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  1. Trading a bunch of nothing for a bunch of nothing
  2. Jiggy2win


    Patrick eaves said Troy terry gets hurt too much
  3. First sentence of the article says “since the capitals won the cup back in June,” then I stopped reading. Great job posting a year old article.
  4. I say we get Dan Sexton to be our new coach.
  5. We all know there’s a NTC In there
  6. He’ll clear then get hurt on the drive down to San Diego
  7. So when the team goes on another 12 game losing streak does Murray fire himself
  8. Coach queinville next year?
  9. Jiggy2win

    bob murray

    There’s nothing up his sleeve. What big deal has he ever pulled off? Kesler was only because he had no choice. Kesler only wanted to go to Pittsburgh, Chicago or Anaheim. Pittsburgh didn’t have the cap space, Chicago didn’t have the prospects so that left kesler in Bobs lap. Bob is the dumpster diving, 4th line trade king.
  10. They aren’t telling the fans because there is no plan. The idea was to retool on the fly with the mix of Bertrand and young guys. But the veterans are a shell of themselves, kesler and Perry, and the young guys are MIA. This plan has obviously failed, so where does it go now? New coach for one. New GM too? Can’t trade the old guys because of all the money they’re owed and they’re too old. Not to mention the BM special- no trade clause
  11. He has a built in excuse “ injuries” if the team didn’t lead the league in man games lost they would be leading the entire nhl in points according to BM.
  12. Found bob Murray’s burner account
  13. What’s Dan Sexton doing these days?
  14. Instead of picking up trash from the waiver wire, Bobby is getting it in trades now. Way to shake things up...
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