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  1. We haven't called up any forwards (in fact one just went on waivers) so I can't imagine it's serious at this stage.
  2. Is he still recovering/working up to full fitness? We might not see him for another few games.
  3. Rakell is now with the team. Excellent.
  4. I'd rather have Etem in the lineup than Boll.
  5. GeneralFanager gone now too.
  6. This is cool. So basically we protect forwards: Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Silf, Rakell, Cogs, Vermette And then have 3 spots to protect defensemen, so we have to either buy out Bieksa or trade one of Vats, Lindholm or Fowler. Net result the players exposed are Boll, Wagner, Manson and Stoner. Etem and Garbutt aren't signed through next year. Do we need to sign a goaltender through next season so they can get exposed? At the moment the only goaltender we have signed through 2018 is Gibson.
  7. Murray wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't explore it as an option. We would have to be getting a bona fide top-6 forward in return.
  8. Concussions are one thing where you just never know, it affects individuals so differently so there really is no way to predict what will happen. Some players also just seem more susceptible to concussions than others. Considering this is his third concussion in 12 months it's pretty concerning. Forget how it affects the team, I just hope he doesn't have any major lasting issues that will affect the rest of his life.
  9. He played 1 playoff game last year too. The rules just state 'NHL games' and don't specify regular season or playoff games, so it's a safe assumption that playoff games count.
  10. I guess it depends if Despres returns this season and how they define 'career threatening injury'. The threat of a recurrence of concussion symptoms will always be a reality for Despres considering he has already suffered so many. But if he returns this season and finishes the season healthy I can't imagine he would be considered to have a career-threatening injury. That said, I have doubts as to whether he will return at all. At this point he must be considering what is best for his future quality of life,
  11. Stoner would need to play another 16 NHL games this season to be eligible for the expansion draft.
  12. Haha and also: Hehe
  13. Does that mean Larsson is going back to Sweden
  14. Haven't they scored 2 power play goals in 4 games? It doesn't seem that bad to me. I don't think we need so much doom and gloom. 3 straight 1 goal losses. It's not like they are getting blown out every night. We just need some scoring from guys not named Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler and Fowler. If Vermette, Silfverberg and Vats can get going it should help a lot, along with getting Rakell and Lindholm back into the lineup.
  15. Split the difference, $5.45M per season, done deal.