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  1. As someone who only gets to attend a couple of games a season I find the 1-0 games I attend to be disappointing. That proposed face off rule seems a bit too subjective. I hope they define exactly what counts as cheating.
  2. A few days ago NHL radio commentators were speculating that Toronto wants Lupul's salary off the books. To do that they predicted that the Leafs would automatically fail Lupul's physical exam and declare Lupul unfit and would then be able to put him on LTIR. I believe they said that the Leafs would use this strategy on a couple of other players as well.
  3. Thanks. I knew about those two changes but Sexlaf mentioned a new faceoff rule which I don't know anything about.
  4. I haven't heard about this. Can you elaborate?
  5. I realize that Olympic athletes all have corporate sponsors these day. The main point I am making is that the NHL should not shut down every time the Olympics rolls around. Why allow your employees to risk injury and damage to your own franchise? These players sign legally binding contracts to offer their services solely to the NHL franchise with whom they enter those contracts with. Running off to play in the Olympics is a conflict of interest. Players who feel that strongly about playing in the Olympics should map out their contracts so they won't be active in the NHL during the season the Olympics rolls around. It's simple.
  6. Bummer
  7. I guess I'm in the minority on this but I am really glad this happened. I have always believed the Olympics was supposed to be a competition for amateurs not professional athletes. I realize that for decades the Soviets sponsored their athletes, but it just made it that much better when they lost. I am a NHL hockey fan first and foremost. I want the NHL players playing for their respective NHL teams , not running off in the middle of the season to the Olympics, World Cup, or anything else. If I was a season ticket holder I would be really angry if the team I support missed the playoff because key players on that team ran off to the Olympics and got injured. I have seen the argument of "It's the player's right to be able to go represent their country". Well then plan ahead and don't sign a contract that overlaps with the Olympic games you want to play in. I guess I would have a different opinion of the Olympics didn't always occur right in the middle of the NHL season. But they do, so I am very happy no NHL players will be allowed to run off to the Olympics and jeopardize their NHL team's (employer's) chances for the playoffs.
  8. Right on. Welcome back Frankie.
  9. I'm all for it. I'm tired of teams playing games trying to delay the faceoff and give their players time to rest. If I had my way, if team A is called for an icing then the puck should be dropped as soon as team B is ready in the faceoff circle. If team A isn't in position for ANY reason then they should get a delay of game penalty. If a player has a broken stick.. TOO BAD. It's all BS theatrics anyway.
  10. Gratz George!
  11. We can thank Bob Murray for that. Giving Bieksa a NMC is why Theodore is donning a different jersey.
  12. I am working under the assumption that Jagr believes he is entitled to play on a cup contending team while any such team is not going to risk adding a 40 year old to their roster. I don't believe Jagr is going to settle for playing with a basement dwelling team at this point. You can make the argument that he just played for Florida, but he signed with them after they had a very promising season and they had just acquired Luongo. So at the time the Panthers were considered a team on the rebound. The only reason Jagr signs with a crappy team is to continue to pad his career stats, which I already resent. Had he never returned from the KHL Teemu Selanne would be in the number ten spot on the all time goals scored list.
  13. Glad to see Frankie come back to retire as a Duck. I am guessing that he will see significant ice time at the beginning of the season while Lindholm and Vatanen are recovering from surgery and that once they return he will transition to a 6/7 defenseman.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Hey folks. For years I've thought about starting a fantasy hockey league for fun but I don't even know the rules.Also do any of you know any decent software for managing such a league? Any suggestions would be appreciated.