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  1. Man it's been so long since I've been on here... Ah The Memories... I really thought Travis Green should have been our next head coach, this just seems like such a horrible idea and one that ends with the firing of (what I used to believe was) a above average GM. I really hope this is a sick joke, or at least turns out to not ruin our team for the next few years. BTW, does anyone here visit the r/hockey subreddit? (That's where I have been most of this season.) I have to come back here more next season.
  2. That is insane, thankfully BM turned that down if true. Maybe Schultz wants to spend time with a (former) Ducks D? Lets enjoy it while it lasts. (He was a very underrated Defensemen for us. imo)
  3. Ritchie was named 1st star of tonight's playoff game. He scored a hat trick and an assist. He now has 8 goals and 6 assists (14 points) in 6 games!