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  1. But is it pronounced Krog or Krog
  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure he hasn't even been contracted by the Ducks for the last year or so. Not much chance of a call up in that case.
  3. He's exactly where he belongs. Dominant in the KHL but a dreadful NHL player.
  4. No I didn't see any of it. Based on the scorelines I'm kinda glad I haven't seen either of the games so far. Lol.
  5. Did you watch the game or is this going off stats? Not accusing or anything, just wondering.
  6. Just got back from the Flames/Oilers pre-season game. The Flames took 10 penalties, like 7 of them were slashing calls. The referees are going HARD on the stick fouls so far.
  7. Except this still doesn't mean the players will be amateur. They just won't be from the NHL. They will be professional players coming from all the other leagues. Pretty much every other athlete competing at the Olympics now is also a full-time professional, so I'm not sure why the ice hockey players should be amateurs when every other athelete is not.
  8. Boooo. Would have loved to see Ovi stick it to Bettman and go to the Olympics.
  9. A vid on the Ducks twitter shows him getting on the ice. It's tough to see much of it.
  10. The only thing in Steel's favor is the fact that Kesler is out for a few months and we don't have huge depth at center. Otherwise I don't want to beat a dead horse, but unless Steel has put on a ton of muscle over the summer he's going to struggle a little but against the big boys and I can't see him sticking around for long at this stage. Jones has a more NHL ready frame but we are flush with wings and I'm not sure it's worth keeping him with the team to have him play 4th line minutes.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised by a slow start to the year until we start getting guys back from injury.
  12. It's too bad that we already need this thread... No timeline for Kesler to return, Ducks are hoping he returns before Christmas. Ducks are also hoping both Vats and Hampus are back by 1 November.
  13. Haha since we are already going to 2x Ducks games I don't want to push it too much with my girlfriend. Will have to take her to some breweries instead.
  14. Giguere has a Cup and a Conn Smythe, and he is the franchise leader in games, wins and shutouts (in both regular season and playoffs). I feel like his hardware and stats are there or thereabouts. But then you add the fact that he's beloved by the fanbase and it becomes a no-brainer IMO.
  15. Perfect. I think we are going to stay at the Ayres Hotel across from the Pond so it looks like Noble isn't too far to stumble back to bed.