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  1. I dunno, he was decent last year, but that contract had regret written all over it.
  2. yeaaa Beleskey. Bullet dodged....
  3. liquid13


    The big eye is ok. I prefer the Dorado.
  4. liquid13


    only one thing... Sculpins
  5. I can understand Bells leaving, even if it was for less money. I don't know about the whole stability thing though. So he wanted reassurance that he wouldn't have to uproot his life via a NTC after a year or two so he goes and uproots his life anyway by moving to Boston for only a two year guarantee that he won't have to do it again? That doen't make sense too me. Regardless I'm siding with BM here everytime. Bells is not the type of player that you want to be spending 3.8-4mil dollars on per year and NTC's are not to be handed out lightly. We have more important people to pay in the near future and Bells won't be hard to replace. ( we already did with Hags) I wish him the best in Boston and I hope his goal scoring touch wasn't a one off. He's a great guy, and we will all miss him here in Anaheim.
  6. Tor is my bet. Seems like the level of stupid they would do.
  7. Yea I mentioned this a few weeks back. I'm down for Willaims and moving Silf to the left side. The problem with Willaims could be term tho for a guy who's in his mid 30s. And he could easily get more than what Bells wants. Hopefully the. Rumors about him wanting to stay in so cal are true and he takes a relative discount.
  8. There are a few options the ducks could target like Justin Williams and Drew stafford.
  9. He's still not a top 6 forward even if he doesn't regress. He put up a whopping 32 points. He has a good shoot yes, but what other offensive tools does he have? Im fine with the notion that he won't regress and this is the new Beleskey. But the likely hood that he will outweighs the likely hood that he won't imo. Either way I don't see the point of this. Nobody has a crystal ball. Maybe he'll regress and maybe he won't. It doesn't matter because either way he's not worth that sort of money to the Ducks. You seem to agree with at least that much.
  10. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out your angle here. I thought you agreed Bells wasn't worth signing to even the contract BM reportedly offered, let alone something more. Yet you're arguing for in favor of him being a 4+ mil dollar value player?
  11. Kunitz had a way better skill set than Bells does now. He's twice the skater and a much much better passer.
  12. Is take cogs over all those guys too, but then again those are all really bad contracts.
  13. Me too. Especially since he was still talking to Frankie as well. The purse strings may have loosened in Anaheim.
  14. Who knows. I don't think so, but maybe. Cogs is a more complete player for sure. But you know what, it's a good thing that didn't happen because he regressed this year. Cogs is still worth every cent of his 3 mil/year imo, but if he was making 4mil+ people would be looking at that contract cross-eyed. I can agree with you that maybe Bm shouldv'e pushed this harder back in December, but I can't blame him for being skeptical of the numbers Bells was putting up at the time and whether he could sustain that production.
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