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  1. My favorite were the 2007 jerseys . I can't stand the original plum/teal(mallard) colors, and I have never been a fan of the Wildwing logo. But that is because I hated that the Ducks were originally named after a stupid Disney kid movie. I was so happy when the Samuelli's dumped the old color scheme, logo and "Mighty". It just gave opposing fans too many ways to dismiss the Ducks as a serious team.
  2. Two great speeches by two great Ducks. I could not isolate their videos so just scroll down to them.
  3. As god as he may be, the fact that he is jumping ship because he was sent down and the season had barely started is a problem for me. For all we know the GM of the VGK wanted to play other teammates in order to see what he really has, how the different parts fit etc. During the season he only has so many active roster spots. So some players are going down whether they deserve to or not.(Theodore) The fact that this player has thrown a tantrum and is taking his ball home tells me that he would be the same sort of distraction for the Ducks. Something they don't need.
  4. That makes sense to me.
  5. You would have thought Getzlaf would have learned his lesson after taking that puck to the face in the playoff a couple of seasons ago. Well, I've already written this season off. Too many teams in this division have decided to wake up and improve just as the Ducks are falling apart. I don't have faith that the team will be able to stay in contention while they are waiting for all of their injured to return. Getzlaf out until January. Fowler out until December. Kesler out until ???? Eaves out until ???? Four major cogs in the Duck's machine. Two out indefinitely. I'm sorry but I am very pessimistic about the Ducks' chances to make the playoffs. Not with the Ducks situation and how the rest of the division is playing.
  6. They are playing well enough to win. Couple of things I think are contributing to their success. a) You have an entire team of players who were 7th defensemen, or 3rd 4th line forwards who were left exposed by their former teams. So I am pretty sure there is a serious collective chip on this team's shoulder. B ) They were not expected to win anything so there is no pressure for them to succeed. c) Since this is a new team , none of the other teams know what to expect. What d pairings there will be, what forward line combinations to expect. Etc. d) the VGK team has players from every team in the league. So they have first hand info on every team and their weaknesses/tactics. I think once the season moves along and everyone has a chance to see them in action other teams will start having more success against them.For those old enough to remember, think about Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela. He had a delivery that nobody had ever seen before. He made a late appearance in the 1980 playoffs and then the next season was a starting pitcher for the Dodgers. For the first half of the season he was destroying other teams. But once everyone played against him they learned how to hit his pitches and he went from being this unstoppable pitcher to just a very good pitcher. The same will happen with the VGK.
  7. Soon as Vatanen is up and skating BM should start making calls. Not the best scenario but given the Eaves situation it's what the Ducks are faced with.
  8. Oh darn!!!
  9. WTH? Five days off and they are still injured? Just put them on the IR Bob. Stop worrying about attendance. Nobody's going to buy tickets until the Ducks start winning anyway. Just tell the fans how long they will be out so we can have realistic expectations for this season. This secrecy crap is for the birds.
  10. Terrible. The guy should be in jail.
  11. I was only able to listen to the Av's game on radio but it seemed to me that Colorado was taking runs at Ducks players, goalies in particular. I guess they feel they have to resort to goon tactics to win after the disaster of a season they had last year.
  12. Nhl radio said on Saturday morning that Getzlaf will not be in the lineup for Sunday's game.
  13. Part of the problem is they don't really have anyone who regularly stands in front of the goalie effectively blocking his view. So they wait for that perfect opening instead of throwing pucks on net and looking for the rebound. It seems like once they shoot the puck they have no ability to regain possession .
  14. Considering the Ducks had to sacrifice Theodore in order to protect Manson I'm glad the Ducks have locked him up for a few years. And like others have stated, he's your paid muscle.
  15. I think that Perry's age is starting to catch up with him. Combine that with the faster speed of the game now and you can see where it could be effecting his ability to get to the spots he used to get to before. Another example of this is Ovechkin. Last season his shot totals decreased from the previous season by 83 shots. Basically a shot a game. His goals scored dropped from 50 to 33 but his assists jumped from 21 to 36. if you look at point totals he only had a point drop of 2 from 71 to 69. Perry's goals dropped from 34 to 19 and his assists went up moderately from 28 to 34. Both of these players are still contributing to their respective team's success, just in different ways. The great players know how to adapt to the changes in the game and effects of aging. This season will be extremely telling(barring injuries) as to whether last season was an aberration or an indication that Perry's skills are on the decline.