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  1. Hope Calgary also hired an interpreter.
  2. dukitup

    Jamie Drysdale

    I have a question regarding Drysdale. He's playing in the AHL because the OHL is shut down. In 12 games with the Gulls, he has 4G 5A and is a minus 1. He will be 19 next month. What happens next year? He seems to be holding his own in the AHL. I don't see any benefit going back go the OHL. Can he remain with the Gulls next season or is he too young?
  3. I need to be educated. Seriously. I look at RNH and while a great C, I see a player that's going to want to get paid as this will be his last big contract. He'll want 7 years, and I have to think minimum 8M per year. I actually think he might get 9+ by someone. His playing age would be 28 thru 34 with the new contract. Going after Dubois was one thing (he'll be 23 this year), but I don't get going after RNH. Tell me why I'm wrong. Edit: IF we were one player away from a serious Cup run, then I get it.
  4. From Elliotte Friedman yesterday: "The Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks have looked at a multi-piece deal involving Danton Heinen and Jake Virtanen to try and make the money work. Could see the Ducks trying to get the Canucks to take Derek Grant‘s contract."
  5. I wouldn't let him go just yet. The G position is the last line of defense. Having an elite one is priceless imo, and Dostal may be that good. If the is worthy, then you'll have a repeat of the Andersen/Gibson situation.
  6. OK. Let's trade Comtois. It's posts like this that make my head explode.
  7. To be fair, the Gulls haven't exactly played the cream of the AHL crop. Yes, the Gulls are 6-0, but their opponents are 1-11-2 with 3 of their wins coming against Bakersfield (0-5). They play at Bakersfield tonight, home against Colorado (0-2-1) on Saturday, THEN play 3 games at Henderson (Vegas AHL team). Henderson is 4-0, with 17GF and 5GA. Those 3 games against Henderson will give us a better idea of how good the Gulls actually are.
  8. I try to be a cup half full person, but last night was pathetic. After 30 minutes we had 4 shots on goal. FOUR. That's abysmal and there's no excuse. I was totally bored watching them. I've been a SSH since day one, and all I was thinking was I'm glad I don't have to drive to the arena to watch this team play. I shook my head watching their 5 on 3 PP. Keep Zegras and Drysdale down with the Gulls. They're playing exciting hockey. They don't need to be exposed to the 💩show this team is right now.
  9. The fanbase would go apoplectic if Gibson was traded NOW. Someone just spitballing junk imo. Watching Dostal last night, the kid can play G. He may be the real deal, but he's going to have to prove himself with the big club. I can see him as the b/u next year if Miller retires. If he proves himself, then I see the Gibson/Andersen scenario repeating itself with Gibson/Dostal.
  10. Why would Kesler "retire" and forfeit $6.75M? Would you? He'll remain on LTIR and continue to collect his salary.
  11. Totally unfair. You're better than that Shadowduck. Turns out it wasn't Guillain Barre Syndrome (but he had to go to the Mayo Clinic to see a specialist to find that out), but that still doesn't take away from the tremendous hardship the affliction caused him and his family.
  12. What do I know. I thought the topic was about the Oakland A's pitching staff.
  13. I'm not going to get into NMC's, albatross contracts, etc. All I'm asking is can we let the last E.D go already? Vegas asked for Theodore in exchange for drafting Clayton Stoner. Otherwise, Vegas is taking either Manson or Silf. at the draft. I hate the hindsight 20/20 argument that we should have let Vegas have either player instead of losing Theodore too.
  14. Couldn't make the rescheduled date.
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