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  1. I feel like the whole "aggressively pursuing" angle might have been a bit exaggerated. We all know the only thing Bob Murray aggressively pursues mid-season is a Chris Wagner clone he can pick up for a 5th round pick.
  2. This is giving me January 2019 vibes. Only the major difference is how that team had to deal with Carlyle for months before tanking the season. This team hasn't gotten blown out by a combined score of 45-10 over a 10 game stretch or whatever insane number it was yet so at least there's that. Not a promising sign any way you look at it though. The big question is whether or not Duck fans are ready for GMIHCBBM 2.0
  3. First Red Wing ever to score 4 goals in his first 3 games. This is a team that has been around for almost 100 years. I hope he wins the Rocket.
  4. PetrSykora


    Hard to believe this is the same player whose name was linked to Nylander in trade rumors not so long ago. That could've ended up looking like a repeat of the Hall for Larsson fiasco if it actually happened.
  5. Oof, I must have misread that part when looking up the playoff format. No wonder Canadians are so excited for this season.
  6. It starts tonight! There's already drama brewing. Draisaitl is out here claiming the Oilers are still the best team in Canada and it's hilarious cause it's like bragging about getting a C+ on a final exam. Watch all 4 guaranteed Canadian playoff teams get wiped out in the first round.
  7. Lots of people online making fun of Perry for getting waived and calling him washed as if he didn't just score 3 huge goals in the Stanley Cup Final a few months ago. Meanwhile, hockey fans are supposed to be excited about mesozoic era all-star Joe Thornton in a Leafs sweater. I don't get it.
  8. Josh Ho-Sang on waivers. Please claim him Stoolbob. I'd much rather see someone with his skill level attempt to figure things out at a professional level this season over a single second of David Backes doing Backass things.
  9. He also posed with a barrel that had a Hockey Canada logo taped on it during the celebrations. A few Canadians thought it was supposed to be a trash can or something and reporters pressed him about it following the game. Personally, I couldn't care less. Even as a Canadian, their WJ rosters are always sooo bratty (see: the embarrassing temper tantrum one player threw after the ref blew for a frozen puck with ~3 minutes left in the game) it's almost amusing to see them lose. Maybe he'll bring that same energy and pose next to a toilet after he dominates a game where some morons in yellow were throwing catfish at him
  10. The league now has sponsored divisions. Woof, imagine hanging a 2021 Honda West Champions banner from your rafters. For our sakes, let's at least hope being the Honda Center's home team comes with some nice conflict of interest tier perks.
  11. Better way to put it lmao. I can see any of those big 3 teams winning it all this year though. They'll probably all finish with top 5 records because of the competition (or lack thereof) in the division.
  12. Man, I really wish this roster was in a stronger state heading into this new season. The condensed 2k13 year was some of the most fun I've had watching hockey even if it eventually cooked Selanne to the point of no return. Divisional matchups and the baseball-esque series scheduling is going to result in some real intense games. The downside is how strong our new division is. Colorado, Las Vegas & St. Louis will likely run away with it and I can't imagine Anaheim making any noise in a rush for that 4th spot unfortunately. As long as we beat San Jose often and help keep them in the gutter I guess. Side note, the Canadian division is going to be an absolute gongshow. I wonder if they'll even bother covering American games up here. They're guaranteed 4 playoff teams and watch none of them go far.
  13. I just learned that Las Vegas won't have to participate in this draft. For comparison's sake, the Mighty Ducks lost Mikhail Shtalenkov in the 1998 expansion draft after 5 years of existence. The Knights will be completing their 4th year by the time of this draft and were already blessed with the harshest set of expansion draft protection rules to build their roster. It's kind of bogus and I'm still bitter we gave Bieksa of all people a NMC.
  14. Hopefully the pants will help pull it out of the gutter. I was enthusiastic at first about it since I can't stand that pointy toilet seat Dallas calls a logo. The lack of colour on this set really does make it look incomplete though. They could've just flipped the colours on a Modano era jersey and ended up with a keeper.
  15. Every team is required to a uniform, are they not? What exactly is wrong with discussing or being enthusiastic about how the sport will look when 31 new uniforms are unveiled at the same time? Don't even wanna touch the second part of that comment.
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