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  1. Don't do it Bob.... I swear....DON'T DO IT!!!
  2. I think it was more likely that nobody wanted to pay the asking price for Quick. I have not really followed the Kings this year but from what I have heard in commentary regarding this trade the Kings have another prospect waiting in the wings they think will be better than Cambell and they needed to make room one way or another. As far as Clifford goes, my fondest memory of him is when Sheldon Brookbank rang his bell. I can still see the slow motion replay in my mind's eye.
  3. Kings trade Cambell and Clifford to Toronto for Trevor Moore , a 3rd round pick in 2020 and a 3rd round pick in 2021.
  4. I believed it was a lazy choice by GMBM to hire Eakin. Felt like there were other more qualified coaches available. In my opinion Murray wanted a coach who would not challenge him. I just don't believe Eakins has the chops for coaching at the NHL level.
  5. Canadian fans are googling whether or not Gallant speaks French.
  6. There must be some behind the scene issues going on. The teams current situation does not warrant this sort of change. And like Jasoaks questioned, why Deboer when Laviolette is available. Very werd.
  7. What makes this rebuild even more painful is that there is no "heir apparent" to become the face of the franchise.Which means even when GMBM tries to trade for or sign established star players none of them want to come to Anaheim.Justin Fualk being the most recent example. Back during the Cup run and years immediately afterwards players wanted to come here because they saw the Ducks as a contender and boasted HOF players Niedemeyer, Pronger, and Selanne. During the 09-10 season when the team traded for Wiznewski he was very excited to be on the team so he could play with #27. When Scott Niedemeyer suddenly announce his retirement over the following summer, suddenly Wiznewski didn't want to be here. Unless the Samuelli's decide they want another cup and make aggressive moves after the upcoming Seattle draft(i.e. spend some money, hire a new GM, hire a real coach) the Ducks are going to be a bottom feeding AHL level team for the foreseeable future.
  8. Cogs got shafted in that whole ordeal.About a month earlier when cogs signed an extension with the Ducks it was mentioned in the press release that if he remained healthy he would exceed the current iron man record during that contract. I believe there were powers that be in Toronto that didn't like the idea of a "Mighty Duck" holding that record and when they saw the slightest chance to suspend him and break his streak they did.
  9. He has a meeting with DPS on Friday. I don't know if the hit was intentional.(probably was) but Ellis sure flopped down in typical prediver fashion.That walk of shame when Perry was ejected was terrible. Perry's production over 34 games is 3 goals and 10 assists for 13 points, 0.38 points per game. It's sad to see him decline. I wonder if he gets traded at the deadline or if the Stars resign him next year.
  10. On the whole I agree with the idea of replacing Murray. But let's not forget there is another expansion draft coming in June. The Ducks do not have the depth in their roster this time around. Why add valuable pieces to the roster now when it further exposes players that the Ducks intend on keeping. Can anyone here argue that the Ducks could have signed a legitimate first line Dman or another top sniper during the summer?Not with the current roster. Murray tried to get both Shattenkirk and Faulk. Neither had any interest in playing for the Ducks. Better to spend a season evaluating the prospects until after the Seattle draft before trying to rebuild something with outside parts. Does it suck for Getzlaf to squander another season when his retirement is looming on the horizon? Sure it does. But he's already won a Cup. If winning another cup is more important than staying with the Ducks he will ask to be traded or will simply not resign with the team after next season. If he does move to another team I'll be bummed but I would not hold it against him. Biggest recent mistake Murray made was wasting two and a half season rehiring Randy Carlyle as head coach. I'd argue his second was hiring Dallas Eakins last summer when there were several better choices out there.
  11. Seems like every time the Queens play a division rival they always, ALWAYS give up a 3 point game. Not that it matters this season but I still find it extremely annoying. In the past it made it difficult for the Ducks to either catch a division rival or increase a points lead. Anytime a Kings game ending in regulation would help the Ducks they always seem to take it to overtime.
  12. In my original comment I was being a bit tongue and cheek. I thought it was karma for Edmonton once again pillaging from the Ducks.
  13. Looks like Sbisa was not happy being picked up by the Jets. He skated into Patrick Laine during practice Monday. Laine left the practice after that.
  14. It should have been blown dead, but the refs let it go. If one of the Ducks had pulled that move it would have stopped play.
  15. Seems like every time the Kings play a division rival they always give up a three point game. Can't hold a lead.
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