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  1. Technically it was the right call to disallow that goal. I'd just rather see the player who fumbled the puck at his own blueline get punished instead of the changing player who stayed on the ice by his bench door for a fraction of a second longer than he should. One is hockey. The other is a tool assisted replay that had to be slowed down 200% to determine if something that a linesman decided not to call in real time was actually an infraction by mere centimetres. Sucks to see a team get bailed out by that type of thing during such an important game. There's nothing you can really do about it if you're the Avs outside of hoping they eventually get rid of the offside challenge outright. Funnily enough it was Duchene scoring the most blatantly offside goal of all time in Colorado a few years back that ramped up the discussion for the coach's challenge in the first place.
  2. Best part was the extra long hug between Maroon and Cogliano.
  3. Whoever decided to keep a camera fixed onto Ben Bishop's mom is an evil genius. Her reactions are almost as entertaining as this game
  4. Don't get me wrong, there's a LOT to like about Meier's game. Both of Vlasic's goals tonight were a direct result of him bulldozing into Colorado's zone and singlehandedly wreaking havoc. The Floorsberg/Franzen comparisons I've made aren't just cause I think he's a weasel. He's got the potential to turn into a legitimate force in that power forward role. My beef with him is how his antics are going unchecked for the most part. The Perry comparison would be a better one if Meier was going up against the same type of players that Perry faced during his heyday. I honestly don't think a player has taken more abuse over the last decade than Perry has. He paid the price whenever he tried agitating which kept things fair and made it a calculated risk on his part. Meier just jerks his head back and falls to the ice whenever the other team comes for him. Not to sound like a Don Cherry-brained goober longing for the good ol' days of hockey here but that wouldn't fly even 10 years ago.
  5. Yeesh Meier is giving me serious Johan Franzen at his worst flashbacks. Guy was responsible for San Jose tying it but he then takes out Landeskog's legs during a freaking goal celebration and dives to the ice in a heap when Landeskog checks him back. This clown is getting out of contol now.
  6. The Sharks are rubbing me the wrong way too. It's nothing compared to some of the other teams on my ****list, although most of those teams have already been eliminated outside of Dallas (who as much as I dislike them historically, this year's team honestly isn't bad at all. Plus they eliminated the 50 shades of filthy Preds so they'd get a pass from me even if they were the 2008 Stars). Every little thing San Jose does just stands out more to me because other teams aren't giving me a reason to dislike them. Their entire demeanor last year was "look at these goons, cheer for us cause we're not like that!" but the second anything has gone wrong for them this year, their antics are just as embarrassing. They whine about officiating endlessly and get petty about apologies even after the refs literally gifted them the last series. They've got the next Filip Floorsberg in Meier, a guy who might be the strongest skater on the ice every time he's out but he'd rather use that leg strength to throw himself onto the ice and act like he's rehearsing a dying scene in a middle school drama class. Kane is a bum, they willingly ice Haley in the playoffs, and Dillon has always been a turd. As much as they want to call Perry a rodent in San Jose, Couture literally looks like one which makes it so much worse whenever he's jawing Jeff Carter style after whistles. Burns grew a disgusting beaver dam on his face and the goofs working in NHL marketing decided he needed to become the most visible player in the league ASAP. His entire schtick is straight up just "LOL BEARD". I'm tired of seeing his face everywhere just like I'm tired of seeing men looking like wannabe pirates in Ottawa because of the impression Karlsson left here. Go Avs. Go Blues/Stars. Go Canes/Jackets.
  7. I'm trying to think of another team that only played 8 games in a playoff year. I'm sure it's probably happened before but it takes a special type of collapse to follow a sweep with a complete turd. This will be Carolina's 4th straight conference final appearance. Seriously. I'm not sure what's more incredible.. The fact that they've made it this far again, or how you could raise a teenager if you combined all the years they've missed the playoffs during that stretch.
