in a small sampling. IMHO GO DUCKS !!!!
  5. Anonymously AGREE
  6. When the rest of the league understands the fact that Kesler is doing what he is doing - watch and see what happens. Their top line will start to focus on Kesler and then Perry will go on an AMAZING STREAK - remember Perry won the Hart a few years ago with 50 ( FIFTY ) goals. He'll be back !!! IMHO
  7. LIKE !!! LIKE !!!! All of the above - can't stand the ANONYMOUS LIKE - it STINKS - no real conversations or debates. Also the traffic on the 91 has been ridiculous - took me 2 + hours instead of the usual 40 minute - due to construction almost every weekend
  8. Agree - I think I see a slight change in RC. He seems to be in "control " more than the old days. It looks to me perhaps has a better younger group - Getz and Kessler are similar to Scotty and Prongs and the young guns may be filling in the spaces. It WILL be an exciting season. IMHO
  9. I think that the team is developing pretty good chemistry and I don't think BM should mess with it. Cam is playing good and should continue to get better. Probably need to put this thread to bed. IMHO
  10. It's RIGGED !!
  11. Anybody have an IDEA of when HL will be playing for the DUCKS ???? This road trip ???
  12. You certainly wont have a problem at the Honda Center but I would not go the Kings wearing another team sweater. Even getting in and out of the parking lot can be a challenge. Go to both but lose the Caps sweater and/or cap.IMHO
  13. Whew - a VERY BIG SIGH OF RELIEF - welcome home Hampus - play hard but be careful
  14. SO FRUSTRATED - I keep going to this board and checking other websites 6 - 12 times day, to see if there has been movement or signing of HL. I would hope that his fellow teammates are encouraging him to get back to the team - they really NEED him - we WANT him !!! IMHO
  15. Seems to me that Fowler is making a very STRONG case for staying in Anaheim. Seems to be skating better and is as fast as I have seen him. He is also shooting more and with more confidence. WANTS TO STAY IN SO-CAL. IMHO Lets KEEP CAM !!!!