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  1. You may be right, but I'm not seeing it. He loves playing the game, and if anything I see him going the Joe Thornton route and signing one or two year contracts while he's still an effective player. He's already stated multiple times he wants to finish his career with the Ducks. I think the club would want him to mentor Zegras, and continue to mentor Streel, etc. Heck, unless he wants to move back to Canada, I think he has a job after his playing career with the Ducks organization. From what I understand, Teemu still has his home on the market too, and its been listed a couple of years now at least. Listing his home isn't a sign he wants out imo.
  2. They will play next season. Might be abbreviated (60 games), but I can't see the season cancelled resulting in zero revenue. Once the # of games the season will consist of is decided, I'm sure the players union would agree to a prorated salary based on that #. Arena crowds will probably be limited to 25% of capacity. That seems to be the consensus right now. No way Getz retires. He would forfeit his salary, and I don't see that happening. Perry is another story as he's only on a 1 year contract.
  3. I assume you mean draft picks. On one hand I agree, but picks may or may not work out. You have a sure thing in Laine, and the kid is only 22 years old. If the asking price is Manson/Steel/#27 I would jump on it. Personally I don't think that would be enough for Winnipeg. Throw in the Selanne trade that still haunts them, the Ducks are out.
  4. ESPN has an extensive article today on what's being pondered for next season. Worth reading imo.
  5. Rumor has it Nylander is the odd man out.
  6. dukitup


    Think of basketball. Ball bounces on one side of rim, other side of rim, and stays out. That was Toronto. Their ball went up the bottom part of the cylinder. Bounced to the right, to the left, then out. Islanders ball went up tube for #1.
  7. I don't think they can afford another 10M contract. I don't see them moving Quick, Kopitar, Carter, Brown, or Doughty.
  8. dukitup


    I don't think they had a "higher" percentage when the first lottery was done. That first lottery determined the draft order, and TBD ending up #1. Didn't the Ducks have better odds getting the #1 pick than the "to be determined" entry? The odds today make total sense. There's 8 teams in play, and each team has a 12.5% chance at #1. 12.5% x 8 = 100%
  9. Whether or not he is happy with the trade is a mute point (imo) since he has zero trade protection. I'm sure his angst coming to Anaheim can be tempered with a stroll along Newport Beach. There's also a 10M contract that is freed up for Buffalo, that is sitting right up against the cap with some contracts coming due. I think Lindholm, #6 and a player to be named NOT named Zegras is sufficient. If not, then no deal.
  10. I think Lindholm might be in play. He only has 2 years left on his contract, and his longtime GF is now working for ESPN on the East Coast. If she stays there, I don't see him resigning once he hits UFA status. I would offer Lindholm, the #6 pick (assuming Murray has some insight who that might be, sans Drysdale) and maybe a Jones/Steel for Jack Eichel in Buffalo. He has zero trade protection, has another 7 years on his contract, and is only 23 years old. We would immediately have our future #1C, pencil in Zegras as #2, and round out the top 4 with Henrique and Getz.
  11. dukitup

    Seattle Kraken!

    And they play in the Krack-house.
  12. dukitup

    Seattle Kraken!

    They hired Dave Baseggio to be their director of scouting. Dave held the same position with the Ducks. Has been with the Ducks for 12 years and was an assistant to Murray. I hate Seattle already.
  13. I hope Boston loses. Our 1st round pick from them improves the earlier they exit the playoffs. No?
  14. I just checked my account. Info above correct. First payment due 11/15/2020. Then 3 additional payments due 15th of Dec/Jan/Feb.
  15. You had an option to change your payment plan to a "pay as they play" plan. If memory serves me right, your first payment would be due 2 weeks prior to first game played. Then 3 additional charges would follow (maybe one per month). There was a limited time to enroll in this new plan. I have yet to be charged for next season. Assuming a December 1 start date, my first payment would be due middle of November. I don't know if that will change should games be played in empty arenas.
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