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  1. The only certainties in life are death and taxes. A #1 pick isn't a guarantee (Nail Yakupov) of stardom. Look at Edmonton, with their plethora of #1 picks. All world McJesus has taken the franchise to the playoffs once (yes I know their GM was a joke). Play to win, and pray the draft ping pong ball gods give us a break.
  2. The Ducks had (don't know if still true) lost the most NHL man games to injury this year. As a result, we've had to poach the Gulls roster all year. I haven't really been following the Gulls that closely, but Max Jones, Troy Terry, Jacob Larsson, Jaycob Megna, etc., are now regulars with the big club. As as result, they're no longer playing for the Gulls. That's some significant production now missing (wasn't Terry a point per game player when called up?). All things considered, the fact the Gulls are still in 3rd seems like Eakins might be doing a really good job.
  3. I may be wrong, but if he retires, doesn't he forfeit his remaining salary? Go on LTIR until his contract runs out. He still gets paid and while on LTIR the team gets cap relief. No?
  4. Read another article regarding the Q&A session. I found the following interesting: OFFSEASON STRATEGY He plans to look at the college free agent market as well as the European market. He is looking to add a third line winger and right-hand shooting defenseman with size. Murray also stressed he wants to avoid doing long term contracts. WILL RE-TOOLING INCLUDE BUYOUTS AND TRADES "No one is untouchable" Murray said. He plans to talk to the owners during the offseason and he is definitely looking into future trades. The owners aren't big on buy-outs. THOUGHTS ON COMTOIS DEVELOPMENT The "sooner he gets here (Anaheim) the better" Murray said about the future of Max. He didn't like the fact he had to send him back to junior and wants to change that process if possible. He has been discussing it with the NHL. THOUGHTS ON THE ANAHEIM DEFENSIVE CORE Having good partners is key he said. He likes the pairing of Manson and Lindholm. He would like to add a player with size that can quarterback the power play (ie Shea Weber). Murray wants more size on his blue line in general.
  5. Need to add Kase to the mix as well. note: Jasoaks mentioned Kase above. Oops. Think Lunderstrom may get a year in with the Gulls. Sure is fun to watch the kids play.
  6. No lower than 5th?
  7. This team, then, should NEVER offer any player an 8 year contract extension, or NMC. Period! Because as Jasoaks said, "hindsight is 20/20" and fans are now piddleed over the Kesler and Perry contracts. Murray is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. And Vegas signs Stone to an 8 year extension with a NMC. What a bunch of idiots. 8 years and a NMC. HORRORS.
  8. The Athletic (I believe) had an article about contracts and how GM's feel about playing players, etc. Concensus was burning a year off of the ELC isn't really that big a deal. Of greater concern is burning a year of a contract which allows a player to reach UFA status sooner.
  9. I know the 10th game knocks a year off of the ELC. I believe it's 11 games for the other. I've read some discrepancies (10 or 11 games), but I believe Murray can't be that stupid. I have to believe it's the 11 game threshold because if not Murray should be fired on the spot.
  10. I think Lundestrom will also be exposed. Because he played 15 games this year (and under the age of 20), this season counts as 1year as a pro. The threshold is 11 games (which is why Comtois was sent down after his 10th game). No?
  11. 11 games 1G 2A -1 (with Ducks: 46 games. 3G. 8A. +2)
  12. He's UFA after next season. edit: although I could see Murray signing him prior to reaching ufa status
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