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  1. Nearly a week and a half since the beginning of ufa signings and it is sad to see Perry among the players yet to be signed. Especially after watching his efforts in the last several games of the playoffs. He's not the player he used to be but man... I just hope some team offers him something so he doesn't end up on a PTO.
  2. Enough with getting defensemen. GMBM needs to focus on getting a foward who can can score a point a game or something close to that. REALLY tired of GMBM and his love affair with defense.
  3. I'm okay with Ducks extending Terry. And it's great that he's a defense minded forward. But Ducks REALLY need an offensive minded forward who can actually put the puck in the net. Murray needed to trade/sign for a proven scorer or drafted a scorer with that #6 pick. Defense keeps a team in the game but it's still about who scores the most goals. Does no good if the Ducks keep their opponents to one or two goals a game if they themselves can't get more than one goal a game.
  4. NHL radio interviewed Shattenkirk. He's friends with Fowler and wanted a chance to play with him. And the money doesn't hurt.
  5. NHL radio interviewed Shattenkirk. He's friends with Fowler and wanted a chance to play with him. And the money doesn't hurt.
  6. If he was three or four years younger I might be more excited about this. I didn't pay attention to which line he was on for Tampa. 3.9/yr for a 3rd line pairing?
  7. I wonder if the rumor Ducks were talking to Vatanen are over now that they acquired Shattenkirk.
  8. we got shattenkirk ? Is that a good thing?
  9. I wrote 1.5 million but went back and though it was 5. my bad.
  10. I'm already resigned to the idea that GMBM is going to be sitting quietly on his barstool today, and then sometime next week he'll sign or trade for one or two 30+ yr old reclamation projects. Definitely a 3rd or 4th line forward and a 3rd line D-man. Players that we all have to go look up since we won't have heard of them.
  11. Gratz to Perry and Cogliano. I like Vegas but nice to see some former Ducks go to the Cup final.
  12. Definitely father time has caught up to Perry. It seems like all the injuries and punishment he took going to the dirty areas expedited his decline. But even Getzlaf is not nearly as dominate on the ice as he once was. Over the last couple of seasons I've seen younger guys push him off the puck. That never used to happen. sadly time waits for no man.
  13. Hey Everyone, I have not been able to watch any of the games live, I've only seen highlights on Youtube. But it seems to me (based on the highlights) that almost nobody on any team is bothering with defense.. It all seems to be hail Mary passes and run n gun offense. More so than I can ever remember. Am I the only one who sees it that way? I can't imagine the current Ducks team doing well against this type of play.
  14. Maybe he is considering retirement after next season and heading back to Regina. If next season doesn't start until December, by the time that season ends he'll be 36 years old. Maybe he's planning on taking a page from Scott Neidemeyer and skipping his last year. After watching the chaos in this country between Covid and the riots I could see him wanting to get out of dodge.
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