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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm,Steel having some troubles in scoring goals lately, not scored a goal in 8 games and only 3 points for last 3 games with -3 plus minus last night Pats broke their losing streak (3 games) Steel got couple of assists.
  2. 100 POINTS BABY!!! CONGRATS SAMMY!!! Steel gets 1 assist tonight and gets his WHL and CHL leading 100th point. 39g+61a=100 pts
  3. Perry is so old news next season,no way should he play top six role (if he is still a duck) next season. Steel 2017-2018? Well,...we could go for youth...but...we still have Kesler, Getzlaf for top six role Nättinen is going to do everything in the camp's,pre season that he is in bottom six next season, then again Nättinen&Steel for Gull's as 1 and 2 punch would be sweet. Ducks Rakell-Kesler-Silfverberg Ritchie-Getzlaf-Kase Cogliano-Vermette?-Perry? Gulls Kossila-Nättinen-Görtz Jones-Steel-Terry Kerdlies-Roy-Tropp
  4. Pats scored 4 goals,Steel 2 goals + 2 assists, maximum effort . 4 points and then he becomes first in the CHL this season to reach 100 point plateau. 1. Sam Steel 96 | Regina Pats,WHL 2. Alex DeBrincat 92 | Erie Otters,OHL 3. Adam Brooks 90 | Regina Pats,WHL
  5. Perry should be a healthy scratch for the next game and perhaps game after that too. Yet again Perry was utter crapola,he doesn't hit,doesn't block shots,doesn't back check,loses puck battles and pucks and now he doesn't even get shots on goal anymore,ergo score goals. 1 frigging 5 on 5 goal in his last,what? 26,27 games,with 4 assists can't score goals when you throw 1.5 shots per game Corey!.
  6. Here to bring some more gloom about Perry and his 5 on 5 play Perry in his last 24 games 5 on 5 : - 1 goal - 4 assists - 1.7 shots on goal per game avg - 0.7 hits per game avg - 14:53 ice time per game avg
  7. 2 assists more for Steel.
  8. Sammy Steel got his 89th and 90th point tonight so only 10 points shy of 100,good job sammy.
  9. 2 goals 2 assists with +2 Sam Steel's catch of the night. 87 points so far this season.
  10. Weve officially become a franchise that drafts players,grows them and then lets them go either via free or via trade and gets nothing in return,yippee!!!. Whos next to go?. Hey Bob,is it time for your sign a /trade for veteran 33-35y D/F at least one for each season yet?. you threw away another good young forward,so thats a >check< .
  11. Shocking 5 on 5 numbers for Perry this season in 51 games: 6 goals,12 assists,thats 18,....18! points 100 shots on goal,only 100!, 5 on 5, in 51 games... thats less than 2 (1.96) shots per game,all this with 15:16 total 5 on 5 ice time per game. Now this shooting thing isn't new stuff from Perry,his 5 on 5 shot avg has declined for some time now 13-14 his 5 on 5 avg was still top notch,almost 3 per game (81 games) 15.5 shot accuracy 14-15 his 5 on 5 avg dropped to 2.35 (67 games) 17% shot accuracy 15-16 his 5 on 5 avg dropped even more,to 2.1 (82 games) 16% shot accuracy The biggest difference is,for this season his shot accuracy number has plummeted,its 6.3% can we really hold on to a player who gets paid almost 9 mill a year with those kind of declining 5 on 5 stats i say; no we can't.
  12. or by Maroon himself
  13. i know,not exactly.
  14. For example,what pushed Teemu forwards in his career was the fact he hadnt won anything in his career and after he won the SC at what? 36?,he was really closed to end his career,but later found his passion to the game again,where as Perry was only 22 when he became a SC winner,at 25 olympic gold winner, he doesn't have that Teemu's passion to the game.
  15. Also what might effect Perrys game (other than 9 mill a year),he is SC,OG,WCUP,WC,MCUP,OHL,WJC champion he has won everything a hockey player can win,mentally, he just might not care anymore, (zero motivation) i think JToews could share this same problem,but who really knows, really.