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  1. I don't think Getz earned his salary last season. He has 2 more years on his contract. Barring a sudden scoring surge, I would assume his next deal will be commensurate with on ice production those years. His contracts going foreword will likely mirror Joe Thorntons. No way his next deal will exceed 8M per imo.
  2. Anyone have an update on Lundestrom too?
  3. Curious as to your thoughts dts, at the end of the article many of the comments alluded to their opinion Lambert and Eakins were very much alike in a lot of ways. That's the impression I also got (based upon player comments). Wonder what you thought similarities/differences were.
  4. He's not "milking" anything.
  5. Agree. Ducks have an article also, and they mention the "lengthy" recovery that's necessary. Let's just hope it improves his daily life.
  6. I would think the gulls website would have all this information.
  7. dukitup

    playoff game...

    AND, the implicated refs were barred from officiating the next round. To borrow dts cruise analogy, if my wallet was stolen on day two of the cruise, I would call the bureau that monitors my CC's. They would cancel and have new cards waiting for me once I got home. Would grab my wife (because my taste in clothes sucks) and head to the onboard stores for a new wardrobe and some luggage. Trip a success. 😆
  8. dukitup

    playoff game...

    Have go disagree. I think that one event absolutely cost Vegas the series. It's not like there's another game to be played, and the penalty called was dubious at best. That's like taking a two week cruise and on day 13 contracting the norovirus. Sorry, but in my world that one single event would ruin the entire cruise for me.
  9. You should have also mentioned they did a previous article "5 reasons to be optimistic about the ducks future." They said they did a positive article, decided to look at potential issues.
  10. Looks like we'll see him in the Gulls second round series against Bakersfield. From Anaheim Calling: Max Comtois The timing of the Jones injury could not have been worse, but it’s not all bad news. Comtois could be joining the Gulls before the second round starts and his scoring touch would fit in nicely with the Gulls. He might not fill the void that Jones left, but he would go a long way toward helping. He has 15 points in 15 games including 2 game winners.
  11. Fair enough. My initial reaction was you pointed that out as a reason for not hiring him. What do I know. I hated the Carlyle rehire, and have been neutral on Eakins (even though I've always thought that's who Murray will eventually name as the new HC), but this article was eye opening for me. I'm much more comfortable with him as the next HC.
  12. "The Athletic" had a very good article (by Eric Stephens) on Dallas Eakins. Very interesting read.
  13. dukitup

    playoff game...

    Only time I'll root for the Sharks is if they make the finals. EVERYBODY hates the possibility of a California club winning another Cup.
  14. Of the three, I think Kesler may be done. Goes on LTIR and we get some cap space. Perry will have a full summer to strengthen the knee, and I think he could surprise. Getz is Getz. Completely agree a new coach and the infusion of youth may have this team surprising a few people. Of course, I believe in Santa, the Easter bunny and I have a pet unicorn.
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