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  1. The 25 was the 25 most trade bait over the summer
  2. I’ll just put this nugget right here: Frank seravelli - Finally, it is believed the Anaheim Ducks asked former Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry (25) for a list of teams he’d accept a trade to at some point last season. He is due $24 million over the next three years. The Ducks may want to tinker with their core, but Perry’s contract won’t be easy to move and he holds all the cards.
  3. Don’t expect much. You’ll probably going to get a tote bag and lanyard. Then you get to stand in line for 3 hours waiting to get an autograph at fan fest.
  4. Like a good Nashville player, takes the dive. That’s embarrassing.
  5. They just can’t get past the second round
  6. They should send Perry down there. He’ll clear waivers, nobody wants that contract for a player that can’t score 20 goals.
  7. This is typical Ducks. When their back is against the wall they fold. Look at all the game 7s when they were up 3-2 in the series. Sure they finally won a game 7 but that’s only one in how many? Theyve had different coaches and it’s the same result, so it must be the players.
  8. Tampico motel off of Lincoln & state college
  9. He’d win the hart if the hart is for someone who gets hurt every three weeks
  10. Those two can’t take a $h!t without each other
  11. If they ever need a new arena they will up and move. City of Anaheim wasn’t about to pitch in money for a new Angels stadium. Moreno tried to play hard ball and Anaheim didn’t blink. Moreno was about to move to Tustin but came back with his tail between his legs saying,” ok we’ll just renovate.” The Angels have the third or fourth oldest stadium in baseball.
  12. Kings are a golden team. Don’t listen to kings “fans” who will say anything different.
  13. Without the 3 on 3 or shoot outs, they wouldn’t have any of their cups. Definitely not the first one sneaking in as an 8 seed.
  14. Add to that, arena was Ancient, no one going to games, team was going to be sold and moved to Kansas City
  15. Did they run out of room and squish it against the 5?