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  1. All this signing says to me is that the Ducks opening night roster will have a lot of former Gulls on it. No harm in trying to keep the minor league team competing at a high level. I'm not expecting him to be a difference maker for the Ducks.
  2. Who knew wishing for Dallas to eliminate Trashville in the playoffs this spring would result in monkey paw level consequences? I feel sick looking at that
  3. Not sure how I feel about Kadri coming out west. COL-NAS games are going to be total Olympic diving competitions if every single game featuring the mustard kitties wasn't already at that point. Speaking of trash, imagine getting rid of Seth Jones and PK Subban to bring in Crying Johansen and Matt Duchene. Even with their franchise-long need for a centre, that's just bad asset management.
  4. A Marc Bergevin vs. Don Waddell barn fight doesn't have the same star power and appeal as Brian Burke vs. Kevin Lowe. I still want to see it though!
  5. That Zaitsev/Ceci trade is like when a sneaky school kid drops their sandwich on the floor and offers to swap lunches with their unsuspecting friend except this time, the friend also dropped their lunch on the floor and happily agrees to the deal as both fail to realize that they're still eating floor food
  6. Is this real? Doesn't really seem like the type of move GMBM would make on Canada Day.
  7. Dallas is making moves and getting ready to compete for the 2014 NHL playoffs! Good for them
  8. I'm not seeing it and I'm not even that high on Fowler. He'd be #3/4 at the very least on every one of those teams right now. I have no idea why you're even bringing up LA cause he would easily be the second best defender they have behind the dough boy. Fowler being -50 in his career has a lot more to do with him spending his first years on bad teams glued to absolute pylons like Andy Sutton or Andreas Lilja while getting thrown to the wolves by Carlyle than it does with Fowler being a bad player. He's hasn't been a big minus player since outside of last season when the whole team was straight doo-doo defensively. I can agree with him being a bit of an offensive disappointment who's overpaid ~1 million compared to his peers (won't be for much longer considering the contracts expiring throughout the league in the near future) but that doesn't mean he's trash. At worst Fowler is still a very good second pairing guy who has shown he can eat a ton of minutes on successful teams.
  9. If you're trying to sell people on why we should've kept Perry at 8 and a half million dollars a year, a bottom 6 grinder isn't the player you want to compare him to. I'm of the opinion that playoff performances are more valuable than a regular season performance. That said, there's no real reason to expect Perry to all of a sudden lead our team through the playoffs at this point. Especially THIS 34 year old surgically repaired knees version of Perry when he couldn't during the years he was a top 5 winger in the sport. He's arguably been the most frustrating playoff performer we've had during this era. He could look unstoppable in one series (usually against a Canadian team cause why not), and invisible in the next. There's been entire postseasons during his prime years where he's completely disappeared. Maybe if he was set to make Maroon money for us instead of former MVP money you'd have a point. Wherever he ends up is obviously going to get a better deal simply because his pay will be consistent with his role. 8 million divided over 2 or 3 solid contributors is always a better option than 8 million tied up in one mostly broken x-factor who doesn't score enough to justify his pay. I'm sure he'd still be a Duck if it was possible for him to somehow get paid the 2.5 million he deserves.
  10. Hahaha Luongo is a goon. He could've gone the Marian Hossa route and invented an injury to ride out the rest of his contract on LTIR but instead chooses to retire outright to stick the cap recapture penalty to Vancouver. That's what you get for benching him in your first outdoor game.
  11. Anyone else miss Cogliano? Not because he'd be much of a difference maker on the scoresheet or in the standings for us at this point, but because of how a player like him could positively impact all the youth we've got coming in. He was hands down one of the hardest workers we've ever had on the ice. His dedication away from the rink was just as impressive. He prided himself on maintaining all the good habits an extremely durable athlete should have and we traded him to save Carlyle's job for a couple of weeks. Booo. The Ducks have two free As to stich onto a couple of sweaters and Cogliano should be here wearing them both.
