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  1. You are right in no big big hits but they are very physical and violent, lots of small fast hits and he is very small right now dont know if he could handle it. Look what Frosberg did to manson the last couple of games and he is a freaking monster.
  2. Anyone else find it interesting that on the day the preds lose Johansan and Fisher we lose Rakell and Gibson???? The NHL is against us lol. Just when I thought we had the advantage Rakell goes down and Gibson gets hurt. Perry and Kesler need to full offense in this one. Hopefully Kesler wont have to worry about being the shutdown guy now, he can focus on going out there and dominate this game.
  3. Steel is very hot from his own playoffs but i dont think he would be able to withstand the beating the preds are giving out right now.
  4. Was that like a wink wink jersey retirement?
  5. Dont they need him for the expansion, or did the tokiraski signing take care of that? That'd be a nice cap dump. with Gibson playing every game now, Tolki could be the back up.
  6. Cap hit of 4 mill but actual money is only 2 mill. So not as bad as I thought.
  7. We added that contract and didn't drop stoner yay!!
  8. While I was opening the thread, I all i could do is imagine everyone angry reactions haha. God the outrage that would happen, but then would slowly turn to all the fans convincing themselves thats its not that bad of a signing. Glad it didnt happen though.
  9. 5 a year is pretty reasonable for a guy like him
  10. This was really surprising, i did not think he was the guy they were gonna stick with. Gonna be tough to keep Lindholm and Fowler around, unless they find a way to dump Stoner and Bieska.
  11. At least hes real, If i got traded after a playoff run like that or traded at all I wouldn't have much love for the team that traded me either. Most players just blow smoke up the media a$$ and you don't get a real response from them. It also could have been a lot worse, he could have actually said something messed up. Yeah its more professional to just keep your mouth shut but I like when the players show some real emotions after something as tough as being traded.
  12. Yeah but hes old news now haha, everyone more focused on the lovable Patty Maroon. In the bigger market he better get better at the those interviews or hes gonna get some serious hate haha.
  13. HAHA the looks on their faces... like the lady in Edmonton jersey can't even look up from her phone when they score, I thought cali had bad hockey fans.
  14. Apparently edmonton brings out the best in big guy another goal tonight... and Clendening got an assist aswell.
  15. Yeah the game against the Kings was the first time i got to see him play live and the way he was going after Quick every chance he had made me go all man crush on him haha, if he sticks around ill be getting a Perron 3rd jersey. That stupid trade still piddlees me off... Freaking Doug Weight and it was all Schnider and Bertuzzis fault. they changed my bad word haha