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  1. He was a terrific goal scorer at the start of the millennium but I think retiring his sweater is taking it a bit too far. Feels almost like they're doing this to save some face after Sakic and Roy have tarnished their own image and reel some fans back in for what's bound to be another miserable year. They can do whatever they want in Colorado either way. I just think it cheapens the significance a bit when your franchise makes a point to retire so many numbers from one era. It's not like they were some dominant dynasty in those days either. They were an extremely fun team to root for though, especially whenever they went up against Detroilet I'll give them that.
  2. Oh hey imagine that, the Colorado Avalanche are retiring yet another sweater this season. Your move Vancouver! Let's go ahead and retire Rob Neidermayer's 44 just so we can sit at the cool kids table.
  3. Lol that Horvat contract is brutal. I still don't understand how we locked up Rakell for six years under 4 million. He's better than so many of these guys that have signed huge extensions over the past few months.
  4. Knee surgery huh? Dang, that stick he almost took to the visor must've done a real number on him.
  5. No timeouts after an icing is sooooooo dumb and pointless. Teams only have one to use in the entire game, why should it matter when they use it?
  6. I think Washington should be able to Boudreau their way to another division title. I don't think they'll finish 1st overall for a third year but this is Washington so it's possible. Gotta keep those playoff collapses spectacular yknow? I'm also thinking this is the year the Rangers take a step back and finally stop pretending they are somehow a contender instead of just those post-lockout Calgary teams. Pittsburgh is always mangled by injuries so despite being the best team in the division by far, I don't see them winning it. The rest of the Metro kinda sucks. Philly, Jersey & Brooklyn are all still awful teams with a couple of bright spots. I'm high on Carolina's defense though so I have them taking the biggest step forward. Speaking of Boudreau, Minnesota finishing first in the Central feels so right. Also, a lot of people are sleeping on Chicago. Losing Panerin's offence will hurt their place in the standings but I would not want to play them in the playoffs more than any other team out west now that Top 100 Toews has his two partners in clutch crime back. Dallas and Nashville can both go to hell/winnipeg and that's all I have to say about those two. Part of me hopes Edmonton wins the Pacific. Any time we can ruin Canada's dreams of an all Alberta series again is good with me. One of the Sharks and Flames should make it. Both could finish near the top or bottom of the standings and it wouldn't be a shock. The kings will suck. The rest of that division will also suck but the kings will suck. Edit: lmao how did I forget about Columbus??? Both times!?!? Eek. Yeah they should round out the Metro even with that orangutan running their bench. Seth Jones and Werenski are studs.
  7. I love them too but also because of this
  8. Obligatory playoff seeding prediction post that everyone can laugh at come April 2018. For the record I think I had the Devils making it last season lmao. Central: Minnesota St. Louis Nashville Pacific: Anaheim Edmonton Calgary Wild Cards: Chicago Dallas Atlantic: Tampa Bay Toronto Montreal Metropolitan: Washington Pittsburgh Carolina Wild Card: Ottawa Buffalo
  9. It's almost September :') By the way, how is Jarg still a free agent? You'd think a team like Vegas or Arizona would throw a lucrative 1 year deal at him to help put more butts into seats. It worked for the Panthers up until last summer when they decided success felt icky and they were more comfortable becoming a total trainwreck again.
  10. I still say nah. It would be hilarious for ~the almighty~ Gretzky's record to get broken by a sasquach who will never make it to the eastern conference finals though.
  11. Not gonna lie, I squeaked like a child when I heard the news. Kariya should've been on the NHL Top 100 list but this is a far more prestigious honour in the end and I couldn't be happier for him.
  12. Ugh thanks for reminding me how much I hate game 7s stupid basketball. I hate everything again way to go
  13. #believeland Not gonna lie, I've been bandwagoning the hell out of the Warriors and Raptors ever since our season ended. I used to watch the game a lot more as a kid but I haven't paid too much attention to it at all ever since Giguere went nuts on Detroit. Golden State is fun though. They play the game as if they're on a perpetual powerplay and they're good for at least 2 "wtf did I just witness" moments a night. Toronto had the whole underdog getting no respect thing going on and it was cool to see a team from that city actually succeed at something again. Cleveland on the other hand is pure trash. That one play you described sums them up in a nutshell.
  14. Did we just get out-Ducked by the Oklahoma City Thunder? Up 3-1 in the conference finals, and they end up losing in 7 after holding a lead for the majority of games 6 and 7 I feel like someone should've warned Westbrook to stay away from our orange alternate jersey if he ever wanted to win another game 7 again
  15. I'm saving it up for LOLCACAF after Jamaica gets Kozari'd tonight
  16. Not saying he's entirely a product of his teammates at all, but it sure helps when you've spent the majority of your career either playing alongside Teemu Selanne or Sidney Crosby.
  17. Beleskey is the first Duck since Selanne to score a goal in the first 4 games of a series So what is that a 800K signing bonus?
  18. The flame burns brighter ❤
  19. I'm so glad Sportsnet smartened up and played that Chelsea game instead of the usual poker nonsense they usually have on Saturdays. That was one of the most entertaining matches I've ever seen. Polar opposite of the last time Courtois and Howard went up against each other.
  20. I'm so grateful the NHL doesn't run on a transfer system similar to football's..
  21. I don't think he'll top Gretzky's numbers but I do think the record for highest scoring Russian is his for the taking now that Kovalchuk is gone. He might even challenge Selanne and Jagr for most goals by a European if he stays in North America. The NHL would be a lot more boring without him, that's for sure.
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