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  1. He's going to be fine per the announcement made later in the game.
  2. Fisix, you're smarter than that. At venues where alcohol is served, wristbands have to be worn AT THE CONCESSION STANDS where alcohol is being purchased to prove you're 21 years of age. That's what they do at the OC Fair. You're sitting at the Honda Center watching a Ducks game, wearing a wristband that's covered by your jersey or jacket. NOBODY is going to approach you at your seat, and ask you to show them your wristband. Come on.
  3. Has anyone even paid any attention to those that are wearing masks? Half of them have the mask below their noses. I would love to have a dollar for everyone who wears their mask incorrectly. You think the ushers are going to police everyone exposing their nostrils? And DTS is right, the coaches (who have to be vaccinated), are standing behind their players (who are unmasked, but vaccinated), but in front of a plexiglass divider, wearing a mask. Then they're removing their mask every time they have something to say. It's ludicrous.
  4. The info is on the Honda Center website. Proof of vax required (or negative test 72 hrs prior to event) and goes into effect Sept. 20.
  5. The article states a BIG move the Ducks could make is to acquire Eichel. Unless one has just emerged from a cave, like within the last 24 hours, everyone knows the Ducks are trying to do exactly that.
  6. That's what I was afraid of. Did the streaming last year. Can be quite frustrating. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing cable providers, so I acknowledge this predicament is of my own choosing.
  7. I think Bally Sports is only available through DirecTV and Spectrum. Please educate me how to get it if I don't have either cable provider.
  8. I guess I'm not as negative on this upcoming season. Not saying we're making the playoffs, but I'm not seeing us finish 31st in the league either. And to be honest, to have any realistic chance at the #1 pick we have to finish bottom 3. Puck luck and Ducks are not synonymous with each other. I understand it's a deep draft, but significant pieces come within the top 5 picks (yes exceptions abound). Last year was a major cluster F. Our PP set a record for futility. That's not happening this year. By default, we'll be better. Injuries will always play a factor, but last year 2 of our top 4 D missed over half the games played (Lindholm missed 38 games, Manson 33). While we were abysmal at home (6-18-4), we were fairly consistent on the road (11-12-5). Our road GAA placed 10th in the league. Let's see what happens with a healthy Lindholm, Manson, Silfverberg and a full year from Zegras and Drysdale. Maybe for once we have a fairly healthy year. Continued improvements from some of the kids, plus a rebound season from Rakell may result in a team not as bad as many predict. We'll see.
  9. Since Eichel has a NMC that kicks in after this season, I assume there would be no drama as far as the Ducks are concerned. It's now or never.
  10. 1st bold - source 2nd bold - If he has the surgery he wants (disc replacement) the recovery time is about 6 weeks. If he has the surgery the team wants him to have (disc fusion) recovery time is 6-9 MONTHS. I'm not an orthopedist, but I "assume" if they fuse two or three discs in his neck together he will not "be the same player anymore" since his neck range of motion will be compromised. If anything, disc replacement surgery would practically minimize that issue.
  11. At the trade deadline last year, there was only ONE trade involving players with term (more than one year on their contract). Any team trading for the players you mentioned would have had to protect them in the Entry Draft. Teams had trouble protecting their own players. Trade them this off season maybe, but with Rakell scoring 9 goals and Manson hurt most of the season, their value right now is at its lowest level imo. If the team flounders, and the players you mentioned have a decent season going, I think their trade value will be higher at the deadline.
  12. If Eichel has the surgery he wants, recovery time is 6 weeks. Lindholm should be resigned if in the $7M range. He's our best defenseman and his skill set ages well. If the team flounders (which seems inevitable but one never knows), Rakell and Manson should be traded at the deadline. Their value right now is not nearly as good as it "could" be if they rebound this season.
  13. Actually 2G in 21 games. Failed to mention his 16A (which results in a goal). So 18 points in 21 games playing with a jacked up neck. Over 82 games that's 70 points. Just saying.
  14. For What It's Worth. A broken clock is more accurate than anything on Hockeybuzz. The Ducks correspondent also writes for the Kings/Sharks and maybe Seattle. The comments can be entertaining at times though.
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