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  1. Think 'Martin St. Louis' and also consider that the rules today are far, far more friendly to smaller people than they were when Kariya was getting beaten to a pulp yet still scoring well. I don't think that I'd mind a smaller guy as much today as I did 'back when.['
  2. Very simple: someone screwed up and / or they wanted the team to suck a lot. See how it worked out?
  3. Lots to this trade and I understand and believe that BM knows what he's doing. Still - totally believe we kept the wrong guy in net. Yes, he's younger, but his style of play worries me....a stylistic thing that he looks like he's swimming a lot more than most goalies. It's going to be an interesting summer, eh? Should have won the Cup first, but, no....they had to just fold it up and now there will be changes. crap.
  4. I'm also happy for the matchup in SCF. I get to cheer for the ex-Ducks and I also get to cheer for a couple players on San Jose who I've always thought were very, very's just recently that I've really watched a lot of SJ's games to see that Joe Thornton plays a remarkably "polite" game. Big dude, great player, fun attitude at times. I'm still trying to ignore and / or forget our season and just everything about it, including the ouster of BB. Another season. Meh.
  5. Did anyone else here see the very short video clip of Joe Thornton sitting on the team bench next to a group of young girls who were whooping it up to the between-action music? Thornton is bouncing to the music, too, squirts the water bottle just a bit over the glass and shares grins with the girls? Pretty cute. Seems like a very likeable guy (his beard is epic - Brent Burns' beard is just wild in a "Deliverance" sort of way and a bit scary in that sense). Anyway, for me, what this is coming down to is wanting our ex-Ducks group on Pittsburgh to do well while also wanting to see San Jose do well (yes, they are an opponent for us, but I was/am a Todd McClellan fan and I like to see West Coast teams do well if we are not competing with them). Fun playoffs.
  6. A friend in Minny says they don't understand Anaheim firing Boudreau and that he's got a 4-year, $12MM deal there. Way to go BB. I told him that they got quite a deal with BB, too.
  7. You forgot Matty Cullen. Fun to watch our guys taking care of business for someone else. :|
  8. I wonder whether in his stints on the big club he's not sort of star-struck? That video clip shows a confident guy who understands that his team depends on him and wants him to score. When he's been 'up' on the Ducks, he's been less assertive than that....and the defensive play is no doubt at a higher level, too. I sure want him to grow in confidence and bring that sort of game to the NHL level.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice to win The Cup and have ownership decide that we have the makings of a dynasty here, so why not keep them? Dig down into the piggy bank and spend a little more than they planned -- why not? Or they can stick to the budget and hope that the low cost option can keep the suckers in the seats.
  10. Well, McGratton was winning the battles and lost the war on a punch that turned out his lights. So, it's a lost fight, but he was to that point 'schooling' the guy. That's the way I see it.
  11. Maybe Selanne found his hands somewhere in the off season? This is just unfair dreaming. Selanne got "old"....they all do and at different ages. Frankly, Selanne was embarrassing last year, to himself and his brand - one year too many.
  12. Yes, we sign every "Zetterberg" we can find -- he was drafted as number 210 in the 7th round, which means he was cheap as a Sears suit....I don't know how you get less "starry" than that, but that is how great teams and dynasties get built: from the ground up with great young talent.
  13. How do taxes figure into Bel's situation and decision? Mass. is the socialist heartland, so I can't believe that their tax structure and laws are all that much less than California's, or just how does that work?
  14. He was a trainwreck for the Ducks but seemed to have gotten himself back on the tracks rather well when he thereafter played many seasons with Detroit, no? So: was it the Ducks organization that did it? How about with Federov?
  15. Think a little differently: This isn't his hometown - he's used to where he's from and the fact that SoCal never has snow or ice isn't as big a deal to him as the money (BTW: you'd sneeze at $400,000.00 per year, would you?). Add in the cost of living in SoCal and California in general versus other places.....and then add-in the tax hit for living / playing in California when added to the 'minor' loss of $400,000.00 per year (that's almost $34,000.00 per month just by itself) and you might change your tune a little? You've got one shot at making as much from this particular gravytrain as you can....tossing the extra Million out the door? Hard choice.