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  1. I feel like whoever gets out of the play-in round will go far simply because they had more time to build a rhythm. Sort of like how the Devils went 7 against the Senators in 2003 and then lit up a Mighty Ducks team that had a lengthy break for embarrassing the Wild in 4. Sign me on for Canadiens 2020.
  2. The name is kind of silly but I like it. Doesn't take itself too seriously and also doesn't try way too hard to sound fierce like basically every new team from 1998 on. The logo is clean too. Could've used less of that modern style graphic design shading every new sports logo is hampered with but at least it's mostly 2D like a good hockey crest should be and doesn't try to jump off the sweater. The colours suck though. Navy blue almost always looks extremely drab on ice and there's already a solid chunk of the league wearing that shade. Seattle is a green city, I have no idea why they didn't run with that. The lighter surf blue or whatever they call that shade is cool though. Overall the uniforms just look like the early 2000s Naslund/Bertuzzi Canucks which is kind of disappointing considering where they could've taken it.
  3. PetrSykora


    Taylor Hall is like the anti-Messier. He'll captain your team straight to a lottery win.
  4. PetrSykora


    Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and New York are all in the mix for 1st overall now. I don't gamble much but I'd feel pretty comfortable placing a bet that one of those teams ends up winning it.
  5. PetrSykora


    Only in the broken NHL would you see several legitimately bad teams drop to make room for a playoff quality team that hasn't even been determined yet to select first overall. Sorry but everything about this seems sketchy. The process wasn't televised and having a round robin team (or whatever they're calling it) win does nothing but add intrigue for the next process of hockey when it starts up again. Whatever I guess. Welcome to Anaheim generic defensively responsible Swede with limited offensive upside. At least we didn't put up a historically woeful season only to end up getting thrown out the top 3 altogether. I actually feel bad for Detroit and that's not an easy feat.
  6. If any bored Canadians happen to be browsing this thread at the moment, Sportsnet is showing our game 5 classic against the Blackhawks from 2015 in its entirety right now. Even with the way it ended for us I really do think it was the best playoff series of the decade. People remember the Blackhawks-Kings one from 2014 because of how it went down to the wire but the first 5 1/2 games didn't have nearly as much drama. That 2015 series on the other hand was a two week long heart palpitation. Craziest rollercoaster of hockey up until the foundations collapsed at the end.
  7. IIRC it was something crazy like 5 total losses against the 4 teams with the highest win% following the All Star break that year. It's not like they were breezing through the 2012 Coyotes and Devils on their way to a title. I always go back and forth whenever these greatest of all time discussions come up in any sport. Take this bracket for example. On one hand, the 1983 Islanders are likely better than the 2007 Ducks if you keep everything relative to the era and the competition they faced. It gets iffy when you imagine an alternate reality where these teams can somehow actually play each other though. I have a hard time picturing any team from before the dead puck era competing with modern teams. It's not a level playing field. I'm saying this as someone who believes wholeheartedly that Mario Lemieux was the GOAT and the 1977 Canadiens were the best to ever lace them up. The game doesn't get to evolve to where it is now without those teams from the past but today's players have the benefit of better equipment, training, nutrition, coaching, etc. to the point where an average player could probably tear up those past eras. Realistically to me this bracket would come down to the 2010 Blackhawks vs. the 2007 Ducks but even just thinking that seems blasphemous.
  8. Nice to see Josi is still the biggest chicken**** in the league. Best thing I can say about him is how this is the first time he's crosschecked someone in the head without immediately skating behind a linesman or Shea Weber.
  9. Sorry minor league zamboni drivers but this is the best thing to happen this season
  10. Djoos played 22 playoff games for a championship team and the Caps fans I've seen online so far seem to be annoyed by this trade. They think he's an NHL quality defender. Should be an upgrade over Holzer at the very least.
  11. Oof, not a fan of that Sprong trade. Is there anyone left in the organization who's known for their shot now?
  12. We took a player back from them? Better get the disinfectant spray out
  13. Haha wow Lombardi is a deep cut. It's easy to forget the all deadline day dumpster dives over the years that didn't result in food poisoning.
  14. I mean we traded Pettersson to open up a spot for him and he's done nothing but stink up the place this season so why not?
  15. Sonny Milano rhymes with Cogliano Ducks the clear winner here
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