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  1. It was but I feel like they'd really want to sell a Kariya retirement night and give it the proper treatment it deserves rather than just put it up there outta the blue. Would've been great to see though.
  2. From the picture at least it looks like he might have breathed on an Oiler which is pretty much the biggest offence possible in today's NHL
  3. Any updates on Gibson? Was he actually hurt or was that just the concussion protocol?
  4. Heart says Alex Galchenyuk.. Brain says Tyler Bozak. Then my heart and brain remember what it's like to be a Ducks fan and settle on Brad Richardson (barf)
  5. He's definitely one of those players who has flown under the radar for a long time. I'd say he's the best centre on their team now. Johansen has more offensive upside but Turris is a far more complete player. I was holding my breath cause Fartnell and Bonino were never going to replace the impact Neal (and to a lesser degree, Fisher) brought to their lineup. At the very least they are back where they were last season. Yeah, thanks a lot Ottawa. As if I needed yet another reason to hate this disappointment of a city
  6. He connected with the right and immediately went to grab and cradle Gudas' head as he was falling. The situation could've been a lot worse if he backed off after the punch.
  7. So Bieksa injures his hand as he protected Gudas' head from slamming into the ice after getting dropped. Total class move, right karma? Nope! The Ducks get beyond blown out in their next game while Gudas gets tossed from Philly's next game for absolutely destroying a Senator. Not saying he did the wrong thing at all here by breaking his fall but feel free to throw us a bone anytime soon Hockey Gods.
  8. I'd be down for a move to bring back Perron now that The Beard has to deal with that terrible illness. Both have a similar style of play and have crushed it beside Getzlaf. Eaves doesn't take nearly as many dumb penalties though. I hope he gets well soon more than anything here.
  9. Imagine how obnoxious the reactions would be if this hit happened to an Oiler. Amazing how their fans (and Canada) will cry foul every single time somebody even breathes on their players while their team employs so many of these brain dead clowns. Too bad Chicago doesn't have their own Hungry Man to rearrange the already severely rearranged face of that tool Kassian.
  10. That's so hard to watch, yeesh. You can even see that useless goon's own teammate reaching out to try and stop him from pummelling a defenceless player. If you wanna give that clown the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't know the helmet came off, that sort of behaviour still has no place in the sport.
  11. Yeah cause what this league needs are even more fake-tough team identities. Let's change it to something that can show the world how aggressive we are... Avalanche! Hurricanes! Lightning! Don't like natural disasters or active weather? Why not try out a cliche carnivorous animal. Coyotes! Panthers! Hell, why even pick one? Call yourselves the freaking Predators! Or even better, you could combine both and be the WILD! Mighty Ducks was cheesy but it's fine now. Anaheim isn't the first hockey team to use Ducks as a name. It's got an old timey vibe to it (ducks chill on ponds, hockey is played on ponds) and I'm honestly glad they kept it. It's much better than anything you suggested there.
  12. The Bruins look so wonky without yellow socks. It's almost as if they took a look at what the Prediturds are doing and decided to distance themselves from all that nonsense even after 90+ years.
  13. Send Shaw and Holzer to a lab where their bodies are sacrificed to rejuvenate both Selanne and Visnovsky. Pray nobody notices when they both finish with 70+ points. We drink. Problem solved.
  14. Yeah Kunitz for Whitney was trash but can we all take a moment to appreciate how Douglas Murray tier awful of a trade Whitney for Visnovsky was for Edmonton? Lubo would've won the Norris that year if today's standards for the trophy were around back in 2011. I wish the real Oilers would come back soon.
  15. Tuned into the Hawks-Pens game just in time to see Niemi sprawl out behind his net, scramble back into position only to skate out of his crease and bump into his own player before giving up his 4th goal on 13th shots. Yep, sounds about right.