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  1. From your lips to God's ear ......
  2. If it IS the entire team then it can be only one of two things 1) the team is INADEQUATE or 2) the coach ( or the coaching staff ) is INADEQUATE -or I guess both i.e Coyotes . I find it hard to believe that the majority of the team is at fault therefor it must be the coaching and/or the staff. IMHO
  3. AH --- NO !! - and took a stupid "penalty " with 3:43 left ?????????
  4. We got our BUTTS KICKED and I expect we will play a much better brand of hockey Saturday. I believe it will go to game 7 ( on our home ice ) and WIN, WIN, WIN !! IMHO
  5. Just think CINDY ( that makes it easier to stomach )
  6. How about TENT CITY just across from the Big A ?
  7. AGREE - not even close. Ovi will have some physical breakdowns as he gets older. He REALLLY taxes his body !!!
  8. SORRY - just a moment of temporary INSANITY !!!!
  9. I'll bet money on a separated shoulder - the recovery time should be 4 weeks. Agree with RobD, it was just bad positioning on Cam ! Hope Gibson can make it back for Saturday - we may need to win the game. I would like to see our players run a goalie or two to let the other team know we mean business GO DUCKS !!! PLAY IT LIKE WE WANT IT - 60 MINUTES - NOTHING LESS
  10. My wife asks me if it was a GOOD GAME -a GOOD GAME is Ducks win 10 - 0 - OR Kings LOSE 0 - 10 - that is just my frame of reference. GO DUCKS !!!!
  11. Tonight's game is our PLAYOFF GAME - if we win were in - if not we would have our backs to the wall. The season is ours to have !! PLAY AN ENTIRE 60 MINUTE GAME (please )
  12. I certainly hope so BUT I am doubtful that he will be playing in the NHL next year ( hope I'm wrong )
  13. You are right BUT in one more year might want to buy one of them out. I suspect Kes is going to improve as he recovers and Perry will probably slow down even more - so my bet is on Perry - hope I'm wrong but I am afraid not.
  14. CORRECT - no such thing as the "stomach flu " - usually a virus that causes vomiting and/or diarrhea. As long as they keep him hydrated ( with IV's ) he should be just fine. Looked GREAT tonight !!! IMHO
  15. Agree - unless BM decides to trade for some slower, older, " more experienced " D men ....