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  1. Rebuilds are fine, but only having one bonafide star (Getzlaf) on the team is something else. After buying out Perry GMBM should have landed another "Named" player. Perry and Kesler are gone, Eaves is probably gone, It's bad optics. If I want to watch the Gulls play I'll go down to San Diego and catch a game.I don't need to see them up in Anaheim pretending to be NHL players. One or two rookies on the squad.. sure But six or more? It's a wasted season for someone like Getzlaf who only has a few seasons left. Between the two I think Perry got the better deal. He gets a chance to compete again while Getzlaf will be stuck babysitting for the next two seasons. Thanks Bob.
  2. I for one am not excited to see a Duck's team where 50% of the players are Gulls bouncing back and forth between the NHL and AHL. If I'm going to spend hard earned money to go to a game I want to watch an NHL team that is capable of making the playoffs and not full of prospects. One or two rookies on the squad? Fine. Six to ten? NO THANKS.
  3. I'll agree Henrique might be overpaid. But you have to put his signing in contexts. Kesler was out, Getzlaf was out. I didn't see the Worlds, but I wonder if the system he was playing is one that does not compliment his play style. His skill set seems to fit very will within the Ducks' system. We disagree on this but I contend Henrique is more valuable to the Ducks over the next few years than any one of the three you are mentioning. Four or five years out? No. But the Ducks need to bridge that gap and still put a competitive team on the ice until then.
  4. one of the 3 junior guy. Henrique is a proven commodity. As good as these 3 juniors might be, losing one of them won't be as bad as losing Theodore to Vegas. The Ducks lived through that.
  5. I'm pretty sure Henrique will be protected. Ducks signed him for another five season with the intention that he will be part of the core while the team transitions after Getzlaf retires. While forwards are a dime a dozen in this league the same cannot be said for solid responsible centers.
  6. Best of luck to you Corey Perry. I had hoped you could make a comeback next season. If you do it won't be with the Ducks I'm sad to say.
  7. I'm not a fan of this decision. I'm not sure who else is available at this point but I think there were better choices available. I don't understand screwing with the success of the Duck's AHL development system.
  8. And once again my predictions show I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. LOL
  9. Well, my first round predictions were terrible. I went 3-5 on series results.So I am revising my predictions for the second round. Let's see if I do any better. Second Round Predictions: West: San Jose vs. Colorado: Colorado in 6. St Louis vs, Dallas: St Louis in 7 East : Boston Vs. Columbus: Columbus in 6 New York vs. Carolina: Carolina in 7. Let's see how badly I mess up this round. LOL
  10. Wow.. Columbus is owning Tampa. Up 4-1 with 945 to go in the third. I didn't see this happening..
  11. What's that smell? Oh yeah.. it's the corrupted stench coming off of the NHL Draft lottery. Devils, Rangers and Hawks.. gimme a friggin break. Hawks jumped from 12 to 3? Every year it always feels like someone piddleed in the punch bowl. At least the Ducks are in the top ten. (barely) If I didn't hate the Queens so much I would feel bad for them. Going from #2 to #5. They got screwed.
  12. Before I give my predictions I will explain that most years I look at all the teams in the playoffs and decide which teams I would root for if the Ducks are eliminated. Typically I pick two teams in each conference to root for. In the East it would be Tampa and Washington. I know it seems like bandwagon picks but my folks live in Sarasota(Tampa) and my Aunt and Uncle live in Alexandria and are huge Caps fans. I'm a fan of Ovechkin as well. In the West, I will be rooting for St. Louis and Colorado. But here are my predictions for the first round. West: Calgary vs. Colorado: Calgary in 6. San Jose vs. Vegas: Golden Knights in 6 Nashville vs. Dallas: Nashville in 7 Winnipeg vs. St. Louis: St. Louis in 7. East: Tampa Bay vs. Columbus: Tampa in 5 Washington vs. Carolina: Washington in 6 New York vs. Pittsburgh: Islanders in 7 Boston vs. Toronto: Boston in 6. So my Second round matchups predictions are as follows\ West: Calgary Vs. Vegas: Vegas in 6. Nashville Vs. St Louis: St Louis in 7. East : Tampa vs. Boston: Tampa in 7. Washington vs. New York: Washington in 6 Conference Finals: St. Louis vs. Vegas: St Louis in 7 Tampa Vs. Washington: Tampa in 6 Stanley Cup Finals Tampa vs. St Louis: Tampa in 5. Bold predictions I know. But that is how I see it before the playoffs actually start. I reserve to revise my predictions as the rounds progress
  13. I just saw this on NHL.com and made a posts about it. I was listening on the radio and I don't remember hearing any of this.
