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  1. Sorry mate, my anger is and should be directed toward management, not you at all, my apologies if it did not come through as such. Yeah, we can agree this is horrible, and will be losing a player to a division rival AGAIN. I'd send Mahura back down asap to protect him essentially. My way too early prediction is: Getzlaf, Rakell, Kase, Lundestrom, Comtois, Steel, Aberg/Terry - Lindholm, Fowler, Montour - Gibson Seattle might have the pick of the litter from Manson, Aberg/Terry, Larsson. My sense is that Perry and Kesler will be somehow gone by then. If not, all the worse.
  2. He played 10. Limit was 9. He WILL need protection. There's no way GMBM should not have OR could not have expected this. This is a serious dropping of da ball. Alas, it might not be his problem to clear and solve...
  3. With the burned ELC years how bout Lundestrom, Steel, Terry and Comtois? Remind me again please how the 2021 date does not sakk bolls for the Ducks?
  4. Ilya Kovalchuk agreed to terms on a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.
  5. Don't count out the Golden Knights if they fail in landing Karlsson this summer. They'd look at him as a cheaper consolation prize and McPhee doesn't have an aversion of Russians. Kings and the East Coast will be interested though, I would assume.
  6. Charks are close to being out of sight, let's hope Kings continue to trend down.
  7. I was thinking of him but I wasn't sure how signing an ELC and playing collegiate hockey works as Terry's season is far from over. Antoine Morand and/or Tyler Soy could follow. Didn't remember Mahura already having signed one.
  8. I'm more convinced about him, than abut Max Jones. Me likes.
  9. DucksProg


    It pains me that the Ducks have a GM with a knack for finding young talent, and a coach with a knack for breaking them.
  10. For once he's clutch in the right moment.
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