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  1. I blame Murray for almost everything,so thats covered,no problems there. Yeah,but there are humble team,not caring about money too much players too you know, and there are those money hungry players too, ala Justine Schul.....system error!,system error!,can't compute!
  2. Don't hate me to say this we really wan't to resign him after all this big commotion?. If he and his camp doesn't want to rejoin the team with less money, do we really want a player like that play for us?. -> who'd rather go for money first instead team first. We all looooovvve, awe,cheer Hampus,If we eventually sign with with this discount contract, do we really wanna a star player who might or not might give us 100% every game? because he feels he was low balled and didn't get what he deserved. I'd rather take Fowler of now,instead of trade him and play possibly iffy Lindholm, because that kind of Lindholn won't improve this team,but trading Fowler of now would definitely make us worse.
  3. We have so much dead weight in this team that makes it impossible to sign key players,thanx a lot Bob
  4. What IS, NTC exactly. Is it really something written in stone,can't one simply "force" someone out. Can't two parties talk and decide to flag No Trade Clause and get things done or simply just agree to buy out. WTH is in Bieksa and in his contract that none above can not possibly happen. does he think he is still A quality player?
  5. I hope you are not saying that Talyor Hall and Cam Fowler are equal in value....maybe i misunderstood or something, i know you didn't actually say that..i dunno,but what you said was so weird. Devils would never trade Hall (they just got him),they wouldn't trade him even if the player coming back be Getzlaf,Perry or Hampus,Vatanen. Taylor Hall is the new face of the franchise in New Jersey. No value?,you serious? So players like Adam Henrique,Pavel Zacha,Kyle Palmieri,Cory Schneider,Damon Severson, Michael Cammaleri,..maybe.. .goalie Mackenzie Blackwood (their future nr 1)... so none of them have value?,at all?.okay,...what ever.
  6. So, some Jackson Niedermayer news - has switched to LW position (or maybe never played D,i got the 'fo from eliteprospects) - currently at Calgary Hitmen (WHL) camp - eliteprospects stats update: 15-16 season in 24 games 29G+11A=40 PTS his first goal of the camp: Jackson pumping some iron:
  7. - 2019-2020 roster? - Who will be our top guys? - From the current roster,how many players still play for us? - Any of you still see Getzlaf,Perry,Kesler in top 6? - Will we be still considered as contenders? - How many of you will think we are still contenders? - How many (who) of our prospects made it?
  8. Definitely! He is going to be teacher/coach one day,so let us all give our support
  9. Its starting to look more and more that Fowler is staying rather than going. No one is willing to pay what ever we are asking,thats how it feels like anyways.
  10. Former Duck Tim Jackman has announced his retirement, although he doesn't wan't to call it that,"im changing career's" he said. Here's the full story: Tim played 100 games in Ducks jersey.
  11. Your point is?... i repeat myself?... i often repeat myself because no one ever listens nor seem to believe me .
  12. we have to give up fowler
  13. Yo Moose,since when Vermette been a 2 way center?. Vermette is not and never has been a 2 way center, always been offensive minded center. Yes,he is known to score some shorthanded goals and is good at face-offs but that doesn't make him a 2 way forward. He has played a 3rd center role for past 2 seasons only because in his teams where he has played there have been better and younger centers ahead of him in the pecking order. About half of his career goals comes from PP, so it would be a fools game not to utilize him on PP.
  14. I really didn't want bow down to these new NHL message board rules,but this signing forced me to do so. So i was forced to delete and repassword my account **** you NHL. my a-s-s. Anyways... now that,that "rant" is behind me,....this is awesome signing,just what the doctor ordered!!!. Vermette is awesome player,great addition to the play-offs too,going to loss game 7's no more!!!. Now i'd want that Vermette be our new 1st line center,but i guess thats not going to happen . If i was RC, my forwards (without Natty&Thompson) would be something like so: 1.Cogliano-Vermette-Kesler 2.Rakell-Getzlaf-Perry 3.Raymond-Garbutt-Kase/Boll 4.Ritchie-Wagner-Boll/Noesen
  15. Few interesting name