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  1. I agree, he has been really good!
  2. Wonder where they will put Fleisch? Edit: He will likely be back in the lineup on Wednesday, and he has been laying with Silfver and Kesler. Should be interesting.
  3. I agree that he is having a career year, but it remains to be seen how he returns from his injury. Side note: He seems to be a bit injury prone.
  4. Maybe it is the duration? Wiz has 2 years left and Fleisch is a UFA.
  5. Glad "the Duck" is doing well. Looking forward to him coming back.
  6. Some more information about Beleskey. Hope it is the former (close to an extension) not the latter. Per Elliote Friedman on Sportsnet 960 via mynhltraderumors, "I think the interesting one was Beleskey. They really - Bob Murray wouldn't talk about it very much, but it sounds like they really came close to A. signing him and B. not signing him and trading him on the deadline. But I think ultimately they just decided to go for it this year. It'll be interesting to see what his situation is at the end of the season."
  7. Completely on board with this!!
  8. This is one of those instances that BM should refrain from making the trade!
  9. Thank you for the additional information, dts!
  10. Thanks for the information, AD. Up until your reply, I thought NTC and NMC were one in the same, and like you said, they are usually limited. I believe that Bourque's contract is a limited NTC? Which means, that they could waive him, but I think that it is highly unlikely.
  11. Did I use the wrong acronym?
  12. Can someone be waived that has a NTC?
  13. I just do not think that it is a posibility! The game is played differently than it was yester-year.
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