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  1. Yeah, no kidding. The new GM, and the new Director of Amateur Scouting had no say in the 2020 draft. What a dumpster fire of a franchise. I'm not surprised that Armstrong came in and got rid of Miller. From what I know about him he's a big team culture guy. There's just no way he would have drafted this kid. I'm guessing the organization was also getting huge blowback from their season ticket holders and fans. I know that I would have sent my complaint directly to the team had Anaheim drafted him. Apparently he is still at UND but will no longer play hockey for the University. Looks like his hockey career is over unless he decides to skip school and head overseas. I can't see another team giving him an entry level contract. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-north-dakota-cuts-mitchell-miller-1.5784703
  2. The rumor is that Chayka actually had Miller as DND (Do Not Draft) and either the scouting team or the 'interim GM' Steve Sullivan decided to take this guy off the DND list for whatever reason.
  3. The letter from the bullied kid's mother indicates the bullying went on after the court case. Miller was still taunting the kid even after getting sentenced, and reportedly has spent time loitering outside the victim's house in order to intimidate him. On top of this there was a pattern of behavior from this guy as there were other victims. The judge that sentenced him even referred to other victims even though they weren't part of the trial. Nobody is saying this kid shouldn't be hired or made an outcast for the rest of his life. But there is evidence of a sustained pattern of bullying (not just bullying, but assault with an overtly racist basis) that maybe should disqualify him from playing in the best league in the world. Nobody is saying he can't go and play in Europe or anywhere that will give him a contract. He also never apologised to the victim in this case. The judge mentioned that he seemed to have little remorse for what he did other than how it would affect him personally - he appeared not to care about the victim at all. Why do you think Miller sent apology letters to the teams that may have drafted him, but never apologized to the kid he actually tormented? Reading all the details about the continued bullying even after being sentenced - this guy is a sociopath. To say that the kid didn't get drafted by other teams because of 'some misguided, woke PR' might be the most pathetic thing I have read on these boards. I am beyond grateful that our organization did not draft this kid. If he had I would have had to seriously consider my fandom.
  4. Agreed, I can't see BM getting fired before the expansion draft. Then he only has 1 year on his contract after that anyway. Hopefully the idea is to transition Madden into that position in 2 years.
  5. Miller wants to stay near the West coast because his wife has a career in LA right? So looking at the teams out West really Anaheim is the only team that still needs a goalie. Maybe Vegas I guess if they can move Fleury.
  6. It's not uncommon to start centers on the wing so that they can get used to NHL speed without having to worry about the defensive responsibilities. Long-term I think they would expect him to be a center.
  7. Gallagher was just extended in Montreal. I have to think some of these UFAs are going to have to end up signing for cheaper than they would want in a normal year. With the flat cap there isn`t a lot of cap space available around the league. I like Granlund. He`s not that old, he was on 40 point pace last season in Nashville who are a team that seems perpetually snake bit. The season before he was on pace for 64 points with Minnesota before he was traded, and had 67 points the year before.
  8. You can exceed the cap by 10% in the offseason.
  9. You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.
  10. We still have Groulx and Tracey in Juniors as well, they could both be good NHL forwards. Also some good defensive prospects in Thrun and LaCombe.
  11. Sportsnet had some info up on Perreault: At the Top Prospects Game they did fitness testing on all the players. Perreault was first at 30m forward skate, 30m forward skate with the puck, reaction speed and weave agility with the puck. Second place in overall weave agility. So we are getting somebody with good speed.
  12. I wanted Neighbours and was disappointed to see him go 1 pick before Anaheim. Not that there was any guarantee we would have taken him. Perreault is a nice pick. Great shot.
  13. They traded down twice, obviously they don't really like any of the higher ranked guys left.
  14. What a terrible pick by Columbus for their first round pick. Chinakov was ranked #30 European Skater by NHL Central Scouting. He would have been available in the second round.
  15. So, I'm with everyone else in that I wanted a scoring forward like Rossi or Raymond. But Drysdale is a good pick. Hopefully he becomes our version of Makar or Heiskanen. Looking forward to #27 now.
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