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  1. The Sharts made the mistake of playing their patented Free Bogus Call of the Series card in game 3 instead of at a point where the Blues couldn't recover from the damage. Hoarding all those horseshoes and they still manage to go full Sharks in the end. Apparently this was the first time in Thornton's long career that he finished a playoff run with more than 3 goals. He had 4... and half of those came in a single game. Ouch.
  2. Wes McCauley out with a hamstring injury. This game is about to get flushed down the toilet after 10 minutes of beautiful flow.
  3. That Prince of Wales trophy presentation was one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen in a while. Who picked that overdramatic funeral music and why was it so loud
  4. Woof. Any team would be lucky to get through an entire playoff run with just one of the critical breaks San Jose has gotten so far. Even the Lidstrom era Ref Wings would get jealous watching these Sharks.
  5. Normally I'd agree. Especially in today's climate where you've got people hiding behind the label of troll to get away with saying whatever awful garbage they want to others. Edwards is a harmless hockey broadcaster though. It's not like anything he says is inflammatory (although I guess I wouldn't be shocked if he has crossed a line before). He just strikes me as a cartoon villain with a microphone. Not everyone wants their hockey game to sound like a pro wrestling event and that's cool. Personally I just think it's an amusing change of pace from the usual style of commentary in hockey. I don't watch a lot of Bruins games so that's probably why. I'm sure he would get exhausting real fast if we played Boston more than twice a year.
  6. There's an interview Jack Edwards did on Canadian TV during the Toronto series that made me think of him in a much different light. I always found him far too outrageous to take seriously but he's actually very down to earth and knowledgeable about the game. It's clear that he's putting on an act for entertainment purposes whenever he rants about the Bruins being angels sent from above to rain righteousness over the unjust world of hockey or whatever insanity he's usually spewing. He knows everyone outside of Boston hates him, that's why he doubles down on it. Man's a professional troll. I'll take him over any of the straight up ignorant Jim Fox types the sport is plagued with every single time.
  7. I usually swing hard in favour of the team that already has a bunch of championships at this point over the teams looking for their first. It keeps the Cup exclusive. I know it won't cheapen what this team accomplished in 07, but we lose a bit of that championship distinction every time there's an LA or a Washington winning their first. Boston is such a douchey team though blah.
  8. Gimme a prime Kariya in today's NHL over anyone honestly. Dude was putting up 50 goals and 100 points against the toughest competition every night in an era that punished skill and speed. Imagine how good he would be without having to worry about two-line offsides, obstruction and every team carrying a slew of headhunting goons. If we can steal a former Duck who had their prime years somewhere else, I'd consider taking Sergei Fedorov before Adam Oates or Jari Kurri. He was one of the greatest two-way weapons of all time. That said, I also feel a strong urge to just disregard everything I said in this entire post and go with Pronger instead. He hasn't played here in a decade and we're still living under the shadow of his reputation. That's how crazy good of a Duck he was.
  9. All these years later and I'm still salty about Justin Williams so seeing his leadership get mocked by Marchand of all people was my highlight of this game. It's so stupid when you think about it but I'm here for it.
  10. Impossible. Vegas fans don't do jawline exercises while mashing their arms up and down like a bunch of dorks whenever their team gets a powerplay. At least the dudes impersonating Elvis have a bit of self awareness of how ridiculous they look.
  11. Boston vs. Carolina: Why bother even guessing anymore in 6 San Jose vs. St. Louis: Sharks in 7 (after the league temporarily brings back the foot in crease rule to disallow a would-be Blues OT winner of couse)
  12. Technically it was the right call to disallow that goal. I'd just rather see the player who fumbled the puck at his own blueline get punished instead of the changing player who stayed on the ice by his bench door for a fraction of a second longer than he should. One is hockey. The other is a tool assisted replay that had to be slowed down 200% to determine if something that a linesman decided not to call in real time was actually an infraction by mere centimetres. Sucks to see a team get bailed out by that type of thing during such an important game. There's nothing you can really do about it if you're the Avs outside of hoping they eventually get rid of the offside challenge outright. Funnily enough it was Duchene scoring the most blatantly offside goal of all time in Colorado a few years back that ramped up the discussion for the coach's challenge in the first place.
  13. Best part was the extra long hug between Maroon and Cogliano.
  14. Whoever decided to keep a camera fixed onto Ben Bishop's mom is an evil genius. Her reactions are almost as entertaining as this game
  15. Don't get me wrong, there's a LOT to like about Meier's game. Both of Vlasic's goals tonight were a direct result of him bulldozing into Colorado's zone and singlehandedly wreaking havoc. The Floorsberg/Franzen comparisons I've made aren't just cause I think he's a weasel. He's got the potential to turn into a legitimate force in that power forward role. My beef with him is how his antics are going unchecked for the most part. The Perry comparison would be a better one if Meier was going up against the same type of players that Perry faced during his heyday. I honestly don't think a player has taken more abuse over the last decade than Perry has. He paid the price whenever he tried agitating which kept things fair and made it a calculated risk on his part. Meier just jerks his head back and falls to the ice whenever the other team comes for him. Not to sound like a Don Cherry-brained goober longing for the good ol' days of hockey here but that wouldn't fly even 10 years ago.
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