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  1. I was thinking more along the line of Murray laying the groundwork for justifying allowing Vats to be exposed in the event Vats is selected. At this point Murray is not going to be able to protect everyone and he is pointing out to the fan base that Vatanen's recovery time is going to be a very long, undetermined duration which will extend well into next season. It justifies Murray possible protecting either a Manson or a Montour over Vatanen to some degree as they are expected to be ready to go at the start of next season. Just speculation on my part.
  2. Thanks. I never read about that aspect of his life.
  3. Did everyone know about this but me?
  4. I'm not even sure I will be able to watch or listen to game seven. Bad enough we have to wait three days. I normally listen to NHL radio on XM. After last night's fiasco I am going to have to avoid any hockey news lest I be subjected to all the praise heaped on Edmonton ad nauseam.
  5. Ducks better show up in game seven. Those three soft goals to start game six were an embarrassment. Letting the Oilers goad them into penalties was terrible. ZERO power plays in this series is unacceptable. It's put up or shut up time. Gibson is horrible. Been saying it for 18 months now. If the Ducks go down GM should be fired for thinking Gibson is an elite goalie.
  6. Perry came through when you needed him to. Such a classic Perry goal. The comeback Friday night was incredible. Despite my criticism earlier in this thread I am glad he scored the game winner in such dramatic fashion. No way I'm going to poop on his parade.
  7. With regards to the part I highlighted, we saw GETZLAF light up Edmonton. Perry was along for the ride. He had one secondary assist in the last game. At this point I think it is wishful thinking to believe that Perry is going to suddenly start producing goals when he has looked too much like Selanne in his final years. Whether it is temporary or permanent the fact is as of right now Perry has lost his hands. Having him on a line with Getz just reduces Getz's passing options to down to one. The "other" winger playing on his line. At least playing on the third line Perry is going up against weaker defenders and has a much more realistic chance at scoring goals.
  8. When and If Eaves returns he should go back on the line with Getzlaf. Too much good chemistry there. Perry may be a big body but he is not a scoring threat. Eaves is both. You have a line with Getz, Rakell and Eaves there are three scoring threats. Much harder to contain . A Getz/Rakell/Perry line just means the opponent know to cover Rak and Getz as they know Perry cannot score.
  9. Same. And when I did watch them it was to watch hockey. After the 2004-2005 lockout when ESPN dump NHL contracts I said F them. Thanks to their tantrums we were stuck watching hockey on the outdoor channel and KDOC for several years. Like others I cannot stand it when sports announcers get political. Too much politics as it is these days. I turn on hockey to escape all that crap.
  10. I was gonna say, That's Dawn's job. Lets not take food out of her mouth. LOL
  11. Thanks for the info. I don't know much about the guy.
  12. My question is two fold. 1) Is Drouin really that great a player? 2) Does his style of play fit into the Ducks brand of hockey? What specific need does he fill?
  13. That was only one explanation I gave for Johnny Hockey's lack of effectiveness. In the second sentence of my post I said, And I am not offering him any sympathy. In fact I think the guy is overrated.
  14. Honestly two of the four games could have easily gone the other way. The Flames are a young team and they are only going to get better. Ducks are just a more experienced team. Combine that experience with some puck luck and that team will usually win out. The Ducks will be the first to tell you that the Flames were not a pushover despite the sweep. All four games were close until the end. There were no blowouts like San Jose over Edmonton the other night. Thanks for the friendly remarks.
  15. It's been speculated that Gaudreau was not 100% healthy. But it could also be that the Ducks just did a great job of shutting him down.The Ducks are a strong team because every player on this team is dedicated to making the sacrifices needed to win. That's starts with their big guns and trickles down the roster. Johnny Hockey is a good player. But he is only one person and a team that relies too heavily on one or two players is easy to contain.