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  1. If I were Silf and really wanted to stay in Anaheim I would only sign the extension if it included a NMC. I can see Murray sweet talking Silf into signing an extension just to up his trade value. Beware Jakob.....beware.
  2. Not happy about this at all. I guess we should have known something was up last game when Cogs was not playing with Kesler and Silfverberg. He scores a rare goal and gets traded. I guess Murray didn't like his comments in the post game interview.. THIS SUCKS!!!!
  3. I think one of the problems is (and correct me if I'm wrong) that Bob Murray is both the GM and president of operations. So he is his own boss, answerable to nobody save the owners. If there was a different person above him as said president that person would be focused on the overall dollars and cents success of the franchise and by now would be putting Murray's feet to the fire to do SOMETHING. Murray's statement last night in unconditional support of Carlyle indicates he is willing to let this season slide into failure, and then maybe he does something in the off season. As a fan, after 11 straight loses I really want to see him make some sort of change. Even minor ones like firing all of the assistant coaches minus the goalie coach.
  4. I'm glad someone within the Ducks organization is still upset over the Cogs suspension and is willing to say something publicly.
  5. Except we all know the Duck's play is inconsistent. The topic of THIS thread is about the terrible officiating and how biased it is against the Ducks not the level of play by the Ducks.
  6. I have no problem with the Ducks losing when they play badly or are clearly outplayed by their opponent. But when the refs clearly tilt the ice with one sided officiating it becomes a bitter pill to swallow. Especially since this is a reoccurring issue over the last several weeks.
  7. If Eaves ever plays again I wish the Ducks would make him shave off his beard or at least trim it. Maybe I'm in the minority but I think these mountain man beards make the players who wear them look like homeless people. When you combine the mountain man beard with missing teeth?? I start looking for the moonshine jug. Yeah.... not a god look at all.
  8. Same here.
  9. Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
  10. If the NHL adopts those standards the game will be boring as heck. It will destroy fore checking completely. Holzer is right. The game will become a panzy sport.
  11. I like it as well. If nothing else it forces the goalie to do something. Eventually it will lead to a rebound or a goalie mistake. It puts the puck right into the dirty areas where chaos ensues. It makes the goalie second guess whether the oncoming opponent is really going to shoot or pass the next time.
  12. I've seen Doughty break so many sticks this season. It's so fun to watch him melt down.
  13. just watched the game summary on youtube. That should have been an interference call. I say that as someone who is a fan of both the Capitals and Ovechkin.
  14. If it did happen the Ducks as their roster is composed right now would plummet to the bottom of the standings. They already had difficulty playing speed teams. Opening the ice up would just give those teams a huge advantage. The real issue is the players across the league who have no self control and like to take cheap shots, players targeting goalies etc. and the there are no serious consequences for repeat offenders. Also the inconsistencies with officiating , and certain refs who don't like certain teams. Case in point: Ducks versus Devils. Devils knew they could run rough shod against the Ducks once they realized the refs were not going to call penalties on them for borderline plays. They took out Miller by pushing a teammate into him, and nearly took out Gibson later in the same game by sticking out a leg clipping Gibson as they went through the crease.
  15. What really bugs me about this is Hall basically pushed the Ducks player into Miller. Tired of opposing teams targeting our goalies. Later during overtime Devils player on a break away can be seen extending his leg to clip Gibson as he crossses the crease. No call of course. Luckily Gibson is okay. I hope Miller comes back strong. He deserves to break the American goalie all time win record.