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  1. Agree. A lot of follow up questions that that guy should've asked. Maybe he did and they just didn't air it.
  2. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/tsn-original-surfacing~1219086 he is one bitter dude at the NHL for all the head shots and concussions he took. That's why he wants nothing to do with hockey but he's slowly coming back. I hope he fully comes back. It would be great for the Ducks to have him around.
  3. Beauchemin and Freddie Olausson are the only players to serve 3 stints with franchise.
  4. Signed 1 year, 1 million
  5. Any of those leagues no contact?
  6. Dehydrated Donkey Dung, Phil kessel. Why don't we trade Sami to Toronto, shuffle some people around for auston Matthews??????
  7. Mcdavid just gifted the Oilers a pair of these.
  8. Marleau clearly took the money because Toronto isn't going to win a cup in his 3 years. Ducks have his best chance at that.
  9. I'll leave this right here: Marleau: year 1) $8.5M 2) $6 mil. 3) $4.25
  10. Miller had a .915 save % on a terrible team. He'll be just fine behind this defense in Anaheim.
  11. Kariya nearly returned to the Ducks for one last round but his health wasn't up to it.
  12. Paul Kariya says it took him a year after retirement to feel normal again but doesn't have headaches anymore. "I feel really good."
  13. The #9 has to be retired now. The Ducks have been wanting to but Paul has been reluctant.
  14. Team was totally different after they got him. Hopefully some of that sticks around.
  15. Vegas will have a better record then Arizona