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  1. I posted this in the last GDT but. On Facebook one of the admins said the NHL had shutdown all message boards on all team sites with no warning and they were in conversations to revive it. I'm sure we will get a post from one of the admins at some point explaining what happened and what will happen moving forward.
  2. I would have to think that if a team were to try and tank that blatantly that the NHL would step in.
  3. That doesn't mean he would make a great captain. The comments from Murray make me think he might be wearing at least an 'A' next season. Things like Silf has embraced mentoring the kids, etc.
  4. I didn't watch the Calgary game. I watched the Oilers game and they weren't tanking.
  5. New Jersey played pretty well against the Oilers last night. They weren't playing to tank.
  6. Do we need to move Perry before next season for the cap space? I thought we were okay for cap space next year, unless we are looking to add an expensive free agent. I don't know if we really need to give up one of our first rounders to get his cap off the books at this stage in our 'rebuild'. While I understand your point about Perry being behind guys like Silf and Kase on the depth chart, despite this he's still likely to play with Getzlaf, no? I wouldn't put it past Perry to have another 50 point season next year if Getzlaf is back to his former self, and those 50 points would be valuable to this team.
  7. I usually assume that anybody who uses that term is of low intellect and has nothing to add to the conversation tbh. It's like something people would yell at each other through coms when playing Call of Duty.
  8. nieder

    Kings Catch All - 8

    Yeah but what do Columbus have left to trade for him? Lol.
  9. The whole thing was a big load of nothing that really shouldn't have been reported on until the investigation was completed. The most disappointing thing are all the comments from people saying things like 'who cares if he said it, harden up snowflakes'. It's kinda sad that society has yet to move past childish insults and derogatory comments aimed at specific groups.
  10. I do agree. I don't know why Nashville would trade him unless they are trying to make room for re-signing Simmonds and Boyle. Their core is signed through at least the end of next season. I also agree with our need to find a #1C. This draft might be a good chance to do that. Steel could maybe be a #2C if we are lucky. Lundestrom could hopefully be a solid 2-way center as well. But neither are going to be a genuine #1.
  11. PK Subban? Somebody posted a rumor a few weeks ago about Murray clearing cap space to try and get Subban.
  12. Honestly I feel like this is closer to the 2011-2012 Ducks. Carlyle got fired that season too. The team was terrible that season, finished last in the divison. Murray makes some minor adjustments in the offseason, brings in some big defensemen including a PP guy in Souray, and the team finishes first in the division with a decent coach. I feel like we have enough pieces to at least be competing for a playoff spot next season, even if we aren't a true contender.
  13. Getzlaf says all the right things about the kids too so I didn't think it was him. He was just gushing over Troy Terry last week. Kesler does seem like the type to be the old curmudgeon yelling 'get off my lawn' at the kids.
  14. I assume you mean he 'retires' but goes on LTIR. Because if he actually retires he would forfeit the money from his contract. Which will never happen.
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