  14. I didn't get to watch the game I only got to listen to it on the radio. Somehow I missed this incident. https://www.nhl.com/news/ryan-getzlaf-fined-for-roughing-in-anaheim-game-vs-los-angeles/c-306562506?tid=277549076
  15. As long as he doesn't get injured I think he can do it. But I think it will take another six or seven seasons. Even then it's going to take a concerted effort by players around him to feed him the puck. And as he gets closer I think other teams will naturally key on him to keep him from scoring. He succeeds now because that one timer he has is so fast,strong and accurate. At 33 he is in his prime. Over the next several years his reaction time is going to suffer. Unlike Selanne or Gretzky, he does not have very adept hands.You don't see him scoring many goals via his agility. But I do believe he can break the record at this point. Lets check back in two years and see where he is then. 😎
  16. I think July 1st will be interesting. Depending on the severity of Getz' injury, and Keslers' health HCGMBM may need to go after some serious replacement pieces. But knowing Bargain Bob, he's not to get any player of significance and he is going to put all the prospects in the lineup and throw away another season. Depending on how bad things are for the veterans, we as fans might be waiting another two or three seasons for those veterans to retire, and sit through several seasons as all the prospects grow into permanent NHL caliber players. I don't see any superstars in their prime signing with the Ducks by choice. I hope Terry and Kase don't have a decline in their abilities due to their injuries.
  17. I was going to create a thread to discuss who everyone is going to root for since the Ducks will not be in the playoffs. I usually look at all the teams who are in the post season and figure out which one(s) I will root for if the Ducks are not still playing. In the Eastern Conference I like both Tampa and Washington. (I know it looks bandwagon but my folks live in Tampa and my buddy lives near DC.) In the West it is much more difficult since I hate most of the teams. If I had to root for anyone I guess it would be Vegas or San Jose. Vegas is still too new to have learned to hate, and despite Joe Thorton playing for the enemy all these years I would not mind if he finally won a Cup. Maybe St Louis or Minnesota . While I think the Jets are the Strongest team in the West I don't want to see either them or the Flames come close to winning a Cup.
  18. Someone probably already posted about this but in case it was missed. Getzlaf did a podcast interview back on Feb. 3rd or 4th in Toronto during the Ducks road trip. Nothing too controversial but I found it interesting.
  19. After reading that article I would not blame Kesler for retiring after this season. I hope he goes one more year but at the same time I would rather see him put on LTIR for the remainder of his contract so he has a chance to walk his daughter down the aisle years from now. It would be tragic if he continued to play and suffered a catastrophic injury that permanently ended his ability to walk. He's hit his 1000 game goal. There's no shame in hanging up the skates now. (Not that there would have been two years ago).
  20. And we all know had Shore Kneed Cole there would have been some sort of discipline. Although I was surprised that Rakell wasn't fined/suspended after his 5 minute/game misconduct penalty last week.
  21. I'm happy Silf is signed. The limited no trade list still gives the Ducks lots of flexibility. The Ducks can still trade him for assets if they want to. But I hope he is here for the long haul. His contract lines up in length with Henrique, which makes sense if you are planning on using those two as transitional players as the Ducks move on from Getzlaf, Perry and Kesler. They provide consistent play and stability while the Ducks bring all of their prospects into the fold.
  22. 3-3 with 34 seconds in the third. Hopefully they at least go to overtime.
  23. If we get to the end of the season and we are neck and neck with the queens for last place or fighting for a lottery spot, I can imagine the last game of the season to be comical with neither team wanting to score a goal. Kings are clearly tanking. Last night in their game versus the Canes Quick looked like a statue out there. I could see both teams missing open nets on purpose to avoid getting any points for the game. LOL.. We could see an hours long shootout where goalies are moving out of the net and players still missing. (Not really, I'm being absurd.)
  24. Kings in full tank mode. Quick wasn't even trying to stop some of those shots.
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