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  1. Thanks I try
  2. let's make this happen
  3. I'm thinking there's gotta be some sort of injury. There's no reason for his play to have fallen off a cliff so rapidly. I honestly thought his puck protection ability during October was the strongest it's been since he won the MVP. He might not have been scoring at nearly the same pace but the signs were promising. Then Getzlaf got hurt, Rakell came back and decided to light November on fire with Kesler, and Perry went from borderline invisible to straight up painful to watch now. It's hard to believe he's put up 12 points assists in 14 games throughout the month with how woeful his skating and puck handling has been. He's gone through these wild slumps before and even though conventional wisdom says his SH% will work itself out, he just looks progressively worse with every passing game and that's what's worrying. I'm not sure if it's a matchup thing either. It almost seems as if Rakell is producing in spite of Perry (and even Getzlaf on some nights).
  4. Still a better selection than the Brown one
  5. Bumping this thread since you just know the nerds taking over Florida would love to get their hands on an advanced stat darling like Manson. Obviously I haven't put much thought into this post as their top-4 is already set but hey, if they were brash enough to fire the coach that led them to their best regular season in franchise history simply because they weren't the ones that hired him, why wouldn't they consider moving around some of the players brought in by the old guard? Pardon me while I HFBoard here for a second but what would it take to make someone like Bjugstad a Duck?
  6. It's looking that way. They literally called a cab for him immediately after last night's loss. Coldest thing I've seen in a while. The Islanders would be smart to swoop in here before Vegas gets the chance.
  7. Panthers fire Gallant Definitely not the coach I imagined getting canned first heading into this season. He should've taken a page out of Capuano's book and moved into his GM's basement. Too late now though.
  8. This is what happens when you start giving nashville some exposure 👎
  9. No worries it's only intuitive to put the actual name of your city in your team name.. Well unless you just spent 500 million dollars on a team I guess? Yeah, no idea what they were thinking with that one.
  10. No comment on Mighty Ducks but all biases aside, Ducks is a fantastic hockey name. Ever since the 90s there's been a steady influx of fake-tough "LOOK AT HOW INTENSE WE ARE! YEAH WILD! SO INTENSE WE DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC ANYMORE! PREDATORS!" names popping up in North American sports and it's been ridiculous from day one. IMO if you can picture a team getting their name in the 1920s, then it's good to go. Ducks is a breath of fresh air in that regard. Not only does it have history in the sport (Long Island Ducks being the inspiration behind Slapshot, the best hockey film ever made) but squads of ducks hang out on ponds. Hockey is played on ponds. What the hell does a coyote have to do with anything?
  11. It's like those deadbeats in LA knocked up Ottawa's logo while vacationing in Florida.
  12. For the record, it's "Vegas Golden Knights" not "Las Vegas Golden Knights". lol
  13. Can we trade for JT Brown? Nice to see someone stand up to those trashy preds for once
  14. He was 💩brutal💩 tonight but he's still leading the league in assists while only a being a couple of goals behind guys like Toews/Kopitar/Giroux/O'Reilly who are all making close to or far more money this year. I mean if you wanna get into the whole "athletes are paid too much" argument here then so be it. Although simply considering how things currently work and what he brings to the ice, he's par for the course. It's frustrating but a bad week doesn't undo several years of dominance.
  15. lol no, not that Shaw (thankfully) Can we call up Etem now?