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  1. The good news: Teemu Selanne took a year off from hockey at age 34 (same age Kesler will be this year) and returned as good as ever. The bad news: Ryan Kesler isn't Teemu Selanne.
  2. The bold really nails it on the head. Is Perry's contract equal to his production? No. Is he the player he once was? It pains me to say, but clearly not. The Ducks want to play faster and Perry is slow, but at the end of the day he's still (even in these down couple of seasons) a 50+ point guy. I'm with you. But then again, I've been off the Kesler bandwagon since the Ducks gave him this ridiculous deal. Eh. Saving that dead money for when they buy out Kes. Also, hi everyone. It's been awhile.
  3. Vegas likes to play so much run-and-gun hockey and does a lot of damage on odd-man rushes ... like you alluded to, there's just not enough space out there to play and win in the playoffs that way. Plus, just look at the Golden Knights' defense ... Deryk Engelland, Luca Sbisa, Brayden McNabb? That's a group that's going to get exposed at some point. And would you trust MAF in the playoffs? Because I wouldn't.
  4. Popping in for the first time in awhile to say: No. Carlyle stinks.
  5. I wouldn't shrug off the Kesler injury, but the Ducks are such notorious slow starters anyway, it might be better for Kes that he takes the first two or three months off. He just wasn't the same player in the second half of last season scoring wise. Blessing in disguise, IMO. I'm very curious to see how this affects Silf. He's exclusively played with Kes over the past three years and it'll be interesting to see how he performs without him. I'm a believer -- controversial opinion alert -- that he's the top player on that line anyway and I hope RC lets off the constraints a little bit. Let's see what this kid can do when he's in more of a scoring role.
  6. I'd rather see them just play these prospects while Vatanen and potentially Lindholm instead of Beauchemin, whom I'm not really convinced is any sort of short-term upgrade anyway. Oh well. Welcome back Beauch.
  7. Stop it. Bernier had a .941 save percentage last March while Gibson was hurt and the Ducks didn’t even flinch about who was the starter. Nor did they when Gibson had a hiccup against Calgary in Round 1. Miller is a solid veteran who will provide insurance. The Ducks made it clear a long time ago who their starter is.
  8. The Stars scoring a whopping two more goals than the Ducks. They gave up 63 more. I'm sure Ken Hitchcock will help in that respect (while also submarining their offensive totals). You're right, Ben Bishop is an improvement from what they had, but he still had a .910 save percentage last year. Methot is ... whatever. He looked better than what he is because he played with Erik Karlsson. I understand the Sens were a little hamstrung, but they still didn't think enough of him to protect him from Vegas. Regarding the Oilers and Flames ... I'm not saying the Ducks will just walk all over them. But neither team showed last year they can consistently pressure the Ducks at 5-on-5 ... both were very reliant on their special teams in the playoffs. Is there an element of luck in the Ducks beating Edmonton with the comeback? Sure. The Oilers were lucky Talbot played like he did that series or the Ducks would've won in five or six games. It's July. Last July everyone here was saying the same things they are now. I understand that if we're not here complaining about the roster then we really have nothing all summer to talk about, but the Ducks are in good shape. The Ducks getting to the West final wasn't a fluke. This is a good team that can beat anyone come next April.
  9. In regards to Dallas -- they are a one line team with no defense and a mediocre goalie. Bishop had two solid seasons (one very, very good season) with Tampa. Otherwise, he's a very average goalie. Radulov is a very talented player, but he's as enigmatic as it gets. Who is going to play defense for them? In regards to the rest of the west -- I just don't see what team got significantly better. Calgary has added some OK pieces, but they're another team that just isn't deep enough up front. So they add Mike Smith and Hamonic ... how will that help them score 5-on-5 vs the Ducks, which they showed a complete inability to do in the playoffs? Their best player -- Gaudreau -- was a complete non-factor. Edmonton is bringing back essentially the same team. An act of god the Ducks beat them? No, they deserved it. The Ducks outplayed Edmonton in six of the seven games and the Oilers are fortunate the series even went seven. The only team in the west I'd say is top to bottom better than the Ducks is Nashville. Bringing in Bonino and Hartnell (just another player for us to get annoyed with) were nice moves, even if Bones is somewhat overpaid. Plus, they added to an already stacked defense. Chicago, St. Louis, San Jose ... all aging teams. Chicago now is kind of like the Kings have been the past couple years ... people think they're good because of the reputation, not on the actual roster. Sounds crazy, but it wouldn't *shock* me if they struggled to make the postseason. I know everybody on this board is very worried about the Getzlaf-Perry-Kesler window, which is fair -- they are all older players. But the rest of the team is soooo young. Silfverberg's best scoring years are still ahead of him and Rakell has the ability to be a consistent 30-goal scorer. Ritchie -- while he aggravates me constantly with dumb penalties -- still has a lot of room to grow and could be a 20-goal guy at some point. The Ducks have a terrible fourth line at the moment, but you're going to see guys like Jones, Steel, Kerdiles, etc. get a look and maybe one of them pops. And even after typing this, the most important thing to take away is that it doesn't really matter how the team looks in October -- it matters how they look in March. BM has enough room to maneuver and add a piece if needed, just like he did last season with Eaves. If the Ducks are relatively healthy next April, they have as good a shot as any to make a run.
  10. No thanks on Vanek. He plays a soft game. Hard to imagine in the playoffs when the pace gets amped up that he'll make any significant difference.
  11. Same.
  12. The story is from this year, but the one quote is from his junior coach who obviously hasn't coached him in years, yet praised his worth ethic back from back when Gibson was in Kitchener. I don't plan on spending all night looking up stories on Gibson, but if one of you guys can find one of the stories you're referencing I'd appreciate the read.
  13. From an ESPN article that ran during this past Stanley Cup playoff: — "He was a young lad and didn't know what an NHL goalie needs to do to prepare," Sudarshan said. "There's no question that there's been -- continues to be -- an improvement in that area." — That's not to say Gibson does not put in work, or is aloof. Troy Smith, who coached Gibson with the Ontario Hockey League's Kitchener Rangers, said that Gibson's remarkable athleticism was matched only by his hockey sense, and that he put in the hours in practice to improve. "His work ethic is understated. I think it's a lot like his personality," Smith said. "He's not going to make a big deal about what he's doing, he's just going to go out and get the work done."
  14. And if they went on record, that would be a relevant source. Most of the stuff I've read about Gibson is that he's like any young hockey player ... he needs time to mature and learn how to be a professional. That rings quite a bit different to me than what some are suggesting -- that he's been unwilling to put in the work to be successful.
  15. I don't know ... if you can find a gamer from Game 6 of the Cup Finals that doesn't mention how Nashville lost a goal because of a premature whistle, I'd be shocked. But it's not a reporter's job to spew their opinion on what was a bad call and what wasn't when covering a game (aside from maybe on twitter). We're comparing something some people may have heard at a SSH meeting vs. what professional reporters report. Frankly, there's not a comparison. As far as the press pass, individual teams (for the most part) handle who gets credentialed for games and who doesn't. That said, if the league was threatening to revoke credentials because a reporter/columnist had an opinion the NHL didn't like, trust me ... you'd hear/read about it.