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  1. dukitup


    Comtois does not need to be protected. Eric Stephens wrote an article in the Athletic in December with his "protect" list at the time (obviously it's changed since Montour, Perry, etc are gone) and he noted Comtois would not need to be protected since he only played 10 games, and noted he would not be back with the Ducks that year for that reason (keeping games played at 10).
  2. Getzlaf doesn't have to be protected in the Seattle expansion draft. He'll be UFA then.
  3. dukitup


    Are you sure? He only played 10 games last year. I thought he had to play 11 to be exposed to the draft. I'm thinking he's protected. You'll set me straight if I'm wrong.
  4. dukitup


    Per an article by Eric Stephens in the Athletic, Eakins specifically asked for Sutter to join the organization in an advisory position.
  5. Pears will play his 1,000th game IN DALLAS against the Ducks (if he plays every game to start the season). Dallas doesn't come to the Honda Center until January 9.
  6. I don't think there's one fan here that thinks the Ducks have a chance at the Cup. But your post makes it sound like they'll be battling Ottawa and LA for the worst record in the league. I also don't think that's accurate. Now, you say Season Ticket Sales are at their lowest point 17 years. Maybe, please share the count. You also claim the Honda Center will be "half full" most of the time. Since the arena hold 17,174 I believe for hockey, I'll make you a friendly wager. I'll give you $100 for every game that draws under 10,000, (which is way more than "half") and you give me $100 for every game that draws more. Seems like a reasonable bet. You know the saying....."put your money......"
  7. dukitup


    According to the OC Register, Sutter is reportedly a big fan of Eakins. The guy did win 2 Cups. After the Xanax finally kicked in, I'm good with the hire.
  8. You know Carolina is piddleed. Reading the terms, it's front loaded big time, and since for only 5 years it's gonna take Aho right to UFA status. I'm sure Carolina didn't want to dish out so much $ now, and they wanted to eat up some UFA years.
  9. Not necessarily. Read our other option.
  10. What signings are you regretting we didn't do? Duchene, Panarin, etc.? Just curious. If we were one player away from the Cup, then I get it, but with us in mini rebuild mode, I'm not losing sleep over the inactivity. Myers @ 6M? Stralman @ 5.5M? Trades are a different story. I'm talking UFA's here.
  11. Don't follow TSN. Welinski signed with Philly.
  12. May be true. I have no idea.
  13. I agree with 99.9% of your post, but the quote I read from Zegras (saying he's going to play college hockey) ended with, "but it's not set in stone." If he blows everybody away come this development camp, things could get real interesting.
  14. This has been discussed ad nauseam.
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