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  1. If Eakins went into this season thinking the Ducks were going to miraculously become a playoff team after ten months of standing around then I'll have what he's smoking. As far as Rakell goes, his best season was in 2017 when he was the off wing to Getzlaf and Perry. He scored so many goals because opponents still thought Perry was the threat and based on ten seasons of behavior they "knew" the pass was going to Perry thus leaving Rakell open. Now Rakell is on the "First" line and every opponent is going to put their best shutdown line on them. And it has only been 4 games. Two of those games were against a team that is a legit Cup contender. If I was Eakins I would be focused on fixing the blue line. But that's just me.
  2. Welcome to the boards. I have to agree with Dtslaw that Columbus would want something too expensive in order to acquire Dubois. Either Zegras or Drysdale. Murray would be a fool to trade one of those players.. but then... he did trade Theodore to keep Vatranen and Manson. All because he gave Bieksa a ntc.
  3. Seeing his post game interview after scoring his 4th and 5th goal of the tournament I could not help noticing Zegras has a habit of sniffling quite a bit. Could it be he is destined to fill the shoes of an aging captain who also has issue with his nose???LOL.. All kidding aside I'm excited for the Ducks when he becomes a full time player. I heard he signed his ELC. Is that true?
  4. They've added a few grit players to add some much needed snarl to their game. Glad to see Perry has a place to play at least one more season.
  5. If the divisions are playing in bubbles then they can knock out games faster as there is not travel time or fatigue associated with travel. in these playoffs this past summer teams were playing every day.
  6. Not many specific details yet but NHL and NHLPA agree to a January 13th 2021 start date. No Exhibition games. Ten day training camp. Fiftey-Six game season. No fans in the seats, I don't know specifics on WHERE the teams will play. assuming in some sort of bubble format. No added money to escrow but there may be some deferred money. Hopefully you all can find more specifics.
  7. Nearly a week and a half since the beginning of ufa signings and it is sad to see Perry among the players yet to be signed. Especially after watching his efforts in the last several games of the playoffs. He's not the player he used to be but man... I just hope some team offers him something so he doesn't end up on a PTO.
  8. Enough with getting defensemen. GMBM needs to focus on getting a foward who can can score a point a game or something close to that. REALLY tired of GMBM and his love affair with defense.
  9. I'm okay with Ducks extending Terry. And it's great that he's a defense minded forward. But Ducks REALLY need an offensive minded forward who can actually put the puck in the net. Murray needed to trade/sign for a proven scorer or drafted a scorer with that #6 pick. Defense keeps a team in the game but it's still about who scores the most goals. Does no good if the Ducks keep their opponents to one or two goals a game if they themselves can't get more than one goal a game.
  10. NHL radio interviewed Shattenkirk. He's friends with Fowler and wanted a chance to play with him. And the money doesn't hurt.
  11. NHL radio interviewed Shattenkirk. He's friends with Fowler and wanted a chance to play with him. And the money doesn't hurt.
  12. If he was three or four years younger I might be more excited about this. I didn't pay attention to which line he was on for Tampa. 3.9/yr for a 3rd line pairing?
  13. I wonder if the rumor Ducks were talking to Vatanen are over now that they acquired Shattenkirk.
  14. I wrote 1.5 million but went back and though it was 5. my bad.
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