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  1. There has been instances where I've seen flashes of a Terry=Toews type scenario, but the grind of a full season makes me think otherwise.
  2. If I remember correctly, Cogs was suspended two games.
  3. Have to believe not having Fowler to coordinate PP greatly weakens Ducks chances.
  4. I couldn't count how many times we flailed at loose pucks, passed behind pairs or miffed golden opportunities the last two games, but there appears to be more space between players compared to our series. I don't want to admit it but the Sharks are killing us their ability to control the game especially when they have the lead.
  5. I guess Blue jackets are equally prone to boneheaded penalties.
  6. Caps must have taken note from Ducks playbook... take stupid penalties when it will do absolutely nothing to improve your teams chances.
  7. LOL Kings! Raise the L everyday possible... cannot stand the Queens, their obnoxious fans, Jim Fox, Muppet Mouth Brown, Poughty or Staples!
  8. Feels like August in January...
  9. Is there any way we could change the title to this thread to "For Whom the Beleskey Tolls? Always hate to see talent that this team helped nurture and develop move on once they hit their stride, but that's the economics of this game.
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