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  1. Uh -Huh !!!!
  2. What do you think we could get for RC ????
  3. I don't think that ONE player ( or even 2 ) would make a significant difference in the Ducks' over all play. We HAVE the pieces to win but it seems as if the SYSTEM isn't working as well as planned ( by the coaching staff ). We have flashes of it and then it disappears i.e. losing 2 goal LEADS in the last period, taking REALLY STUPID penalties that changes the complexion of the game, passing to the other team right in front of our goalie etc., etc., etc. IMHO BM = no trade at the deadline - Rico was our trade - and a very good one !!!
  4. Where is the Capitals SC Banner ?? ... oh NEVER MIND !!
  5. KESLER out with a HIP injury. Don't know what happened or when - ANYONE .....??
  6. I'm not sure he was just blowing off some steam - he may have been firing a warning shot over the bow - to put some juice into the players AND the coaching staff - just say'n !!I really hope it works - AND SOON ( like tonight ! ). I think if we lose tonight we might become SELLERS at the trade deadline.
  7. Q

    The result of just STANDING around and practicing their passing - only to get a shot in and HOPE for a rebound - no one going to the front of the net to screen - seem to be Losing the majority of 50/50 pucks. It is either very bad coaching or the players not implementing the coaches plan. RC will have to sit someone down for a game or two to get their attention. IMHO
  8. Think it is time to REBUILD and start with the Head Coaching position - we can go on from there - next step is to be SELLERS 13 days from now. SO SAD to watch a team with good talent go down the TUBES.
  9. Hope that Parros comes back to the Honda Center to get BOOED so much it will make his ears ring ( more than they already do ) !!!!
  10. Agree - however I think the game has passed him by - it is more speed, skill and less physical ( with the team that he has to work with ). He spent the year before he was rehired analyzing the Ducks and the Gulls and had a " reawakening " - not so much !! IMO
  11. Almost 1 year ago - does ANYONE wish to change their opinion on RC or perhaps BM, anyone .....? - Bueller ??
  12. I thought that Montour showed a bit more sandpaper and looked more O in his game. Also Getz is starting to shoot the puck a bit more ( but still looks for the pass first and second - shot third )
  13. I don't remember the last time Ritchie was a healthy scratch. It seems to me that sitting in the Press Box for a game or three just MIGHT get him juiced up and play his POWER game. He is a big load when he comes crashing the net. He has 27 more games ( + play offs ) to impress the boss to keep his butt in sunny California - or possibly go to Winnipeg
  14. If the game is tied at end of regulation should go to a 4 vs 4 for 4 minutes - then if still tied 3 vs 3 for 3 minutes then 2 vs 2 for 2 minutes AND THEN IF STILL TIED goalie vs goalie until one of them scores or PASSES OUT. IMHO ( that should sound great to the nitwits that came up with the current system )
  15. AGREE - I am really disappointed with Beauch so far. He is getting slower and slower and doesn't have that deadly hip check that he used to have ( misses when he tries ) . Can't imagine what he would look like in a 7 game series against a FAST team - sucking air after 30 seconds. He is one of the reasons that we have trouble holding 3rd period leads. IMHO