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  1. It's like they took a look at the Verizon Center and decided they couldn't even let Washington win at having the most embarrassing rafters in sports. It takes a special kind of awful to beat these banners out Way to go Edmonton
  2. Giordano would've gotten a gold medal.
  3. Sentimental reasons most likely. Even though they would be the type of sleazeball team to try circumventing the cap, unfortunately they're well built and that isn't an issue for them. They've got a better shot at a championship now than ever before and they wanted their most popular guy back to be a part of it in spite of how it hurts their team. He was as ineffective as it gets during last year's playoffs which is why it was hilarious when everyone tried to make it sound as if losing him midway through our series was as big a blow as us losing Rakell or Eaves. They'd be better off with a hungry AHL guy working hard every day for a shot over some dinosaur waltzing back into the lineup as if he's still got it.
  4. I saw a headline today that read Tearful Dustin Brown Retires After Back Injury and let out a very audible "oh sh--" in public before I realized they were talking about the tennis player with the same name. And here I thought all those years of ramming himself into the boards with nobody around him in an effort to draw a call finally caught up to him.
  5. Oh man, we're bringing Niedermayer into this too now? I clearly had enough trouble trying to think of a food metaphor for Selanne, I'll probably be sitting here all night making one for Scotty Seriously though, Niedermayer and Selanne are arguably two of the top 25 skaters to ever play the game. Fisher doesn't even come close to sniffing top 250 territory. I have no idea what their expectations of him will be but all things considered, it's hard to imagine him bringing anything to the table beyond name recognition.
  6. Comparing Mike Fisher at any point of his career to Teemu Selanne is like comparing freezer burned shrimp cooked on the hood of a car to lobster thermidor. We've seen the effects of missing training camp before. Vatanen missed it a couple of times and it took him well over a month to get up to speed even as an athlete at his physical peak. Kesler missed it this year and he's still struggling to keep up as the game wears on. It basically ended Jagr's NHL career this season. Fisher lit up a 50 year old Ron Tugnutt at an alumni game and all of a sudden he's good enough to steal a roster spot from someone who worked all year to be there? I know he's going to be working out with the team all month before signing a contract but it's not like he was much of an impact player for them last season. This is dumb on so many levels but the city of Nashville is also dumb so honestly I've got no problem with this beyond the pointless camera cuts to his wife every 5 minutes.
  7. Imagine Ritchie actually using his size to shield the puck from defenders lol. It's been a while since we've had a universally loved 40 year old European on our roster. He'd be a decent fit here with our slower style of play but there's no space for him with a healthy roster and he's lost a step this season. I hope someone claims him though. Calgary is trash.
  8. Is growing an over-the-top beard a prerequisite to joining the Sharks now or what? Dude looks like Ryan Ellis' garden gnome father. 36 years old with that salary? Wouldn't shock me if he suddenly develops a mysterious skin condition on his way to the minors
  9. Haha wow, Oliver Ekman-Larsson is a -40 on the season. Calling Arizona a disaster would be an understatement. Watch them still lose out on the draft lottery to Edmonton.
  10. Duclair in Chicago should be a great fit. I hate this deal even if he still struggles. They already have more than enough players who step their game up against the Ducks.
  11. A line on the ground half their team still managed to "trip" over
  12. IIRC it was Maroon (and Heatley.. lol) who spent the majority of that year getting carried by the twins. They're pretty comparable players except Maroon's been lucky enough to end up in a situation where he can get carried by McDavid instead now.
  13. Hahahaha I honestly can't wait to see that thing at centre ice
  14. Yeah this is bogus. It's hard to believe it's considered a no-no at regional levels when you had national outlets like Sportsnet and TSN begging for the Oilers to eliminate us last spring before latching onto the preds bandwagon full force once that backfired. The hockey media has always been a total joke. I bet the guy running Vegas' twitter wasn't wrong, especially in bushleague Tennessee.
  15. From the picture at least it looks like he might have breathed on an Oiler which is pretty much the biggest offence possible in today's NHL
  16. Imagine how obnoxious the reactions would be if this hit happened to an Oiler. Amazing how their fans (and Canada) will cry foul every single time somebody even breathes on their players while their team employs so many of these brain dead clowns. Too bad Chicago doesn't have their own Hungry Man to rearrange the already severely rearranged face of that tool Kassian.
  17. The Bruins look so wonky without yellow socks. It's almost as if they took a look at what the Prediturds are doing and decided to distance themselves from all that nonsense even after 90+ years.
  18. Tuned into the Hawks-Pens game just in time to see Niemi sprawl out behind his net, scramble back into position only to skate out of his crease and bump into his own player before giving up his 4th goal on 13th shots. Yep, sounds about right.
  19. The Thrashers are still horrible. Shocker.
  20. Pirri is the only one of those guys I'd maybe consider looking into and it's only because our bottom six looks like it could only score 20 goals this season (with maybe 80% of that being Kase's). Colborne is average to really terrible at everything besides being big. I still remember his stupidity in that 2015 series against Calgary burying them almost every time they gained a little momentum. They didn't even issue him a qualifying offer after a 40 point season. He might be able to bounce back to half of that after the hilariously bad season he had in Colorado but I doubt a team will take on a 2.5 million dollar 4C at best with no hockey IQ.
  21. Lmaaaaooooo josi captain of the perds why not he already spends over 75% of every game hiding behind the refs might as well take care of some duties for your team while you're there
  22. They iced like 90% of their opening night roster and yet they still lost to the guys who won't be good enough to make it onto the CANUCKS
  23. Biases aside, I don't think Hejduk is on the same level as Giguere. He's loved in Colorado and spent his entire career putting up solid numbers there sure but take him off of those early Colorado teams and they'd likely still be powerhouses. At worst they don't win the Cup in 2001. Take away Giguere from the Ducks and this team certainly never has that miracle 03 run to the SCF. If hyperbole is your type of thing, you could argue that no Giguere in 2003 means that the team never gets sold to owners who wanted to keep the team local, different management coming out of the lockout, no 2007 championship and potentially none of this consistent success we've seen since. As individuals they're somewhat comparable but when you consider their significance to their franchises, Giguere comes out ahead.
  24. He was a terrific goal scorer at the start of the millennium but I think retiring his sweater is taking it a bit too far. Feels almost like they're doing this to save some face after Sakic and Roy have tarnished their own image and reel some fans back in for what's bound to be another miserable year. They can do whatever they want in Colorado either way. I just think it cheapens the significance a bit when your franchise makes a point to retire so many numbers from one era. It's not like they were some dominant dynasty in those days either. They were an extremely fun team to root for though, especially whenever they went up against Detroilet I'll give them that.
  25. Oh hey imagine that, the Colorado Avalanche are retiring yet another sweater this season. Your move Vancouver! Let's go ahead and retire Rob Neidermayer's 44 just so we can sit at the cool kids table.
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