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  1. They get punished and no-called for being the "dirty ducks" already, despite it not really being true, so why not go with the flow and at least get something out of it?
  2. Think 'Martin St. Louis' and also consider that the rules today are far, far more friendly to smaller people than they were when Kariya was getting beaten to a pulp yet still scoring well. I don't think that I'd mind a smaller guy as much today as I did 'back when.['
  3. Very simple: someone screwed up and / or they wanted the team to suck a lot. See how it worked out?
  4. Lots to this trade and I understand and believe that BM knows what he's doing. Still - totally believe we kept the wrong guy in net. Yes, he's younger, but his style of play worries me....a stylistic thing that he looks like he's swimming a lot more than most goalies. It's going to be an interesting summer, eh? Should have won the Cup first, but, no....they had to just fold it up and now there will be changes. crap.
  5. I'm also happy for the matchup in SCF. I get to cheer for the ex-Ducks and I also get to cheer for a couple players on San Jose who I've always thought were very, very's just recently that I've really watched a lot of SJ's games to see that Joe Thornton plays a remarkably "polite" game. Big dude, great player, fun attitude at times. I'm still trying to ignore and / or forget our season and just everything about it, including the ouster of BB. Another season. Meh.
  6. Did anyone else here see the very short video clip of Joe Thornton sitting on the team bench next to a group of young girls who were whooping it up to the between-action music? Thornton is bouncing to the music, too, squirts the water bottle just a bit over the glass and shares grins with the girls? Pretty cute. Seems like a very likeable guy (his beard is epic - Brent Burns' beard is just wild in a "Deliverance" sort of way and a bit scary in that sense). Anyway, for me, what this is coming down to is wanting our ex-Ducks group on Pittsburgh to do well while also wanting to see San Jose do well (yes, they are an opponent for us, but I was/am a Todd McClellan fan and I like to see West Coast teams do well if we are not competing with them). Fun playoffs.
  7. Bonino #1 Star in the Penguins win last night. I'm enjoying watching the former Ducks play and wondering how come we have to shave salary and lose such guys while Pittsburgh keeps them for years (Matt Cullen; Bones; Lovejoy; Kunitz; Hagelin)....and I'll note, too, that Dan Winnick was on the ice a lot for Washington, too.
  8. Simple questions and answers: Was Lombardi a "players coach"? Did Lombardi win and did his players respect him? i think that this could be the answer for Bruce or any other coach. I know that times change and players 'now' are 'different' than before.....but people are still people and success in a hyper-competitive setting still takes something special to get it all to 'jell'. I think, that a Lombardi-type could still win today so long as they made modifications to how they interacted with the high-strung and overpaid talent on the ice. That's my belief.
  9. I have "another take", maybe outside the consensus 'box', on our expectations for our Ducks which resulted, ultimately, in BB's departure: The Duck's losses in game-7 or game-6 situations over the last few years have been disappointing, granted. BUT, how many times have the other teams gone on to win it all or at least make the finals? So: If the Preds, now having come back to make their series even with San Jose, win, then go to the finals, maybe the Ducks should have just realized that as good as they are, there are other talented teams, and there is "puck luck", and losing to those other talented or lucky teams, particularly when they go on to win or compete for the championship, is not a fatal flaw in Anaheim's team or its coaching? It would be a shame to say Hasta La Beesta, BB, to just finally realize that as close as the Ducks have been to making the final cut, it's just not been in the cards. My thinking on this comes from watching the San Jose and Trashville games . . . and it's just not like those guys are losers who got 'al the calls' or all the puck bounces. These are some very good hockey players who play as a team with a lot of heart and grit. Dirty as the S.O.B.'s might be sometimes.
  10. When he wasn't suspended.
  11. A friend in Minny says they don't understand Anaheim firing Boudreau and that he's got a 4-year, $12MM deal there. Way to go BB. I told him that they got quite a deal with BB, too.
  12. We're going to miss BB a lot more over time, as we see and compare how other people handle that job. The only thing that I can say about his moving on that I'm semi-OK about, is that when his face turned red I was worried that we'd see him carried off from behind the bench...and I never wanted that to happen.
  13. My problem with the Forsberg hit was the distance he came to make the hit. He targeted the man from how many steps away and had a clear view of Manson having taken the shot in advance of the hit. Too many of you know from experience the 'When' of knowing you have the other guy in your sights and can really clock his butt . . . That was the situation for Forsberg. The Pred's were coached to hit the Ducks hard and a lot and he followed his game plan to the 'T'. The result is Manson out for the series and I disagree with the no-call UNDER THE RULES OF HOCKEY TODAY. It was an OK hit for a couple years ago; not in the game today.
  14. I'm going to miss BB. Let's hope we find a new version of Mike Babcock and can stick with him for years to come.
  15. Tony Robbins? With those teeeeeth? No way. Too many and he's too tan, too. And he's so last century. I agree with Gunny Ermey or a reasonable facsimile thereof.