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  1. Not sure if anyone has said this yet but we need to get coach Q. Try that out.
  2. Weeeeeelllll all you saying Carlyle will never be gone better take that shoe out your mouth.
  3. One big problem that doesn’t seem to get brought up that much is that ever since Perry (from a chronological perspective) we have never acquired a player who is so gifted at scoring goals it doesn’t matter what else is going on. What I mean is like Tarasenko or that kind of player. A guy like Pavel Bure. If you don’t like my examples whatever, but you know what I’m getting at. These type of players where they’d score 40 plus goals if they were on the Coyotes or on the Penguins. I understand that’s supposed to be Rakell and I think he is an astounding player, but I’m just not sure if he’s that guy. I think he needs at least a so-so line around him to tear it up. I know it’s not going to happen but I’d be down with dumping some salary and getting Panarin the bread man. He’s the only guy available that I can think of that may be that archetype scorer. Even if he’s not imagine him and Rakell on a line. That would be well..... a crap ton of bread baby. Speaking of archetypes BY THORS BEARD let Josh Manson be Josh Manson before I jump out a window! I love that guy but trying to make him into something he’s not isn’t working. Just let him be big mean and crafty. It’s what he’s for and he’s damn good at it.
  4. Hey guys I know it's dark times right now. If you want to feel better here's what I do. I watch the games at 2X speed and play Benny Hill music until the game is over. Randomly I will throw in some circus sound effects and it enhances the experience. Good thing is we have lots of good players in the pipe and we get some good looks at our newer players. Plus most of our boys are back from the dead for the time being so maybe they can get up to par now that there isn't a ton of pressure realistically. I'm sure the organization is putting pressure on them but everyone knows this season is over and even if we made the playoffs we aren't going deep. There may be a coaching or gm change or both and that'll probably make the majority of you happy. Random question though, does anyone know the Roy situation? Been wondering why we haven't seen him this year. I love that guy.
  5. You are 50/50 bro. Really you could do LITERALLY anything different on the power play just to see if something happens lol. I mean just about anything would be better just to see what happens. Anything short of Gibson at the point - wait no that would at least be entertaining to watch and see the other teams reaction. As for Gibson - Are you freaking serious?? I'm not even going to say anything because you are just seeing something that isn't even 1% understandable. The guy is a freaking stud and been bombed more than Iraq. He is the sole sole sole reason we are not in dead last with a very distant 2nd to last. Don't bother arguing with anyone on here about Gibson needing to up his game because no one sees it (because it's not there). No offense to you but there is a branch of hockey fans that seems to always blame the goalie and apparently you are in it. No big deal, but honestly Gibson is one of the few people that doesn't have problems on this dumpster fire team. You should be thanking God he's here right now. Im with you on the PP though, spot on there.
  6. Thanks Fisix I appreciate it. I’m curious if it’s a distant second for the next team.
  7. Tomato tah-mato but yeah either way, if someone knows where to get those numbers that would be great,
  8. Does anyone know where the officials stats for man hours lost are? I found places online but they all want to charge. I’m curious how many hours we’ve lost so far total and I didn’t see a number in that other thread.
  9. Well its been a few weeks and Quenville is available. Im surprised the Coyotes and Ducks have not picked him up yet. RC is here to stay guys face it. Too many injuries so they aren't going to blame him for this year. At this point I have to wonder about the training staff with these injuries, although are guys are on the wrong side of 30 too. Time to let this rest. If they were gonna fire him they would of done it by now.
  10. This thread will have over 100 pages easy by the time this damn year is over. Screw this year. At this point lets just hope no one dies and I'm not even kidding.
  11. This just in we are getting rid of our 3rd jerseys and going with this one for the rest of time
  12. "Judging by the amount of unsold seats remaining, many of them non-ticket exchange tickets, I'd say there is nowhere near the demand you might normally expect from such a significant occasion in a hockey club's history. I'm sure they'll sell plenty of merch, and the building will appear full, but there are enough fans who remember, and still feel as I do, enough that our lukewarm response to this retirement will certainly diminish what, as I said, should be widespread support and agreement." I was there and it was sold out according to the announcement. What makes you say there were unsold seats? It was horrendous getting in there too, absolutely horrendous.
  13. I hauled my happy ass all the way from Phoenix to watch that game and man that was brutal. Ducks seem to not win these big games when they have a great atmosphere to win. Paul and Teemu should of suited up because we obviously needed something in the last half of the game. Obviously I was there mostly for the ceremony but damn we were up 2-0. I will give them that the reffing was embarrassing but it was the same issue, way too many shots allowed. Getzlaf clearly wasnt 100% and there was extended time in our zone with too many penalties. They have been better on the penalties overall this season but not this game. Also I hate to admit this because I love Manson but hes been struggling lately. Hes been juked quite a bit and made many more bad passes and turnovers that usual. I don't know whats up with him. I'm sure he will get back to form but I was wondering if he was hurt as well already. Not sure if you guys heard anything on that front.
  14. Maybe hes trying to be the next Phil Kessel lol - Hey if he put up points like Phil I wouldn't care if he weighed 300 lbs
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