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  1. Honestly I've always much preferred the old look to the current one. The whole Disney thing never really bothered me but that probably has to do with the fact that I was a kid back in those days. Even now when fans of other teams bring it up as an insult I still don't really see it as something to be ashamed of. If I had to guess why the Mighty Ducks are popular again, I'd say it has to do with that initial target demographic growing up, the general 90s nostalgia in our culture nowadays, and a bit of distaste towards this current iteration of the Ducks. It's easy to forget how the Mighty Ducks were amongst the highest selling sports merchandise of that decade despite being in the least popular league in North America. Not that what we have now with the orange and gold is bad (especially when you compare it to some of the other garbage teams are willingly suiting up in) but it doesn't stand out in the same way the old uniforms did. You'd think the organization would fully embrace that and just roll with a proper throwback instead of all these messy homages to the past. These new thirds need to be flushed down the toilet though. All these weeks later and it still hasn't grown on me at all. Only good thing I can say about it is how they changed the colour of the hockey sticks behind the duck mask from yellow to orange. Seriously though, what's the point of having an alternate uniform that's the same colour as your primary? That's only acceptable if it's a throwback and you're a team that's worn the same colours for decades. The whole pacific division outside of Canada needs to step away from black. We were on the right track with the orange thirds from a couple of seasons ago. Ripping off your division rival is like a good 20 steps backwards.
  2. Not to be a parrot here but an injured Karlsson almost singlehandedly dragged a sorry Senators team to game 7 of the conference finals two seasons ago. Adding him would've catapulted these Ducks right back to the front of the discussion regardless of whether or not Kesler and Eaves even manage to suit up again. Especially if it was at a similar price to what the Sharks paid. I'm of the opinion that if you can add arguably the best player in the world at his position, you do it and figure out the logistics later. Maybe the team isn't as deep as some of the other contenders out west now (and they certainly aren't being coached well) but nobody on any of those teams can match Karlsson. I really don't understand why Murray is coming out with these comments though. It's almost in the same vein as bragging about turning down a date with a model or something. Maybe he's trying to game the market on his own players by saying they were good enough to snag Karlsson. The optics of it are just weird considering he ended up going to the team that swept him a few months ago.
  3. Why not? Nurse is a great Duck in the same way Lilja was a great Duck. We couldn't have beaten the Oilers without him
  4. Lol 4? I didn't know they successfully cloned Subban twice and made a trade to bring back Seth Jones. Unless the criteria changed to who has the bigger core of wussies. In which case they win and it's not even up for debate. It's a good thing too since the idea of a debate would probably have Ellis grabbing the wrong side of his face and Josi cowering for his life behind a ref.
  5. I had no idea he was training with Gary "too much man" Roberts. That's actually fantastic news. He's a hard ass but his resume doesn't lie. As much as I love the food jokes here, I sincerely hope that ends up becoming a thing of the past with Ritchie.
  6. He's moving from the soft Atlantic to a division with the likes of James Neal, Dustin Brown, Milan Lucic, Antoine Roussel, the entire Calgary Flames roster, & Nick Ritchie (who can get real cranky whenever he doesn't get to finish his pre-game deep dish pizza) to name a few. Hopefully their team just completely farts out without any sort of injuries but I wouldn't put it past any of those guys to try pulling a Fowler on his damaged legs whenever he tries leading a rush by himself.
  7. Just looking at the massive steps backwards that the Sens and Habs have taken, this might have been the best offseason ever for Leafs fans. That's before you remember how they signed Tavares. Their fans are going to be something else though. I can't wait to see the reactions once they hit their first extended losing streak of the season.
  8. This feels like some cruel joke. I spent the summer talking trash about Burns' abilities as a defenceman so they went out and actually got the guy I felt he stole the Norris from lmao. I'll shut up from now on. If they don't win the Cup next season despite retaining every major piece of their core in a trade for a generational talent then I give up trying to make sense of hockey.
  9. That game 5 comeback against the Oilers was all because of Cam roaming the blueline for 3 minutes and dominating possession of the puck. Everyone here knows his shot is a bit of a muffin and he plays tentatively in the offensive zone at times (especially when he's coming off an injury) but his mobility and steadiness are a big reason why Getzlaf can have those monster games in the first place. It still sort of annoys me that he didn't inherit the A on Beauchemin's sweater back in 2015.
  10. I agree although I'm not too worried about LA honestly. Kovalchuk was their only big addition (3 full seasons of Phaneuf is a subtraction) and he hasn't played at the NHL level in years. Even with Brown suddenly remembering how to succeed at hockey, that core doesn't seem as scary as it used to. I'm more fearful of a team like Calgary finally putting it all together after years of under-performing or McDavid dragging the corpse of that Edmonton team deep into the playoffs again. Arizona isn't going to be the same pushover either. The only thing that's certain about the Pacific is Vancouver finishing last. That team is terrible.
  11. As much as I want to hope Vegas falls off the face of the earth after that miracle first season, they've made some terrific moves this summer. A healthy Pacioretty is a major upgrade over Neal. Stastny was also a great addition despite his bloated cap hit for his age. He gives them more options than Perron as a solid middle 6 centre capable of playing every situation. This trade also means they no longer have to pay Tatar to be completely useless. Not that it matters much to them anyway since they've still got an enormous amount of cap space even after re-signing Patches. They'll be paying attention to that dumpster fire in Ottawa and looking to add a major piece on defence for sure. Assuming everyone is capable of coming close to their performances from last season (namely Karlsson, Fleury & Schmidt) they should be in the thick of things again come spring.
  12. Looks like Pettersson has graduated past rookie number status. Doesn't really guarantee anything for him but it shows who the organization has in mind for that last spot on the blueline. Side note: we haven't had a #28 since Mark Fistric. Google says he's retired from hockey to become a firefighter in Edmonton which is pretty cool.
  13. Dang, has he been working out with Horcoff over the summer?
  14. Only shipping Nick is doing is the fee he pays on deliveries of crates full of Cheetos through Amazon
  15. I love how nobody ever talks about how Kesler one-punch KO'd Jeff Carter in his very next fight. Maybe it's cause he had the presence of mind to stop throwing punches at a dazed opponent and to hold him up for the linesmen to intervene. Y'know, the kind of stuff you'd expect from the dirtiest player to ever play the game.