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  1. Except for that guy from the LA queens - DD
  2. That is so REASONABLE that they will never get it, vote on it or discuss it !!
  3. Have to believe it was his injury that they were trying to keep secret and to avoid any more damage. IMHO GO DUCKS !!!!
  4. AGREE- hope that Gibby plays lights out and stays healthy. I hate the 1, 1-A routine that we have been doing for the previous years ( not so much last year ). Would like a VERY STRONG #1 ( that stays healthy ). IMHO
  5. With the HUGE goalie equipment along with GIANT goalies and the rule changes I don't think anyone will approach 99's numbers. He was the RIGHT man at the RIGHT time to set UNREACHABLE numbers. IMHO
  6. uh Perry ..... ?
  7. Perhaps his wife will enjoy his homes ( future ) in NYC, Fla, and LA - while he still spends the winters in Edmonton
  8. AGREE - unless we have tremendous injury problems this coming year ( Gibby ? ) I would expect us to get to the next step - the Cup Finals. IMHO
  9. AGREE -I believe that Miller really wants to be in the LA area to be with his wife and son - so his only choices would be the Queens or Ducks. If he couldn't get either he would be asking for a lot more money ( and probably get it ). Family stability is IMPORTANT - especially as we get older. I imagine this will be his last contract.
  10. I'd hold out for 4 years @ 2.75 M per year with a modified NTC or No Movement clause ( because you are WORTH it ) IMHO
  11. I think Jäger wood be a " flyer " for 1 - 1.5M for one year. It's a bet but if you get a good roll of the dice we just might end up with a Cup. IMHO Just wondering if Jager could out point Marleau for the season ????????
  12. I'm HAPPY for both sides. Fair deal to lock up a very good ( and improving ) D-man. He strikes me as a stand up guy with leadership qualities. He will DEFINITELY win us a CUP. IMHO
  13. Didn't Gibson have some " issues " in college and/or the minors ??
  14. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results - you know the rest - IMHO
  15. In a few years they will be getting a # 1 draft pick ( again ) because they will have difficulty winning games - they will start to lose 7 to 6 and 8 to 7. Great games to watch but not so much for playoffs and winning the Cup. IMHO