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  1. Trying to step back and put things in perspective, As disappointing the results of round one are, did any of us really have any expectation that the team would make a deep run? We didn't even think they would make the playoffs until a few weeks ago. If the Ducks had been playing outstanding hockey all season and then delivered the results we just witnessed I could understand some heavy let down. But just look at everything the Ducks had to overcome this season with injuries. The Ducks never seemed to get a groove on. For every great game there were two or three lousy ones. Every spring when the Duck's season ends, I remind myself that fifteen teams go home disappointed and only one team raises the cup. It's difficult to be the one team. So many things have to go a team's way. Even the great teams need puck luck. I hope everyone on these boards can take a deep breath and remind themselves that in the big scheme of our individual lives, this let down is just a bump in the road. Sooner that we think we will all be looking forward to the start of next season and a renewed sense of hope. Sometime this weekend take a moment, toast a drink to the Ducks and what the DID accomplish this season, and put this season behind you. I will see you guys throughout the off season and look forward to sharing all things hockey along the way, Shadowduck.
  2. Oshie takes a stick to the face.. no call. But Refs happy to call one on the Caps.. terrible.
  3. Well, everyone assumed that the Kings playoff experience would give them a solid edge. Most people assume the Kings tanked to get this matchup in the first round. So many pundits picked the Kings to win this round. I figured they would. I'm happy to be wrong in this case.
  4. Knight Fans behind Fox n Friends cheering. LOL
  5. Off Topic, but those Tin Cup Whiskey commercials are idiotic. I mean.. lets go climb up to the top of a precarious crag and then proceed to get drunk on whiskey in the dark. Yeah, no danger of someone falling off a cliff there... LOL
  6. LOL.. Patrick is about to start sobbing.
  7. At this point if the Ducks go out in the first round, it won't sting nearly as much knowing the Queens are getting eliminated as well. Many of US didn't think the Ducks would make the playoffs for most of the season.
  8. Going to switch to Kings broadcast and see if Patrick is going to cry.
  9. NBC announcer is more of a Kings homer than Fox n friends... geeze
  10. NHL wants the Kings to win this as the bigger market. The announcers are still talking about how great Doughty is.. blah blah blah.
  11. Let's go Knights!!
  12. I'm convinced that Getzlaf sustained some sort of injury during the last couple of games. Pretty sure I remember him going off the ice late in one of the closing games. Ducks had better win game three or it is over. Probably is already but I'm going to hold out some hope at least through the next game.
  13. Stoner will play in round two when they face the Ducks. LOL