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  1. I'm all for adding a scoring forward, but let's get real. Radulov is highly unlikely to leave Montreal. Marleau in all likelihood returns to San Jose, or some team overpays for an aging star. Eaves is a better bet, but again some team is probably going to offer him an inflated contact and I wouldn't blame him for taking it. Would love to bring him back though.
  2. You mean he'll give up the puck to the opposition to avoid a hit? I seriously disagree - he sometimes makes hits to make plays but more often than not Cam's skating ability means he doesn't get a hit a lot by forecheckers. I do partially agree that he doesn't play in all situations well - he does struggle in front of the net at times, this is because he doesn't play a very physical game as well all know. This is the only thing that stops him from being a true #1 like a Doughty IMO. He's never going to be that physical player but if he can do everything else a #1 does then he should get paid like it (just below a true #1)
  3. You can only give a max of 8 years. Agree about the captaincy.
  4. I'm not sure it affects his trade value too much. He might miss a couple months of hockey but he's signed beyond this year. GMs will be thinking longer term.
  5. I was kinda hoping they would say Perry has been playing with an injury since training camp. Lol.
  6. Hall wasn't their best player. It's also quite well known in Edmonton that the guy is a jerk and a terrible locker room guy. So not really the same thing at all.
  7. I don't get why people watch basketball at all when the Finals matchup is basically guaranteed from the start of the season.
  8. I don't remember the attendance being that bad in 2015 during the Conference Finals? Maybe I'm remembering wrong? But it seems like there was a dramatic drop-off in playoff attendance this year.
  9. Who said this guy isn't a troll?
  10. Good take.
  11. Gibby had a 0.918sv and 2.59GAA, both of which are better than Andersen's playoff stats this year. His regular season stats were better too. Obviously a different defense over there, but I'm not sure you can say Andersen is categorically better, or that Gibson is a 'cancer'.
  12. This is the thing that grates me the most. I don't think Nashville is as good as any of the Western teams to make the Finals in the last 5 years. This was a golden chance to get to the Final and injuries etc. stood in the way. I said last night, if we faced this Nashville team in the Conference Finals in 2015 instead of the Hawks, the Ducks would have steamrolled them and gone to the Finals.
  13. Why would they trade Benn? It would be like Anaheim trading Getzlaf. Makes no sense.
  14. I'm looking forward to the expansion draft because it's something different. Other than that I can't look forward to training camp yet. Too raw. Probably going to enjoy getting away from hockey for the summer.
  15. I still think it's health they were missing the most. I guess by extension forward depth. If we have Rakell and Eaves I think we probably win the series, it would have made all of our forward lines more dangerous. Only losing Getzlaf would have been worse IMO. I'm pretty disappointed in Kesler's line. Even after Johansson got hurt and Kes was no longer marking him that line was invisible. In the end we were beaten by a hungrier team that got a few more bounces. I'm not sure that there's a magic fix here...