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  1. Exactly. They knew if a team that was on Faulk's approval list made an offer they would have a much easier time getting him to waive his ntc.
  2. Kase doesn’t seem affected by the trade talk as the 23-year-old winger is trying to recover from surgery to repair a torn labrum that allowed him to appear in just 30 games last season. The winger said he hopes to play in one exhibition game and expects to be ready for the start of the season. In other words this whole situation was really just GMBM making an inquiry on whether the Canes would be willing to trade Faulk for Kase. Because of the leak, the bored media built it up to the point that Faulk was perusing a contract and trying to work out some final detail before signing. It was all bullDehydrated Donkey Dung.
  3. Now that it is common knowledge that Carolina and Faulk are parting ways other teams are making offers. Since no deal between Carolina and Anaheim has been made official, the Ducks may be on the losing end of this. AGAIN.
  4. At least it gives us a reason to break out the popcorn and beer and watch the circus come to town.
  5. I would not like losing Kase, but if the Ducks can land Faulk with a contract extension already in place than it would worth it. Kase's injury could take away that fearlessness that made him so effective. If there is no extension then Murray would be an idiot to trade anything more than prospects or picks. If the Ducks do acquire Faulk with a multi year deal in place the question becomes which current defenseman is left unprotected at the Seattle expansion draft. Most likely Manson but with Murray you never know.
  6. i used to like that one really short girl that had to stand on a crate to interview the players. They should bring her back.
  7. Why don't you get off your computer and go outside. Maybe some fresh air will do you some good. We don't need people acting like jerks and tearing other people down. It's one thing to disagree with someone, but keep the disparaging remarks to yourself.
  8. With the expansion draft coming next summer and the Ducks only allowed to protect three Dmen, I think it would be foolish to acquire a solid top four defenseman and risk that player or one of the currect top three to exposure. I think if the Ducks are in a position to make a legitimate playoff run by the trade deadline that is when Murray will try to make a trade. In the meantime the team needs to prove that they can compete.
  9. Until his retirement on Monday Kunitz had the most Stanley Cups (4) of any active player in the NHL. So wish the Ducks could have kept him.
  10. Rebuilds are fine, but only having one bonafide star (Getzlaf) on the team is something else. After buying out Perry GMBM should have landed another "Named" player. Perry and Kesler are gone, Eaves is probably gone, It's bad optics. If I want to watch the Gulls play I'll go down to San Diego and catch a game.I don't need to see them up in Anaheim pretending to be NHL players. One or two rookies on the squad.. sure But six or more? It's a wasted season for someone like Getzlaf who only has a few seasons left. Between the two I think Perry got the better deal. He gets a chance to compete again while Getzlaf will be stuck babysitting for the next two seasons. Thanks Bob.
  11. I for one am not excited to see a Duck's team where 50% of the players are Gulls bouncing back and forth between the NHL and AHL. If I'm going to spend hard earned money to go to a game I want to watch an NHL team that is capable of making the playoffs and not full of prospects. One or two rookies on the squad? Fine. Six to ten? NO THANKS.
  12. I'll agree Henrique might be overpaid. But you have to put his signing in contexts. Kesler was out, Getzlaf was out. I didn't see the Worlds, but I wonder if the system he was playing is one that does not compliment his play style. His skill set seems to fit very will within the Ducks' system. We disagree on this but I contend Henrique is more valuable to the Ducks over the next few years than any one of the three you are mentioning. Four or five years out? No. But the Ducks need to bridge that gap and still put a competitive team on the ice until then.
  13. one of the 3 junior guy. Henrique is a proven commodity. As good as these 3 juniors might be, losing one of them won't be as bad as losing Theodore to Vegas. The Ducks lived through that.
  14. I'm pretty sure Henrique will be protected. Ducks signed him for another five season with the intention that he will be part of the core while the team transitions after Getzlaf retires. While forwards are a dime a dozen in this league the same cannot be said for solid responsible centers.
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