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  1. 8 hours ago, Aksun said:

    This kind of jit should be reviewable and refs punished. NHL is losing money when teams are losing because of injuries - people don't want to games and don't want to by NHl apparel and stuff when there's no guarantee a caveman can't hack your favorite player on the head or MMA him.

    NHL: we must reduce enforcers and fighting to protect our image and our bottom line!

    also the NHL: petty goon behaviours that are just as likely to injure someone and make our sport look like it's for barbarians? Keep em coming! 

  2. Bold takes 2k20 in order of most to least likely:

    -Rakell has a career year 

    -Guhle blossoms into a glorious sale rack version of Hampus while the rest of the defence not so miraculously remembers how to hockey again

    -Getzlaf puts up his most Adam Oates season yet with <10 goals and >65 assists plus a Masterton nomination for all the years of shade from Mark Messier

    -Ducks over-perform 2011 style and ride an exciting March into a pacific wildcard spot against the division winning Flames who promptly get swept (side note: Flames get swept regardless of who they play)

    -J.S. Gibson leads them to the conference finals with a GAA under 1.30GAA

    -Silfverberg channels his inner Silfverberg and carries the team through to the SCFs

    -GMBM doesn't panic trade for a Mark Boroweicki-tier player during a mid January slump

    yes I have been drinking tonight why do you ask? (seriously though, I feel like this team will exceed expectations which are already negatively skewed because of how hilariously awful they were in the last year and a half under Carlyle)

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  3. Cup or bust for the 19/20 Leafs. This is looking like the strongest roster (on paper at least) that they've had in my entire lifetime. I think everyone in this city will forgive how hilariously mangled the cap situation now is if they can end the drought. Their defence is going to be an absolute mess following this season though. No way they'll be able to keep Barrie and Muzzin.

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  4. Faulk is good but I really don't like the idea of moving Kase for him. He's easily the most fun player we have right now. I want to see what he can do with a new system before exploring trade options. I think his injury troubles have a lot to do with him being one of the only forwards under Carlyle who was constantly willing to skate the puck in himself making him an easy target. Give him a more structured environment and I feel like he'd be a lot more durable. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    Well, I just checked out the Ducks reddit page and they were discussing some twitter rumor that the Ducks have been/are pushing to try and trade for Patrik Laine. We can discuss that for a week until the Rookie Tournament kicks off next Saturday lol

    Nice gimme this now. Laine is gonna be a monster once he grows out of his video games + pizza + mountain dew all night phase. He basically half-assed the entire season and still ended up with 30 goals. That's already better than anything we've got and he's not even close to reaching his full potential. A trade might be the kick in the butt he needs. If history is any indication, we should be rubbing our hands together in anticipation anytime Winnipeg is thinking about giving up a Finnish goal scoring prodigy. 

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  6. 13 hours ago, dukitup said:

    Looks like Jill Painter Lopez won't be back behind the bench interviewing players. Ducks have hired Alyson Lozoff (formerly with VGK).

    There's some news.  😝

    Aw that sucks. She was one of the few within the entire organization that actually improved at their job during the season. I guess it's fitting since we also lost Cogliano who was pretty much our designated spokesman whenever the Ducks had an awful period where they got outshot 17-4. Those two were practically inseparable during first intermissions over the last couple of years. 

  7. 22 hours ago, SteveinTamarindo said:

    March?  Gotta contend with March Madness, too.  It’s a headache.

    True but there's still a lot less going on in professional sports at that time of the year. Besides, the quality of play during March Madness is significantly lower than an average regular season basketball game and it's a pretty short tournament too. I'm not an expert of course but I think the high ratings it gets has a lot to do with the fact that March really has nothing else going on. A single elimination tournament is going to be a breath of fresh air when your only other options are watching mediocre NHL/NBA teams fight over the final few playoff seeds (which just isn't that interesting to the average fan). If the NHL playoffs ran at that time instead I seriously think they'd have a much easier time grabbing attention. The first round is probably the most exciting hockey the sport has to offer and it's already in a position to be overlooked anyway. I can see the NHL taking over the conversation if the competition becomes a bunch of 20 year olds sloppily tossing up air balls. 

  8. I can't remember a longer offseason. Certainly doesn't help that the team hasn't played what felt like a meaningful game since December 2018.

