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  1. Yes, ask Kari Lehtonen (very similar to Gibson; big heavy goalie,career on the rise),he knows a thing or two about groin,hamstring injuries, he didn't bother to fix his issues,has had groin problems almost his entire career. Albeight.few years ago he did got his problems fixed,but was past his prime, although many goalies had shown that they can play past 35-40 and still be good,great even, Kari turns 34 this year,his probable move to Vegas might work out for him. Gibby shouldn't play with fire.
  2. Why did Edmonton trade their best player Taylor Hall? - they absolutely needed a quality d-man. Dallas desperately needs a L handed quality d-man to lead their defense, We desperately need a top 3 LW - Benn top 3 LW, Lindholm quality LD, similar cap hit this trade helps both teams and hurts neither (when we give Ritchie as well)
  3. Jamie Benn - LW | 5.25 mill cap hit,problem fixed .
  4. The Dallas trade would benefit both. Dallas defense (if you even can call it that) is down straight horrible they need a leader,they need someone like Hampus,they don't need another Vatanen type of d-man, Anaheim offense is too thin,our special teams need improvement,Jamie Benn would be ideal catch for us, Benn last 3 seasons; 40 ppg + 43 ppa = 83 ppp he is also good penalty killer and has 6 goals 6 assists short handed too,decent in face-offs, he has won 50% of his face-offs in that same time period, around 750 face-off wins.
  5. Hampus Lindholm+Nick Ritchie -> Dallas Anaheim <- Jamie Benn
  6. Well,..Vatanen had 6 points,10 SOG,recorded 11 hits,13 blocked shots, avg 23 TOI per game, vs Nashville,so i'd assume he is safe. Montour has most potential in the future for scoring goals,points of the trio in question,so i'd keep him. I don't think neither of these 3 have enough relative trade value to be honest,we need top 3 forward. I liked what the Devils did last season,they send their #1 D-man (Larsson) to Edmonton,got Taylor Hall in exchange we should do something similar. Now i don't think Hampus Lindholm is our #1 d-man anymore (thats Fowlers to lose) but from all of our d-men he has the most relative trade value,Lindholm+prospect? for high end top 3 forward.
  7. Great shot block from Bones in the dying seconds,saved Sens sure goal. need-him-back-!!!
  8. Be that as it may,but its foolish from Perry to stay in Anaheim, its pretty obvious that his spirit...isnt "with in" at the moment. Change in scenery will most definitely spark his spirit and he will rise close to his old form that is... if he really is intetrested to play hockey at top level rather than settles to collect that 9 mill(ish) pay check after every year. Better for Perry to embark and leave Anaheim.
  9. 2017-2018 Gibson Bernier Ritchie-Getzlaf-Eaves Fowler-Vatanen Drouin-Bonino-Rakell Lindholm-Montour Cogliano-Kesler-Silfverberg Despres-Manson Kerdlies-Nättinen-Shaw Kase | Bieksa
  10. I'd still like to see Perry gone after this season,his...relocation, would free tons of cap space, cap space,what we could use on both Bones and Druid (Drouin). ps. can one force someone to wave his trade clause
  11. 20-21 season 1-2-3 punch 1)Steel-2)Bonino-3)Nättinen
  12. indeed to all
  13. One can dream,eh?
  14. UFA - no news about him resigning with he Pens,i think we should try to bring him back. Bones last 4 seasons in the NHL (points in the play-offs included): 76 goals,111 assists,187 points +/- +40 Any thoughts?
  15. 2014-2015 season: Leafs was 6th in the east when RC was fired. Yes, they had more games played than teams below and they're game in recent times wasn't so good,however... they had a good roster* back then and i think they still would of made it to the play-offs and as we know,Carlyle is a PO coach,who knows what would of been the outcome this time. I think they put too much thought to that one 3-4 Bruins series loss,i think stuff just started to happen,Toronto,pressure cook pot, fans... He would of been 2 play-offs and 2 play-offs misses,also his record wasn't bad in Toronto: 91W-76L (.545). I wonder what Leafs fan will think (say),when we win Stanley Cup with a coach that they threw away * Phil Kessel,James Van Riemdsyk,Richard Panik,good(ish) David Clarkson,good(ish)Joffrey Lupul,Daniel Winnik, both Peter Holland and Mike Santorelli's had good seasons, Kadri&Bozak were both good, combined 90 points together,Leo Komarov... *Dion Phaneuf,Stephane Robidas, Eric Brewer,Korbinian Holzer,Roman Polak gave their more than enough experience their talented young D,Morgan Reilly,Cody Franson,Jake Gardiner