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  1. I'd be surprised if we did anything more. I'd guess Bm looks to add a 3rd line center at the TDL. We have a ton of wingers already. This is a real good team. One of the best D cores in the game 1-5, and solid depth upfront. I think we see Ritchie take another step next season and hopefully Perry rebounds. Really the only true hole right now that I see is 3rd line center. Vermette can be servicable in that role in the reg season most likely, but he's not going to get it done in that spot come playoff time. They need to find a guy who can.
  2. I actually loved his game recently against anaheim (well hated it from a Ducks perspective). I just wish he played with that kind of fire while he was in a Ducks jersey.
  3. Well sure, but all to often we saw Maroon just floating around the ice that last half season here in Anaheim. If he played half as hard for the Ducks as he is for Edmonton right now we likely still have the big man on our side. He's had a great year helped out by maybe the best player in the game, It's just annyoing that it took a trade to wake his lazy butt up.
  4. Anyone else kinda annoyed that Maroon didn't work this hard with the Ducks? He'd still be in a Ducks sweater right now.
  5. True that. I was hoping for Green all along. Randy is a sieve. I'd honestly be ok with Bob going at this point too. I just wish a better coach was available after the inevitable firing of BB.
  6. The big theme of the offseason was "holding players accountable". The GM came right out and lambasted our core players after firing BB. Who was he talking about? Who was Kesler talking about when he said we needed a coach that would" hold everyone accountable, not just some guys" seems like the vibe was pretty clear around the locker room. Everyone knows the start players didn't get it done, including the star players themselves.
  7. This is the problem with advanced stats . People claim that the outcome of a game is mostly luck and "clutch isn't a thing" but then say that corsi has some relavance to possession or mention how a certain player performed in a given game without context like the fact the team was losing huge early on. They complain that stat x in a small sample size doesn't support their argument so " law of averages blah blah", and then offer up a even more unreliable stat in the same sample set as a counter argument. Qoc is a piddle poor statistic. I don't have a problem with analytics. I use them every day. "Advanced" stats and analytics in hockey are just not up to par. Look at the margin of difference between the players with the highest Qoc in the league and the lowest. The difference is negligible. On avg the guy facing the toughest competition in the league will be facing opponents who are about 4 shots/ 60 min better than the guy facing the easiest competition in the league. So when you say " look I'm usung analytics, I must be right. the Qoc between Kesler and Getzlaf is " almost the same" , I just sigh and shake my head. Of course they are almost the same. The Qoc between Boll and kesler is almost the same. But hey it's a stat right? Then we talk about getzlafs killer possession numbers. I have to wonder what you are talking about here. Corsi does not equal possession. Or really even imply anything that useful about an individuals performance. I can be a +10 on the night in shot differential even tho my play directly lead to 2 shots and my mistakes lead to 10 against. Watch the games. The law of averages doesn't apply to a playoff series. You either step up or you don't. It's funny that we are comfortable saying that luck largely drives who wins a playoff series, but then try to argue that the team just wasn't good enough. talk about a double standard. Its kinda funny that you bring up the Canucks . I guess I forgot that they got beat as bad as they did in the end , but you wonder how the sedin twins got their nicknames. Then you go back and look at the playoff failures of their teams in the past and all of a sudden it's not a secret anymore why Canada has said they would never win a championship with those two driving the team. Parallels indeed.
  8. Getzlaf and perry are the two leaders of the team. The two guys who control the dressing room. They were flat, and played passive for 3 out of the four of those game 7's. Perry specifically had chances to bring the team back, like the penalty shot against the kings when we had the momentum and trailed by just two. He wiffed. Momentum changes back to LA's side. On the other hand, 30 seconds into a game Toews loses is guy(getzlaf ) infront of the net and score do te opening goal of game 7. And then scores 2 more. It's not about " oh he didn't score, he just chocked". It's about identifying the important moments in a hockey game, and watching your big guns constantly fail.
  9. He also got a lot of flack for it by canucks fans. And he also didn't have the luxury of having another guy take the other teams top line in those games. I'd be interested in seeing how effective he was at neutralizing his opponents in those games, since you know, that's his biggest job( which is why it's a poor comparison). Getzlaf's job is to score. But again, I think most would agree that most of the mud is being slung Perry's direction. Mostly because he's been invisible the last several years against any opponent Anaheim isn't a big clear favorite over. Also, Vancouver managed to win a game 7 on that run. And didn't completely crap the bed in their game 7 they lost.
  10. It's waaaay easier to just assume that everything is random chance, and blame the GM for 4 straight choke jobs. Huh, stupid generalizations are fun.
  11. Or he brought attention to a ridiculous comparison. Carry on.
  12. Maybe. I'm not sure I buy it. When you look around the sports world certain players tend to step up in big situations and come out on top consistiently ( even in small sample sizes) while others seem to bite the dust and get beat. Whether it be Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Madison Buamgardener, or Johnny Toews. Some players just win in big situations. Just like there are players on the other side of the coin.
  13. He has looked better since the break. Hopefully he can start potting a few. The team definitely needs the offensive boost
  14. Is that what this is about? They are great players so your feelings are hurt?
  15. Oh boy. You got me. Clap. Clap. Clap... clap
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