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  1. Arizona has Tocchet coaching the Pacific. I knew about Silfverberg opting out but I just assumed they'd replace him with another Duck. It's just weird to see a team excluded entirely from it when the league has a history of forcing players from the most undeserving teams to attend simply so everyone is represented. It's a pretty on-brand move by the league considering the cards the Ducks are always dealt. I'll take this over that insane penalty discrepancy we've had since the Pronger days every time though.
  2. It's probably been discussed here but I just realized the Ducks have no all-star representative. On the one hand I always thought the league needed to get rid of that participation medal aspect of the ASG and leave the spots to those who've earned it. On the other hand, the Ducks are the only team being left out entirely and that's a little ridiculous when every other crappy team is still sending someone who shouldn't be there. At the end of the day it doesn't matter at all and I'm sure our players couldn't care less but still, I can't help but feel like it's another subtle act in a long list of disrespect towards our team from this league.
  3. I think the ship has sailed on Nylander. Even though Toronto still needs all the help they can get on defence, he's elevated his play this season to the point where his salary looks almost like a bargain. I think the biggest reason he was rumored was because he held out for a team in dire need of defenders and in turn made the process for extending Matthews and Marner far more complicated. That situation has been resolved plus their defence is somewhat passable when healthy. They're not going to move him now unless it's for something really special. I don't think we have anyone capable of bringing in Nylander outside of Lindholm.
  4. I think I would much rather have Gallant behind the bench over Eakins but that's not going to happen. His name sounds French so watch Montréal fire Julien for him.
  5. Ah good times. Gotta give credit to Detroit for riding the momentum from that comeback victory straight to a 12 game winless streak!
  6. Detroit and Ottawa played the funniest 3 on 3 overtime period ever last night. It literally looked like those toddlers who come out to play hockey during the first intermission at some arenas. Belly flopping, whiffing on shots, everyone chasing the puck, missing wide open nets, it was wonderful. I know they won the game in a shootout but nobody is going to catch the Red Wings. 12 wins at this point of the season is a legitimate marvel.
  7. I missed the game so the most surprising thing about this isn't the fact that a controversial goal was scored against the Ducks, but that Nathan Gerbe is somehow still in the NHL and we allowed him to score a goal on us
  8. I was skimming through this thread and saw "Detroit Red Wings" and the number 46 in the same paragraph and assumed they were bringing Chris Chelios out of the freezer again. Looking at that roster I don't see why not.
  9. Nah it's been part of their culture as an organization since Trotz ran the show. Remember Ribeiro, Tootoo, Erat, and a bunch of other guys whose names are escaping me at the moment cause they were literally the most boring hockey team on the planet a decade ago? I bet it manages to get even worse now considering the players they call their leaders.
  10. Where have I seen that hit before? oh yeah
  11. I for one am looking forward to the reactions from hockey traditionalists when Vegas and Arizona meet in the second round at the expense of Edmonton and Calgary.
  12. So many coaches losing their jobs over questionable behaviour in the last couple of weeks it's almost surprising when one gets canned for actual hockey reasons (lol sharts)
  13. NHL: we must reduce enforcers and fighting to protect our image and our bottom line! also the NHL: petty goon behaviours that are just as likely to injure someone and make our sport look like it's for barbarians? Keep em coming!
  14. I still can't believe Vancouver agreed to trade Kesler for the package they got.
  15. Bold takes 2k20 in order of most to least likely: -Rakell has a career year -Guhle blossoms into a glorious sale rack version of Hampus while the rest of the defence not so miraculously remembers how to hockey again -Getzlaf puts up his most Adam Oates season yet with <10 goals and >65 assists plus a Masterton nomination for all the years of shade from Mark Messier -Ducks over-perform 2011 style and ride an exciting March into a pacific wildcard spot against the division winning Flames who promptly get swept (side note: Flames get swept regardless of who they play) -J.S. Gibson leads them to the conference finals with a GAA under 1.30GAA -Silfverberg channels his inner Silfverberg and carries the team through to the SCFs -GMBM doesn't panic trade for a Mark Boroweicki-tier player during a mid January slump yes I have been drinking tonight why do you ask? (seriously though, I feel like this team will exceed expectations which are already negatively skewed because of how hilariously awful they were in the last year and a half under Carlyle)
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