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  1. Trading a bunch of nothing for a bunch of nothing
  2. Jiggy2win


    Patrick eaves said Troy terry gets hurt too much
  3. First sentence of the article says “since the capitals won the cup back in June,” then I stopped reading. Great job posting a year old article.
  4. He’ll clear then get hurt on the drive down to San Diego
  5. Jiggy2win

    bob murray

    There’s nothing up his sleeve. What big deal has he ever pulled off? Kesler was only because he had no choice. Kesler only wanted to go to Pittsburgh, Chicago or Anaheim. Pittsburgh didn’t have the cap space, Chicago didn’t have the prospects so that left kesler in Bobs lap. Bob is the dumpster diving, 4th line trade king.
  6. 3 games in San Diego and he’ll be hurt again
  7. “We need to play a faster game.” trades one of the teams faster players...
  8. Hip surgery is the kiss of death for a hockey player. Like rotator cuff surgery for a baseball player.
  9. Jiggy2win

    bob murray

    Look out big splash coming: Hearing PIT/ANA working on something involving Daniel Sprong. Let’s see where it goes
  10. Jiggy2win

    bob murray

    You pick up enough garbage, some might be worth a little sometime. He gets no credit for picking junk off of waivers.
  11. Jiggy2win

    bob murray

    Lets not forget that Kesler only wanted to go the 3 teams, Anaheim, Chicago & Pittsburgh. Chicago didn’t have the prospects, Pittsburgh didn’t have the cap space so that left bob with kesler in his lap.
  12. I liked when he signed his extension for $12 mill a year the media was saying it was a great deal, and it wasn’t anchor contract and the team could sign other players. Fast forward: uh oh...
  13. Zetterberg to retire. Per sources: he will become the Detroit diving coach and personal diving coach to filip forsberg.
  14. SHarks making huge push to get Erik Karlsson. Ducks making huge push to stay older and slower.
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