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  1. Kings are a golden team. Don’t listen to kings “fans” who will say anything different.
  2. Without the 3 on 3 or shoot outs, they wouldn’t have any of their cups. Definitely not the first one sneaking in as an 8 seed.
  3. Add to that, arena was Ancient, no one going to games, team was going to be sold and moved to Kansas City
  4. Did they run out of room and squish it against the 5?
  5. No because they’ll flop and dive anytime a Duck gets within breathing room - penalty ducks!
  6. It wasn’t like that was a close series either
  7. Some where between selanne to the sharks and Chris Kunitz for Ryan Whitney
  8. You’re kidding me...
  9. Devils first kicked the tires on Vatanan back in June around expansion draft time but Anaheim made the Theodore trade with Vegas so it kind of went away... but once Ducks lost out on Duchene a few weeks ago, obviously things started to pick up again between NJ and Ana
  10. Ducks still deep on D and needed a top-6 F. They were in on Matt Duchene but lost out. Now get Henrique. Both teams fill perceived needs.
  11. Agree. A lot of follow up questions that that guy should've asked. Maybe he did and they just didn't air it.
  12. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/tsn-original-surfacing~1219086 he is one bitter dude at the NHL for all the head shots and concussions he took. That's why he wants nothing to do with hockey but he's slowly coming back. I hope he fully comes back. It would be great for the Ducks to have him around.
  13. Beauchemin and Freddie Olausson are the only players to serve 3 stints with franchise.
  14. Signed 1 year, 1 million
  15. Any of those leagues no contact?