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  1. From memory they were also completely healthy their entire run and ran into basically no adversity, unless you say starting on the road in every series is adversity. All of the calls, basically everything went their way. You need a lot of luck to win a Cup but the 2012 Kings must have sold their souls to the devil as they couldn't do anything wrong. Who am I kidding, people in the Kings organization don't have souls.
  2. Yeah, the 2012 season was the one year when Quick actually lived up to all the hype about him. He was almost unbeatable in 2012. In 2014 he was average but the Kings system got them over the line.
  3. The problem is that the team will start winning again at some point. Gibson is so good that they are in every game even if they are playing poorly - I could totally see the team finishing one spot out of the playoffs and then this terrible season is wasted (as far as getting a high draft pick goes) because our goaltending is so good. Though I agree, I don't expect to see much in the way of change moving forward except for moving pending UFAs before the deadline. I fully expect Silf and Miller will be moved for futures. I also think that the reason RC hasn't been fired is because the agreement between him and Murray is to finish out the season and then 'retire' and move into a cushy front office position. In the off-season we will see a new coach brought on board, possibly some roster changes like you mention above, maybe we even see Kesler bought out. This coming off-season is likely to be a time of great change for this team.
  4. 1. Also only 7 points ahead of the last place Kings. Another few weeks of losing could see this team in the basement. 2. The injury excuse is wearing thin for me. For the last 3-4 games we have had our entire roster except Perry and Eaves, and the team still looks like absolute crap. You should be giving your credit to Gibson, not Carlyle. 3. The Blackhawks are not 'loaded with talent'. They have arguably the least depth of any team in the league.
  5. At what point do injuries stop being an excuse? For the last few games the only guys missing have been Perry and Eaves, who basically has never played. So essentially we are just missing Perry. Is missing a 50 point guy a good enough excuse to be playing this way?
  6. Trade one of our fastest players, bench one of the much for wanting to play fast.
  7. I’m with you, I would be happy to keep all of our defensemen but if a deal came up for a player like Nylander I would be happy to move one of our defensemen for a top scorer. Though honestly I think it’s all moot with Carlyle as the coach as this team SUCKS at stopping scoring chances and I refuse to believe that it’s because Fowler/Lindholm/Manson forgot how to play defense.
  8. Gibson is going to make sure that doesn't happen.
  9. They're about to get $22M for the expansion. Also, a buyout actually saves money. They only have to pay out 2/3 of the contract.
  10. Eaves only has 1 year left and honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see Kesler get bought out. Hopefully we can be good again in a few years and not waste Gibson's best seasons.
  11. What is the logic here? Getting younger and saving some money? The team has already lost 11 in a row and now the locker room loses a well liked guy that always gave 110%. I'm not sure how this helps team morale to be honest. I don't know anything about Shore. Is he fast?
  12. A blind monkey could do better.
  13. Boston, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Islanders, San Jose, Vegas all have older rosters by average age. Nashville is almost exactly the same average age. Maybe the issue is more 'slowness' rather than 'aging'.
  14. Well I remembered that wrong. Nice catch.
  15. The claim is that they had less of a chance because the NHL is biased. Which based on the way the league acts off the ice, is pretty obvious that they favor certain teams. I'm not sure I buy they would rig a draft, but it's not that unbelievable. At that draft every team (supposedly) had the same odds of winning.