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  1. Sam Steel 0+3 in game two,this time WHL loses 4-3 to Russia after leading 3-0 http://chlcanadarussia.ca/video/game-2-nov-717-rus-4-whl-3
  2. Sam Steel 0+1 +2 WHL beats Russia 7-0 http://chlcanadarussia.ca/video/nov-617-rus-0-whl-7 2:12 ->
  3. Simon is, what?... 25? he is still young player,KHL is a good place for him to bounce back. - see you back in two years Simon!. BTW i'm expecting a lot from Despres,he gets to play with good players in a really good leauge. (althoug,that team isn't particularly good) - M Mazanec G - J Stepanek G - C Barker D - A Meszaros D - T Taimi D - M Sersen D - I Svarny D - C Genoway F - L Kaspar F - J Mikus F - T Ramstedt F - M Repik F - R Smolenak F - M Viedensky F ---------------------- NHL (NA leagues in general) is so strange league when it comes to injuries,weather its minor or major. How injuries are delt in your side of the ocean its so much different here,this side.
  4. Thanks But,you forgot his great ability to steal pucks,by either lifting the opponents stick,by back checking,or just using his speed.and crashing into players
  5. So i guess that didn't work it still not viewable
  6. Sam Steels 2016-2017 full highlights (if the music doesn't amuse you,always can mute ) - had to make one change,had to remove feuer frei by ramstein..oh well
  7. Regular season in the books,post season left,... - after every reg. season goal and point,highlight...i can say this; kid can steal pucks...super well and does that a lot skate like the wind,..with the puck and score break away goals,but he is a playmaker.....aaaaargh!!!
  8. I'll be posting/sharing a Sam Steel 2016-2017 full season highlight video here,tomorrow...check it out. - every goal,almost every point of this season.
  9. 2nd in points (regular+post) in the entire CHL this season,just right after Hawks highly touted prospect Alex DeBrincat Debrincat,Otters,OHL : 76g+84a=160pts Steel,Pats,WHL : 59g+99a=158pts
  10. Beleskey got this 35th point tonight(14 goals). points wisely better,goal wisely not bad,but not as good as last season.
  11. heck no! not a chance,no what so ever! In couple of years Ovechkin moves back to Russia to play in the KHL he has been close to move back so many times,not liking the fact that he isn't winning - year after year his former team MDynamo has a great team and challenges for the cup almost every season. Or like every Russian born player so far (one or two exceptions),he starts to decline quite quickly after 30 there is a reason why he is the only Russian born player with 500 career goals. (lots of injuries,motivation) best scenario;he will end up in some between 660-700 career goals
  12. Kinda one sided,but Mcllrath did jump Beleskey after that hit, so there were no much time to prepare.
  13. Heres the Beleskey monster hit and the fight http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2015/11/27/video-beleskey-rocks-stepan-fights-mcilrath/
  14. EPL after 8 rounds Man City Arsenal Man Utd Crystal Palace ------------------- Leicester Westham ------------------- Everton Tottenham Southampton Liverpool Swansea Watford Norwich Stoke Bournemouth Chelsea West Bromwich -------------------- Aston Villa Sunderland Newcastle
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