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  1. Marc edouard vlasic says hello
  2. Zetterberg to retire. Per sources: he will become the Detroit diving coach and personal diving coach to filip forsberg.
  3. SHarks making huge push to get Erik Karlsson. Ducks making huge push to stay older and slower.
  4. They can’t find a helmet big enough to fit that head
  5. Wouldn’t be a Murray contract without a NMC
  6. Ducks will need a good solid back up for 8 years now
  7. Except that this same roster is another year older, slower, got swept in the first round and lost a game 8-3. Haven’t added a free agent worth a Dehydrated Donkey Dung. Kings got better, sharks got better. Other then that, yeah sure Stanley cup
  8. Exactly.
  9. It would’ve been a good look without that shoulder mess. Who thought that was a good idea?
  10. It looks like they found left over fabric and sewed it all together. That thing is ugly
  11. How are they supposed to change the way they play with the same old, slow core there ? Strap rockets on Perry & getzlaf’s skates?
  12. Oh $hit son! The cup window is open again!
  13. “Ducks are really quite right now. Must be working on a big trade.” signed, looking through orange colored glasses Ducks dan
  14. He’s preparing his same written statement from every year. “ the prices were too high.” “We didn’t want to mortgage the future.” “We like our core.”