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  1. They reported on NHL radio that Karlson's wife got the Canadian equivalent of a restraining order against Hoffman's girlfriend. NHL Radio pointed out for that order to be issued there had to be more than hearsay, there had to be some tangible evidence.
  2. Thanks.
  3. I'll defer to your interpretation since I cannot read whatever language that article is printed in. But I for one am happy the Ducks have no interest in that albatross. I'm hoping the Queens are dumb enough to sign him to a multi year fat contract with a NMC.
  4. One might think that the Habs GM was looking to get out of that arrangement before it was too late. If I recall PK's reputation had experienced a few sour notes in the 2015-2016 season. Why else would you trade away a young Norris Cup winner like that for a soon to expire overpaid veteran like Weber? As far as Perry goes, if his production is still tanking come Christmas I could see GMBM motivating him into wanting to leave. Like others have said, after that hit he took a few seasons back he has never been the same. It's great that his assist totals are up, but you don't pay your highest paid player nearly 9 million a season to make assists. What do you think the odds are that BM buys out Perry in the late June window (June 15 to June 30) before free agency? Especially if Eaves is really recovered enough to play?
  5. I'm not going anywhere, I was just wishing everyone else who might be taking a break a great summer. You can't get rid of me that easily my friend. LOL
  6. I hope the Queens sign him to a huge fat multiyear contract with NMC. The guy is 35 and hasn't played at the NHL level in five years.
  7. Well the 2017-2018 season is officially over. Congratz to the Washington Capitals and Alex Ovetchkin. I have to say that this was the first post season since 2007 that I have really enjoyed. Even though the Ducks crashed and burned in the first round, when the final four teams were determined I actually liked all four teams for once. (Well not the Jets so much). But it was nice to have a final four that didn't include the Pens, Hawks, Queens, Bruins, Predivers etc. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participates on these boards for another fun season. I always look forward to seeing what you all think about things happening with the Ducks and the NHL in general. I am always learning new things as well. So thank you all. I'll be visiting these boards as usual but wanted to wish everyone who is taking time off to have a great Summer and will see everyone back in the Fall.
  8. Typical. LOL
  9. Well, another NHL season in the books. Thanks everyone for participating in these boards. I look forward to everyone's comments.
  10. I bet Shattenkirk is kicking himself about now. LOL
  11. Yep. Ovi was clearly the straw that stirred the dirk for the Caps. Hard to believe he nearly skipped the season to go play in the Olympics.
  12. Kuznetsov probably deserved it but the PR benefit for the NHL is much greater with Ovi winning. I could have seen Fluery winning it too. He had a phenomenal run.
  13. Watching Ovi hoist the Cup.. that's what it's all about for a hockey player.
  14. Yep, I'm Glad Ovi has finally won a Cup. The two teams in the East I always root for have been Tampa ans the Caps. So I was guaranteed one of them would go to the final. Third straight year the Cups has been won by a Metro division team.
  15. VGK got him in the expansion draft.