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  1. Here's the full quote: Eek. Sounds eerily similar to what Murray said about Despres when he was dealing with his post-concussion struggles.
  2. I'm just gonna assume this website and all the other NHL.com forums voluntarily shut themselves down for a couple of days to recover from the nasuea caused by the 2020 Winter Classic announcement. That makes a whole lot more sense than playing a WINTER CLASSIC in frigging Texas between two trashy teams with no history between them and absolutely nothing Winter or Classic about them. If the NHL didn't already take everything special about the outdoor game and run it straight into the ground, they've certainly done it now.
  3. Leave it to the Kings to turn Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy calling a hockey game into the most cringeworthy thing on tv. I like the guy but this is actually painful. Doesn't help that the team he has to pretend to care about is absolute butt.
  4. Halfway through March and Tampa has already officially clinched the Presidents' Trophy. Let's see if they put up an Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions banner up with it.
  5. Although defensive Leaf fans are some of the biggest crazies out there, they might be onto something. It really does sound like 2 separate voices converging at an unfortunate time in the video. Apparently the Lightning bench was yelling "rag it" (hold onto the puck?) as Reilly screamed the original 4 letter f-bomb. I've never heard "rag it" in my life though. It's pretty amusing how Leaf fans have spent the night tearing up the internet looking for examples of that term being used in a hockey context.
  6. Tampa is in a class of their own. It's basically like watching what the 2013 Blackhawks did during the regular season except over a full 82 games this time. I at least thought Toronto would put up a fight tonight. At this point it would be a disappointment if Tampa doesn't win the Cup in under 20 games. Of course this is hockey so watch one of the most dominant teams we've seen in years flame out in the second round.
  7. Seth Jones isn't a free agent. Say what you will about Bob on the 1st of July but he's never been shy to pull the trigger on a draft day blockbuster.
  8. Is Jones on the market? I know Columbus is looking at a re-tool at the very least following this season but Jones is only 24 and he's already a top 10 defender in the game right now with an absolute steal of a contract. I'd jump all over him if a deal could be made. Columbus could have both our 1st round picks for all I care.
  9. I tuned into the Leafs-Oilers game just in time to see an angry Don Cherry (in a pink polka dot suit) calling out Sprong for being "disrespectful" and "embarrassing Price" cause he celebrated a goal by gesturing to the fans. I was already hoping Sprong would pan out but now I need him to become a 20 goal scorer.
  10. I'm ready to ride the sweater vests all the way back to the top I'm sorry but you're waaaaay too positive if either of these dudes can make it onto this kind of post. Let's not forget the last minutes of that Blues game or all the other disasters they were responsible for just cause the team won by 6 last night.
  11. The thing that gets me the most about this trade is how Sprong is basically the exact same player we already had in Aberg minus the part where Aberg cost nothing to pick up.
  12. Calgary has to be the jankiest top seed the western conference has had in years. I can't see them making it past the second round. First round even, unless they're able to hang onto the top pacific seed and face a trash wild card team.
  13. Colorado definitely. They gave Trashville a run for their money in the first round last year, and their top line is playing even better this time around. More importantly as everyone has already said, it keeps them away from having that second ball in the upcoming draft lottery. The other wild-card spot I don't care as much for. Assuming Calgary wins the west, I guess my first choice would be Vancouver. Those two always make for fun playoff matchups. My second choice would have to be Chicago simply cause Minnesota and Arizona are as boring as it gets. Cogliano aside, Dallas is still a sickening team. They can finish 9th for the rest of eternity. The east is a little more intriguing. I really want Boston to fall out of the division (or the playoffs altogether tbh) so the long awaited Toronto-Montreal series can finally happen. That's unlikely though. I think Montreal takes the WC1 spot either way. Pittsburgh will probably put it together and end up taking a divisional spot where they'll face New York (cool) or Washington (barf). Between Carolina and Columbus, I really couldn't care less. It would be hilarious if Columbus missed out after all the moves they made though. Carolina having choreographed dances after every game in the playoffs won't go over well at all so that would be worth seeing too. That second wild-card team is getting stomped by Tampa either way.
  14. I really hate Edmonton for being such a garbage organization and hoarding 1st overall picks to the point where the NHL had to change the system to make the lottery more of a toss-up. Meanwhile a team like Anaheim, a team who has consistently put out a decent product for well over the majority of their existence, could get punished the one year they do bottom out because the Oilers are a disgrace. I get that the league doesn't want teams intentionally losing, but how is it a fair trade-off for a team to potentially drop from 4th to 7th? http://www.tankathon.com/nhl/pick_odds I know I must be reading something wrong here (forgive me, it's been a long day) but is this website suggesting 4th overall has a likelier chance of picking 5th/6th, or that 26% of the time we're picking at least 5th overall? The fact that Anaheim has a 2.8 for the 4th position in that chart despite holding the 4th position is really throwing me off. It would be flat-out ridiculous if it's a likelier outcome for them to drop than it is for them to pick where they literally finished in the standings.
  15. Might as well. Pre-game retirement ceremonies seem to be the only way to get this team to play hard for a full 60.
  16. Stone to Vegas?? Oh boy it's a wrap.
  17. How am I supposed to root for my hometown guy Simmonds when he's playing for that team now? It was hard enough for me with DSP and Washington last season. Barf. Kinda figured they would trade for him given how inexplicably trash their PP is but at least the other contenders out West have also added significant pieces. Oh well.
  18. Haha gooooood. I can't stand Toffoli and the less we have to see of him, the better. Watch him end up on some annoying team like Dallas just to spite us.
  19. He doesn't just punch his own teammates, he crushes guys coming back from post-concussion syndrome in the head during practice. On the bright side, he was basically blacklisted from the Senators after that altercation. The return they accepted for him pretty much confirms that. He should be real glad he's getting a second chance in Anaheim and I hope his play reflects that.
  20. As much faith as I have in the Ducks' scouting department in those middle rounds, I'm hoping they manage to swing both picks the other way to move up in the draft. Kakko is what this team needs.
  21. Montour has been real bad this season. That said, put him on a team where the forwards are actually instructed to support their mobile defenders (instead of the circus act we've witnessed over the last two years) and he's going to look a lot more like the player we thought we had when we chose him over Theodore.
  22. Metro teams really need to stop trading Hagelin to the Pacific unless they want him to end up on one of their rivals a couple of months later
  23. I like this deal but mainly because I'm weird and seeing a forward wear #3 has always bothered me for some reason. I'd ask myself at least once every game against Minnesota why they're letting a stay-at-home defender take their faceoffs. Coyle will wear #13 in Boston which seems more natural to me.
  24. It's 2019 and my grudge against Jiri Sekac is alive and well
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