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  1. Personally I think too much is made of stuff like that. The guys are pros, they get over it pretty quickly unless it's something super dangerous or possibly career ending.
  2. Make Edmonton retain a quarter of the salary. In all seriousness I feel this might be a possibility. BM isn't shy about bringing back players for a second go around.
  3. On the replay it looks like nothing much. Maybe Gibson fractured one of his glass organs.
  4. Was more speaking from Ottawa's perspective as I see a lot of Ottawa fans online that are unhappy with this. Definitely going to be a solid 3C for Pittsburgh - as always their center depth is insane. Pittsburgh do lose a bit of defensive depth in Cole - I guess they aren't worried considering they managed to win the Cup even without Letang and now he's healthy.
  5. Good move for Ottawa. Building for the future - they get a first rounder and Gustavsson who was great at the most recent World Juniors - for a second line C at best.
  6. I completely forgot that we traded O'Donnell to them. I thought the Aubin trade was the only one we had made with those losers.
  7. Grabner traded to NJ.
  8. In a vacuum Kane would be a good fit on the ice, but I worry about his personality and fit in the locker room.
  9. If we can sign him then absolutely.
  10. I'd honestly sign him at league minimum. Low risk move for veteran depth.
  11. If they lose Quick they're screwed...but if he stays healthy and hot then they will look dangerous.
  12. Kings add forward depth. With Carter coming back they suddenly look a lot deeper.
  13. Sorry but a win against LA or Calgary right now absolutely means more, as you're also restricting the teams around you that are battling for the same spot. It would be better for Anaheim to say, beat Calgary and lose to Detroit, than it would be to lose to Calgary and beat Detroit.
  14. Which is a shame because by all accounts Fehr was playing well for San Diego.
  15. Some idiots online trying to defend this. If you don’t understand the connotations of what these clowns were saying then I’m sorry but you have the IQ of a pickle.