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  1. It does if he thinks he can play in the NHL. He's just not that good.
  2. We are still a long way out from the season. If this is a depth move and he's only playing between San Diego and Anaheim I think its fine, he basically replaces a guy like Welinski to add some depth. If Murray signed him to play with Fowler in a top 4 role we should fire Murray into the sun.
  3. LOL. But in seriousness, the first overall (Lafreniere) is going to be a bona fide super star immediately. The kid is seriously good. I'm not sure about the rest of the draft yet, but whoever wins the lottery next season is getting a franchise defining player.
  4. nieder


    Not only is Eakins fine with it, he said that he specifically requested Sutter. He wants an experienced staff. I don't think this is a bad thing.
  5. I can't imagine we start the season with our current forward group. I think Bob might be done with Ritchie, he will likely be part of the package for a defenseman. Am I the only person that thinks Shore is a nothing player? With Steel still finding his footing in the NHL that third line is going to provide next to no offense. I'm giving Comtois every chance to make the opening night roster. This team needs offense pretty desperately.
  6. Best description I have ever read about anything. Lol
  7. Way to hijack a thread about the new coach in the second post lol. I think it's going to be obvious to Eakins pretty quick what a good leader Getzlaf is.
  8. I'm torn on this. I love Perry a lot, but maybe it is time to move on from him....if only to make room for the kids as we have a logjam on the right wing. I don't think we need to financially, or to win right now as I don't think the team is a real contender. To me if we can't find a trade partner I would hang on to him for 1 more season, maybe stick him on the left wing, then look at the buyout in his final season when we might actually need some more cap space to add pieces when our kids start to take over. One thing I would consider - I believe both the NHL and NHLPA have the right to opt out of the current CBA by Sept 19th, which would force collective bargaining again at the end of this coming season. What if the new CBA comes with some compliance buyouts like the last one did? I know it's only a maybe but, waiting a year and using a compliance buyout could be an option too. Probably too many unknowns in this though especially if Bob is looking to change the team dynamic right now.
  9. Laine is an RFA so we would still need to sign him. Honestly I think he's probably looking for a big contract that he doesn't deserve. He only had 50 points last year on a good team.
  10. I would also question why $5.1M is a 'bad' contract and $6.5M is a 'good' contract. The difference between a good and bad contract is only $1.4M? I would call Fowler's contract 'average' personally as he likely would have gotten $6-6.5M on the open market.
  11. I don't know if a Perry buyout makes financial sense for the team. It would save us $6M this coming season but only $2M the next season, then we would be on the hook for $2M per season for 2 more years after that. If we aren't spending to the cap this coming season anyway then the main reason to move him is to make space for the kids. Might be easier to just tell him he's shifting to the left wing.
  12. Lol, how many players picked in the 6th and 7th rounds become Hall of Famers? Only 30% of players picked in the third round even become NHL regulars. In the rounds beyond that it gets even less likely your pick becomes an NHL player. Broberg could drop but I think it's unlikely the Ducks take another defenseman. The team needs a future centerman and there will likely be a few guys to choose from around the 9th pick that have that potential.
  13. nieder

    playoff game...

    I guess they don't win the Cup in 2011 if they don't trade Thornton as they used the salary cap space for other pieces and the return to rebuild their franchise. The Seguin trade was probably one of the worst in recent memory. They literally have nothing in their organisation right now that resulted from that trade. They traded a 20 year old potential all-star because he was immature and got spare parts in return. What a brilliant move by the always brilliant Peter Chiarelli.
  14. nieder

    playoff game...

    Well I thought the same thing. Sharks looked done and they suddenly scored. They looked the same in Game 7 vs the Knights until 'the call'. They seem like a team that struggles mentally, then all of a sudden something goes their way and they are on fire.
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