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  1. nieder

    playoff game...

    I guess they don't win the Cup in 2011 if they don't trade Thornton as they used the salary cap space for other pieces and the return to rebuild their franchise. The Seguin trade was probably one of the worst in recent memory. They literally have nothing in their organisation right now that resulted from that trade. They traded a 20 year old potential all-star because he was immature and got spare parts in return. What a brilliant move by the always brilliant Peter Chiarelli.
  2. nieder

    playoff game...

    Well I thought the same thing. Sharks looked done and they suddenly scored. They looked the same in Game 7 vs the Knights until 'the call'. They seem like a team that struggles mentally, then all of a sudden something goes their way and they are on fire.
  3. nieder

    playoff game...

    Well that sucks, they really need him for the Finals since half of their veteran refs have already been dumped due to errors.
  4. nieder

    playoff game...

    No. Well, some. They already don't have a first rounder this year or next year. But there are other picks with conditions dependent on them making the Finals. They lose their 2021 first round pick and their 2020 second round pick if they make the Finals this season.
  5. nieder

    playoff game...

    I hope the Sharks make the Finals and lose, so that they lose another 1st round pick while also not winning the Cup. They would also lose their 2nd rounder next year due to the Nyquist trade. So San Jose have no 1st or 2nd round pick in 2019 or 2020, and no 1st rounder in 2021 either, if they make the Finals this season.
  6. nieder

    playoff game...

    To be fair I think the argument is that the refs missed a pretty clear delay of game against the Blues player (Perron I believe) about a minute before he scored a goal. So that missed call actually did sort of create a goal as the guy that scored shouldn't have even been on the ice, he should have been in the box.
  7. nieder

    playoff game...

    Considering the refs after the Game 7 vs Vegas and the hand pass in Game 3 vs St. Louis have all been dropped immediately after their mistakes I have a pretty hard time believing the league 'wants' the Sharks to win.
  8. Agreed. Even the difference between 20 (which was possible at the start of the playoffs) and 29 is likely negligible. At that point its more about scouting and luck anyway. Ducks fans getting upset because our second first rounder is now slightly lower need to get a little perspective.
  9. nieder

    playoff game...

    I do agree that the refs probably called it right by the rule book if they were only thinking of checking to the head. I also do not believe there was any intent/attempt to injure. Heck, you probably couldn't even say the hit was all the reckless, he just got the point of contact wrong. Like you say, if he hits through the chest even if driving upwards there is no issue there. There are 2 different types of charging - the first is traveling a long distance to make a hit and basically not gliding into it, so you're taking strides right before the hit which makes the hit overly violent. So long as you let up and don't take a stride right before hitting the guy, you probably don't get called for charging on that play (it's also really difficult to make this call as a referee because typically you are watching around the puck and/or where there are players grouped together where a foul could happen - you aren't typically watching for how many strides some random guy is taking towards the puck carrier). The second type of charging is leaving your feet - which basically comes with the head contact aspect because the whole point of calling this is to prevent players jumping and hitting guys in the head. That's why the other part of the rule says 'a minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent'. Part of that is protection of the head (while the rule doesn't explicitly state this). I hear what you're saying in that the call they landed on is probably consistent with how the NHL has been calling this. I do think that 5+GM for Charging was probably an option for them though if they felt that McAvoy deserved to be out of the game even if the intent wasn't there to injure the player. I don't think anybody would have been upset if that were the call they had made - though I have to think the Game 7 Sharks/Knights call came into this and they didn't want to make that call and risk getting reprimanded for it. Agreed.
  10. nieder

    playoff game...

    Also disagree that McAvoy's skates stayed on the ice. His skates may have stayed on the ice until the moment of contact, but his feet left the ice as he exploded through the hit because he was driving upwards towards the head. This is different to a hit where a player's feet leave the ice as he hits because he loses balance because of the force of the hit. McAvoy was driving upwards and he caught the player high, textbook charge for me.
  11. nieder

    playoff game...

    Penalty could have easily been Charging IMO because McAvoy launched himself. The head contact rule is written poorly. I don't understand why that vast majority of penalties have options for 2, 5+GM and Match, but for some reason they decided not to have a 5+GM for head contact. Outside of the rule book I think that hit by McAvoy was worth being ejected from the game and that kind of head contact is what the league is trying to get rid of. 2 minutes achieves nothing.
  12. I believe this is how it will work: If St. Louis and San Jose both win we will definitely get either 28th or 29th overall. If St. Louis lose tonight their pick will be 18th or 19th and we will be guaranteed to get the San Jose pick, which will be 29th if San Jose win their series or somewhere around 23-24 if San Jose lose their series. If St. Louis win and San Jose lose, we will take the San Jose pick which again will be around 23-24. So basically we are better off if the Sharks lose so we get a pick in the mid-20s instead of high-20s.
  13. nieder

    playoff game...

    Lol, you're missing some great hockey.
  14. nieder

    playoff game...

    Yeah, my thought was that the DPS has to determine an offense is worth of supplemental discipline first (not necessarily a suspension), whether that be a fine or a suspension. Honestly 'warning' seems like a pretty low bar and I don't see how what Marchand did doesn't warrant at least a warning, which based on the quote from the video would elevate his discipline to a fine or suspension. I wonder what the bar is for issuing a warning? Couldn't pretty much any aggressive penalty be worthy of a warning, and therefore increase the penalty for a repeat offender?
  15. nieder

    playoff game...

    I'm not sure how this makes any difference to what I'm saying. Per the quote you used above: Again, to me this indicates that they first have to determine that the incident is worthy of supplemental discipline (maybe not a suspension, but at least a fine), and at that point, they can use the suspension history to increase the penalty. However, I'm not sure how they could determine that Marchand's actions were not worth at least a fine (if any player in the league did that I feel like they should get a fine), which based on his specific history should increase his penalty to a suspension.
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