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  1. Looks like it was a match made in heaven. Murray gets his thrift store discount rack defender while Del Zotto gets to live near the heart of the adult entertainment industry for another round. I'm just happy it wasn't Phaneuf.
  2. He was never one. Besides, he's had almost a decade to prove those early years in Calgary weren't a fluke and he's only declined ever since. I know Bob loves to sort through the greasiest dumpsters at this point of the summer but we can still do a lot better than the worst player on a putrid Kings squad.
  3. Calgary is the biggest paper tiger the NHL has had in a very long time. At least Tampa dominated the league in almost every regard before collapsing in the playoffs. Calgary was never convincing outside of old man Giordano's MVP calibre performance. Cam Talbot and the hope that Hamburglar 2.0 doesn't end up a one hit wonder isn't going to put them over the edge when their awful regular season goaltending wasn't even in their top 5 biggest problems once the playoffs hit. It will take a crazy performance (or another terrible showing from the Pacific again) for the Flames to replicate what they accomplished. I can realistically picture them missing the playoffs. I'm not ranking any of those teams head and shoulders above the Ducks. It's too easy to get caught up in what other teams added (and I say added loosely because a lot of those additions came at the expense of major subtractions ex: Barrie, Galchenyuk, Subban, etc.) while forgetting what we already have. Literally every key player not named Gibson, Kase, or Silfverberg had a brutal down year. The defence especially. Lindholm, Manson, and Fowler all simultaneously put up their worst seasons since entering the league. Their careers to this point have shown that they're capable of being significantly better than they were. They'll have a fresh year with new coaching and a forward core that isn't relying too heavily on broken skaters to work with now. Gibson is still one of, if not the best goaltender in the league. IMO that alone at least puts them on even ground with the other western bubble teams you're mentioning even if the rest of the Ducks somehow remain at their rock bottom. I get it's frustrating sitting around while other teams are trying to improve. They could do a ton to strengthen the team before heading into next season no question. It's a shame they haven't already honestly. I just think last season was more of a perfect storm of worst case scenarios more than an indication of how good or bad this roster actually is.
  4. Blues, Vegas, Trash, Sharts, Stars & Winterpeg, no. I think it's pretty wide open after that first tier of teams though. The Ducks are a pretty big question mark heading into next season but I don't think that means the Chicagos and Arizonas of the west are primed to leapfrog and bury us in the league's basement just like that. This is still a talented roster that will get a chance to play a full year under a new coach whose gameplan is more advanced than praying Gibson's hips aren't feeling sore. There's also going to be a ton of youth injected into the roster. Not saying we're a shoe in for playoff hockey but basically everyone is sleeping on us again. I'm hoping next season will be similar to 2013 when a new coach in his first full year (or full-ish, thank you lockout) took them to a surprise 2nd seed after everyone thought we'd be in the lottery. Even if we don't make the playoffs, I'm just looking forward to seeing them move further away from that awful 2018 Carlyle brand of anti-hockey we've been subjected to for too long.
  5. PetrSykora


    How is Sutter going to be an advisor to the coaching staff if they can't understand a single mutter that comes out of his mouth?
  6. All this signing says to me is that the Ducks opening night roster will have a lot of former Gulls on it. No harm in trying to keep the minor league team competing at a high level. I'm not expecting him to be a difference maker for the Ducks.
  7. Who knew wishing for Dallas to eliminate Trashville in the playoffs this spring would result in monkey paw level consequences? I feel sick looking at that
  8. Not sure how I feel about Kadri coming out west. COL-NAS games are going to be total Olympic diving competitions if every single game featuring the mustard kitties wasn't already at that point. Speaking of trash, imagine getting rid of Seth Jones and PK Subban to bring in Crying Johansen and Matt Duchene. Even with their franchise-long need for a centre, that's just bad asset management.
  9. A Marc Bergevin vs. Don Waddell barn fight doesn't have the same star power and appeal as Brian Burke vs. Kevin Lowe. I still want to see it though!
  10. That Zaitsev/Ceci trade is like when a sneaky school kid drops their sandwich on the floor and offers to swap lunches with their unsuspecting friend except this time, the friend also dropped their lunch on the floor and happily agrees to the deal as both fail to realize that they're still eating floor food
  11. Is this real? Doesn't really seem like the type of move GMBM would make on Canada Day.
  12. Dallas is making moves and getting ready to compete for the 2014 NHL playoffs! Good for them
  13. I'm not seeing it and I'm not even that high on Fowler. He'd be #3/4 at the very least on every one of those teams right now. I have no idea why you're even bringing up LA cause he would easily be the second best defender they have behind the dough boy. Fowler being -50 in his career has a lot more to do with him spending his first years on bad teams glued to absolute pylons like Andy Sutton or Andreas Lilja while getting thrown to the wolves by Carlyle than it does with Fowler being a bad player. He's hasn't been a big minus player since outside of last season when the whole team was straight doo-doo defensively. I can agree with him being a bit of an offensive disappointment who's overpaid ~1 million compared to his peers (won't be for much longer considering the contracts expiring throughout the league in the near future) but that doesn't mean he's trash. At worst Fowler is still a very good second pairing guy who has shown he can eat a ton of minutes on successful teams.
  14. If you're trying to sell people on why we should've kept Perry at 8 and a half million dollars a year, a bottom 6 grinder isn't the player you want to compare him to. I'm of the opinion that playoff performances are more valuable than a regular season performance. That said, there's no real reason to expect Perry to all of a sudden lead our team through the playoffs at this point. Especially THIS 34 year old surgically repaired knees version of Perry when he couldn't during the years he was a top 5 winger in the sport. He's arguably been the most frustrating playoff performer we've had during this era. He could look unstoppable in one series (usually against a Canadian team cause why not), and invisible in the next. There's been entire postseasons during his prime years where he's completely disappeared. Maybe if he was set to make Maroon money for us instead of former MVP money you'd have a point. Wherever he ends up is obviously going to get a better deal simply because his pay will be consistent with his role. 8 million divided over 2 or 3 solid contributors is always a better option than 8 million tied up in one mostly broken x-factor who doesn't score enough to justify his pay. I'm sure he'd still be a Duck if it was possible for him to somehow get paid the 2.5 million he deserves.
  15. Hahaha Luongo is a goon. He could've gone the Marian Hossa route and invented an injury to ride out the rest of his contract on LTIR but instead chooses to retire outright to stick the cap recapture penalty to Vancouver. That's what you get for benching him in your first outdoor game.
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