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  1. nieder


    Quick question as I'm still learning about fancy stats. Do they take situational ice time into account? Rowney plays a lot of time on the PK so I would expect that the guys getting a lot of PK minutes wouldn't have great possession numbers. The 4th line also tends to do more dumping and chasing I suspect, which would also affect possession numbers, right? So it's tough to compare that with someone that doesn't play on the PK and plays on a line expected to score and hang onto the puck more.
  2. nieder


    Kase has 1 goal. He's being relied on to score goals and he's not scoring. I have no problem with healthy scratching him.
  3. Muffin shots are fine so long as you actually get them through traffic in front. Niedermayer didn't have an especially fast wrist shot, but he was really good at getting pucks through traffic. I feel like half of Fowler's shots get blocked by the man standing right in front of him.
  4. nieder


    While living with Niedermayer he was working with Carlyle who was basically teaching him that the best defensive option is to put the puck off the glass every time. I don't know that Cam has been 'repressed' but maybe we haven't utilised his skill set correctly. His strengths are really his skating with and without the puck and his breakout pass. We know he's not a physical guy, but I really don't think he has a very good hockey vision either. He's not the guy that should be quarterbacking the PP. I guess he is now because he's the best out of a number of poor options, but that's only because Murray has traded away Montour, Vats and Theodore. I honestly think if we had Theodore running our PP that we would be closer to league average.
  5. Yes. It's pointless playing Getzlaf with guys like Terry who play so much perimeter hockey (and not to mention also seem completely snakebit). At least Comtois has started playing more physical I guess. Getz started the season looking like he might be ready to retire but he's looked great the last few weeks, yet he has no real scoring threats playing with him. It's a waste.
  6. This is my concern. It's probable that some combination of our kids develop enough that we have a lot of young setup guys and middling goal scorers, but if this team is going to take a step forward in a few seasons we are going to need some true shooters. I have high hopes for Brayden Tracey though he's also not thought of primarily a goal scorer (I'm going to go and watch him play next month to get a good look at him). Sprong I would love to see just start demolishing the AHL but he's started slow (well, the entire Gulls team has to be fair).
  7. Not really. The flashes of speed and extended offensive zone shifts are nice and give some hope for the direction this team is headed. But even on those extended attacking shifts we had last night there was just no penetration on the center of the ice. Everything is on the perimeter. Teams aren't going to mind defending Anaheim for long stretches in their own zone if all the Ducks do is pass around the outside and take long shots with no traffic. We need guys willing to bring the puck into the middle of the ice and score from dirty areas in front of the net. We really need someone like Perry circa 2011. The defense is probably as good as we can expect it to be considering we are playing Holzer, Del Zotto, Gudbranson and Larsson so much every night. They are all average NHL players at best, though Gudbranson has been surprisingly serviceable considering he is playing way more minutes than he really should be. Lindholm also isn't fully practicing so he's still playing hurt.
  8. nieder


    Seriously? I thought Guhle had been pretty decent.
  9. nieder


    Sweet Jesus. Lindholm, Manson, Guhle all out tonight. So we are looking at something like: Fowler-Del Zotto Mahura-Gudrandson Larsson-Holzer Holy crap.
  10. nieder


    He's a slightly better version of Holzer IMO. Not much more than that. $4M is a lot to pay for this guy but we don't have cap issues at the moment.
  11. There's a lot of doom and gloom here about the defense but I really don't think they have been all that bad. They have looked leaps and bounds better than last season (although that wouldn't be hard). Guhle looks like a stud in the making. Manson/Lindholm have been inconsistent at times but I think they've both been a lot more responsible in the defensive zone than they were last year. Fowler is Fowler, he does some great things with the puck but for every 3 or 4 good moves he throws in a boneheaded play. Del Zotto is good for a 6th guy. I know there's a worry about the kids growing in a losing environment but I also don't think it would be smart to make a trade for a defenseman now when this team really isn't a contender - they're a borderline playoff team at best and adding another defenseman isn't going to significantly change that.
  12. I don't believe it cost us anything. We just lose the player and the time it took to negotiate the deal obviously. Who knows, maybe Sbisa was looking for any deal, was talking with the Jets and then Anaheim stepped in and he decided he would rather be in California than Manitoba (I mean, who wouldn't) and the Jets said 'nah man, that ain't happening'.
  13. I don't understand why Max is not playing. Isn't the whole idea this season to give the kids some games? It looked like he was starting to find his feet and then bam, Eakins gives him the healthy scratch for 2 games in a row.
  14. Sprong has 1 point (0 goals) in 3 games in the AHL. He's not exactly screaming out for a call up.
  15. Not while we were originally wearing it. Everybody hated it, well, at least fans of hockey outside of Ducks fans. Now that it's been gone for 15 years the nostalgia factor has kicked in and everybody loves it.
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