  8. Carolina is the definition of quality over quantity when it comes to their playoff appearances. Seems like they make it once every hundred years but they manage to make a lot of noise each time they do. If the Islanders get swept it's cause of Brooklyn.
  9. Marchand is one of the strangest players out there. It only took a couple of years for this guy to go from a 40/50 point glorified Garbutt, to arguably the best LW in hockey and he did it without changing a single thing about his game along the way. Like at least Perry made a point to tone down his antics once his offence blew up. I don't want to say Marchand is getting worse since he's always been pretty bad. It just seems a lot worse now that he's a 100 point player who's STILL doing this stuff.
  10. Blah blah obligatory "I can't stand Dallas" preamble to get out of the way so we can COGLISHORTY! I'm still upset he was traded. Shore is a big bucket of meh. edit: MAROOON! Big guy didn't even realize he scored that until the ref made the signal Good 3rd period for former Ducks
  11. Why are the Islanders playing in Brooklyn again? The return to their ancient Long Island barn was one of the highlights of the first round. Barclays Center doesn't even come close. Nice to see that stupid mini van display is still taking up an entire section of seats in the left corner of the lower bowl.
  12. I'm real proud I called Colorado over Calgary in 5. The rest of my bracket is a mess but at least I got some of the teams right I guess. West: San Jose vs. Colorado: Avalanche in 6 St. Louis vs. Dallas: Blues in 5 (zzzz) East: New York vs. Carolina: Islanders in 5 Boston vs. Columbus: uhh Bruins in 7? Seriously, what a strange collection of teams. It's more evenly matched than the first round but all the "weaker" teams made it through anyway. Islanders vs. Hurricanes is going to be the most fun followed by Sharks vs. Avalanche. Columbus is cool but that series is going to be a snoozefest on the ice unless Marchand starts licking people again. Same goes for the central matchup. Still the best possible outcome there so I'm not complaining at all.
  13. If you think that one is bad, get a load of how dumb I look now after posting this earlier in the week oof. I'll show myself out
  14. I just saw that Justin Williams was nominated for that goofy Mark Messier 'Player I Like The Most This Year' award. Welp, so much for Carolina's chances in this overtime
  15. Oh well. The only Canadians who truly care about the Cup staying in Canada are either old school traditionalists, or the pandering blowhards in the Canadian hockey media. You're not gonna find too many people that are upset about the Leafs who aren't Leaf fans. Honestly one of the biggest joys of being a Canadian Ducks fan has been their hilariously one-sided playoff history against Canada. If you want to find some common ground between the 7 Canadian fanbases, just bring up how much you hate the Ducks. I'd be willing to bet that's one of the only things they can agree on outside of "Bettman hates us" (and even that will likely just devolve into "no he hates us more!"). Never mind cheering for a rival simply cause you share a country though. Good luck finding Edmonton fans who'd root for Calgary in any circumstance.
  16. Yeah, that's a nope from me. Thornton literally just got suspended for hitting a guy in the head during a blowout loss and then basically called the guy a wimp for getting hit in the head. I don't really care who wins anymore now that the Preds are golfing but I'm not about to start cheering for the Sharts just cause Joe Thornton has spent 20 years losing in the playoffs.
  17. Kadri needs to go. He's a solid two-way centre but there's only so many times you can have one player let your whole team down when it matters the most. They'd be better off moving on from a player who has thrown their entire gameplan into disarray for two playoffs in a row with his idiotic decisions on the ice. They have so much money tied up in guys like Nylander and Zaitsev and now they got a 94 point RFA to deal with. Even with Reilly having a 'Norris for offensive defencemen' type of year, that defence needs so much help. Muzzin is supposed to be a complementary piece, not the anchor. There's big changes coming for them and you can't help but feel like they might still be playing if they just addressed their problems instead of stubbornly holding onto a holdout in what was an already loaded position.
