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  1. Haha, I've probably only seen a handful of games/highlights, so I'm talking mainly from my rear anyhow. I didn't see him as a perimeter player when I actually watched him play, it just stood out to me in Niemi's vid.
  2. Yeah, the highlight vid showcases him in the offensive zone, but watching him in the Mem Cup and a little outside of that he really does play well all over the ice.
  3. Nice work, NWR. If I had to give a poor man's scouting report based on this highlight reel, I'd say: Pros: Good skater. Good vision with his passing. Dangerous shooter as well from all ranges. Well-rounded player. The combo of passing/shooting talent is something we lack on the roster and in the system, he'll be a welcomed addition. Cons: Size/strength, needs to fill out a bit to be a capable NHL center. Based on this vid, he makes 90% of his plays from outside the middle of the ice, relying on cross-ice passes and bad angle shots for offense. That may not translate as well in the pros, he'll need to bulk up a bit and challenge the middle of the ice more to be effective IMO.
  4. Snoozer of a game, the Pats lost in OT. But Steel was hyped up pretty good and you can just see the way he carries himself that he's going to be a well-rounded skill player. Mahura (Ducks 3rd rounder in the most recent draft) is also on the Pats along with Steel. He looks pretty solid defensively, skates well, active offensively, good shot. Could be another solid D pick... shocker.
  5. Yes! Congrats to Terry and DU! They said he was on a short list of player to win the World Juniors and Nationals along with Kariya. Love this pick... a 5th rounder! Hopefully he bulks up a little more next year and makes a smooth transition to the pros after that.
  6. Great game, to quote Melrose, Terry has been "electric". Total big game player.
  7. Pairs perfectly with the home-cooked officiating served on a platter.
  8. Terry can't be stopped in the shootout. Between Terry, Silfvy, and maybe Kase, we should be dominating the league in shootouts in the near future LOL. Now if one of the other kids could be aces in 3v3 OT, that'd be just swell. Congrats to Terry and Team USA, great game!
  9. Vatanen, Beleskey, Manson... yeah, I'm reaching. None exactly exploded unless you count the high glass on a couple Beleskey shots. Wasn't TyJo undrafted? My early guess, Terry looks to me like a guy that will be a solid middle six guy offensively, but needs to round out his defensive play to really be a lock. He looks a little casual at times, that first Team Russia goal didn't look too good on him.
  10. Not sure if there's a better thread for this, but Troy Terry (Ducks prospect) is having a very solid tourney for the US team. He just put away three beauties against Russia in the shootout. He scored one do or die to keep the shootout alive, then went b2b to put it away. It was Sochi-Oshie-esque. Good looking young prospect (channeling my inner Ahlers), he impressed at rookie camp and looks solid as hell.
  11. Lol... settle down. We still have Bieksa, Boll, and Stoner.
  12. I'm still a fan of Bobby, hope he bounces back, maybe this is just one of those seasons where the off-ice stuff like having a kid and losing his mom is putting hockey in the back seat a little. That said, this trade looked good for us from day 1, and that hasn't changed. I'd take Silfverberg over Ryan right now even up, and then you consider Ritchie and Noesen and the money saved (which could more or less be seen as money reallocated for Kesler) and it's a no-brainer.
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