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  1. Someone probably already posted about this but in case it was missed. Getzlaf did a podcast interview back on Feb. 3rd or 4th in Toronto during the Ducks road trip. Nothing too controversial but I found it interesting.
  2. After reading that article I would not blame Kesler for retiring after this season. I hope he goes one more year but at the same time I would rather see him put on LTIR for the remainder of his contract so he has a chance to walk his daughter down the aisle years from now. It would be tragic if he continued to play and suffered a catastrophic injury that permanently ended his ability to walk. He's hit his 1000 game goal. There's no shame in hanging up the skates now. (Not that there would have been two years ago).
  3. And we all know had Shore Kneed Cole there would have been some sort of discipline. Although I was surprised that Rakell wasn't fined/suspended after his 5 minute/game misconduct penalty last week.
  4. I'm happy Silf is signed. The limited no trade list still gives the Ducks lots of flexibility. The Ducks can still trade him for assets if they want to. But I hope he is here for the long haul. His contract lines up in length with Henrique, which makes sense if you are planning on using those two as transitional players as the Ducks move on from Getzlaf, Perry and Kesler. They provide consistent play and stability while the Ducks bring all of their prospects into the fold.
  5. 3-3 with 34 seconds in the third. Hopefully they at least go to overtime.
  6. If we get to the end of the season and we are neck and neck with the queens for last place or fighting for a lottery spot, I can imagine the last game of the season to be comical with neither team wanting to score a goal. Kings are clearly tanking. Last night in their game versus the Canes Quick looked like a statue out there. I could see both teams missing open nets on purpose to avoid getting any points for the game. LOL.. We could see an hours long shootout where goalies are moving out of the net and players still missing. (Not really, I'm being absurd.)
  7. Kings in full tank mode. Quick wasn't even trying to stop some of those shots.
  8. Evander Kane got his ass kicked by Chara. too funny.
  9. Games aren't the same without Dawn. I hope she recovers soon, And yeah.. makes you think Bob is setting up the team to tank.. only 4 teams below the Ducks atm.
  10. meh... Bob said he wasn't finished yet..
  11. I have thought this too. The only reason I seem him not doing so is if Perry retires and he wants to end his career at the same time.
  12. Interesting quote by Murray: https://www.nhl.com/news/anaheim-ducks-trade-brandon-montour-to-buffalo-sabres/c-305184348 So Murray considers the Ducks in a retooling and not a rebuild. Which makes sense since they can't rebuild until Getz, Perry and Kesler are out of the picture.
  13. Seems like the Ducks got a decent return. I know Monty's physical game wasn't very good, but he seemed to have good vision at the point, and was dishing some good passes that led to goals lately. (Since RC was let go). I wonder if GMBM was actively shopping Monty or he was responding to a really good offer.
  14. McDavid can say all he wants but it was clearly intentional.
  15. I guess he ISN'T perfect after all. LOL. https://www.nhl.com/news/oilers-connor-mcdavid-suspended-two-games-for-actions-against-islanders/c-305105788?tid=277549076
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