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  1. Lol fantastic. I love it whenever the east dissolves (or should i say microfractures?) into a total gongshow soap opera. I can already see tomorrow's Ottawa Citizen headline: MELNYK SET TO LAUNCH INVESTIGATION ON THE AMOUNT OF PLEASURE HE DERIVES FROM THE SOUND OF HIS OWN VOICE. Sens owner postpones ongoing Matt Cooke analysis to address Sid
  2. They waited all the way until the finals to choke last year so they decided to get a head start on things this year for the sake of balance.
  3. It's sad for Iginla but I have no problem with Lombardi thinking his team is somehow still a contender after yet another pathetic season. I feel extremely gross for saying it but if there's one good thing to come from their 2014 championship, it's his job security. Just think of how much worse they'd be right now if the league didn't allow that snake to void contracts. They've already got one massive old boy's club going there, I think I speak for everyone with a heart when I say I hope they spend the next decade going full Edmonton (without the generational talent at the end of the tunnel of course)
  4. It's pretty ridiculous how the Rangers are technically 7th place out east when they've got more points than an entire division. It's even more ridiculous how they're gonna end up with a significantly easier matchup than the 3 metro teams that worked all year to stay ahead of them. Who would you rather face: Washington/Pittsburgh/Columbus or Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto? Yeah this entire league is a mess.
  5. It's kinda crazy how that doesn't happen more often.. Perry has taken at least 3 of those a game now for the last decade. I just hope the Sens can hold on (sorry Methot!) to 2nd in the Atlantic now so they can match up with the Leafs. As someone living in Ottawa, I need to experience Toronto fans taking over the entire city. Like I already see several Matthews sweaters every day and they haven't even clinched a playoff spot yet. It will be glorious when the full bandwagon arrives. Speaking of the Atlantic, looks like Boston is about to collapse down the stretch yet again. Luckily for them, Tampa seems to want playoff hockey just as little as the Bruins do.
  6. No idea who that is but he's got such a great hockey name and I love this signing because of it
  7. It must get real lonely down in 9th place
  8. Penner might as well be an active player.. he's having the exact same impact behind the turntables as he did on the ice
  9. I don't think there's any sort of lingering grudge. He probably just couldn't make it. Of course I can't speak for him but I doubt he would've done this last season if he did have hard feelings towards the organization
  10. I'm so conflicted by the Wild.. On the one hand, they hired my favourite coach in the league, finally got rid of that boring style of hockey they've been synonymous with since they became a thing, and also went from having one of the lamest goal songs with that guitar solo fake crowd chant (keyword: one of. Nobody's beating "DALLAS! STARS! DALLAS! STARS!" or whatever honky-tonk garbage they use in Nashville) to one of the better ones around. At the same time, this is pretty much the same flopping roster full of sneaky knee demolishers that have been stinking up the league since the shortened season. At least they're not the Kings I guess?
  11. This Ho-Sang 66 controversy is so dumb. It's not like it's retired league wide or anything. If you ask me, 99 shouldn't be off limits at all either. I would've loved seeing Sexton wear 99, especially after the worst coach of this generation poached Schultz from our system. The lack of respect could've been mutual.
  12. The way Carlyle talks about Marchant in this article, you'd half expect him to be suiting up for a game pretty soon.. It's not like this sort of insane move would be so out of character for us either. Bringing back Marchant as a player would be Murray's magnum opus. At the same time, you still secretly want him to attempt a comeback so he bumps Boll out of the lineup. Let's make this happen.
  13. nice 👍
  14. I wonder how many other teams spent the entire season suffering with a pair of boulders playing on their bottom line solely for expansion draft reasons?
  15. Not gonna lie, I love it when a team trades for someone and then immediately trades him away to his original team's biggest rival. Boston giving Jones to San Jose was beautiful. I'm not sure if Streit going to Pittsburgh will annoy Philadelphia that much but you gotta laugh at how petty this league can get at times.