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  1. I had no idea Silf was starting the season on IR. How long is he supposed to be out?
  2. I don't know, adding an offensive black hole to a team that can't score seems like a pretty Murray thing to do.
  3. I don't get why anybody is surprised about this. The last thing the team wants is another season with no fans because this thing is running rampant. They're playing their part to try and keep cases low. If we see a variant of this thing that is even worse than the current variants, we could see more restrictions regarding capacity, which ultimately affects the team's bottom line. I don't think this is anything but a business decision. Re: children under 12, are Pfizer far away from releasing data on this age group? I can't remember but I think they said they would have this data by the end of the year? In that case they only have to miss games for a couple of months before they can get vaccinated. Doesn't seem like a big deal.
  4. Fair enough IMO, they want to be able to fill the stadiums all season long, and if there are tons of outbreaks linked back to games this could affect capacity restrictions, which affects their bottom line. Seems reasonable. I was planning a trip to Anaheim for October to see some games but with the travel restrictions currently in place between the USA and Canada I think I will have to cancel unfortunately. The pre-departure test is the sticking point. The likelihood is low, but I can't afford to be stuck in the US for 2 additional weeks at the end of my trip if I happen to test positive right before my flight back to Canada. It sucks but it is what it is. All you peeps in Anaheim should just be grateful to get to go to games, even if there are extra requirements to get in.
  5. Training camp must start in less than 2 weeks and I cannot remember ever being less excited about the start of Ducks hockey.
  6. I went away for the weekend. Did anything happen? Lol just kidding, I know nothing happened.
  7. I'm not sure how you get from 'he continues to have success at every pro level' to 'he projects as a backup'. But yeah like you say, goalie evaluation is a bit of a crapshoot as they take the longest to develop. We probably won't have a great idea on Dostal's true potential for at least another season or two. The thing I like about him from what I've seen is his poise and positioning in the crease. He seems very good at getting set before making a save. A lot of goalies still haven't mastered that even by the time they get to the NHL level.
  8. I want to know what the hell Bob told Getz to convince him to return this year. It can't have been "I'm going to make the team better" because the evidence speaks for itself.
  9. Which was especially disappointing considering I thought he was one of our best players through the first 10-12 games. Then he completely fell off a cliff.
  10. I'm with you. I'm going to get a Zegras or Drysdale jersey this season, and I might never add another one to my collection in my lifetime. I like collecting jerseys and this sucks.
  11. Right, they're not going to hold him at gunpoint in the surgical suite. But essentially, the team is forcing the player to get the surgery if he does not want to be in breach of contract. Then he risks having the contract terminated (and I am guessing liable for damages too, because losing an elite player for nothing is probably a bigger deal for Buffalo than it would be for Eichel as he still has the potential to sign with another team and get to the same earnings level). The best option for both sides is a trade. Buffalo don't lose their most valuable asset for nothing, and Eichel gets to keep his $50M over the next 5 years. I don't know that the CBA would allow a secondary contract like the one you are describing. But I agree with you, I don't think arbitration would go well for him.
  12. While the CBA doesn't say a player would be required to undergo surgery, it is pretty unambiguous that it is the team who gets final call on medical decisions. As all player contracts are tied to the CBA, if the player chooses not go through with the medical procedure determined necessary by the team, then I'm certain they could terminate his contract. However this is not a good outcome for Buffalo as Eichel could then sign with any other team. Buffalo might look for compensation in that situation for breach of contract. Really, there needs to be a mechanism in the CBA for this sort of situation. If the team doctor does not agree with the player's doctor, the third doctor's decision should be binding on both parties, like an arbitrator ruling. But from my understanding they can get a third doctor's opinion, but it is not binding on the team doctor.
  13. There are different rules for players who are 35 years old when they sign the contract. I don't think they get the rest of their contract if they retire, that's why they just go on LTIR. I mean, he could. He would be leaving a lot of potential future career earnings on the table but he could take $50M and run and that is nothing to sneeze at. The Sabres would likely have no recourse since a player can choose to retire whenever they want, right? I just don't see how the Sabres come out of this ahead, they needed to move him while there were more suiters before free agency opens. Now their options are limited and the league knows they are backed up against the wall here.
  14. I actually forgot about Seattle. They have a good looking blueline, but I think they are going to struggle to score goals with their current lineup of forwards. They could finish in a similar spot to Anaheim.
  15. In the last full NHL season 75-78 points was good for 5th or 6th worst overall record. Which is probably about right based on our roster quality versus other rosters. Like I said above, the Ducks aren't as bad as Buffalo or Arizona, but are probably about as bad as New Jersey and Columbus. So I'm thinking they would probably finish with the 3rd-5th worst record based on the current roster. A lot of things would have to go right for this team to finish any higher.
  16. This is my understanding, yes. The team has the final call on what treatment should be done. The players have agreed to this by agreeing to the terms of the CBA, so it's a bit of an ethical grey area as the players have basically signed away that right to choose. Though usually this wouldn't happen as most players and teams would work together to decide on the best treatment. Basically what the CBA does allow is for the player to get a second and third opinion from other doctors. The CBA requires that the team doctor "gives serious consideration" to these other opinions, but there is nothing in the CBA that says the team doctor gets overruled.
  17. I would have to think this is a possibility. The CBA allows teams to make the final call on medical treatment. The Sabres have made a different call than the player, that doesn't mean he can just sit out and get paid. I would think he would be suspended. However, I'm not sure if their relationship is irreparable now, but it certainly would be if they did that, which could lower the trade value even more.
  18. We need a lot of things to go right to get any better. IMO that is going to be good luck, not good management. Bob has done nothing to improve the team except replace the assistant coaches. Though being even a few percentage points better on the PP should give us a few more wins. A full year of Zegras and Drysdale should make the team better, assuming they both stay with the team, but no guarantees. Lindholm back is big for the team. Manson is meh - I'm not sure he's much better than Hakanpaa who took a lot of his minutes last season. Silf - who knows how he recovers from his injury but hopefully he's back to normal. How many rosters around the league look worse than Anaheim? Buffalo and Arizona are clearly worse. Then New Jersey and Columbus are there or thereabouts. I don't think the Ducks roster is better than any other roster. Maybe San Jose? That puts us bottom 6 at best. But I could see this team finishing 3rd worst ahead of Buffalo and Arizona.
  19. Apparently there is a handshake deal for $4M per season, I have read elsewhere a 3 year term. Can only be a gentleman's agreement at this point though, as players on 1 year deals can only sign extensions from January 1 from what I understand. I really like this move from Carolina. Basically they have to pay $6M this season to get this player's rights, then after that they only pay him $4M per year? Great stuff.
  20. I absolutely love it. This has really juiced up the offseason. Plus you get to read great, totally not salty, articles like this: https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/jack-todd-carolinas-offer-sheet-to-kotkaniemi-was-a-bush-league-move
  21. That's what I meant, too bad it didn't happen right before his NMC kicks in. Could save $10M for this season which is going to be a load of crap anyway. I think we can safely say that is the plan this season. Murray has still added nobody to the second worst team in the league. I wonder how he convinced Getzlaf to return to this dumpster fire.
  22. IMO if we trade for Eichel its to make this team better 1-2 years from now, not next season. He could miss half the season and it wouldn't really matter. This team sucks this season either way. It's too bad all this drama didn't happen 12 months from now.
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