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  1. Now the Sabres are admitting surgery is needed. But they want Eichel to get the neck fusion surgery, not the disc replacement surgery that Eichel wants. My limited understanding of the CBA is that Eichel is compelled to go with the team's recommendations for treating all injuries. So I see three scenarios: 1) Eichel gets the neck fusion surgery(not likely), goes through recovery and he get's traded once the team can present him as a healthy player. 2) Eichel refuses to get the fusion and his playability is delayed even further. At this point the Sabre's can suspend him without pay until he does comply. Eichel will lose millions of dollars. 3) Eichel gets the disc replacement surgery against the wishes of the Sabres. Buffalo can declare breach of contract and nullify the remainder of Eichel's contract. Is there any other possibility not including a trade before Eichel's injury is resolved?
  2. Eichel met with the Sabre's GM two days ago. I'm speculating he was given an ultimatum to proceed with the spinal fusion surgery. He's sticking to his guns and decisions have consequences. Odds are better than not he's played his ;last game as a Buffalo Sabre.
  3. Either GMBM is A) Completely incapable of brokering a trade or enticing a UFA to come to Anaheim or B) He is determined to do nothing to improve this team in the short term. I'm leaning toward option B. I think he has decided to continue to play this crop of disappointing prospects for the next two seasons until Zegras and Drysdale develop into full fledge NHL players. Until then he is going to sit on his hands and drink his beer.
  4. I've wondered that myself and somewhere on this thread I think I even said as much. No player wants to be perceived to be a bad apple and if true it would give Eichel a way to exit without looking a jerk or basically telling the Sabres fanbase that he has no faith the team will be winning a cup anytime soon.
  5. Then who did? Bob? I was under the impression it was Eakin .
  6. What irks me is both Bonino and Cogs were available and they both went to San Jose. I'm also surprised Henrique is still on the team as it was clear Eakin wanted him gone. But I'm not nearly as ready to give up on Rakell or Lindholm as you seem to be at this point .
  7. what's stopping Buffalo from retaining some of Eichel's salary in a trade?
  8. it would suck if Eichel went to the Vegas or any other team in the Ducks' division.
  9. Good for Perry. Was hoping he would return to the Ducks for a farewell season. Maybe next year.
  10. People in NHL radio said Getzlaf and GMBM are not even close on a deal and that Getzlaf will most likely go UFA tomorrow. Sad day if that happenes.
  11. During those years the Ducks dominated on the faceoff. They had the most overtime wins in the league. They would crush opponents with their dump and chase forechecking. Then the league Changed faceoffs, changed the icing rules, and introduced the three man overtime. All of which impacted the Ducks more than any other team. Many hockey fans say the shootout is too gimmicky, I would argue the three man overtime is much worse. My point being too many rules have been changed for the Ducks from 2013-2015 to do as well as they did then. If that makes sense?
  12. I'm not well informed regarding all of the 21 draft prospects. But it doesn't matter. Barstool Bob is going to use the 3rd overall selection to pick a stay at home defenseman. He can't help himself it's in his DNA.
  13. I've seen a couple of pundits say Seattle is taking Mahura.
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