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  1. To be fair to Toronto, we aren't the ones trying to re-sign a 22 year old 90 point forward. I'm not too sure about the buyout rules but I think it wouldn't impact the cap hit at all when it's a player on a 35+ contract. Marleau's cap hit would still be on the books until it's set to expire even if they aren't paying him the figure anymore. A team like Toronto needs cap space far more than they need actual dollars. It's still a dumb situation they put themselves in by mismanaging the hell out of their cap situation though.
  2. Hahahahaha that Subban trade is amazing Only Norris calibre defenceman on that entire overrated Trashville blueline and you trade him away for peanuts after misusing him during his entire stint with your worthless team. New Jersey is legitimately going to be so fun next season with a healthy Hall to go with Hughes and Subban. New frigging Jersey is never supposed to be fun I'm in shock!
  3. Who is that girl at our desk wearing a #19 draft sweater? Looks like it says Patterson or something like that on the back. Is that a clue to our next pick or just family of a staffer whose name is slipping my mind at the moment?
  4. Seriously, you have no idea how happy the Sam Steel pick made me Also, shoutout to Cam York born in Anaheim and drafted 14th overall. Hockey doesn't work in Disneyland!
  5. He's a centre with a G and a Z in his last name. He passes my official "I have no idea what's going on here so draft the player with the coolest sounding name" test.
  6. Bettman bringing out the Sedin twins to get Vancouver to stop booing Crowd still boos whenever he opens his mouth hahahaha
  7. They got Brian Burke on Sportsnet talking about how you always draft the best player available and all I can think of is Logan MacMillan
  8. I think people need to temper their expectations with Perry. It's tempting to draw comparisons to Selanne who went from a healthy scratch in the playoffs to a 40 goal monster after rehabbing his knee at age 34, but we'd be overlooking a very unique set of circumstances which allowed that to happen. First off, he had over a full year off to recover without the stress of rushing back to rejoin his team. More importantly, the NHL underwent major rule changes coming out of the lockout geared towards increasing offence to the great benefit of a player like Selanne. He also ended up in a very comfortable situation in Anaheim where expectations weren't all that high at the time so he could focus on himself. Not to mention how he ended up beside an extremely talented centre in Andy McDonald whose game complimented Teemu's perfectly. I'm not saying it's impossible for Perry to return to form but what happened with Selanne was truly a special case for a special player. I doubt Perry will end up somewhere willing to hand over top line minutes while also remaining patient enough for him to regain his footing. Edmonton isn't going to wait for him to find his game if he continues flubbing the puck beside McDavid like he did when he was reunited with Getzlaf this past season. Minnesota and Buffalo might be the only teams that offer a situation right now that's even somewhat close to what Teemu found himself in. The teams with the most interest in Perry want him to play a role in their bottom six and second powerplays. The talk of Perry working with new coaches this summer doesn't scream resurgence to me. It's necessity. He's a 34 year old rough and tumble player whose skating was always suspect and he's coming off a major surgery. He'd probably find himself out of the league within a year or two if he didn't take initiative over the summer. I hope I'm not coming off too negative here because I love the guy but all things considered, 20 goals next season would be a blessing.
  9. I hope he ends up out east in Toronto with a legit shot at another championship. He's still getting paid either way so signing short-term for below his actual value to end up on a winning team is a possibility. Of course with his injuries it would also be a smart move to maximize his value by going somewhere that can offer him more money in the long run. I can see him suiting up for the Panthers next season. So long as it's not Calgary or some other pesky western conference contender. I'm never going to hate Perry but I'd prefer for him to go to a team where we don't have to face his antics several times a year.
  10. I still have a beef with BM trading the leading goal scorer from the previous playoff run in DSP for a guy who mailed in every one of his playoff games and then had the nerve to trash talk the organization on his way out. Adding Vermette a few years before he became a 4th line neutral zone faceoff circle enforcer would've been nice too. The biggest mistake of the 14/15 season IMO was still letting Perreault walk without even qualifying him. Okay, second biggest mistake cause I'm still trying to forget Anaheim Duck Wisniewski ever existed. The 2016 team was the real missed opportunity. Top defensive team in the league, magical midseason turnaround, smart deadline additions, and great goaltending only to get wrecked by injuries before running into a lanky stack of horseshoes in net who only seems to show up for playoff matchups against Anaheim. I think they could've easily gotten past the Sharks and Blues that year if their domination in that game 7 translated to the scoreboard.
  11. For once I actually want to hear what Drew Doughty has to say. Crazy money tied up in two defenders whose primary focus is firing off point shots.
  12. What would even be the point of this though? It's not like we have some younger stud we're symbolically handing the future over to the same way it was back when Getzlaf got named captain. It's literally pointless change for the sake of change. He's not Joe Thornton disappearing nearly every spring, being outplayed by his teammates and taking the fall while his stacked team implodes. He's been both the best performer and leader on the team throughout his tenure. He still is. The team clearly goes as he goes and the last 9 seasons have been the most consistently successful stretch this franchise has had. They haven't won a cup during his tenure but I don't see how anyone can point a finger and blame him seeing as how Silfverberg has been the only guy whose playoff performances even come close to Getzlaf's. Stripping him for Fowler too? Just.. why?
