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  1. I have the William De Vaughn version titled: Be Thankful for What You Got I had no idea Curtis Mayfield performed this song. Man, they sound similar. Great song.l
  2. I agree. Health will be a key though. Can't afford to lose Gibson or a significant D (4, 42, 47) for any length of time. I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the Guhle/Fowler pairing. Was kind of expecting a train wreck. Team will definitely be more entertaining.
  3. Why is it disappointing Moose? I don't think any of those sent down (all cleared waivers) are better than who we currently have on the roster. I think the next set of cuts might disappoint more (thinking Comtois here).
  4. There will always be bandwagon fans. Period. They show up when the team is winning, and disappear during down years. Kings consecutive home sellout streak ended last year I believe. They'll suffer too. Have to be real, there's just too much to see here that competes for discretionary spending. It's not like hockey is the only game in town. Concession prices have already increased for this season. That was evident the first preseason game. Doubt they go up again.
  5. Come on. Think anybody cares it was televised in San Jose (if you reside in So Cal)? It was "streamed" on the website, or possibly on the NHL all season access subscription feed. The FIRST locally televised game (and everybody knows that means on local cable TV) is tonight.
  6. The orange 3rd jerseys from a couple of years ago are coming back as this years third. With Reebok out and Adidas in, I'm sure there will be subtle differences (article mentions collar) between the two. Look for the orange third to replace our current home jersey as soon as next year. It's been rumored the Samueli's (Susan) really like the orange color and the tie in to "Orange County." The seat renovation (to black seats) at the Honda Center is also playing a part, as the black/orange contrast is more noticeable. Susan Samueli has said one day she would like the arena to be blanketed in orange, in the same way Dallas is green, Nashville (puke), etc. Should also point out the Great Ice arena in Irvine has orange signage, and the rink 4 premium seats are all orange.
  7. No they're not. I'm looking at the season seat pricing for the last 2 years. Plaza goal - Upper West (Ducks shoot twice), tickets were $83 last year, and $89 this year.
  8. They're somewhat thinner than past seasons, but I don't keep them. They work for me. I actually think these are way easier to separate than in past seasons when the tickets arrived in book fashion. I use the lanyard to hold the ticket (have it under my jersey, only need to show it when entering) too. I also believe you have the option of switching to electronic ticket if that's your preference . Personally, I like having a ticket. Don't want to have to flash my cell phone every time I want to enter the arena.
  9. If your seats are center ice (200 level), or in the second row of the 200 level, I know the prices went up significantly. Otherwise, I find it hard to believe a $40 increase in other areas. What location do you normally sit?
  10. From the tweets back and forth, Jill Painter mentioned she's still with Fox Sports, but not definitive in what capacity. If still with the Ducks, I "assume" she would have said so.
  11. Looks like Jill Painter Lopez won't be back behind the bench interviewing players. Ducks have hired Alyson Lozoff (formerly with VGK). There's some news. 😝
  12. I for one appreciate Moose's unwavering support for the Ducks. "Ducks Dedication" defines Moose. You can agree or disagree with a post, but there's no need to insult the individual themself. That's just common decency that should be "obvious."
  13. Don't shoot me, I'm simply the messenger. Yesterday the Athletic had a new article by Eric Stephens. Title: Ducks by Position: Previewing Anaheim's 2019-20 left side defensemen Opening paragraphs: "We are going to split this into two segments because, well, there are a lot of defensemen and we don't want to give anyone the short shift. Besides, we've still got more than a week left before Labor Day. We don't need to speed through this. This exercise is about looking at what each player is able to do for Anaheim this season, what they need to avoid doing, what we should hope is possible and what we should anticipate that is more realistic. For now, we'll focus on those Ducks who could (or rather, should) be manning the left side of their defense." Players listed (in order): Hampus Lindholm, Brendan Guhle, Jacob Larsson, Michael Del Zorro, Josh Mahura
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