  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess "too much"
  13. If only the Kesler trade happened a few months earlier
  14. Something about Hartman besides the sweaters he had to put on always rubbed me the wrong way. This is going to be his 4th team now in not even a year and a half. I'm probably just confirming my own bias here but that's not a good sign for a promising 24 year old capable of giving you 30 points a year. Philadelphia really botched the Simmonds trade.
  15. Hard pass on Zaitsev. He's a bottom pair pylon on an atrocious contract that runs for the next 5 years. He's already overpaid and he's got a NTC kicking in next season on top of everything. Remember how handcuffing it was to carry Bieksa's contract for just a couple of years? The Leafs are beyond desperate to move him. If they can give up a future 1st round pick to dump Marleau for only a 6th, they're likely to add a very good piece to any deal involving Zaitsev. No way is he worth bringing in by himself though. Gimme Kapanen if you want to dump that black hole onto our team.
  16. Yeah I'm not exactly sure how Dave "I signed David Clarkson" Nonis ended up with the big promotion to assistant GM following the last two trainwreck seasons but this team is still in pretty good shape going forward. Let's see how some of these kids turn out before we begin catastrophizing our future.
  17. By mismanaged I mean how Dubas basically threw away the cost controlled period of their core. This should've been their year to make noise. They had glaring holes on their roster they could have fixed instead of playing poker with Nylander for half a season. Marner is the faaaar superior player and it was pretty clear even during Nylander's holdout that it would be a major struggle to keep all 3 of their key RFAs. They shot themselves in the foot by locking up the run away worst of the 3 before the others. Add that to players like Marleau, Kadri (who might be one of the best 3rd line centres in the league but is also allergic to suiting for a playoff game without getting himself kicked out of the series) and Zaitsev (how did he even earn that contract to begin with?) and you've got one ridiculously top heavy team with all the spare dollars wrapped up in players who really shouldn't be part of the long-term plan but apparently are. Imagine if they had built a decent defence around Reilly beyond Muzzin with the dollars they committed long-term to those players. There's a good chance they're the ones playing St. Louis in the finals with the way the east unfolded. They'd still be in some sort of cap hell right now but at least they'd likely have something more to show for it besides another first round exit. Now they have Kapanen (who outplayed Nylander all year) and Johnsson to worry about too.
  18. It's a few years too late. I've wanted him beside Getzlaf for years but he's been seriously underpaid throughout his career. He'll likely take the highest dollar amount available at this stage rather than the best hockey situation for him. Signing him now would also defeat the purpose of buying out Perry even if Simmonds is a safe bet to outproduce him going forward. Max Jones is my Wayne Simmonds dream now.
  19. 2019 and this scummy organization is only now starting to realize that these two headhunting clowns got no business on any NHL roster baby steps!
  20. To be fair to Toronto, we aren't the ones trying to re-sign a 22 year old 90 point forward. I'm not too sure about the buyout rules but I think it wouldn't impact the cap hit at all when it's a player on a 35+ contract. Marleau's cap hit would still be on the books until it's set to expire even if they aren't paying him the figure anymore. A team like Toronto needs cap space far more than they need actual dollars. It's still a dumb situation they put themselves in by mismanaging the hell out of their cap situation though.
  21. Hahahahaha that Subban trade is amazing Only Norris calibre defenceman on that entire overrated Trashville blueline and you trade him away for peanuts after misusing him during his entire stint with your worthless team. New Jersey is legitimately going to be so fun next season with a healthy Hall to go with Hughes and Subban. New frigging Jersey is never supposed to be fun I'm in shock!
  22. Who is that girl at our desk wearing a #19 draft sweater? Looks like it says Patterson or something like that on the back. Is that a clue to our next pick or just family of a staffer whose name is slipping my mind at the moment?
  23. Seriously, you have no idea how happy the Sam Steel pick made me Also, shoutout to Cam York born in Anaheim and drafted 14th overall. Hockey doesn't work in Disneyland!
  24. He's a centre with a G and a Z in his last name. He passes my official "I have no idea what's going on here so draft the player with the coolest sounding name" test.
  25. Bettman bringing out the Sedin twins to get Vancouver to stop booing Crowd still boos whenever he opens his mouth hahahaha
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