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  1. Is anyone else concerned that the Ducks have not signed Lindholm yet? What are some of the rumors/theories on why it is taking so long? Is it because BM can't shed enough salary to stay under the cap? Is Lindholm's agent demanding a ridiculous number? As an RFA who received a qualifying offer, what happens if Lindholm is not signed by the start of the season?
  2. I can see we completely disagree on this point. To each his own. But NHL teams should not have to pay player's salaries if they get injured in these tournaments. How is that fair? If players want to take that risk that's their choice but that choice should have consequences if it prohibits them from fulfilling their legal obligations to play for the team they signed a contract with.
  3. Of course all professional sports are money grabs. They are paid entertainers. Maybe if by playing in these tournaments the players waived their guaranteed contracts if they suffered season ending or career ending injuries I would feel differently. NHL clubs build their teams based on those contracts and are bound by a salary cap. When one or two key players suffer long term injuries while playing in these tournaments it has the potential to close cup windows early, or delay those windows by years. It isn't fair to team organizations, other teammates or their fans who have stood by teams as they rebuild for players to risk it all for a brief moment of personal glory.
  4. OMG. It's taken me weeks to regain my friggin username after this takeover. I want to know who needs to be fired . Since I have not been able to comment on everything going on over the summer I will just say the following: 1) First off, I couldn't care less about the "World Cup" tournament. It is a meaningless tournament and a blatant money grab by the NHL. It is also a great way for Ducks players to get injured before the season even starts. For the record I don't think the NHL players should be allowed to play in the World cup or Olympic games either. They sign professional contracts to play exclusively for NHL teams. They have a moral and legal obligation to do everything they can to live up to those contracts and not jeopardize their health or ability to play for their NHL teams. They are being paid MILLIONS of dollars by these teams for that exclusivity. 2) If the Ducks have any buyouts left I would not be surprised if they used one to shed enough salary to ensure signing both Rakell and Lindholm. That's it for now. just glad to finally have the ability to post again.
  5. Ducks should have found a way to keep Freddie Andersen. Gibson is going to get injured, and when he isn't injured is going to be giving up one or two softies a game. Yeah, I'm not over losing Freddie who in my mind is the better goalie and always will be. Bernier is serviceable. But if the Ducks are taking a 4 million dollar cap hit for him they should have bit the bullet and spent the extra money to keep Freddie.
  6. How is it a ridiculous comparison? You made a blanket statement and I gave you a specific example to counter that statement. Lighten up man. We are all here to have some fun.
  7. I was just illustrating that your assertion that Murray isn't that stupid was not entirely accurate.
  8. They like his billy goat whiskers.
  9. LOL... so how long does the term of that signing have to be to enter the realm of stupidity in your book? One day was too long for me.
  10. Are you forgetting he resigned Bryzgalov two seasons ago?
  11. At this point what UFAs are still out there that would fill needs that the Ducks have?
  12. Seems to me that if the Ducks had any real hope of getting an effective LW forward it would have been a trade involving Fowler during the run up to the draft. I think Murray was trying to acquire a top ten draft pick in order to use in a trade to land that LW forward. Because of the cap situation and ownership's unwillingness to spend to the cap I think Murray's hands are tied. I am starting to think that the 2015 playoffs were the Ducks best chance to secure another cup during the Getzlaf/Perry era. Last season the team started out like garbage and went on an incredible run to win their division. But nobody showed up for the Nashville series. I am afraid Murray is going to kick the can down the road for a few more seasons and by then Getz and Perry will be on the decline. I felt like that process has already started. Sorry for such a negative post but I don't see the Ducks as the serious contenders they were a season or two ago.
  13. If Fowler is on his way out does this mean the Ducks are starting a defensive rebuild? I mean, why not move Stoner or Bieska and keep the youth core of Fowler, Dupres, Lindholm and Vatanen? And you have Manson and Theodore about to come up. Everything happening in this league points to youth and speed. Why is Fowler the expendable one? Seems to me if the Ducks are going to take a step backwards why not preserve the youth and maintain a core for the next five years.
  14. People keep saying Gibson has a higher upside... really? The guy is shakey, and injury prone. I guess those are upsides. Gibson is the one who should have been moved. just wait.. Gibby is going to be coughing up game winners, and then get injured. And then the Ducks are going to be right back in the situation they were in a few seasons ago when Hiller went down for an extended period of time. As long as this team is a budget team the Ducks are never going to win a cup. Window is closing fast. Don't count on a cup in Anaheim for at least the next five years. Yeah.. I'm piddleed about this.
  15. So as of today 6-7-16, is it considered a forgone conclusion that the team will not be able to afford signing both Lindholm and Vatanen? I admit I don't completely understand the long term numbers but it would seem to me that the team would be more able to afford to sign two RFA's than they would to sign one RFA and then find an equally talented UFA for equal or less money than the RFA they let walk out the door. It seems to me if budget were that paramount they would be better served to let someone like Fowler go. (Not that I am advocating that idea).