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  1. Well its been a few weeks and Quenville is available. Im surprised the Coyotes and Ducks have not picked him up yet. RC is here to stay guys face it. Too many injuries so they aren't going to blame him for this year. At this point I have to wonder about the training staff with these injuries, although are guys are on the wrong side of 30 too. Time to let this rest. If they were gonna fire him they would of done it by now.
  2. This thread will have over 100 pages easy by the time this damn year is over. Screw this year. At this point lets just hope no one dies and I'm not even kidding.
  3. This just in we are getting rid of our 3rd jerseys and going with this one for the rest of time
  4. Here's the thing. Is it an improvement? Yes. Is that saying much? No because we have the worst jerseys. Could they of gotten it better pretty easily? Yes.... WHY do they hate plum so much? It's the only unique color we had that no one still has and they make it as minimal as possible I just don't get it. The people involved in designing the gear and merch need to be completely fired and shire a completely new staff because they just don't have much in the creativity department. This shouldn't be that hard people.... It's an improvement but definitely not a win. I'll just keep my old stuff, I don't wanna give the NHL or Ducks any money anyway until they stop all the virtue signaling anyway.
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