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  1. Thank god.
  2. I don't know, I thought Fleury was going to be pretty great for them. He had some rough playoff series in the past but so have guys like Jonathan Quick...for some reason Fleury was always a scapegoat. He's a great goaltender.
  3. Agreed. Steel is just a more well rounded player. He plays in all situations. The only real issue I see with him is size but as you say, the league is trending smaller overall so moving forward that may not be much of an issue. He will be an NHL player.
  4. He would be giving up 4 years of guaranteed income if he retired. So it wouldn't really be in Kesler's best interests to retire.
  5. Are you effing kidding me
  6. Finals thread is here!!! Washington vs Did anyone pick this in their bracket? I would love to see Ovi win a Cup so I'll be pulling for the Caps.
  7. Personally I'm not really looking to add to our defense at all. Maybe you could sign a 7th guy but I would be giving the kids more ice time next season. I'd give Larsson every chance to make the team, then the 6th spot goes to Pettersen or Welinski or whoever. Fowler/Manson/Lindholm are our vets now. I'm looking more at some of the mid-range forwards that are available, and in this UFA class there are a ton of them. Perron, Vanek, Riley Nash, Derek Ryan, Grabner, Brodziak, Comeau. All guys around 30 so not too old, and all scored over 30 points. Perron actually scored 66 so he might be looking for a payday, probably too pricey for us.
  8. Yawney officially signed as Assistant Coach with Edmonton.
  9. Go Ovi!!!
  10. Shows how much you know, idiot.
  11. I can think of worse players *cough* Liambas *cough* But he may well be the worst long-time Duck.
  12. I want Washington to win because I like Ovi - I would like to see him win a Cup. But my head says Lightning here. I feel like Washington maybe used up everything against Pittsburgh.
  13. I think the Jets are the better team.....but I also thought that both LA and San Jose would beat Vegas so I'm done predicting when Vegas gets eliminated.
  14. I was kinda hoping Nashville would score just to hear the crowd yell ‘you suck’ as their team gets eliminated.