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  1. I never said it was the same team. I said teams move in cycles. We are rebuilding right now but hopefully things won't always be this dire. Maybe he wants to win, but also wants to stay where he is, and believes the team will be good again in a few years.
  2. Teams move in cycles and he is signed long term. This team was literally in the Western Conference finals less than 3 years ago. Hopefully in a few years they will be good again.
  3. The Leafs have given up the 5th most goals in the league this year. Not really a recipe for playoff success. I think they still want to upgrade on defense if possible. Who would've thought that Jake Muzzin is not a top 2 defenseman like Leafs fans were claiming? Lol.
  4. nieder

    Gerard Galant

    I can't see us firing a coach that has been with the team for less than one season unless it's a new GM doing the firing.
  5. nieder

    bob murray

    Teams tend to move in cycles. Anaheim has been one of the better teams of the last decade and are currently rebuilding. He shouldn't be fired for the team being last as long as he is making smart moves to rebuild this roster. If you want to fire him because he wasn't aggressive enough to upgrade the roster when the team was good, or for his failed experiment of re-hiring Carlyle, that's fair.
  6. Lol, guaranteed. This team is not good. At this point I'm hoping we manage to score a top 2 pick at the draft, that will set this team up with a genuine elite forward talent to build around for the next decade.
  7. You're moving the goalposts now. Odd-man rushes? Usually an issue with forwards not getting back. Second and third chances around the net? The defensemen not clearing the puck or taking the man. Recently Manson has been the worst at this. Shots on net? Our defensemen are all pretty bad at getting pucks through. Fowler shoots into legs pretty often. Lindholm is probably one of the better guys though. The whole team has issues. The point is that our struggles aren't just the fault of the defensemen. It seems weird to call them out specifically, especially on breakouts when the issue seems to be the forwards not giving them options. The bigger issue is the defensemen (and forwards in the defensive zone) dropping off players and not picking up their man, leaving shooters wide open.
  8. There has to be somebody to pass to.
  9. Do you think this might have something to do with the forwards as well? The idea is to keep possession of the puck, not just chip it out or ice it. If there are no passing options up the ice then the defensemen will probably pass it around in the zone. Our powerplay has been crap for years. Whoever runs the special teams needs to leave.
  10. I've always been a Murray supporter, he has kept the team competitive over the last decade despite being in a small market and less funds to work with than many other teams. But I'm starting to lean this way too. The team has no direction. It might be time for a change.
  11. SO YOUR TELLING ME IF A PLAYER IS STREAKING UP THE ICE AND HIS TEAMATE DEFENDER PASSES HIM THE PUCK BY THE TIME THE PUCK GETS CLOSE TO THE BLUE LINE BUT IS IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE STILL. BOTH THE PLAYERS SKATES ARE NOW PAST THE BLUE LINE. HE COULD THEN REACH BACK AND TAP THE PUCK FROM THE NEUTRAL ZONE UP TO HIMSELF?? yeah no. Exactly what gerbe was trying to do and he did touch the puck before lindholm which he should then have to check back up on side then he could go attack. FURTHERMORE WHEN GERBE WENT OFFSIDE WITHOUT THE PUCK WHT WASNT THE LINESMAN ARM UP TO WARN OFFSIDES? rediculous! In the situation you describe the play becomes offside as soon as he touches it in the attacking zone, because his team was the one that put the puck into the attacking zone. It's not offside when he touches the puck in the neutral zone to deflect the puck into the attacking zone. It becomes delayed offside when the puck enters the zone. It becomes offside when the attacking player touches the puck. The linesmen only put their arm up when there is a delayed offside. An attacking player being in the attacking zone without the puck is not delayed offside. It only becomes delayed offside when an attacking player enters the zone before the puck, and the puck then enters the attacking zone. This. We see goals get overruled because a skate is a millimeter off the ice but here we are going to let a player in an offside position alter a play and score a goal? Makes the league look ridiculous. Just get rid of the offside challenge IMO.
  12. It can't be offside if the puck is not inside the attacking zone. Gerbe touching the puck there does not technically make him offside. However, I find it ludicrous that their interpretation of the rule here is that it should be play on, because Gerbe clearly affected where the puck ended up deflecting when Lindholm tried to push it past Gerbe back into the defensive zone. The intention of the rule is that there is no offside when a defending player intentionally passes the puck back into his zone. But Gerbe moved the position of the puck right before Lindholm intentionally moved the puck into his own zone, and Gerbe did that from an offside position. To me that goes completely against the intention of the rule.
  13. Byfield will likely go number 2, and he will probably be very good as well. Comparisons are Lindros and Malkin. He did have a rough World Juniors tournament however. After the top 2 guys who are likely franchise players there is a step down but there is still a lot of very good talent. This is a good draft. If we are in the top 10 we will get a good player, much like how we got Zegras last year. Though as always the higher pick we get the better.
  14. This is why we are on pace to finish with less points. The team as a whole was worse last year but Gibson played like he was super human and kept the team afloat. He hasn't been at the same level this year, even though he's still good.
  15. How would anyone know the answer to this if we are not in the locker room? Manson is obviously one of the leaders in that room which is why he was given the 'A'.
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