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  1. In the LOCKER ROOM behind close DOORS - just where it should be !! IMHO


    Any word of Manson or Kase ? Manson's looked really bad to me. His knee buckled SIDEWAYS - never a good sign. I'd worry about torn meniscus or worse an ACL. Didn't see the injury to Kase
  3. You can shoot a joint or a ligament as many times as you would like HOWEVER you quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. The old time football players proved that - it helps with the first few and then it all goes to H** in a Handbasket, leading to joint replacements, ruptured tendons and fractured bones. So Sad ! IMHO


    Sorry but Dawn is gone. Being replaced by Tim Kepler. Hope he has the EMOTION that Dawn had. GO DUCKS !!!!
  5. If he plays his very annoying style they will absolutely LOVE HIM - watch out for the WATER BOTTLE TRICK !! LOL


    AGREE - for all we know it might have been Eakins suggestion. He does have a good hockey mind. IMHO
  7. They were lucky to find a team that would take him AND buy out his contract because the team takes a hit for the FULL amount. PM moved his family back to SJ and put his house in Toronto on the market. Seems like a win-win. IMHO - and just like Perry he waived his NTC
  8. Pretty much exactly what we anticipated HAPPENED - perhaps a year or two sooner than we hoped but it HAPPENED. Nice that he waived his NMC and I wish him well. He played hard for us and took a lot of beatings . Sorry to see him go BUT he has to go to make our team better. IMHO
  9. Andy Mac and/or Scotty - no doubt !! IMHO
  10. NO - NO - NO - YES - NO - NO !!!!
  11. I have to believe that they will have " a come to Jesus " meeting with Ritchie and find out where his GUTS are !! If he answers correctly we keep him and we end up with a very good, hard nosed player - if not then we trade him to Winnipeg or Ottawa and let him relish the very very cold winter. Especially Winnipeg where you can watch your dog run away for 2 days IMHO
  12. The team could convince him to retire AND then offer him the job as Moderator of " Between the Zambonies" for the same amount of money - that way we would ALL be HAPPY. IMHO
  13. AMEN - a real class act - wish we had him earlier in his career.
  14. AGREE - it seems likely that Kes has been working VERY VERY HARD to get himself back in shape. He accomplished a fantastic goal -1000 games played in the NHL. I have to believe that his motivation from now on will be more difficult to maintain. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on LTIR or have his contract bought out. Either of those options would be better than trying once again to recover those gift that he once had. We all wish him well !!! IMHO
  15. Excellent take on the subject of team leadership - I wouldn't mind if Getz loses his "C ". His inability to shoot the damn puck instead of trying to pass all the time - he had least three good clean shots and either passed them away, and had a couple of give aways. Some nights he get's just " cantankerous and gets into the Ref 's heads and costs us penalties !! I know NOTHING except the the team is playing a better brand of hockey than earlier in the year. GOOD LUCK to the next person who will inherit a TOUGH job
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