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  1. Sorry mate, my anger is and should be directed toward management, not you at all, my apologies if it did not come through as such. Yeah, we can agree this is horrible, and will be losing a player to a division rival AGAIN. I'd send Mahura back down asap to protect him essentially. My way too early prediction is: Getzlaf, Rakell, Kase, Lundestrom, Comtois, Steel, Aberg/Terry - Lindholm, Fowler, Montour - Gibson Seattle might have the pick of the litter from Manson, Aberg/Terry, Larsson. My sense is that Perry and Kesler will be somehow gone by then. If not, all the worse.
  2. He played 10. Limit was 9. He WILL need protection. There's no way GMBM should not have OR could not have expected this. This is a serious dropping of da ball. Alas, it might not be his problem to clear and solve...
  3. With the burned ELC years how bout Lundestrom, Steel, Terry and Comtois? Remind me again please how the 2021 date does not sakk bolls for the Ducks?
  4. Kase signing is for 3 years at 2.6M AAV. Still RFA after expiry. Great deal.
  5. He's got no NMC, it's a modified and limited NTC from the third year of his contract, stating he can submit a 10 team no trade list.
  6. Lehner's gone to the Isles, Sabres signed Carter Hutton to be their No1. It's between Linus Ullmark and Scott Wedgewood for the backup spot.
  7. TRADE To: #Sabres F Jeff Skinner To: #Hurricanes F Cliff Pu 2019 2nd round pick 2020 3rd round pick 2020 6th round pick Now it's not something the Ducks couldn't have paid. Question is cap space and cost of resigning him. I'd have welcomed him, but sadly it wasn't gonna happen without offloading a big contract...
  8. If only you could guarantee he will be able to keep up that production. Fact is you can't. Also more facts: he's older, not faster and who can say what his mental and health state is/how it holds up? Why even would a small sample size for a now 34 year old player from his age 32 season mean anything for the future other than being extremely hopeful? And since we are putting hope into something, I'd much rather do it in case of a player trending upward and benefitting him and the team much more, even if it's longer term. I don't see Eaves as key for the Ducks winning now, so maybe try someone who can be that in the future, as that future could be that much closer for it.
  9. I don't care what he makes*, I care about what he contributes and what's the alternative. His contract was expected to provide diminishing returns and he was forced to sit out the year that return was expected to be its highest. He's an(other) increasingly bad contract and the exact opposite of which direction the team should be headed to. So yes, I'd rather give a youngster increased minutes instead of him most of the time. I'm pretty sure he will have numerous maintenance nights anyway. On the other hand I'd spot start him on a 4th line wing role to see if he can still help the PP. *well I do care, you can't really sit Perry, that looks bad, but 3.1M is within my reserve price
  10. Go figure, right? They had us a really similar number prior to Montour signing... Anyhow, it looks good and correct.
  11. It's not an arbitration ruling, they avoided that and signed an agreed contract.
  12. All this has been talked about under a different thread. It's a team option now whether 1 or 2 years, and ofc they'll opt for 2. It's the perfect situation. He'll still be RFA in 2020 but without arbitration rights. 3M is too much for him annualy? He's a young right handed shot with tons of potential already putting up the points. He rounds out his game and he will be VALUE. Give all the money intended for Ritchie if need be, but at their rate, they should all fit in under the cap along with Kase just fine.
  13. TBH, neither. I certainly don't like both in the lineup, they are incredibly slow and losing touch by the minute. There are young and up and coming options, and since Perry is a given, as much as I'd like to see Eaves healthy, I'd prefer him sitting to make way for the youth. I'd also give one last crack at squeezing Silvferberg for goals and consistency (eventually to drive his price up). Also, trade Ritchie. Rakell - Getzlaf - Silvferberg Lindholm - Manson Gibson / Miller Kase - Henrique - Perry Fowler - Montour Cogliano - Kesler - Terry Larsson - Schenn Gibbons - Steel/Rowney - Eaves/Rowney Pettersson - Sustr
  14. It was not their offer, they were going long term with him. It was their arbitration number. Sure, the arb is not obligated to split it down the middle, but the lower number you offer, the less likely is for the decision to be closer to the player's number. Pretty sure both parties had to give some reasoning as well. Plus it does look reasonable in this case to find a literal middle ground.
  15. to get another raise sooner, playing on a 1 year prove it deal
  16. I said Dumba, not Trouba. Dumba got signed for 5 years at 6M per, a number I bet GMBM wouldn't go for with Montour.
  17. Montour's contract will turn out for 2 years at 3-3.25 per, maybe 3 in the first, 3.5 in the second year.
  18. I don't think it will get to that. That 2 year bridge deal sounds feasible. The Dumba contract probably put a dent into longer term negotiations.
  19. I was hoping for a two year bridge deal anyway, hopeful it gets done.
  20. I think they're OK. They're the mixture of the classic purple based Ducks jersey and the current standard NHL design. What I hate are the shoulders, they should have left those purple with a white line or simply white. Too much teal. I don't get the 'numbers problem'. They are exactly the same that have been used since the rebranding.
  21. It's close to Vancouver but still in the US?
  22. I'd REALLY SERIOUSLY hate to lose Manson, but that proposal is a flat out Ducks win. Much rather add a Montour and maybe a Welinski or a Pettersson along with Silvfer.
  23. There are 3 problems with this. 1) Signing Panarin for 8M+ for 7-8 years will hardly fit under our cap if no big contract goes the other way, esp that we don't know what contracts Montour, Kase and Ritchie will get and there's the resigning of Gibson. 2) The packages you mention are simply not enough. 3) Colombus is looking for a hockey deal, not futures, they're pretty well set up now, won't take a step back.
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