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  1. It's hilarious that THIS was the trade the NHL decided to reject. After all these years of unofficially retired players getting their contracts moved around like a bag of hot potatoes, an actual hockey trade is the one the league takes issue with. Speaking of which, how long until Marian Hossa is a Coyote?
  2. Yeah I'd be down for this (in 2015) The forward core is already one of the slowest in the league. I guess hypothetically he would fit better in Anaheim than he would almost anywhere else. Doesn't mean that should happen though. Maybe if they can dump Vermette onto some sucker team and let Grantzlaf run with the 4C he could become an option but that space is still better used finding someone who's a sure bet to contribute. At this point he's an absolute last resort for any buyer that blows their deadline gameplan. Just to be antagonistic though, I have more faith in his comeback attempt than Mike Fisher's
  3. True he's a second line centre at best but he's still heading to Pittsburgh. Brassard is a huge upgrade over Bonino. They just added a 50 point centre to their 3rd line without damaging their current roster. It's a great deal for both sides.
  4. The Senators supposedly insisting that Bobby Ryan will be a part of any deal involving Karlsson is the most Eugene Melnyk thing ever. I don't know how official those reports are but seriously, what other owner would be open to moving the best player his franchise has ever had at a lower price to save a few millions in the long run? It's that sort of cheapness that's put them in this mess to begin with. Karlsson is never going to be more valuable than he is right now. He's on one of the best contracts in hockey and he doesn't hit UFA until 2019. Not to sound like a Sportsnet shrill here but if they already know they don't want to pay him, why not move him now for an immense haul? It makes more sense to pull the trigger at the deadline instead of at the draft. The return on that extra playoff run should outweigh the smaller list of offers you're likely going to get cause of cap restraints/roster limitations/etc with a midseason deal. Tampa Bay and Vegas are two names being floated around. Imagine him in Anaheim edit: wow as soon as I hit post, the Senators deal Brassard. Let the fire sale begin!
  5. Thinking the price on Grabner was driven up because of the New Jersey/New York rivalry. This was the first trade between the two clubs since the Devils were the Colorado Rockies. It's a shame that's where the market is likely going to be set now that the first real piece has fallen (don't even get me started on Phaneuf lol). A second and a decent prospect isn't bad for a player like Grabner but he was arguably the most affordable player on paper heading into the deadline. It's only gonna get worse from here.
  6. Sad day for fans of classy looking goalie equipment everywhere. As much as I love Gibson's tributes to Herbert, this is still my favourite Ducks mask of all time: Seriously though, it's easy to forget how incredible Jonas was up until the vertigo incident. He was still a solid goaltender when he finally managed to return from that ordeal as well. It sucks that he fell off so hard towards the end of his career with Calgary but at least he's in good enough shape to walk away from the game on his own terms.
  7. Not a fan of Tatar's contract even if he's good for 25 goals a season. Hard to argue against that asking price though. The rumour mill wouldn't stop linking Detroit to Anaheim last season and it was usually Tatar coming back for Vatanen. He'd be a solid fit here. Detroit would have to retain salary which would probably add a decent prospect to the price. He's also got a NTC that kicks in next season which could be an issue for anyone that makes a move for him.
  8. I wonder what the asking price on someone like Nick Holden is. He's nothing special and pretty clunky but his expiring cap hit is tiny at this point of the season and he's a definite upgrade over Biekschemin. A move to get either one of those guys off the ice is worth it IMO. The Rangers got him for a 4th round pick a couple of years ago and he's given them steady top-four minutes and 11 goals last season. Stoner sized, LHD but plays both sides, physical, y'know the type of player Carlyle would love to ice for 25 minutes a night.. Err never mind that last part
  9. I watched it again. The contact Perry made with Talbot was minimal, outside the crease (again, thanks to Nurse working over Kesler) and entirely initiated by McDavid hitting him from behind. I would feel the same way about it if it was the Oilers scoring that goal on the Ducks. Besides, it was 3-0. They've got nobody to blame but themselves for blowing that game much like they have nobody to blame but themselves for their current position in the standings.
  10. Gotta love how Edmonton can't bring themselves to admit that it was their own player who knocked Kesler into Talbot AND held him there. Nope, it's all some conspiracy to see them lose perpetrated by the same league that handed them a generational talent after several previous attempts to get them out of the gutter. Here's to another decade of ineptitude!
  11. Anyone else catch Cam Talbot's post game interview from after their loss against Phoenix? Guy is literally STILL complaining to the media about blowing game 5
  12. If you could somehow put Beauchemin's brain into Bieksa's body, you might end up with a halfway competent hockey player who's actually capable of handling the minutes they receive.
  13. Everyone has been critical of Carlyle's personnel decisions and rightfully so. Bieksa and Beauchemin have been awful. It's hard to question his reluctance to use Holzer though. The only games this season where he didn't look like an absolute mess were the games where he had to play forward. Maybe Holzer could've gotten more games in but it's not like he's been any better than those two this season. It would be like stepping in a cat turd instead of stepping in a dog turd. I'm excited to see what Pettersson can bring to the team. I haven't seen him play in San Diego but I remember he was solid during those televised pre-season games. He should be good for a few games before he gets benched for being young and talented.
  14. After tonight's debacle: I'm expecting something to be different after this road trip. Getting rid of Vermette would be a nice start but that's not gonna be enough. No idea why anyone would want him anyway but this is coming from a fan of a team that hired Randy Carlyle so what do I know?
  15. It's like they took a look at the Verizon Center and decided they couldn't even let Washington win at having the most embarrassing rafters in sports. It takes a special kind of awful to beat these banners out Way to go Edmonton