  13. I'd rather just bring back Bieksa and I'm deadass serious
  14. This was such an exhausting year with the Ducks being trash for 90% of the season and that absolute gongshow of a postseason. It's nice seeing a team like St. Louis win after over a decade's worth of crappy media darling teams full of dirtbag players like Washington, Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA, Boston & Detroit hogging the title. Most likeable team since our Ducks honestly (at least from a Ducks fan's perspective). I'm happy for them but it was just hard for me to get emotionally invested in these playoffs at all. Gimme an exciting Ducks team over great hockey happening elsewhere every single time.
  15. Oof what a nightmare first period fot Boston. Carried the play and still down 0-2 after only 4 shots against. It's giving me bad flashbacks to some other steaming game 7 turds on home ice
  16. Maroon was solid as the top line LW. The best thing he used to do was that little unexpected wraparound pass from the side of the crease on the powerplay back in the darkest days of Brad Lauer. I was way more bummed about that trade than I was about Penner in 2014. Getzlaf was seriously the most dominant player in the league that season so I don't think it made much of a difference who was playing LW. Maroon put up similar numbers as Penner skating alongside Matthieu Perreault (who shouldn't have been let go but that's a different story) for the majority of the year. Penner also only managed to put up 6 points on the year that Getzlaf or Perry didn't figure into at all. Combine that with all the stories about his pancake-first conditioning and the writing was on the wall for Penner. Coincidentally those were pretty much the same reasons why they chose to cut ties from Maroon a few years later so in a weird way he was kind of the perfect Penner replacement. Bobby Ryan was the best third wheel Getzlaf and Perry ever had. Better than Penner in his first stint even. They completely submarined the team's depth by moving him there but the RPG line was unstoppable. I really liked Perron in his short stint there too although IIRC that was around the time when the team first started separating the two. I wish they could've kept him. The prototype was a big guy who can screen the goalie, work the cycle, and win possession along the boards, but IMO it was at its best when they sacrificed the physicality and put a skilled player in the role. Bonus points if he was fearless too. Even though guys like Beleskey and DSP fit the latter, they weren't capable of generating their own offence. Rakell would've been perfect with the twins in their prime but he's a few years too late.
  17. The Broons slew-footing up a storm tonight after all that complaining they did over the missed trip. Nice work morons. I kinda want this game to end in Dallas '99 fashion. These playoffs have been an absolute mess but hopefully something good could come out of it all if it forces the NHL to take a long look in the mirror. ...aand as soon as I finish typing that out on my phone it's 2-0. Boo.
  18. Yeah, cause taking the C off Getzlaf's sweater and putting it on Kesler or Beauchemin or whoever would've magically resulted in a championship. Not like that man did everything in his power to carry his teams through the playoffs during his tenure. Remember that year he broke his face stepping in front of a Seguin shot in the final minute and came back the very next game looking like a bloody monster finishing with a goal and an assist? Or how he singlehandedly schooled an Edmonton Oilers team featuring the saviour of Canadian hockey? Getzlaf has been one of the best playoff performers in hockey over the last decade. Imagine if he had a Duncan Keith or Drew Doughty to work with over this stretch. The only reason to strip him of his captaincy at this point would be to signify a changing of the guard. As of right now I don't think we have anyone worthy of taking it from him.
  19. I'm very high on Lundestrom. I can seriously picture him being a 30-40 point centre capable of controlling the play at both ends of the rink by the time the cost-controlled period of his contract closes out. He's got incredible hockey IQ for a teenager. I have no issue packaging the #9 pick, especially if a player like Karlsson is coming back. I just think moving Lundestrom this early would be repeating the same mistake we made with Karlsson (although to a far less insane degree.. thinking about Wisniewski's two stints here still makes me wanna hurl)
  20. This might be the best SCF matchup possible after that total clusterf-- of a first round. The teams are equally matched, Giguere tier goaltending on both ends, it's got a great narrative, historical significance, and two of the nicest uniforms in hockey. My heart would prefer Blues in 7, but my brain is telling me Bruins in 6.
  21. The Sharts made the mistake of playing their patented Free Bogus Call of the Series card in game 3 instead of at a point where the Blues couldn't recover from the damage. Hoarding all those horseshoes and they still manage to go full Sharks in the end. Apparently this was the first time in Thornton's long career that he finished a playoff run with more than 3 goals. He had 4... and half of those came in a single game. Ouch.
  22. Wes McCauley out with a hamstring injury. This game is about to get flushed down the toilet after 10 minutes of beautiful flow.
  23. That Prince of Wales trophy presentation was one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen in a while. Who picked that overdramatic funeral music and why was it so loud
  24. Woof. Any team would be lucky to get through an entire playoff run with just one of the critical breaks San Jose has gotten so far. Even the Lidstrom era Ref Wings would get jealous watching these Sharks.
  25. Normally I'd agree. Especially in today's climate where you've got people hiding behind the label of troll to get away with saying whatever awful garbage they want to others. Edwards is a harmless hockey broadcaster though. It's not like anything he says is inflammatory (although I guess I wouldn't be shocked if he has crossed a line before). He just strikes me as a cartoon villain with a microphone. Not everyone wants their hockey game to sound like a pro wrestling event and that's cool. Personally I just think it's an amusing change of pace from the usual style of commentary in hockey. I don't watch a lot of Bruins games so that's probably why. I'm sure he would get exhausting real fast if we played Boston more than twice a year.
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