    Side note but the NHL should begin the season in early/mid September seeing as how they'll never reduce the number of games in a season. The Stanley Cup Final running until the middle of June never really made any sense. That only started happening once they expanded the league in the 90s. Opening in September means they no longer have to compete with the World Series at the start of the season, and the NBA Finals at the end of the playoffs. It also gives the NHL its own unique time slot in the calendar. Imagine how much more attention the always bonkers first round of the playoffs would get if it began in March instead of April alongside MLB opening night and the NBA playoffs. 

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  9. 13 hours ago, Jasoaks said:

    Not gonna lie...LOVING that Sabres 50th anniversary logo

    It's great but I just wish they'd go back to wearing that bright royal blue from the 70s instead of the drab navy blue almost half the league already wears today. Still, it could be a lot worse. Case in point:


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  10. 6 hours ago, SteveinTamarindo said:

    I cannot recall seeing any player softer than Fowler.  So, had Shattenkirk joined Anaheim it would have improved them.

    I'm not saying it wouldn't have improved the team if he chose us. All I'm getting at is how Fowler and Shattenkirk are extremely similar players. Fowler being the better puck mover/overall defender and Shattenkirk being a better PP quarterback. They both shy away from contact, pass off checks, and get bumped off the puck relatively easily. Visit a Rangers discussion board and you'll see all the frustration our fans direct at Fowler directed at Shattenkirk for the same reasons. Who knows, maybe Shattenkirk would steal Fowler's lunch money without breaking a sweat. All I'm saying is it would've been amusing having two of those players on the same team.

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  11. On 7/17/2019 at 5:51 PM, dtsdlaw said:

    I think the team could definitely face attendance issues and financial woes due to a lower revenue stream. They're rebuilding with youth, so they may not need to fork over big contracts for the next 4-5 years, but I think it could definitely catch up with them in the long run in terms of attracting UFAs or re-signing their own RFAs.

    The timing of the rebuild is also a bit unfortunate. The Ducks already get bumped from radio for Angels pre-season games in the spring when they're in the home stretch fighting for the playoffs, and with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George coming to the Clippers, you have to wonder if they'll be bounced from Fox Sports TV broadcasts this coming season as well. As a San Diegan, I'm already worried that Fox Sports San Diego will be choosing to show the Clippers over the Ducks since both of those are considered FSSD teams, and that the Ducks will be stuck on KCAL for more broadcasts (which we don't get down here). If the Clippers are good and become a trendy ticket, I also think they could eat into the Ducks attendance, especially if the Ducks play poor or even middle-of-the-road hockey.

    Dang, and here I thought this forum would be a nice escape from the pain of Kawhi leaving Toronto. For the readers here who don't follow basketball, it would be like if Tavares put together one of the greatest MVP playoff campaigns of all time and led the Islanders to a championship before immediately signing for less to go home to the Leafs. I know he delivered a title but it still hurts to see him go. It would be a double whammy to me as a Ducks fan if the Clippers start poaching our fan base too cause of him.

    I can't speak to what it will be like in San Diego but at least history was on our side the last time something like this happenedI remember how the Clippers traded for Chris Paul the same season the Ducks had their first Carlyle induced meltdown. They had one of the most exciting teams in sports at the time with that Lob City run and they still ended up being a third wheel in their own building behind the Kobe Lakers and Kings. That was about as brutal of a season the Ducks could've had with the Kings winning and a lockout on the horizon. There wasn't any long term damage to our fan base in the end. Even though the attendance fell off towards the end of the season, it was never embarrassing or Florida Panthers bad. Of course the fact that the Ducks began playing an uptempo brand of hockey and became a top team in the west within a year certainly helped. None of that was certain at the time though. There's a lot of similarities between that year and where they are now. It's bad timing for the casual SoCal sports fan but I feel like anyone with a passing interest in the Ducks will (hopefully) take notice if they can move away from that chaos-on-ice act of the last two seasons.

    All that said, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin aren't Kawhi Leonard & Paul George. The Clippers are the favourites to win it all now. Still I think if any hockey team has to be worried about basketball, it's the one lowly hockey team sharing a building with those two guys on top of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, & Demarcus Cousins. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    Ducks signed Michael Del Zotto. 1 year, 750k

    Looks like it was a match made in heaven. Murray gets his thrift store discount rack defender while Del Zotto gets to live near the heart of the adult entertainment industry for another round. I'm just happy it wasn't Phaneuf.

