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  1. You don't know that. Could have said the very same thing about Selanne. He took even more time off than Perry.
  2. LOL. Jasoaks, that's hysterical.
  3. I loved Cogs too, but I don't get the angst. If I had a $ for every comment made about his inability to "finish" I could get a steak dinner. I will always appreciate his effort, but I sure don't want to keep a player simply because they're popular. 3G - 8A in 46 games. Shore is 24, has 5G - 12A, and is RFA after next year. He "is considered to be defensively responsible, works hard, and is used heavily on the penalty kill, much like Cogliano."
  4. What's "risky" about it? I'm sure Carlyle has some value as a scout. The team has lost 300 man games to injury. The next closest team is Dallas with 200. Yet despite this the team is still in the playoff hunt. Unless the team falls off a cliff, what's the issue with keeping Carlyle until the end of the season, then replacing him? All bets are off if Ducks lose to Ottawa.
  5. Per an article I read earlier this year in The Athletic, Carlyle will not be fired this season. He'll be stepping down as coach at the end of the year and become a team scout. No mention who"ll replace him, but assuming Eakins will be given the opportunity. I know this is just speculation, but sounds reasonable. Thinking (hoping) Maharaj (goalie coach) will be the only coach retained.
  6. I agree with this. I don't agree saying the team is a "mess." That's all. Problem with judging such decisions is often times it's based on hindsight (not pointing fingers, just saying in general). So basically Murray is damned if he does, or damned if he doesn't. That's what irritates me. I think there's decent prospects in the pipeline, and missing the playoffs doesn't bother me at all if we can get a decent player (or two) in the draft. I think with Gibson, and the kids on D, we're not in dire shape.
  7. Love how we may miss the playoffs for the first time since 2011-2012 and all people can do is complain. Talk of what a lousy GM Murray is. Current team has been missing its leading goal scorer from last year for the past couple of months, missing last years 3rd leading scorer since day 1. Team has lost more man games to injury than any other team in the league by a wide margin, yet they're right in the playoff picture. Hate negative people.
  8. Problem is you have Ritchie, Rakell, and Kase due new contracts around the same time. Not so sure there's that much $ to go around if you add Sequin too.
  9. Merry Christmas!!!
  10. Carlyle is not going to be fired this year. It's already been suggested (The Athletic I believe) that he's going to scout for the team once his coaching career ends. His contract expires after this year, and unless he brings a Cup to Anaheim I don't see him resigned.
  11. Ummm. No
  12. Noted in the Murray extension article (via The Athletic) it was mentioned Carlyle will probably continue his career with the Ducks (after coaching) as a scout. Since Murray acknowledges the team is in transition, forget about a Carlyle firing this year. Baring some playoff miracle run, Carlyle will "retire" from coaching after this season and join the scouting staff.
  13. Has been for a couple of games now.
  14. No. Dawn only.
  15. The Athletic had an article about the "10 game threshold" and burning a year off of an ELC contract. It's not that big a deal for GM's. What's more important is the 40 game mark.