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  1. That's all it took to get Galchenyuk? I would've jumped on that in a heartbeat. Montreal screwed themselves in a 1 for 1 trade involving a player they misused from the start yet again.
  2. A sick part of me almost wants to see this happen just so Gibson could obliterate the record for saves in a season. Seriously though, forget top 20 picks. This would be a 70 point team without Getzlaf. Especially since there's times where it seems like Carlyle's entire gameplan is literally just "pass it to Getzlaf". He's quite easily the best forward we've got in all 3 zones and I'll take one of him over the combination of Kesler/Henrique/Grant every time regardless of whatever direction the team is going. A team like Anaheim needs to be careful committing to a total rebuild and that's really the only argument for trading Getzlaf. Kesler and Henrique aren't taking this team anywhere. It's not like Toronto or Edmonton where the team can afford to spend a decade in the gutter praying for a draft pick to pan out without ever having to worry about fan support. Moving Getzlaf could be catastrophic for the team in almost every way imaginable.
  3. Nice to see the Senators are a still a total mess. In case you all missed the latest drama, Mike Hoffman's fianceé has been exposed as a cyber bully who harassed Erik Karlsson's wife after their child was stillborn. That's the type of tragedy you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, I don't understand what type of person would make fun of somebody for experiencing that. Yeah there's no way they're both Senators next season. Karlsson needs to be rescued from that trainwreck of a franchise as soon as possible.
  4. I must be the only person here who'd rather keep Perry over Kesler. For starters, it would probably be easier to get Kesler to waive the NMC since everyone seems to be convinced our window is closed and he's still the one who's chasing a title. The return could be more reasonable for us too since there's less cap to manage even with the extra year he has over Perry. Lastly, they're both older and damaged versions of what they used to be. Considering both their roles and skillsets, a broken Perry would contribute more to the team than a broken Kesler. Plus he's off the books a year earlier. Worst case scenario we're stuck with two boat anchors on ridiculously inflated contracts. We can hold out hope that at least one can rebound but I'm not holding my breath. I must sound pessimistic as hell but I just think it would be easier to get away with keeping a scoring winger with a bum knee than it is a soon to be 34 year old grinding centre coming off a major surgery.
  5. Selanne was winning Rocket Richard trophies (in arguably the toughest era to score goals in no less) before Rocket Richard trophies were even a thing
  6. I like to talk trash about the Caps here every chance I get but I gotta give credit where it's due. Washington trailed in every series AND they had to clinch all four on the road. They faced a ton of adversity too (goaltending controversy and Trotz firing rumors before dropping their first 2 at home against Columbus, losing Backstrom against Pittsburgh, almost choking away a 2-0 lead against Tampa, etc.) and still managed to bounce back each time with composure. Simply a terrific run for a franchise and fanbase that has suffered more than maybe any other in hockey.
  7. Sportsnet cuts away from the celebration to show an interview with CONNOR MCDAVID hahaha this network is too damn much
  8. Wackiest season in NHL history ends with Barry Trotz holding a trophy that's bigger than him over his head. It's a fitting image.
  9. Nice to see LA's clock guy has a new job
  10. I wonder if they'll boo Buttman in Vegas. It would almost be as dumb as Nashville booing him last season after he bent over backwards to keep them from moving to Hamilton in 2007.
  11. Nah. He led the team in playoff goals in 2014 (clutch ones too) and the team gave up on him for a player who didn't fit the system at all and completely no-showed when it mattered. It was like pointlessly trading Maroon to Edmonton before the playoffs a year later.
  12. Holy crap DSP is a monster in the playoffs. But hey, Sekac is too right? (in the KHL at least )
  13. Lmao that didn't take long at all. Kinda getting a Ducks vs. Senators game 5 vibe from this game. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Washington is winning it tonight.
  14. Kuznetsov's 32nd point. Highest playoff total since Malkin put up 36 in 2009 and he's doing it 5v5 too. I know everyone wants to give Ovechkin the MVP cause #narratives but it would be bogus if it went to anyone but Kuznetsov at this point.
  15. It's an odd turn around for Vegas for sure. Outside of Fleury's struggles and their shooting going ice cold, the best thing I can think of is the systematic differences between the teams they faced in the west compared to Washington. Los Angeles, San Jose, and Winnipeg all play very similar rigid and predictable inside-out styles of hockey where they send 2/3 forwards deep to hound the puck in the offensive zone and aim to generate chances through elite shooters at the point. Vegas would usually lose the physical battle behind the net or in the corners, but they aggressively pressure the puck as it makes its way back out and attack with speed to force bad decisions/turnovers, which leads to quick transition offence. They also play the neutral zone with a similar intensity, an area of the ice where big physical western teams tend to slow down the game and regroup for an entry. Washington is a different animal though. Winnipeg was a faster team but it's not so much about having speed as much as it is how you utilize it. The Capitals are a lot closer to the Knights in that they like to allow the opponent certain areas of the ice where they can then force them into bad decisions and initiate the counterattack. They also like to dictate the neutral zone but the disparity in talent down the middle means the Capitals are more successful transforming that into quality chances on the rush, and establishing their free-wheeling offence in the zone as opposed to the typical overload formation Vegas has had to deal with through 3 rounds. I think the Ducks at their best would have a shot at either of these teams. It was frustrating them skate with cement boots all season long but we've seen a player like Getzlaf strive against overly aggressive and fast skating teams. He's capable of suckering 2 or sometimes even more players out of position with big body and puck protection skills, and he's such a good playmaker that his teammates can exploit that space he creates. Our defence ideally should be mobile enough to keep up with the counterattack too. It's how they beat the Oilers last season. The team that showed up to San Jose would get absolutely smoked though lol. It's one thing to get forced into a turnover by a team that systematically feasts on errors. It's another thing to spring 4th line benders on endless breakaways because of lazy and uninspired play.