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  1. This is uglier than the last go around with RC and the team essentially giving up. I can't foresee any correction other than admitting we're in rebuild mode and the need to start a new thread..."Trouble on the Horizon for BM?"
  2. You won't get an argument from me on this point. Gibson has been beyond amazing. However, how should firing RC improve anything? He's kept pace with other teams, minus the losing streak, and done so with a skeleton crew forward line.
  3. Why? He's kept us in the hunt... all be it ugly and all, but we're still in the hunt.
  4. Getting Gibson locked down solidifies a big piece of the puzzle. Without his presence in the net, the Ducks are worse off and having him signed long term keeps the team that has made the playoffs consistently for past five years in tact.
  5. The unfortunate reality going into the off season is this team has more questions than answers... Perry, Kes and Eaves to name a few. All of which makes me suspect that some youngsters coming up are going to be given a long hard look.
  6. Sbisa coughs it up and Smith-Pelly is the series mvp imho.
  7. 1getzlaffan


    Timing makes sense. Gives the team an opportunity to move assets and make changes to adjusting tempo. Hopefully it's just a ploy and he'll make a push to come back sooner if team shows promise come latter part of season.
  8. If I remember correctly, Cogs was suspended two games.
  9. 1getzlaffan


    As I watch the second round and the caliber of play, I keep imposing Perry in the picture and in my mind where he would be in the midst of things... Gawd I hope he's doing some leg sprints right now
  10. BAU....I assume that the prospective coaching pool was too limited and far too expensive. Where this team goes depends upon the health of it's franchise players. Maybe an early exit this season will prove to be beneficial to the overall outlook next season. Looking back Ducks had Lindholm, Vats, and Kesler coming off surgeries to start the season. In addition we lost Getz and Eaves. The youth held down the fort, and I'd expect to see more of this next season as an adaptation. The future is promising but the bitter taste of a lackluster playoff performance will sting for awhile. I kind of like RC and think he might have enough savvy to steer a roster that will eerily resemble the contender that lifted the Cup in 07.
  11. Ducks have to win pivotal games and the buzz will follow. I expect Trashville will ebb and flow as all teams do when they transition from one season to the next. The bottom line is team mgmt and what decisions are made to effect production. I certainly don't envy to be in such a position. But how sweet would it be if the talent Ducks possess in their development could some day be the likes of Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay?
  12. Given what was overcome this year and the loss of a pivotal player before playoffs (Fowler), there may be enough second guessing from the powers that be to keep with the status quo.
  13. Maybe it's time for this franchise to look into what will draw fans and bolster attendance. That's not an easy equation given the fact that we're a small market team and located in a Mediterranean climate... but there's been progress (5 playoff appearances in a row? Or something like that). I can't expect GMBM to continue to pull the proverbial rabbit from the magic hat and concoct a team with limited resources while protecting our prospective youth. Also, he's challenged by adapting to the ever changing pace of the game, as evident by SJ series and their punishing pressure on puck possession (say that 10 times fast). Evermore, NMC contracts to our biggest stars can be a gamble that will limit what this team can do financially during the off season and during trade dead lines. My thoughts: this team has come too far to just sit idle and wait through a rebuild. I expect some big splashes this off season and a dominant reclaiming of what this team has always been a part of. Can I get a Ric Flair "Whoooooo"?
  14. We need someone or something to fill the void Perry is causing. Hopefully he can rekindle the hands he once had when he potted 50+ a few years ago. Until then he's nothing more than a shell of his former self, but then again aren't we all.
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