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  1. I don’t have a problem with that but I do think when it’s an own goal, the last player to touch it on the opposing team shouldn’t get credit for a goal. Do it like soccer and call it an own goal and no credit.
  2. Look out big splash coming: Hearing PIT/ANA working on something involving Daniel Sprong. Let’s see where it goes
  3. You pick up enough garbage, some might be worth a little sometime. He gets no credit for picking junk off of waivers.
  4. He’s going to the coach in Seattle
  5. Lets not forget that Kesler only wanted to go the 3 teams, Anaheim, Chicago & Pittsburgh. Chicago didn’t have the prospects, Pittsburgh didn’t have the cap space so that left bob with kesler in his lap.
  6. Yes but they have a built in excuse already: injuries, it’s not Carlyle’s fault
  7. The Ducks need a real coach, a real offense, a real GM. Don’t need a real goaltender, they’re pretty good.
  8. I think Carlyle ruined Fowler long ago when he didn’t send him back to juniors, instead leaving to play nhl D at 18 years old. Like what’s already been said, his shot is bad, he shies away from contact and he still makes rookie mistakes after all these years. Should’ve went back to juniors and ahl and developed some game. It’s all good living with Scotty and having him teach you some things, but you still need to develop at lower levels not playing with grown men and learning on the fly when your 18/19.
  9. I liked when he signed his extension for $12 mill a year the media was saying it was a great deal, and it wasn’t anchor contract and the team could sign other players. Fast forward: uh oh...
  10. Frat
  11. Marc edouard vlasic says hello
  12. Zetterberg to retire. Per sources: he will become the Detroit diving coach and personal diving coach to filip forsberg.
  13. SHarks making huge push to get Erik Karlsson. Ducks making huge push to stay older and slower.
  14. They can’t find a helmet big enough to fit that head
  15. Wouldn’t be a Murray contract without a NMC