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  1. For all of the hype surrounding these players, I don't think I know of any instances where Gretzky was guilty of this kind of thing. Granted I wasn't following hockey back when Gretzky was playing. Just seems wrong for Crosby to get away with this.
  2. I heard about this early this morning on NHL Radio. Did they even call a penalty on Crosby? How are his actions not worthy of a suspension ?
  3. Caps did the Ducks a favor and beat the Flames.
  4. 3-1 WILD. Sharks tied it up and then Wild scored two quick goals. And now Sharks score. 4 goals in under a minute. Crazy
  5. The same thought crossed my mind.
  6. Now they are fighting for the 8th seed with St Louis and Nashville. The only upside if they manage to get in is they will play the Hawks in the first round. A definite win/win for the Ducks.
  7. LOL, where have we seen that before?
  8. BB is not a happy camper.
  9. Diving Dustin Brown strikes again.
  10. Dumb penalty Engelland.
  11. ggrrr....
  12. DFL, I'm thinking you are going to get your wish regarding the game turning dirty.
  13. 4-1. Hilarious!!
  14. awesome!!
  15. Fox jinxed Quick. Right before the Flames scored their first goal fox went on about how well Quick had done since his return and how he has not let in more than 2 goals per game and also had a shutout versus buffalo. Seriously though Quick was frozen on that first goal and then beat on the second one. Beautiful. Put some doubt into his brain.