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  1. Sorry mate, my anger is and should be directed toward management, not you at all, my apologies if it did not come through as such. Yeah, we can agree this is horrible, and will be losing a player to a division rival AGAIN. I'd send Mahura back down asap to protect him essentially. My way too early prediction is: Getzlaf, Rakell, Kase, Lundestrom, Comtois, Steel, Aberg/Terry - Lindholm, Fowler, Montour - Gibson Seattle might have the pick of the litter from Manson, Aberg/Terry, Larsson. My sense is that Perry and Kesler will be somehow gone by then. If not, all the worse.
  2. He played 10. Limit was 9. He WILL need protection. There's no way GMBM should not have OR could not have expected this. This is a serious dropping of da ball. Alas, it might not be his problem to clear and solve...
  3. With the burned ELC years how bout Lundestrom, Steel, Terry and Comtois? Remind me again please how the 2021 date does not sakk bolls for the Ducks?
  4. Lehner's gone to the Isles, Sabres signed Carter Hutton to be their No1. It's between Linus Ullmark and Scott Wedgewood for the backup spot.
  5. TRADE To: #Sabres F Jeff Skinner To: #Hurricanes F Cliff Pu 2019 2nd round pick 2020 3rd round pick 2020 6th round pick Now it's not something the Ducks couldn't have paid. Question is cap space and cost of resigning him. I'd have welcomed him, but sadly it wasn't gonna happen without offloading a big contract...
  6. I think they're OK. They're the mixture of the classic purple based Ducks jersey and the current standard NHL design. What I hate are the shoulders, they should have left those purple with a white line or simply white. Too much teal. I don't get the 'numbers problem'. They are exactly the same that have been used since the rebranding.
  7. Ilya Kovalchuk agreed to terms on a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.
  8. No need to be Negative Nancy here, different kids, different curves. Steel exploded onto the scene right after he was drafted while Etem needed to be overage to do that. Steel also has more dimensions, while Etem was a strangely skating speed and shoot one-trick pony, Steel is more developed in most areas: smoother skater, higher IQ, better vision, leadership, can both score/pass, plays on both ends, wins you faceoffs, simply better overall skills with and without the puck. I'd say he translates perfectly into the current smaller, faster, more skilled NHL trend. Morand could be similar. With some strong wingers in Jones and Comtois, they could be a bright future. A dynamo fast/skill winger type guy should be drafted to complement them.
  9. Agreed. Steel was top scorer of the tournament, voted MVP, All-Star and captained his team to an unexpected result anyway. On another note, the then MVP Corey Perry led 2005 London Knights were voted best CHL team during the 100 years of the Memorial Cup. ...and don't forget, Antoine Morand - who had an assists on the game-winning goal - is now a Memorial Cup winner! I'm not sure how that translates into the NHL, but Steel and Morand won 59 and 54% of their faceoffs during the tournament, respectively. Congrats to both kids and here's to their further development!!!
  10. My money is on Max Comtois.
  11. In 4 games, not 8, that's a 3.25 pts/game pace, but he needs to maintain it for only a single game now, so here's to statlines and hairlines!
  12. Steel scored the game-winning goal and added an assist, while Josh Mahura also had an assist in the semi vs Hamilton. Final is Sunday night at home (as hosts) vs Antoine Morand and the Titans (as previously mentioned). Steel has added to his tournament lead and stands with 2 goals and 11 assists now. He's 3 points and 2 assists away from the all time tournament records, which are both feasable considering all four of his games have been multi-point efforts, with two out of four with at least 4 (!!!) assists. Go Ducklings, Go Regina!!!
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