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  1. Wouldn't players in bold have their salaries covered by insurance?
  2. I find the team a thousand times more entertaining to watch than the team from last year. I kept my expectations low (what happens when a team is going through a rebuild), so they've not disappointed. Sure, there's games that get frustrating, but that's what happens with a kid laden lineup.
  3. Don't get how some people on this board don't think we should get excited watching this kid. Not saying he's a lock to be a superstar, but how fun is he to watch right now? Think he's outplaying every other player from this years draft.
  4. Watching World Juniors. USA has 6G in 5 periods. (It's 4-3 USA over Germany after 2 periods). Zegras has 6 assists, with at least a couple highlight reel ones. The announcers can't help but comment on his on ice vision and sweet hands. I know it's only Juniors, but to say he's been impressive so far would be an understatement. He may be something special.
  5. dukitup

    Low point

    Of course there would be more interest in a new franchise vs one over 25 years old. That's a no brainer. And the last time I looked, arena wasn't "empty." They're averaging over 16K per game for a team that's REBUILDING/RETOOLING. Some people just see the glass as half empty. I get it. I am an original SSH, and am still one (full season too, no mini plans for me) to this day. Have loved the team since day one, and still do. I just realize there's going to be down yearS. I'm sure your interest will peak again when they start winning. And the 16K average will go up too with winning. There's a name for such fans, but it's Christmas, so I'll leave it at that. Kids are playing hard. We're only 3 games under .500 and that's with another year of injuries. Personally I like the smaller crowds. Easier to park and shorter concession lines. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  6. dukitup


    Rakell, Silf, and Getz out against the Rangers.
  7. I should apologize to FanSince1993 too. My response was really douche like. It's the season to be jolly, so I'm going to spread good cheer (until the New Year).
  8. The topic is "Season to Trade Getz." He's arguably been our best player this year, LOVES living in Orange County and playing for the Ducks, and has a full NMC. Yet it's time to "trade" him. The issue is the topic, THAT'S what should be deleted because the topic itself is absurd. So, someone could come on this forum, argue over and over and over the world is flat, and because others claim it to be round, you claim "it's amazing how some people on this forum bring themselves below ground zero in terms of manners." Time to google "safe space."
  9. Bieksa having a NMC will be brought up. Blahblahblahblahblah
  10. Per the OC Register, he was ruled out for the Washington game. Will travel with the team on the two game road trip.
  11. dukitup


    Friend of mine said maybe he was held out since St. Louis plays a more heavy game. Sounded reasonable.
  12. Kase is not Perrys replacement (he's been a starter since 2016-2017) imo. Could argue Terry is his replacement, and Perry was bought out to make a permanent roster spot for him. I know Terry has underperformed when compared to last year, but the point is both players have similar stats, while the salary discrepancy is $925,000 vs $8.625M.
  13. GP: 14 G: 2 A: 2 P: 4 -2
  14. To call our team a "joke" is mean imo. We have a top 4 D of Lindholm (out), Manson (out), Fowler and Guhle (30 NHL games). What do you expect? When we had a healthy D, we were doing ok. I don't get the expectations when all along this was a rebuilding year. Is the PP a disappointment? Yes. But to call the team a joke, man, just brutal.
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