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  13. 2 hours ago, duck123 said:

    I think you're right that Ducks will likely bring in another NHL D-man. Would not be surprised if it is Dion Phaneuf. He will likely come cheap, and be out to prove he is still an elite defenseman. He can still check with the best of them. I wouldn't mind seeing him on a pairing with Fowler. I always thought if we got Phaneuf in the past that a pairing with Fowler would be sort of be like a poor-man's pairing that existed when Niedermeyer was with Stephens. Manson is great with Lindholm, and provides some edge on that pairing, along with being able to bring some offense. And Phaneuf would definitely bring some edge on the Fowler pairing. Maybe players wouldn't take as many runs at Fowler if they know Phaneuf is on the ice. Also, Phaneuf scored 20 goals his rookie year. So, he can chip in with a goal or two when we need him to. One more thing--his wife is an actress that has been in some pretty well-known things. I'm guessing she'd love to stay near Hollywood. It just makes too much sense not to sign him. We shall see if I am right.

    Let's go Ducks! 

    He was never one. Besides, he's had almost a decade to prove those early years in Calgary weren't a fluke and he's only declined ever since. I know Bob loves to sort through the greasiest dumpsters at this point of the summer but we can still do a lot better than the worst player on a putrid Kings squad. 

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  14. 5 hours ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    I’m absolutely putting Colorado and Calgary as being clearly ahead of us right now. The Avs are going to be scary and fun to watch. Arizona just added one of the best scorers in the league and will have a healthy, Schmaltz and Rantaa. Vancouver got better with Myers and Miller, though I think they overpaid a bit to do it. Chicago seems to have solidified their goaltending and made some additions to their defense. I think that you have to account for what other teams have done, and with the Ducks not upgrading their roster, I don’t see them making the playoffs. Which isn’t the worst thing in the long run. 

    Calgary is the biggest paper tiger the NHL has had in a very long time. At least Tampa dominated the league in almost every regard before collapsing in the playoffs. Calgary was never convincing outside of old man Giordano's MVP calibre performance. Cam Talbot and the hope that Hamburglar 2.0 doesn't end up a one hit wonder isn't going to put them over the edge when their awful regular season goaltending wasn't even in their top 5 biggest problems once the playoffs hit. It will take a crazy performance (or another terrible showing from the Pacific again) for the Flames to replicate what they accomplished. I can realistically picture them missing the playoffs. 

    I'm not ranking any of those teams head and shoulders above the Ducks. It's too easy to get caught up in what other teams added (and I say added loosely because a lot of those additions came at the expense of major subtractions ex: Barrie, Galchenyuk, Subban, etc.) while forgetting what we already have. Literally every key player not named Gibson, Kase, or Silfverberg had a brutal down year. The defence especially. Lindholm, Manson, and Fowler all simultaneously put up their worst seasons since entering the league. Their careers to this point have shown that they're capable of being significantly better than they were. They'll have a fresh year with new coaching and a forward core that isn't relying too heavily on broken skaters to work with now. Gibson is still one of, if not the best goaltender in the league. IMO that alone at least puts them on even ground with the other western bubble teams you're mentioning even if the rest of the Ducks somehow remain at their rock bottom. I get it's frustrating sitting around while other teams are trying to improve. They could do a ton to strengthen the team before heading into next season no question. It's a shame they haven't already honestly. I just think last season was more of a perfect storm of worst case scenarios more than an indication of how good or bad this roster actually is. 

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  15. 21 hours ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    Not having high end scoring is a huge thing to be lacking though. Not to mention the amount of Western teams that the Ducks would have to beat out. Are the Ducks better than Vegas, Nashville, Colorado, St. Louis, Winnipeg, San Jose, Dallas, Arizona (Phil!), Calgary, Vancouver or Chicago?

    Blues, Vegas, Trash, Sharts, Stars & Winterpeg, no. I think it's pretty wide open after that first tier of teams though. The Ducks are a pretty big question mark heading into next season but I don't think that means the Chicagos and Arizonas of the west are primed to leapfrog and bury us in the league's basement just like that. This is still a talented roster that will get a chance to play a full year under a new coach whose gameplan is more advanced than praying Gibson's hips aren't feeling sore. There's also going to be a ton of youth injected into the roster. Not saying we're a shoe in for playoff hockey but basically everyone is sleeping on us again. I'm hoping next season will be similar to 2013 when a new coach in his first full year (or full-ish, thank you lockout) took them to a surprise 2nd seed after everyone thought we'd be in the lottery. Even if we don't make the playoffs, I'm just looking forward to seeing them move further away from that awful 2018 Carlyle brand of anti-hockey we've been subjected to for too long.

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