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  1. Agreed. I really like the black and orange though.
  2. Saw him outside the Honda Center today. He was talking with staff but he still stopped and said hi to us on the way past. Seems like a nice guy.
  3. Seems like the bubble has burst for the Kings. I did think they were just hot and playing above themselves. They're probably good enough to compete for a playoff spot but I can't see them keeping that top spot in the division.
  4. I'll be there for HOF night and the following game against Vegas. My first trip to Anaheim in 12 years! I did post in the GDT last night but it was pretty dead. If anyone has any recommendations for what to do/where to go before and after the games around Honda Center that would be great. Also if anyone has any tips for catching some of the players after the morning skate or a practice that would also be great. Thanks!
  5. I'm enjoying the new nickname. #10 is Gumby from now on.
  6. He and Fowler have similar knees.
  7. 'Lower body injury' is all they have said. He's skating at least, just not in rushes.
  8. They're only a point behind Anaheim now. They do have almost no injuries though.
  9. Good lord.
  10. At the draft in 2010 you could have probably made the argument that Fowler was a better pick than Tarasenko at the time. I remember a lot of talk about Fowler going in the top 5, the fact that he fell to us was pretty huge. Personally if I'm choosing between picking a potential top pair defenseman and a winger and there is not a lot between them, I'm picking the defenseman every time. I'm not sure that Murray picked him due to a need to rebuild our defense, he just happened to think Fowler was the best player available at that pick. The real mistake in that draft was taking Etem and DSP ahead of Tyler Toffoli.
  11. Just in case anyone missed it. Boll also put on IR.
  12. Yeah I think it's pretty clear that Murray has a good eye for drafting defensemen. I don't know if that makes him poor at drafting forwards, but there have been a number of busts. Though if Jones and Steel both turn into top 6 NHL forwards then all will be forgiven.
  13. They probably only trade JVR if they aren't a playoff team at the deadline. So let's hope they bomb.
  14. I don't think you can really judge the draft by position. Teams will usually just draft the best player available, regardless of position. So all of the years they took defensemen high, the team thought that they were the best player available to take at the time. There are some definite busts in the mix. DSP and Etem both come to mind as they were taken relatively early. Drafting a Kane or a Crosby also has less to do with drafting ability than it does with lottery luck.