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  1. Thornton is washed and Leaf fans really need to temper their expectations with this signing. They already have Spezza who is basically the exact same player as Thornton at this stage of their careers. At a Cup chasing league minimum, it's hard to complain about the contract but that bottom six was eaten alive last season and adding another ill-fitting dinosaur hardly seems like the solution Toronto needs. I fully expect this to become a big media controversy in March (or June or whenever the hell the midseason point will be) when the team realizes they have to scratch one for the other to get the best out of their lineup.
  2. At least he seems to be prioritizing handedness over nationality when he's determining fit now. Unless MacKenzie happens to a Swedish first name all of a sudden
  3. Granty McGronald doesn't roll off the tongue as easily
  4. Is this the highest profile UFA we've landed since Saku Koivu? Obviously Niedermayer and Fedorov came before but I'm seriously drawing a blank on any names that could even be in the same area code as Koivu in the time since.
  5. Don't forget how this guy went like 100 games over 5 seasons without a goal in his career before he wound up here. I would have preferred a 1 year deal so we could just keep this scam going whenever the next trade deadline is but it's clear Anaheim is where he's at his best.
  6. Tampa Bay just beat Dallas in Edmonton to win a Stanley Cup in September but the Ducks selecting a Russian in the draft is hands down the strangest thing about hockey in 2020.
  7. Not all that familiar with him honestly but it really sounds like we traded Kase to select another Kase which is fine by me
  8. Oh man that awkward lack of reaction hahaha Please world, no more Zoom drafts
  9. Yeah I can't wait for them to trade him straight up for Michael Frolik at the deadline in a year or two
  10. Just realized the Sens went back to their 90s logo Nice
  11. Looks like the Kings finally got their Visnovsky replacement. Don't think I'll ever have it in me to dislike Byfield in spite of the sleaze and filth he's now associated with.
  12. With that OT goal, Perry is now tied for 3rd place on the all-time playoff overtime winners list behind only Joe Sakic and Maurice Richard. What's crazy is how he didn't score his first one until he was 30. IIRC it was that one year they bullied the Flames so bad, they glued Gaudreau to the bench and tried kneeing Perry out of the playoffs only for him to come back a period later to send them golfing. I love how they're all basically the same chaotic goal almost every time too. He just parks himself right in front of the goalie and he either bangs at his own rebound until it goes in, or he patiently waits for the panicking goalie to make a move so he can slip the puck around his reach.
  13. I don't like the Norris cause it's an award for a single position but the voting criteria isn't consistent and the goal posts seem to shift on a year to year basis. One season it can go to the highest scoring defenceman. Cool. Carlson would have ran away with the scoring race if play wasn't suspended and unlike some previous high scoring d-men to win the Norris, he can actually hold it down in his own end. Other years it does what it claims to and goes to the best overall player at the position. Again, cool. Hedman is in the Stanley Cup Final and would have a reasonable shot at the Conn Smythe should they win it. This year the Norris went to neither. Both Carlson and Hedman deserved it more. Josi? Barf. He is great.. At grabbing the wrong side of his face and pirouetting the second a stick blade approaches his visor. Or hiding behind a zebra after he crosschecks someone in the chin. Or skating off to let his bigger teammates fight his wars for him after he spends a shift slashing up a storm in front of his own net. It's one thing to be a sneaky pest but at least own up to it. Yeah, I'm salty as hell to the point where I'm disregarding his actual on-ice talent clearly but his level of punk-assness is what I despise most about the current NHL. Even though I stand by my opinion that the award was between Carlson and Hedman, I'll admit I am wayyy too biased here to give him credit. Award it to Seth Jones or something if this is the season voters want to start thinking outside the box.
  14. Throw the whole Norris trophy in the trash. What a joke that award has become.
  15. I hope Dallas wins the Cup in overtime off a Perry goal where he inadvertently runs over the goaltender at the very edge of where the crease and white ice meet. Controversy and chaos is what this year's finals will need since this is still DALLAS we're taking about here.
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