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  1. How is the /eaves trade looking right now - Getz made a comment about how Eaves gets in the right place and he " is working hard " - says a lot to mr. GO DUCKS !!!! WIN OUR 5th DIVISION TITLE ( in a row ) AND OUR 2nd STANLEY CUP !!!!
  2. Sharks choke again - 6 - 1 loss to Dallas - have lost 5 in a row - go Sharks go
  3. The BIG QUESTION that I have is -will Gibson get the net back when he is " healthy " or do we go with JB who has been playing lights out. I think RC believes ( old school) that an injury will not cost a player his job - but I don't know .......... ??. What do you all think ?? Kind of like Wally Pipp and Lou Gehrig - June 2, 1925 - NYY - that worked out quite well. IMHO
  4. AGREE - but money wise it was the correct choice - he is set for life with that contract - but his hockey career lost out. If he comes back he stands a chance of being on a SC Championship team.. Your are right about the retained salary - I would think Boston would be interested in taking some back - don't know how much would work for the Ducks
  5. I would add J Bernier to your list - might be a JSG in disguise ??
  6. Because we win in SIX !!!!
  7. Might suggest that we try to get Bells back - have to believe his chemistry with Boston was EXTREMELY POOR and we might get him for a steal of a deal - ? a 3rd round pick and have Boston take back 50% of his salary ( if we can clear enough cap space ).
  8. It appears to me that RC is FINALLY getting his lines together - and, more importantly , have them working together. I've noticed a jump in their skating and checking - more tape to tape passes, and a bit more goal front presence ( Eaves - THANKS BM ). I am certain that RC will finish higher in the playoffs than BB would with the same team. Can we win the SC - ABSOLUTELY - if we have a hot goalie and our best players are our BEST PLAYERS. GO DUCKS !!!!
  9. My suspicions also - John said we don't get the view from the blue line camera. That's strange because I have seen it on other replays. I wonder if RC's camera in the floor get s that also.
  10. Bieksa last night - I full stick to the mouth with bleeding and a couple of missing teeth - AND NO FRIGGIN CALL?? And wasn't the Linesman the same one that Vermmet slashed 15 games ago ??
  11. Agree - Quick IMO is better than average GT and he was elevated by the D around him. Put him on another team with below average D and he would be an able average GT. It will be interesting to see what he does NEXT YEAR !
  12. MEAN - but I love it - I hope Budaj get a good contract with someone - he really kept the Queens in the race AND he had NO offensive support !! IMHO
  13. Thanks I would appreciate that
  14. If it doesn't matter I would suggest bringing in some of the Gulls to give them a taste of NHL - especially a couple of the " big boys " that might want to mix it up with the Queens. IMHO
  15. MoneyPuck now has the DUCKS @ 99.17% TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS !!!! The Kings @ 13.29% to make the PLAYOFFS !!!!!! GO DUCKS !!!! bye bye LA !!!