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  1. Beleskey got this 35th point tonight(14 goals). points wisely better,goal wisely not bad,but not as good as last season.
  2. heck no! not a chance,no what so ever! In couple of years Ovechkin moves back to Russia to play in the KHL he has been close to move back so many times,not liking the fact that he isn't winning - year after year his former team MDynamo has a great team and challenges for the cup almost every season. Or like every Russian born player so far (one or two exceptions),he starts to decline quite quickly after 30 there is a reason why he is the only Russian born player with 500 career goals. (lots of injuries,motivation) best scenario;he will end up in some between 660-700 career goals
  3. Kinda one sided,but Mcllrath did jump Beleskey after that hit, so there were no much time to prepare.
  4. Heres the Beleskey monster hit and the fight http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2015/11/27/video-beleskey-rocks-stepan-fights-mcilrath/
  5. EPL after 8 rounds Man City Arsenal Man Utd Crystal Palace ------------------- Leicester Westham ------------------- Everton Tottenham Southampton Liverpool Swansea Watford Norwich Stoke Bournemouth Chelsea West Bromwich -------------------- Aston Villa Sunderland Newcastle
  6. You heard yet Norge,Brendan Rogers got sacked.
  7. There you go,fixed it for ya Moose I mean lets face it,whats soccer anyways, its not even a real word .
  8. yup Chelsea (14-15 1st) 1-1-2 record 4 pts GD -3 vs Man City (14-15 2nd) 4-0-0 record 12 pts GD +10 In a even league +13 GD is huge,even if Chelsea climbs back from the slump,+13 is so huge that,that alone can be the decision maker, who wins league who comes second, not to mention 8 pts difference this early on. If this continues even after the international break, then i can't see a way for Chelsea catching Man City this season. Can any of the other big four teams challenge City is a total different story, even if it is too early,City has looked (played) best (football) of all teams,by far this season.
  9. i feel for ya,what the h happened? i didn't watched that game, i watched other game,why so bad result?
  10. Thanks,i got lucky ...or did i ? . Yeah pretty much how i saw the game wild, very entertaining game. 1-0 1-0 0-0 same record as Man Utd. Agreed and he thought he be playing this season on a loan elsewhere,what a surprise for him and for Liverpool fans.
  11. Angels nose diving,wrong possible time. that division lead is a long gone memory and now that wild card spot is slipping away. Sure there's around 50 games left, but still Angels are playing bad right now, really bad. Worst record (tie,A's)) in the last 10 games in entire American League.
  12. Yes,absolutely true., I'm fed up with BM being a slowpokes in these matters,waits and waits until its too late,playing it safe, plying the waiting game might be smart in other sports,but in hockey it'll cost you dearly.
  13. and 4,5 mill for Klingberg isn't? ...lot of money oh! but i forgot,,its a complete different situation. risk,risk,risk,you can't win titles if you don't take a chance or two. now tell me, whos your player worth that money if not Bellsey? so you'd rather get a new guy,instead of resigning a guy who's had monster of a season and who already knows the ropes.
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