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  1. Nice, the annual swapping of spare parts with Toronto. My second favourite holiday tradition behind the part where the fanbase sarcastically anoints the new minor league arrival as the franchise savior and drags GMBM for making a move like this when the Ducks have been at the centre of the rumour mill for weeks.
  2. Let's take a moment to remember how Whitney was traded straight up for Lubo Visnovsky only one year later. I have no idea how BM sold that to the Oilers.. actually now that I think about it, the fact that we're talking about the Kevin Lowe Oilers pretty much tells the whole story. Lubo didn't have a long stay in Anaheim but he honestly ended up becoming one of my favourite Ducks of all time so I'm alright with it. Losing Kunitz ahead of the 2009 playoffs certainly sucked though. I wish they could've just worked out a Kunitz for Visnovsky deal in 2009 allowing them to bypass the Whitless Wonder altogether. No idea how the salary situation would've shaped up but imagine that 3 headed monster on defence with him joining Pronger and Niedermayer. Detroit was the only thing standing in Anaheim's way that season, even with the moves that backfired horribly at the deadline (Wisniewski.. barf). I know this is all fantasy talk here but damn. Edit: the second half of my post is dumb and I am dumb. Lubo had season ending surgery on his shoulder that year. Oops.
  3. That was the year the Flames murdered Fowler, Lindholm and Vatanen. IIRC the team was running with a rookie Theodore and Bieska as their top pairing during the final two games of that series. I don't think the Ducks make it out of the first round at all without Elliott's hilariously poor performance. That might have been one of the sloppiest sweeps of all time. Calgary's game 3 collapse in particular was as demoralizing as it gets for a team because the Ducks were absolutely terrible before Elliott flew off the rails. It's a completely different series without him in net. A goalie as good as Andersen gives you a chance to win every night. There's also the extra motivation of going up against your old team in the playoffs. As long as we're talking alternate histories here, losing to Calgary (or scraping by them only to lose to the healtier Oilers since that extra week of recovery time goes out the window) would mean last season's embarrassing exit would've been handled much differently. I'm not so sure Tkachuk does anything against the Sharks outside of giving the Ducks another player whose stupidity gets him stuck inside the penalty box.
  4. I'm not going to hold Nylander over BM's head. Toronto wasn't about to move him for Montour or Manson and that's the best we could offer. I think moving him was the least desirable option for the Leafs. It's a moot point now that he's under contract obviously, but I think they would have preferred to simply let him sit out the entire season before they'd trade him in a panic for less than he's worth. They're still an extremely young and talented team that can afford to be patient, even with the lofty expectations for them this season. Last thing they need is to make a Hall-Larsson type of trade.
  5. Gibson and Miller vs. everyone else on the roster? The team has certainly played the season like they've got a grudge against those two
  6. Only thing slightly delaying the Retire #20 train are the lack of posts here suggesting Getzlaf should be traded (while he still has value of course!) so the team can build a future around their new superstar
  7. So a neutral arbitrator has overruled Parros and reduced Tom Wilson's 20 game suspension citing some hit by fellow repeat headhunter Patrick Kaleta in 2013 (when the DPoS was under different leadership and the league wasn't as serious about punishing dangerous hits mind you.. see: Stoll on Fowler) as justification. This is the same arbitrator who reduced Watson's suspension earlier this season. Two long suspensions handed out to players actually deserving of their punishment and both have been dubiously overruled. It's too late to dwell on this now but where was this guy when we needed him last season?
  8. Speaking of Perry, I can picture him stuck on the couch watching this team fail at hockey every night and blowing up GMBM's phone like "Hey Bob, tell Carlyle he's gonna get it. You better tell him. Hey Bob, you better tell him. You're gonna get it too." All I know is someone needs to get got.
  9. They were far more damaged at this point last season but that team (led by Perry, Wagner, and a guy who never scored an NHL goal in ~100 games prior to that year) would likely still run over these Ducks. At least they played with some pride.
  10. Rehiring Carlyle is the biggest mistake that I still hold over Murray's head. Aside from that, trading for Bieksa and extending him with a NMC before he even played a game for the Ducks is the only other terrible decision that immediately comes to mind. It really should have been a complete disaster heading into the expansion draft but he handled that situation extremely well. He's done a terrific job overall since taking over the team.
  11. I'm like 75% sure it was said by Quenneville himself in the press conference after they beat Tampa. Not sure if he has sympathy for Anaheim but at the very least it made Kesler's "nobody could take that much punishment" comments seem a little less embarrassing after the fact.
  12. One does not simply compare a player to Captain Dan "NHL's second leading rookie scorer during the first two weeks of December 2009" Sexton. The man was a legend.
  13. As risky as it could be going with an unknown, part of me wants to see some new blood get a shot. Like I'd be more than alright with Eakins or any of the other coaches mentioned here if it comes to that, but I also feel like going with someone who hasn't been a fixture behind an NHL bench would be a welcome breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong, guys like Ruff and Vigenault would a drastic step above Carlyle, but they're all cut from a similar cloth. They're coaches of the old guard who haven't quite adapted to the modern game before flaming out drastically during their latest coaching gigs. They could likely get this team into the playoffs immediately given how the roster is constructed. I just don't know how beneficial a coach like that would be in the long run though. They have to keep in mind how this team will have to begin transitioning past this era of Ducks hockey relatively soon. I don't really have any actual suggestions here outside of simply hoping management has been exploring every possible option (ex: NCAA, poaching assistants, juniors, etc.) in preparation for Carlyle's dismissal.
  14. He officially retired a couple of days ago. I could've sworn he retired at least 5 years ago but I guess that shows what I know. He was given an ovation at the Oilturds-Predaturds game last night and now mustard town is planning a full night for him. As much as I despised him as a player (and holy crap, he was the original Floorsberg except great at punching faces instead of scoring goals) he's a good person with an incredible story. It makes what Poile had to say about him in the media firestorm after they signed Ribeiro pretty gross. There's a huge difference between one player taking time off to get help with an alcohol problem and another player getting cut from a team for assaulting a babysitter. Using the former to downplay the latter while self-righteously framing your hockey team as a place that fixes behavioural problems instead of one that just needed a centre is some bs.
  15. Trashville honouring Tootoo would be a nice gesture.. you know, if they didn't make a point to draw parallels between his struggles with addiction and the situation they found themselves in after they gave that noted bag of **** Mike Ribeiro another contract. Such a rotten and two-faced organization from the top down ?