  18. In case anyone missed it: I'm sorry but I'm not seeing a 5 minute major plus a game misconduct here. Eakin cross-checked him out of the way after losing a faceoff. This happens in practically every playoff game. Pavelski lost his balance from the shove and ended up in the space Stastny wanted to enter. Unless you want to blame Stastny for skating around a Couture screen and getting his arms up when someone suddenly creates traffic in front of him, this is just incredibly bad luck all around. This is the type of play that looks way worse in slow motion and even then there isn't a clear series changing infraction to be seen here. I don't see how a ref could judge a play like that at full speed without it being 100% focused on the awful outcome. Without Pavelski bumping into Stastny, nothing even happens. Of course when the home team's captain is laying in a pool of blood and fans are littering the ice you want to make a call. I can't agree with this one though. Vegas got screwed. At the same time, dear lord Vegas. Major penalty aside, how do you unravel like that in such a short period of time? Yikes. I wanted the Sharks to lose entirely so I could make snarky remarks about all the Norris candidates getting sent home so early. This is the type of victory you ride to the top though. Think LA coming back from an 0-3 series hole and winning in San Jose type of victory. This is still the Sharks though so it's probably equally as likely for them to get their doors blown off by the Avalanche. Who even knows with these playoffs anymore.
  19. That game went from 0 to 100 in an instant. Hands down one of the craziest periods I've ever seen. It's like Alfreddsson shooting the puck at Niedermayer on steroids. I need to see the hit again cause in real time it seemed like they were penalizing the unfortunate result as opposed to the play but still, all the credit to San Jose for rallying aroumf their captain like that. Credit to Vegas for fighting back and forcing overtime. Imagine THIS game going 3+ overtimes just for the hell of it.
  20. Ugh, Zdeno Chelios and his gang of henchmen moving on yet again. I hope Columbus can keep their foot on the gas after such a long break from action. Gimme an Islanders vs. Blue Jackets conference final please. Might as well get rid of what's left of the old guard in these playoffs.
  21. Toronto about to rename the Gardiner Expressway this spring if they don't just throw Jake Gardiner off of it. That's two straight years he's gonna be the scapegoat of a game 7 loss in Boston if the Leafs can't tie this up.
  22. I can't believe I just screamed YES at the top of my lungs for a freaking Dallas Stars goal. This would be the dirtiest I've ever felt in my life if it wasn't for the fact that they eliminated the biggest disgrace in hockey after only 6 games I don't even think I care about what happens from here on out. This was the best possible ending for such a lame year of hockey. Trash is gone and it's beautiful. So much for that insurmountable home ice advantage. Best defence in the league? Vezina calibre goalie? Maybe if you want to hang up another joke western conference regular season champions banner at the end of the season. I hope they end up getting poked by all the catfish after they end up making a total mockery of the golf links the same way they do with a hockey rink and have to reach into the water to retrieve their balls.
  23. Not to take anything away from the Avs, but maybe Calgary isn't the best measuring stick. They suck. I'm struggling to think of a bigger paper-house cat team that somehow ended up finishing 1st in the western conference since they went to the geographic format. The 2000 St. Louis Blues? I wouldn't pick these Flames over any of the teams that made the playoffs this year honestly.
  24. Okay, I've been rooting for the Hurricanes to get rid of the trashy Capitals from the start but I completely forgot about how much of an armpit stain Justin Williams is. The annoying "blah blah MR GAME 7" narrative that hasn't been relevant since 2014 is already being beaten to death and game 6 literally just ended. Cause y'know, he worked out so well for Washington when they specifically signed him so they could stop blowing game 7s. At least he didn't slewfoot an unsuspecting player who never had a chance to stop the back of his head from hitting the ice I guess. That should always be at least 5 minute major and part of me wants to view it as karmic justice that Ovechkin's (mostly clean?) goal following the PK was taken away when Stephenson only did 2 minutes for that garbage. It's not a hockey play in any form.
  25. Take a shot every time Timo Meier snaps his head back the second anything comes anywhere near his robocop visor. You won't straight up die like you would if it was [insert predator here] but it'll make for a real fun night
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