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  1. Slavery? Did you just invoke slavery? What a ridiculous analogy. In the real world adults honor their contracts. In any other job a person would be fired if they took time off without their bosses' approval. Especially if their absence jeopardized the success of that business and effected the success of their coworkers. Why should any NHL team have to pay the price if a player decided go to the Olympics and suffered a season ending or career ending injury? Not only would that team still be obligated to pay the salary stipulated in the contract, they would have to find a way to replace a talented player. In the meantime the season goes on while the player is away and the team may suffer loses because of that player's absence. Tell me what the business upside for the NHL team is? No one is putting a gun to these players' heads to sign exclusive contracts. If it is that important to them then they should work it out with the team during negotiations instead of breaching their contract after the fact.
  2. I think if players are wiling to wave the remainder of the season, including their salary then they should be allowed to play in the Olympics. Otherwise they owe a contractual obligation to be available to play for the team that holds that contract.If it is that important to a player then they should be wiling to forfeit that part of their salary. Why should the team they play for be subjected to a risk of injury and possibly jeopardize a successful season while the player risks nothing? If GMs were smart they would start including language in their contracts that states the player agrees they will not leave a team in the middle of the season to go play in the Olympics. If the IOC really wanted the NHL players to play they would move Olympic hockey to the summer games. Then the NHL season wouild not be disrupted.
  3. Most likely Berra is an insurance move. Given that Gibson has already shown he is prone to injury, and Miller is long in the tooth it makes sense that Murray would want a viable option for backup in the case that either one is injured long term. It's the one way nature of Berra's contract that puzzles me. Why not just utilize AHL goalies if that happens? Why sign a guy who has to clear waivers every time you send him down? Not only that but why did the Ducks gave a limited NMC to Miller who would be allowed to submit a list of six teams to which he would agree to be traded to? Seems odd to me.
  4. NHL Radio's "The Powerplay" was speculating that very thought last Friday ahead of the July 1st free agency as the Rumors of Miller signing with Anaheim were circulating. You misread this part. That was me saying it would make sense for Miller to sign with Anaheim if he knows he will be the number one. I never claimed the pundits made that remark. How could they? They had no idea the Ducks were signing a third goalie on a one way contract As of this moment Berra shows that he is assigned to the Ducks not the Gulls per Capfriendly.
  5. My buddy just sent me a text saying the Ducks have signed Reto Berra to a one way contract. Is Gibby about to get traded? Many poundits were surprised that Miller was prepared to become a backup when he signed with the Ducks. But If Gibby is moved it makes sense now. The only info I could find at this point. Main story is is Swiss.
  6. My most consistent complaints about Gibson's game are his lateral movement and his rebounds. I will not list any other issues since it is the off season and I assume he is working to improve everything.
  7. I hope Jagr never signs with the Ducks. A) He's getting too old to justify the risk. B ) I hold a grudge against Jagr. If he had stayed in the KHL and never returned to the NHL Teemu Selanne would be #10 on the all time goals scored list. But because Jagr returned and extended his own career stats he pushed Teemu out of the top ten in goals scored. Yeah, I know it's petty.
  8. At least Marleau isn't going to the Ducks. Let the Leafs overpay him. Given that the only real upgrade the Ducks could have signed was Bonino and there was zero chance of that happening I am happy with GMBM and his work so far. I am semi disappointed the Ducks were not able to resign Thompson and I'm still not sure how I feel about Ryan Miller (I've always felt like he is a playoff choker). But as a solid backup goalie I think he will be better than most other goalies that were available.
  9. NHL radio was saying yesterday that Miller was willing to sign at 1m per season. Not sure I believe that.
  10. btw, not liking that Chicago is reacquiring pieces from their cup teams, i.e. Sharp, Saad.
  11. It was reported yesterday that Marleau is sitting on a 2 yr offer from San Jose. So he is probably seeing what interest there is for him elsewhere. Heard he wanted 3 years and the Sharks gave him two.
  12. I'm surprised they have not announced McJesus' rumored 13m per year contract yet. Wonder if all the other GMs threatened Edmonton to wait so that values across the board don't get messed up.
  13. Glad Fowler is locked up, but the Ducks already have such little cap space. Of the other players that become free agents next season I hope this means Bieksa will be let go. Hoping that Cogs and Vermette get resigned.
  14. I'm not expecting any significant signings by the Ducks other than Ryan Miller.
  15. Based on your logic the Ducks need to cut ties with Gibson then. The guy has let the team down every year in the playoffs. Bernier was the goalie who helped the team turn around last season while Gibson was injured. He did the job he was hired to do. He was a solid backup. I would have no complaints if the Ducks resigned him at the right price.