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  1. So much this. It's all clown shoes. You would... the same FAKE FAN that picked Chicago over Anaheim in '15. (that never gets old) Ok, I'm done here, back to your grass related sports.
  2. 0.47 ppg this season vs. 0.49 ppg last season. He's averaging slightly fewer shots per game (2.0 spg vs. 2.23 last season), but the big difference is his 15.2 shooting percentage has come back closer to earth this season with him shooting at 9.5%. That said, he'll finish this season at around 40 pts with fewer goals, which still isn't the huge drop off that most were predicting. Add in his physical game and knack for clutch goals and I think he's earning his paycheck.
  3. Don't love the hit, Stepan puts himself in a vulnerable position, but Bels should've let up a bit on that one. Got rocked by McIlrath as well. Awesome hit 4-5 years ago, now it's one that gets frowned on a little. That said, I miss me some Beleskey, he can change a game with big hits like that.
  4. That clip never gets old, I laugh every single time.
  5. I see them easing into what Philly has become over the last several years. Philly has done a great job of building a great talent pool in their farm system that should eventually help take the muddling big club back into the contention. Not unlike what Murray did here to some extent (re-tooling via the draft). Boston went hard in that direction this summer with their moves to bring in all those prospects and picks, and while they will still be competitive until Chara (and to a lesser extent Seidenberg) can no longer hold a stick, signing a guy like Beleskey makes me wonder if they are holding on a little too hard and might be messing up what could be a relatively short re-tool.
  6. What will they do about that defense now? Not feeling inspired by that blueline without Hamilton.
  7. Nice post myt, pretty much covers everything and spot on. But to answer the question of hiis value, I do think even at $3.8MM per, he's a little overpaid, but really only by $500k or so. If Murray doesn't do anything to upgrade the top six wing aside from adding Hagelin (another 2nd/3rd line tweener), I'd gladly have taken Beleskey at a slight overpayment for 5 years, with only 2 years of NTC, rather than have nothing. That 2nd line of Bels-Kes-Silf was legit as hell, and for all the clamoring for the need of a big moment player, we already had one with Bels. I also like that he has been a fit on both top six lines, which is something we haven't been able to get from other guys. But if Murray can find a better guy without selling the farm, and his cost is more relative to what you know he can provide each season, then I'm over Beleskey pretty easily, even though he's been a favorite of mine. He'll be under lots of pressure to provide top six offense in Boston, they won't be so casual about letting him slide up and down the roster without feeling let down by him. He's probably lucky he didn't cash in for 5x5 or something, a contract like that with those expectations can be a career killer.
  8. Damn that stings. Such a doable contract too. I fault Murray more than Matty. Being objective though, I imagine that the way it played out was less cut and dry. We have to remember the way the free agent market plays out is unpredictable. Murray may have set a strict line with Bels becasue he had his sights on another target. Perhaps that target didn't pan out (Kessel was supposedly courted by a 2nd team in the west, for example). So he couldn't go all-in on Bels when he had bigger plans. And Beleskey may not have taken Murray's deal because his agent was telling him he'd cash in big time, or at least get more locale preference and long term security by playing the UFA market. They went all day trying to work out a better offer, and at the end of the day settled for the Bruins. That may not have been the expectation (starting point) when they walked away from the Ducks. It sort of came full circle in terms of his value, but it had to play out in free agency first.
  9. I dunno, it may have been about term and NTC for Matty more than the money. I don't hold it against him, and he'll look pretty good in a B's sweater.
  10. Lupes is a natural RW, no?
  11. Yeah, Toronto seems like the logical call for Bels. I could see the Yotes as well, throw big money at him to eat up cap space and bring in some western conf toughness to compete in the pacific and insulate their up and coming baby forwards. Plus Bels won't be making a major move geographically and can even play in Vegas in a couple years!
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