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  1. I was meant to be in Anaheim today to see the Ducks play the Stars. Instead I'm working from home, with 7 degree weather outside. Screw you, coronavirus.
  2. The 2007 Finals really occurred in the Western Conference Finals. Those two teams were the best two teams in the league (although if Buffalo weren't completely beaten up by the Conference Finals they could have made things more interesting). Pretty much the same as 2015, whoever won the Western Finals was always going to roll through Tampa. It's just too bad the Ducks let that one slip away.
  3. I don't think we will see playoffs this season. From the outside looking in, the US is about to be worse than both Italy and Spain due to lack of a coordinated approach to attacking this thing, and too many people not taking the threat seriously due to the information coming out of Washington. Good luck to everyone, stay safe, stay home if you can.
  4. Too bad the league allowed the Red Wings to force Hiller's pad across the line in game 7 to score a goal. If the Red Wings are good again in 100 years it will be too soon.
  5. Of course the first time in years that we have a top-6 pick had to be the weakest draft in forever.
  6. NHL super tournament. Boston gets a first round bye. The rest of the teams play a 5 game series. 2 vs last in the conference, 3 vs second last, etc. Then we are down to 16 teams after this series and the normal playoffs begin. Let's do this.
  7. Well, the main repercussion for me right now is that I will be cancelling my trip to Anaheim. I was due to attend the April 1 and 3 games vs Dallas and LA respectively. But it seems unlikely those games will happen now. This sucks. Obviously it sucks more for people who are vulnerable to dying from this virus, but the whole thing still sucks.
  8. Pretty disappointing to hear about the lack of effort at practices. You watch Ducks games versus games with decent teams in the league, and other teams just do the basics so much better. Tape to tape passes etc. This is stuff they should be working on. Sherwood is a hustle player similar to Cogs which I guess is why he's a fan favorite, because he puts the effort in. But he just doesn't have the hands to be anything more than a 4th liner at best or the 13th forward on any given night.
  9. Yeah, does this mean he's looking to make a big splash at free agency by bringing in a big name player? Pietrangelo anyone? I would be surprised if the assistants are not gone this off-season, especially if Murray is saying the PP is his biggest concern.
  10. Each team is allowed 3 players aged 20. The rest of the roster has to be 19 years of age or younger. Kindopp is also an 'older' 20 year old as he turns 21 right after the season ends. He could still develop into an NHL player, but you see a lot of players in the CHL blossom at age 19 and 20 when they are bigger and playing against smaller players, and these guys don't go on to be NHL players but end up playing in Europe etc. Obviously the Ducks see enough in this guy to offer him a contract and it's a pretty low risk move. Some players do just develop later. I'm guessing his durability is something they covet considering the constant injury issues the Ducks have. Kindopp has only missed 1 game in 4 seasons.
  11. Kindopp is a scoring winger (nice!) who is incredibly durable (score!) but he's also an over-ager playing against kids so it's difficult to get too excited about him. Good low risk move though, at worst he should be good for depth scoring on the Gulls. He's not undersized and some guys develop late so you never know.
  12. I think Terry is a natural pivot too...which is why I don't think we really need more centres. Henrique and Heinen can both play centre. Then we have Getz, Steel, Terry if he gets moved there, and our best forward prospect is a centre. Steel won't be on the 4th line though. If Terry goes to centre then Henrique goes back on the wing so that Steel can play in the top 9. Putting Sherwood on the 3rd line is a perfect example of why we should add a RW in free agency or via trade IMO. Sherwood is fine but he's never going to produce enough to be an NHL third liner. He's a fourth line/13th forward at best.
  13. LOL I thought the same thing. Same reason why Galchenyuk will never play for the Ducks. He's Canadian, but his name sounds slightly Russian, so he's out.
  14. Gibson has the best combined save percentage in the league over the last 4 seasons. Obviously he's having an off year. But I'm not sure why you would look at his entire body of work and say that his only season with a sub .914 save percentage and his only season with a GAA above 2.84 is a real reflection of him as a player. He's only 26 years old, it seems pretty likely that he will bounce back next season.
  15. Word out there today is that the cap next season is expected to rise by at least $2.5M to $84M. Should Murray be looking to add at free agency to address a hole in the roster? I'm talking a hard push for a RHD like Pietrangelo or Barrie (or maybe trying to get Shattenkirk again), or a scoring RW - although there aren't a ton of quality wingers in free agency this year. The best RW available is probably Toffoli.
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