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  1. I cringed more when Disney and Company announced the name of their new franchise team and it was named after a stupid movie for ten year old kids.
  2. Gilbert suspended three games.
  3. At least they decided to look at it.
  4. I predicted that after the first ten games the Ducks would have nine points. They have 10. It's too bad they have to play Pittsburgh on a back to back.
  5. I thought all hit's to the head got a mandatory review. And how was Gilbert jumping on the bench not an automatic 10 or 20 game suspension? I would have paid money to see McClean or Carlyle grab Sutter by his scrawny neck and punched him into next Tuesday. Jerk decided game was over and he was going to make sure that at least one Duck player got injured. But what do you expect? It's win at all costs and the ends justifies the means. And the league looks the other way.
  6. Any news on Ritchie's condition? I hope the league looks at that hit but I am not going to hold my breath.
  7. Thanks for posting that link. Very informative.
  8. We as Ducks fans are so fortunate to have a team where the players bend over backwards to not only stay themselves but to keep their team together. Was there any mention of a NMC?
  9. Finally.
  10. during the first intermission of the nbcsn game they asked some talking head about the Lindholm situation and he thought it was coming to a head and that something will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours be a deal, or a trade. but I think the guy was guessing.
  11. Not discounting that tweet completely but it would have more teeth if it was Dreger's tweet and not some random internet journalist "quoting" Dreger. Let's see Dreger's actual quote. If it's true then it's going to get ugly. Would not be surprised if some other team offers Lindholm 6+ for 5 or 6 years. Murray needs to relent and close the gap/grant the NMC or whatever the issue is. I'm gonna be pretty upset of Lindholm walks because Murray is holding out over 250k.
  12. The bold underlined text is the crux of the matter but some people still want to put the blame on Lindholm.
  13. So Murray has no culpability in this disaster? He stated before the draft that signing Rakell and Lindholm were his top priority. No, he thought because they were both RFA's that he could take it for granted that he could kick the can down the road until August after he went on summer vacation to worry about them. And as far as missing players if makes caps space goes, he has an entire roster of AHL players who would be happy to come play up to ten games in the NHL before being sent back down. Nothing gets done until Murray makes cap space. You cannot get around that. Every other GM knows Murray is between a rock and hard place with this cap situation and none of them are going to give him an easy out. So please tell me how, in your mind, Lindholm should have handled this situation? How much money should he give up just so you are happy ? Never mind the guy has trained and worked his entire life to get to this moment. For this pay day. Even with a reported negotiating gap of 250K, depending on the length of the contract that could be 1 million, 1.25 million or 1.5 million dollars. I don't blame anyone for holding out for that kind of money. How many millions of dollars should this guy give up because Murray cannot manage his personal correctly?
  14. People are still pointing the finger at Lindholm when even if he and Murray have agreed to terms, he cannot even sign the contract until Murray makes the cap space. Blame Murray for waiting until the end of summer to focus on this. Blame Murray for signing Vermette, Raymond, and Boll before getting Lindholm signed. Stop assuming Lindholm is holding things up. He cannot do anything until there is cap space. And he has zero control of that. Period.
  15. I'm hoping that Getzlaf didn't further injure himself by playing in the second period last night. Do we know for sure if that puck hit him in the hand or the forearm?