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  1. Sam Steel 0+3 in game two,this time WHL loses 4-3 to Russia after leading 3-0 http://chlcanadarussia.ca/video/game-2-nov-717-rus-4-whl-3
  2. Sam Steel 0+1 +2 WHL beats Russia 7-0 http://chlcanadarussia.ca/video/nov-617-rus-0-whl-7 2:12 ->
  3. Simon is, what?... 25? he is still young player,KHL is a good place for him to bounce back. - see you back in two years Simon!. BTW i'm expecting a lot from Despres,he gets to play with good players in a really good leauge. (althoug,that team isn't particularly good) - M Mazanec G - J Stepanek G - C Barker D - A Meszaros D - T Taimi D - M Sersen D - I Svarny D - C Genoway F - L Kaspar F - J Mikus F - T Ramstedt F - M Repik F - R Smolenak F - M Viedensky F ---------------------- NHL (NA leagues in general) is so strange league when it comes to injuries,weather its minor or major. How injuries are delt in your side of the ocean its so much different here,this side.
  4. if its a money issue...well...theres always "illegal" free streams,theyre everywhere. You can watch every Ducks game if you want...obviously you need to download 100% free adblock plus app (if you don't already have it)...also HD/4K/8K app(s) if you want better quality streams. --- I do understand... I am super fortunate to live in Finland though,.. with, about 70 dollars* per month, i get to see these: * that sounds a lot,but what you get... - every NHL game + NHL tonight + the other one - lots of KHL games (almost every) - every Liiga (FEL) game - several NFL games per week + nfl gameday - several NBA games per week + nba action - basketball's Euroleague - every Nascar race - Speedway world championship - F1 H20 uim world championship - WRC FIA rally championship - FIA world rally cross championship - English Premier League + Championsip + FA Cup + League Cup - La Liga + Spanish cup - Serie A + italian cup - Bundesliga + german cup - Ligue 1 - UEFA Champions League - UEFA Europa League - Golf...oh so much Golf that your eyes start to bleed + many other finnish sports and other sports related programs too i know lots of Finns bitch about the prices, and how nothing is free anymore,i use to as well,...but as a hardcore sports fan,i was forced to bend over, stop bitching and pay...first i thought it was too much,i'm not gonna pay, i have principles..the usual stuff. if people would wake up and see how much they use money on smokes,alcohol and on other unhealthy stuff per month ...70 bucks a month is a "small" amount to pay from a aaaaaalot of sports.
  5. I-HATE- STREAMS I hope fans find TV again and quit this mostly or somewhat mostly unreliable stream bs,sure their handy and makes all suposedly easier, more lazier for sure but nothing beats watching sports and your favorite team from TV, TV rules!!!,ipads,smart phones... suck.
  6. Thanks But,you forgot his great ability to steal pucks,by either lifting the opponents stick,by back checking,or just using his speed.and crashing into players
  7. So i guess that didn't work it still not viewable
  8. Sam Steels 2016-2017 full highlights (if the music doesn't amuse you,always can mute ) - had to make one change,had to remove feuer frei by ramstein..oh well
  9. Regular season in the books,post season left,... - after every reg. season goal and point,highlight...i can say this; kid can steal pucks...super well and does that a lot skate like the wind,..with the puck and score break away goals,but he is a playmaker.....aaaaargh!!!
  10. I'll be posting/sharing a Sam Steel 2016-2017 full season highlight video here,tomorrow...check it out. - every goal,almost every point of this season.
  11. 2nd in points (regular+post) in the entire CHL this season,just right after Hawks highly touted prospect Alex DeBrincat Debrincat,Otters,OHL : 76g+84a=160pts Steel,Pats,WHL : 59g+99a=158pts
  12. I love it when people misunderstand me....not i actually said how good Getzlaf is (i compared him to McDavid),i wonder where you people always get the wrong picture. --- You have your opinion,i have mine,its all good,mostly anyways. --- You guys have passion,i get it,you defend Murray and who ever, so you can find a reason,reasons to what is happening, and what is not,sure,i get it. These are the facts however: with Bob,0 Stanley Cups,0 Conference Championships,0 top 5 draft picks, 0 star quality off season signings,0 major trades,the list of zero success goes on and on, how good you are is measured in success,we have none,its elementary math,1+1 equals 2. oh,if you think of bringing regular season success to the table,don't bother,regular season "success" isn't really success,no one remembers who won the division,who got the best record, in the end,you only remember the champions,whether you the conference,or the stanley cup champion. Bobs success,the lack of...speaks of it self (as did Bruces) you can say this and that, but no one can exclude the facts.
  13. Perry 7 goals 42 games | 115 SOG | -6 | 2 PPG Maroon 16 goals 42 games | 90 SOG | +14 | 1 PPG Sure you can say,well Maroon plays with MCDavid but Perry gets to play with Getzlaf,so...yeah. This shouldn't be,Perry should have more goals than Maroon. --------- The last 6 years,players we either traded,let go...the number of goals,points theyve scored, baaaaad GM work from our end,Bargain Bob might of been once a good GM but those times are long gone,i hope this is his final seasoon for us.
  14. Here are few who could play like 25 games as a back up,in the NHL - note that, these are not your top notch goalies,but these are veteran goalies who can win games with good teams and i think thats what Murray is looking for. (few of these are really big long shots,but anyways) Ryan Zapolski,Kevin Lalande,David Leggio,Ray Emery,Riku Helenius,Jussi Markkanen,Petri Vehanen, Eero Kilpeläinen,Teemu Lassila,Henrik Karlsson,Mikael Tellqvist,Jakub Stepanek,Marek Schwarz, Konstantin Barulin,Alexander Eremenko,Mikhail Biryukov,Christobal Huet,Jan Lasak,Dennis Endras
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