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  1. I've been a long time critic of Gibson. I thought that the Ducks should have kept Andersen over Gibson. I still feel that way. And I voiced my concerns before that choice regarding Gibson's long term durability. Having said that, I am not going to fault the guy for an injury he sustained due to an opposing player who at the very least was careless.(I still maintain it was a calculated takedown.) And you are right to point out that Gibson carried the team for most of the season. Gibson has improved immensely.
  2. Smith approached Gibson from his blind side so he was completely unprepared for anything. It's one thing if Gibson knew an impact was imminent. He could have reacted better. But in this case he was caught off guard and muscles ,tendons and gravity did things they shouldn't do.
  3. I'm convinced it was a take down.
  4. I'm still waiting for the Sharks to start tanking since they have recently lost so many "key" players. It's just the Ducks luck that none of the teams in the Pacific they are fighting seem to lose a game when the Ducks start winning. Okay, the Queens have been struggling but once they get Carter back and you combine him with the Phaneuf/Thompson pickup they are going to finish strong. I missed the days when the Ducks were able to take a divisional lead and cruise into the playoffs. I don't have the patience for this last day of the season crap anymore. Ducks need to keep their winning streak going.
  5. Over the last two season CP10 has only scored 29 goals in his last 129 games. (2016-2017/2017-2018 so far) Rakell on the other hand has scores 55 goals in his last 124 games. (2016-2017/2017-2018 so far) You can argue that Perry is also scoring assists, but GMBM did not award him an annual contract hit of 8.6 million to score assists. CP10 is the highest paid player on the team and should be scoring closer to 30+ goals a season no hoping to get to 20. Has he improved over the last few games? Yes. Will that continue? We can only hope.
  6. Is it possible that's exactly why he was sent down? to get some conditioning ice time or do people think the Ducks are about to trade for another dman?
  7. The King got Nate Thompson too. Not happy about that.
  8. Q

    Biggest issue is none of the lines are gaining the offensive zone and establishing the cycle. Last several games the Ducks can barely seem to get through the neutral zone. It's obvious that Kesler is playing injured. During last night's game you saw Silf and Cog trying to make their own plays without Kesler. They are getting swarmed because teams know that Kesler is not a threat. Silf is completely snake bit at this point. Henrique/Kase line is working well despite Ritchie's lack of finish. The fourth line is well.. the fourth line. Any points by them are gravy. The first line is the concern for me. They are not dominating shifts. Four power plays and ZERO goals.
  9. Bob McKenzie is over on TSN speculating the Ducks might be sellers and that Vermette might be up for grabs. Thoughts?
  10. Q

    Team has been intact for nearly two months. Team has at best played 50/50 hockey as a complete team in that time. In some ways the team has played worse. Seems like the "Restored" team has lost more third period leads in the last two months than I can remember ever happening. Their powerplay is terrible. RC has had plenty of time to turn this team around but it has not happened.
  11. It just reinforces my theory that someone in Toronto didn't like the idea of a Ducks player setting the new iron man record and took the opportunity to suspend Cogliano. Remember it was only about a week to ten days prior that the Ducks announced Cogliano's contract extension and the articles were all saying he would break the record as a Duck barring an injury by the end of that extension.
  12. If Brown doesn't get suspended it just adds more speculation that the NHL front office went out of their way to end Cog's iron man streak.
  13. He lost his aggressiveness after he was boarded by Jarrod Stoll who played for the Kings at the time. And then history repeated itself when there was no discipline by the DOPS. That's when Fowler became timid. He learned that if you wear a Ducks jersey that the league looks the other way when you get assaulted.
  14. Article headline says it all.
  15. Full disclosure, Yes I hate 3 on 3 overtime primarily because the Ducks are terrible at it and since it's inception it has resulted in the Ducks losing many points during the season. But putting that aspect aside, you have a situation that rewards teams built around speed over teams built on positional hockey or gritty hockey. Teams are bound by a salary cap and cannot transform a roster within one or two season even though this change in the overtime format is twisting teams to adopt a speed skill game or continue to suffer in overtime sessions. It takes a game whose rules are designed and balanced around 5 man squads and throws it out the window. Couple the overtime change with the icing change (which reduces the effect of strong forechecking teams) and again you can see the league's effort to change the nature of how the game is played. Now put on your tin foil hats. The teams that benefit the most from these changes are the youngest, fastest teams, which among them include: Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. All of whom are Canadian teams that before these changes were implemented had a hard time making the playoffs and going very deep.