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  1. I think it's a Kaiser problem, not a testing problem. I've heard the same complaints about them. I have a PPO plan, testing no problem at all.
  2. dukitup


    Not a big fan at all of parking garages. Time will tell I guess. Remember back in the day when you could park at Anaheim Stadium (the big A lot) and take a shuttle bus from there to the Honda Center (Arrowhead Pond back then), then back again again after the game? We did that for every game. It was like a party bus, especially after a win. Wish they would bring that back.
  3. Unless RFA players with arbitration rights hold out, I don't see us having a problem signing anyone. Miller won't be a problem, it's up to him if he wants to return or not. As far as signing free agents, why? They usually sign for too much money, and or, too much term. I could understand pursuing one if we were a borderline Cup team, but not when we're a borderline playoff one. But that's my opinion. UFA's never come cheap imo.
  4. I have them with 2 Moose. Theirs, and the one they got from Boston in the Kase trade.
  5. Nothing happening. Signing the 4 players we did slightly above nothing, but still. I was more irritated with the Ducks screwing up the list of games they're rebroadcasting with this shutdown. They advertised the May 5 broadcast as the 1997 game 7 quarterfinal against Phoenix (home game), but instead broadcast the game 6 win in Phoenix. This was the first ever playoff series win for the franchise, and the atmosphere in the Pond was electric with about 10 minutes left in the game until the end (I was there, I know). I was really hoping to see the game again. But no, didn't happen. Screwing up a simple broadcast seems a microcosm of what happens with the franchise in general. Rant over.
  6. Last night (Saturday) Prime Ticket replayed the 2003 game 6 series clinching win against Dallas. What a game. About 6 minutes left in the 3rd, Dallas scores to tie it up, but the goal is disallowed after a lengthy review. A minute later Dallas does score to tie it up, again on a very controversial "goal" call after another review. With a minute left in regulation, Ducks score. ARROWHEAD POND going insane. Mighty Ducks (#7 seed) win and advance to the Western Finals. Ducks knocked off both the #2 seed (Detroit) and #1 seed (Dallas) that year. I remember how exciting it was. Great to see Selanne, Kariya, McDonald, Jiggy, etc. Knowing they're playing some of these vintage games in their entirety has me checking the channel more frequently. fyi
  7. I don't think so. Yesterday Governor Newson said "stay in place orders" could last 2-3 more months. Probably the same for New York.
  8. Samueli's are paying all full/part time staff their salaries through the end of the month. Class act.
  9. "Technically" he has 26G, since he scored in the St. Louis game that was postponed. He'll get credit Wednesday when the game is completed.
  10. Assume Fowler can play RHD since he has in the past. Would join Manson and Gubranson then. Any of the others listed play RHD if necessary?
  11. Vegas wanted Theodore.
  12. I've decided all trades are a crap shoot. Thinking about William Karlsson since Vegas just played the Ducks. With Columbus in 2015-16 he scores 9G (81 games), in 2016-17 he scores 6G (in 81 games). Goes to Vegas, has 43G in 2017-18 and 24G in 2018-19. This season, before the game on Sunday (where he had a hat trick) he had 10G in 55 games. His salary is 5.9M for the next 8 seasons (including this season). Fans were all apoplectic about trading him, and would now be talking about what a horrible contract it is.
  13. Original diagnosis was Guillain-Barre syndrome. After further testing at the Mayo Clinic, diagnosis was changed to "post-viral syndrome." Whatever that is.
  14. Murray said he would take on a bad contract. Kase is out with ANOTHER concussion. He's Simon Despres in waiting (hope I'm wrong). We get a decent RHD prospect and a #1 pick in return. Backus is a throw in that maybe can play the 4th line. If not, he's waived again and can sit home. It's not like the Ducks are playing for the Cup this year or next. I think Kase is a big ? so I'm more than happy with the return.
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