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  1. Rakell-Getz-Silfverberg Ritchie-Steel-Kase Jones-Henrique-Terry Sherwood-Shore-Sprong Grant-Rowney (Des-Grant-Rowney) needs to stop being a thing. Lindholm-Manson Guhle-Fowler Mahura-Gudbranson MDZ
  2. And it will be his 1,00th game.
  3. Wow Perry is no longer a Duck... weird.
  4. It was simply a cap thing, Ottawa needs contracts to meet the cap floor that was the match between the two. Exactly he wouldn't want that, thats where the buy out for him comes into play.
  5. Thats what I have been thinking, I don't understand this idea that the Ducks are disrespecting Perry with a buy out. If anything they are doing him a favor and bought him out of respect, the popular rumor was Ottawa, the Ducks did him a favor lol.
  6. I think Ricco is gone and they move Rakell to center until steal or someone else steps in
  7. Silf... 5.25 on the third. I mean is there no one in that office that has GMIHCBM ear. I really can see what he sees. You 4 maybe 5 assets. And non of them are franchise players. Trade them, get the space and try again. It's so frustrating
  8. Cap is going up 1mill to 80.5...
  9. Too many dmen... I honestly can't see Fowler being moved. GMBM loves him and I do thing he was going to break out before they brought RC back. Mountor should be moved though. Manson showed he can score and play great D last year, Manson, Lindholm and Fowler is a good Day core. Mountor already wants to much money. Mountor could be a good return but him, Montour and a 2nd could get you a great top line player... Toronto...
  10. I hope they don't... I could really see him throwing up 40-50 points with a coach that knows how to use him.
  11. If he wanted to trade Silf and start the re-tool he'd do so now. No one will take Silf now until he's on the last year of his deal. Which means Rakell and Lindholm are really the only great trade assets. He just signed Ricco and Silf, so unless he accepts the loss on Ricco. Who else do you have to trade? You say Rakell is a no, you have the Dman, all good assets but nothing to replace them (traded to many of them already) that leaves you Ritchie, Kase and the young guys and that doesn't get you much. The fans need to prepare for very little change in this roster over the next few years unless GMBM makes some desperate trades. Getz, Perry, Rakell, Silf, Ricco, Kesler, Kase, Ritchie and Spring where do the kids fit in there?
  12. You're 100% right but I think they'll try and do right by Miller and keep close to SoCal.
  13. Future core pieces would come from Fowler and Rakell trades. While an aging Getz and Perry, will keep the team competitive and butts in the seats I don't think they take you to the playoffs. You can trade some younger assets Fowler, Rakell and Kase gain some strong assets then try again with the younger guys now and hope they are ready to take over by the time Getz and Perry retire. The recent re-tool was killed by Carlyle and now we have to many expensive contracts that needed to be handed out in order to compete during our window. Now unfortunately you'll have to trade off the good young talent you have now in order to try again with Kes, Getz and Perry are off the books. Unless you luck out and find a way to ship out Kes, Ricco and Eaves and use that almost 16 mill to reinvest into the team. But its gonna take some hard to swallow trades, that wont happen because if they do GMBM will be basiclly saying he got it wrong which will possibly get him fired. So we are probably stuck with results every year until he gets fired and a new guy comes in and tears it all down,
  14. I could see Henrique being moved at the deadline and maybe Fowler and Rakell being moved for some big hauls in the offseason. GMBM has said there will be changes and they are running out of assets really fast. Maybe treating Kesler like a Hossa and attaching that salary with Rakell to a low cap team. That is a lot of salary, Your core of Getz, Perry, Silfverberg, Lindholm and Gibson can keep you competitive while the young guys come up and take over.
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