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  1. Anaheim has the 7th highest salary in the league (literally only $35 behind Chicago for the 5th highest) but is 28th in the standings. BM has constantly handcuffed himself with stupid moves and we have nothing to show for it.
  2. Teams in different situations. Montreal expect to be winning now after adding a bunch of players in the offseason. Though it seems like they pulled the trigger pretty quickly - 1 win in 6 games and the coach is gone - crazy.
  3. Originally I didn't really have a problem with waiving Henrique but that's because I was thinking emotionally, basically glad that something in this crappy team was going to change. But taking a step back it is really ridiculous to waive your leading scorer from the year prior after 16 games. I also feel like he would have worked his way out of it eventually, but now Murray has basically burned that bridge with the player and he probably wants out.
  4. I can get behind your reasoning here. He was being used in a more defensive role than he was used to and didn't put it together. I also can't disagree that there were others that also deserve to be scratched. Shattenkirk and Larsson especially have been awful for 90% of the season and Henrique has been singled out.
  5. Is Henrique still with the team? I know he is on the taxi squad but is he still practicing with them? Or is he waiting for a trade?
  6. Sorry but I just don't buy this. He's supposed to be a professional athlete, and he wasn't ready to go even with a shortened training camp? That is ridiculous. He looks worse than Getzlaf and Backes and they are both at least 4 years older than Henrique. I don't get what's happened to Henrique (and Silfverberg to a lesser extent) but to explain it away because of a short training camp is weak sauce.
  7. It seems like he can't score, but he has had some really nice passes to set up goals. Maybe he should have been a playmaking center all along, lol.
  8. Which makes complete sense, I remember Getzlaf playing some games on the wing when he first came up to the NHL too. It's not at all uncommon.
  9. I wonder what his thinking is...he probably wants to stay in Anaheim with his family and remain captain of this team, but at the same time I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to return to this dumpster fire. Especially if the same people are in charge in the off-season. I don't know if I would trade him now if he plans to return, but if his plan is to test the market in the offseason anyway then he should be moved at the trade deadline.
  10. How do we know Zegras is more effective at wing? We haven't really seen him much at center but he is a playmaker. Did he not play center for the US Development Team? He was drafted as a center.
  11. They look defeated when they get behind by 1 goal. When they pull the goalie at the end of the game they typically don't even get a shot on net, let alone any sustained pressure in the attacking zone. I don't know if that means the locker room is poisoned, and obviously part of their inability to comeback from deficits is their overall inability to score goals. But there also seems to be something mentally wrong with the team, they come out for the third period down by 1 goal and have zero energy.
  12. Nah, let him get used to the speed of the NHL without the defensive responsibilities of center. I'm surprised they aren't playing him at C in the AHL though, or at least they weren't at first, maybe that has changed?
  13. While I agree with Fire Murray! Henrique has been absolutely dreadful this season. Like, not even NHL calibre dreadful. So I understand trying to offload him. He's not part of the future of the team. I assume Murray has tried to trade him with no success, and it looks like there are only 4 other teams that even have the cap space to add him to their roster so it's unlikely he gets picked up anyway. I mean, the title of this thread is 'blow things up'. I wonder if management or ownership have finally had enough and we start to see a lot of vets get shipped out between now and next season.
  14. Yeah, that sucked. From memory I think the reports at the time were that Murray tried to sign him but he wanted to go back to St. Louis, and we offered him basically the same contract he got there.
  15. There's a lot to criticize Murray for, but based on what we knew at the time I don't think that giving that contract to Eaves was a bad move. He had clear chemistry with Getzlaf and it looked like we had finally found a RW that could play with him. Eaves had a history of missing games with various injuries but I was happy with signing him for $3M per year assuming he could play 60 games per season, he could have scored 30 goals playing with Getzlaf. I don't think anybody could predict something coming up that would completely end his career even if he was injury prone.
  16. Gibson also had a lot of issues when he first entered the league. His stats in his first games were great but technically he was all over the place. I don't have an issue with Dostal getting some games this year but it's pretty rare for a 20 year old to be a regular NHL goaltender. The plan could be to give him one AHL season and then come up as the back up next season when Miller retires. This is the one thing this franchise has always gotten right. Imagine being a team like Philadelphia that has been searching for a goalie since Hextall retired. We have really been spoiled with good goaltenders.
  17. Insane. He's been there 2 minutes and already mouthing off to the coaches.
  18. https://www.nhl.com/news/penguins-hire-brian-burke-and-ron-hextall/c-321241156 I take personal offense to this. Lol.
  19. Wow I didn't realise that Torts is in the final year of his deal. It's pretty unusual for that to happen with coaches and GMs. Maybe you're right, the plan is to let him walk. Let's go, Anaheim Tortorellas
  20. I don't know, I wouldn't ever say Selanne was good defensively but I always thought he put the effort in, it just wasn't his forte. Same with Kane. Perry would sometimes drift around getting back. Laine seems like he doesn't even try. A lot of players really don't seem to like Columbus. This was happening before Torts too, remember guys like Carter requesting a trade after being there for half a season.
  21. nieder

    A’s rotation

    I agree with you. I've never seen another team do this. I get there are a lot of 'leaders' on the team but it seems like everybody outside the second year kids have worn a letter this year. Whose team is this?
  22. This is exactly how I feel but I couldn't put it better. Rutherford had success in Carolina but left them in a poor spot, and he has done the same thing in Pittsburgh. When the team is on the downswing he keeps making dumb moves to try and keep his team competitive.
  23. If he were put on the active roster I would stop watching the Ducks until he's gone. Simple as that really. The guy is a cancer.
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