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  1. Murray's comments make me think that any trade with Carolina in the near future has been nixed. He was really p*ssed off.
  2. Perry has a fracture in his foot, will miss 2 weeks. He may not start opening night which means he wouldn't play his 1000th game against Anaheim which is kinda sad.
  3. Even if they play well this season without much real top-end talent I think they probably miss the playoffs anyway. Unless Gibson carries the team to the playoffs himself, which is a real possibility.
  4. His possession stats are great. Kase drives offense unlike most of the forwards on this team. The one worry is likely his injury history - if Kase gets another concussion this season his career could be in jeopardy. Not to mention his trade value would go way down.
  5. I also heard Kase was the target from another source this afternoon. Sounds like he's the guy. Which I don't like.
  6. From memory I'm pretty sure they were paired together at the Olympics and looked solid together.
  7. Personally I would jettison both.
  8. It does if he thinks he can play in the NHL. He's just not that good.
  9. We are still a long way out from the season. If this is a depth move and he's only playing between San Diego and Anaheim I think its fine, he basically replaces a guy like Welinski to add some depth. If Murray signed him to play with Fowler in a top 4 role we should fire Murray into the sun.
  10. LOL. But in seriousness, the first overall (Lafreniere) is going to be a bona fide super star immediately. The kid is seriously good. I'm not sure about the rest of the draft yet, but whoever wins the lottery next season is getting a franchise defining player.
  11. nieder


    Not only is Eakins fine with it, he said that he specifically requested Sutter. He wants an experienced staff. I don't think this is a bad thing.
  12. I can't imagine we start the season with our current forward group. I think Bob might be done with Ritchie, he will likely be part of the package for a defenseman. Am I the only person that thinks Shore is a nothing player? With Steel still finding his footing in the NHL that third line is going to provide next to no offense. I'm giving Comtois every chance to make the opening night roster. This team needs offense pretty desperately.
  13. Best description I have ever read about anything. Lol
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