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  1. The fact that Niemi has a ring still boggles my mind. I'm definitely gonna miss that goaltending duo in Dallas. Even though I honestly never liked Ryan Miller (never seen a goalie so eager to throw his teammates under the bus), I seriously hope that rumour is true. 1 million for a goalie who's capable of playing 50+ games and is willing to accept a backup role? Yes please. I mean, I know he didn't graduate from the Nelson Mandela School of Goaltending but surely he can't be any worse than what we were treated to in our last two games of the season.. Especially at that price.
  2. This is still the craziest goal I've seen someone in a Ducks sweater score. It wasn't enough to just break Trouba's ankles, he had to roof it glove side on the backhand from a ridiculous angle with a defender sprawled out in front of him. Been rooting for this guy ever since we drafted him in LA. He was so fun to watch in that Detroit series as a rookie. I still think he'd be a serviceable 4th liner in this league as is. He has the tools, he's just never been able to put it all together consistently. He'd be great if he could reinvent his game Cogliano style and use his speed and tenacity to become a defensive/PK role player. It's a shame they didn't sign him for the Gulls at the very least. I hope he can sign in New Jersey honestly. Reunite him with Palmieri and DSP so those two Devils games we watch every year won't be as dull. It's weird how we already have no remaining assets from all three of those trades. I still dislike Jiri Suckac.
  3. Not gonna lie, I squeaked like a child when I heard the news. Kariya should've been on the NHL Top 100 list but this is a far more prestigious honour in the end and I couldn't be happier for him.
  4. I admittedly haven't been paying very much attention to anything at all since the expansion draft.. Someone wanna explain to me why we didn't select any Swedish defencemen over the weekend? I just got caught up with everything and this feels almost unfulfilling in some bizarre way. This is too weird and I don't like it at all.
  5. I wanted Hanzal on this team since 2011. Maybe Vermette can be useful for once and convince him to sign here cheap.
  6. Good coach but he might've overstayed his welcome a bit especially with the direction they want to take the team. The last 4 years in Arizona have been an absolute mess. Gretzky won more games in his 4 seasons as coach and he might've been the worst head coach of this era. Tippett did a fantastic job making them relevant on the ice in spite of their financial troubles once he took over. It's ironic how now that the team finally has some stability, the on-ice product has taken a complete nosedive. The lack of talent wasn't even the worst part though. They didn't care this year and it was pretty obvious.
  7. It's a weird move for sure but it sort of makes sense now that the dust has settled a bit. Let's not forget how good Saad was on both sides of the rink when he was with Toews. I guess they figured the fratboy will be fine without Panarin so they decided to address the rapid decline of their 10.5 million dollar captain. Losing Hjalmarsson will kill them though. He's one of the best pure defenders in hockey. Rumour has it they're gonna go after Oshie in free agency. No idea how that works in the meantime with Hossa and the cap but I'm sure they'll be allowed to do it.
  8. Arizona should be stacked in NHL 18. Adding Hjalmarsson and Stepan to a core of OEL, Duclair, Domi, Datsyuk and Pronger? Dang So uh, what the hell is Chicago doing? Lmao
  9. I don't even think he's better than Vatanen honestly. Outside of saving ~2 million dollars and throwing away a pick, this trade would be pointless.
  10. I think you're underrating Manson a bit here. He's more than just a physical presence. He's a great puck moving defenceman for someone of his size and statistically speaking, he's also our second best shot suppressor right behind Lindholm. Even if you don't buy into advanced stats, that's incredibly valuable in today's landscape. The fact that he's right handed only adds to that. Theodore might become a better player one day but Manson has a more unique skill set which suits our needs now and in the future.
  11. I remember some guy signing up to this forum to "curse" our franchise shortly after that news broke. We laughed at the time but considering how things have gone since, I think I might be a believer. Glad he's gone Also, holy cap space Vatman!
  12. Still can't get over New Jersey lmao. Soo much history in those old uniforms for a franchise that's incredibly resistant to change and they decide to come out with those? The Devils didn't even want to make a special uniform for their stadium series game. Who thought this was a good idea? Their fans revolted when they changed the freaking goal song, I can't imagine how crazy they must be going now. Looks like I spoke too soon on the Ducks. Glad we didn't do anything drastic on such short notice (looking at you trashville) but that half collar look is just brutal compared to the Reebok V necks.
  13. He's never gonna win this stupid thing, is he? lol
  14. Welp so much for that reveal lol RIP New Jersey Devils dear lord those are disgusting Can't really tell from that photo but it looks like we might be one of the only teams that didn't have their necklines screwed up entirely by that new awful Adidas cut. Fingers crossed.
  15. It looks like something an exhausted parent might pin onto a toddler's raincoat so they wouldn't make as much of a fuss about wearing it in public Now that I think about it, chances are that's exactly what happened.. Just take a look at their roster