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  1. What about Colin Miller from Vegas? They have cap issues and still need to resign Karlsson. Signed for a reasonable cap hit of ~$4 million for the next 3 years. Is also a right hand D. Based on last seasons stats, Miller has a higher Corsi for percentage (57%) than Ceci (44%). For reference, Guhle had 52%, the highest on the ducks. Conversely, Ceci started more shifts in the defensive zone (55%) than Miller (39%). Both have a similar number of hits (~100+) and take-aways (16ish). Ceci blocks more shots (115 to 60 for Miller) but gives the puck away more (55 to Miller's 35). Ceci averaged a few more minutes (20 to 17 for Miller). Vegas and Ottawa are two very different teams on opposite trajectories so it is hard what to make of these stats.
  2. The draft lottery is scheduled for 5pm pacific on NBCSN and streaming on NBC Sports Live (you have to sign in with your tv provider information).
  3. Or Jacob Larsson? Or is it the 2013 Draft where we can consider it a wash since Shea Theodore is not with the organization.
  4. The college free agent market seems to have an interesting crop of right defense based on this article. Link. Rob Michel might fit the goal of more size and might compliment Fowler as a RHD that has both physicality and offensive potential. And since it never hurts to have big centers, especially defensively strong centers, Nico Sturm would be an interesting prospect. Although he is only a Junior and may not leave college. While it is hit or miss with college free agents (also considering I only know about them from the article), it will be interesting to see if the Ducks can get an impact player from the college ranks.
  5. You just know that if the Ducks finish with the worst overall record, we will lose the draft lottery and end up picking 4th overall...that is just the way the season has gone.
  6. It couldn't possibly be that the Ducks have 4 (sometimes 5) rookies playing, in which there will be growing pains. No that is too easy. It must be the coach.
  7. According to Capfriendly, Lundestrom has a European Assignment clause. When Lundestrom made his NHL debut, Hayward made a comment that Lundestrom either stays in the NHL or goes back to the SEL. So I do not believe that the AHL is an option for Lundestrom.
  8. Via The Hockey Writer's : "Players placed on waivers are on waivers for 24 hours, if no team claims them then they can be assigned to the minors. However, a team doesn’t have to place a player in the minors. [In 2010], the Philadelphia Flyers placed Nikolay Zherdev on waivers, no team made a claim. The Flyers then had 30 days to assign Zherdev to the Adirondak Phantoms. The Flyers chose not to do this, and after the 30 days expired Zherdev had to stay on the team." The Ducks have 30 days to assign Street to the minors without requiring Street to pass through waivers again. He can still remain on the team. After 30 days from the time the Ducks waived Street, Street would have to go on waivers again. I cannot recall the player's name but the Ducks did this once before. Edit: Typos
  9. Unfortunately, hockey is also a business. As the club, why would you walk into arbitration with a high value offer and conversely as a player why walk in with a low value? The club will undervalue and the player will overvalue knowing full well that the arbitrator will likely meet them in the middle. Something will get worked out and if not then one of the young D will have to step up.
  10. I do not think that we will ever know what really happened. The way I understand it, Murray wanted to bring him back for less than the $10 million Kariya had been making and would require as a RFA. So Murray let Kariya become a UFA but was still trying to sign him for less. Then Kariya signs for $8.8 million less with another team (Colorado). I guarantee Murray would have paid him more than that to stay. That is why most people took offense, he could have stayed, the saved money could have helped surround him with more talent but he chose to leave. But he also did not win a cup and Anaheim eventually did.....so I think it evens out. Kariya is an important part of Ducks history, the good and bad.
  11. Kayria is now a hall of famer. He was the Ducks first ever draft pick. He is 4th in points, 3rd in assists & goals all time for the Ducks. Should the Duck retire #9? At the very least Kayria would have to attend the ceremony, then maybe the Samueli's can convince him to stick around a bit longer.
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