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  1. How about leave a comment about the thread and not focus on silly details. - worst opinions? i guess we all have opinions,thats your opinion about me and i respect that. #WECAN'TALLBEGOODPOLITEPEOPLEBUTISEEMSTOBETHEONLYONEHERE
  2. Like i said before i'm no expert,i don't live there,so thats why i'm not qualified to suggest any names, thats why i chose not to suggest a single name. Never hated either of the names,kinda always thought Mighty Ducks of Anaheim was cool, although..cheesy(ish) like posted above,Anaheim Ducks sounds firm and it looked cool as a Anaheim Ducks text on 06-07 jersey. Keep the colours,change the name (and obviously the logo)
  3. 1992 Walt Disney Pictures released a film called Mighty Ducks. Mighty Ducks was about...well, read here .> Wikipedia 1993 the Walt Disney Company founded a ice hockey franchise and named it after the movie, the team was to be called Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. 2005 Disney sold the franchise to Samueli's,and for the 06-07 season,the name was changed from Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to Anaheim Ducks The franchise is located in orange county,orange county wild life "residence" include: - various of bats - coyote - mountain lion - opossum - raccoon - various of snakes - skunk Yes,ducks do appear in orange county wildlife,most commonly; mallard, but they only migrate through Orance County,they are not "residents". So,why are we still called Ducks? Is it really that necessary? does this franchise have some sort of duck identity? if so? my apologize. The jersey colours was changed to represent Orance County,county colours so,why not change the team name from Anaheim Ducks to something what would represent the county better? Because other than migrating birds,Orange County,nor Anaheim has nothing to do with ducks (if you are not counting cartoon characters) I'm not resident of Orange County,nor USA that matter,so i'm not expert and i don't have a home ice advantage on the matter,but how i see it,is like this; Ducks is stil that name that haunts this franchise from the Disney era, before we drop the Duck(s) from the franchise name,this team can't really progress forwards,without the cup and "few" other titles,this organization, has it really grown that much from the early days? i know that the franchise grown a lot,but has it really grown as much as some hoped. How does the Ducks get noticed in every day life in Anaheim during the season? Play-offs,does the post season bring any changes to the city view? Outside california fan base? market growth? etc. etc. Change the team name from Anaheim Ducks to something better.
  4. 2007 Anaheim Ducks 2008 Detroit Red Wings 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 Chicago Blackhawks 2011 Boston Bruins 2012 Los Angeles Kings 2013 Chicago Blakhawks 2014 Los Angeles Kings 2015 Chicago Blackhawks 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Giving bargain Bob credit? from what exactly? hey,i'm not completely out of sympathy for him,but Bob has done way more bad than good to this organization almost 9 years....insane how time flies when you are miserable #stilllookingforthattruefirstline
  5. Simon is, what?... 25? he is still young player,KHL is a good place for him to bounce back. - see you back in two years Simon!. BTW i'm expecting a lot from Despres,he gets to play with good players in a really good leauge. (althoug,that team isn't particularly good) - M Mazanec G - J Stepanek G - C Barker D - A Meszaros D - T Taimi D - M Sersen D - I Svarny D - C Genoway F - L Kaspar F - J Mikus F - T Ramstedt F - M Repik F - R Smolenak F - M Viedensky F ---------------------- NHL (NA leagues in general) is so strange league when it comes to injuries,weather its minor or major. How injuries are delt in your side of the ocean its so much different here,this side.
  6. Hope so.
  7. Lots of "love" for Beauch,but this isn't Beauchemin 3 years ago,this is spirit destroyed by AVS Beauch who turns 38. This signing is so BARGAIN BOB off season signing,veteran player signed for cheap... - we have the right guy to coach us,but the worst GM in the league,he might of done good loooooooong time ago, or maybe he just got lucky back in the day,i dunno...say what you want,he sucks,has sucked,for oh so long,BOB MURRAY OUT!!! #bargainbobruiningduckssince11|11|2008
  8. In the very near future we need a free top 6 spot for Sam Steel,might as well start making preparations sooner than later Sam Steel #1 Ryan Getzlaf #2 Max Jones with Steel | Rakell&Kessel with Getzlaf...not too shabby eh? - only needs that 1st line RW speedy sniper,where to find one?.
  9. Would anyone trade Center Kesler for Winger Kessel?
  10. ha ha
  11. Simon Despres is thinking Europe might be his next place to play hockey KHL or Swiss NLA
  12. Kariya-Rucchin-Selänne Kunitz-McDonald-Selänne Penner-Getzlaf-Perry Moen-Påhlsson-Niedermayer H. mentions: Parros,Koivu,Lupul all time top 6 D Niedermayer Pronger Beauchemin Tverdovsky Visnovsky Salei J-S. Giguere Hebert
  13. Maybe Perry should have one year off,did wonders to Teemu,yes it was the lock out,duh,but it would make sense its not like we anymore desperatly need him to win games or anything,fix yourself buddy,fix yourself for real, what ever problems you have. Have a major surgery,heal yourself and then come back new born,because if you really played the entire season with an injury who can tell if that injury is healed or not,because it wasnt fixed, also, anyone think he have had nonereported injury problems prior to last season? - Teemu have complained in many interviews (after and during career ) how in the NHL they force to you play injured,at least some teams (coaches) do that if its not super serious injury that is,but semi or not so serious injuries are the worst ones,if you are not smart.
  14. Thats what i would want to know,our opening day line up might look really....
  15. At 35 and 36 in 05-06 through 06-07 season,the Flash was one of the best players in the world. 05-06: in 96 games Teemu scored 46 goals and added 56 assists,totalling of 104 points, plus and minus +28 06-07: in 103 games Teemu scored 53 goals and added 56 assists,totalling of 109 points, plus and minus +27 I'd wanna see Ovechkin do the same...not a chance!!!