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  1. Doesn't Bieksa's injury prevent him from being bought out now? I'm not 100% sure on that, can anyone say for sure? As I mentioned in another thread, Murray's exit interview sure painted things with shades of gray (no, not 50 shades ). His comment when asked about the 7-3-1 or 8-1 options was something like: "It may not come to that". And Murray going on about GMGM being so intelligent and nice and swell seemed like he was buttering him up for some agreement that might allow us to avoid giving up one of our valuable d-men at the Exp. Draft. Trading Vats for a comparable forward seemed like the easy call up until now, but with the injuries and Murray's vague comments I don't feel so sure about that anymore. I think he'll do something nobody was expecting, and I'll bet it's far more low-key than the majority of people were looking for. Something tells me that against all odds, Murray will find a way to make this another miserably uneventful summer, with the team starting the '17-'18 season without the sexy new forward we all want. He also said that "more kids are on the way" when talking about the youth stepping up next season, so I'm inclined to think he has an eye on Steel.
  2. Media: "7-3 or 8-1, Bobbo?" Murray: "It may not come to that." The way Murray was talking in his exit interview, I'm leaning towards thinking Bob might have something going with GMGM (Vegas) that might allow us to keep all of our defensemen beyond the ED, especially in light of the injury situation.
  3. Old news, but never fails to remind me why I'm a Bobby fan. I feel for him losing his mom so suddenly recently as well. Would love to see him lift the Cup this season.
  4. I have so much respect for these guys, unreal what so many of them were trying to play through out there. This was the most banged up group I've seen in recent memory by the time we got to games 5 and 6 of the Preds series. Most of them looked worse for wear. Makes the game 6 loss even more heart-breaking, to think they put together an inspiring performance like that... man. Anyhow, I almost started a thread to discuss this, but changed my mind. I'll just throw this in here: Do the Ducks need to consider changing their physical brand of hockey? I realize that with Getz, Perry, Kesler, Ritchie, Manson, etc., Randy coaching, and old-school Murray at the helm, it's not a likely change to happen until the next regime and core takes over. But I was thinking that we have been decimated by injuries every year in the playoffs, and it tends to just get chalked up to bad luck, then next season it's the same thing again. Yes, all teams deal with it. Yes, playoff hockey is more intense and therefore injuries are inevitable. But is our uber-physical brand of hockey doing us more harm than good? We don't have the same speed and youth (up front) as some of our opponents, so hitting and physicality can be an effective way to slow the game down to more of a grind, and forces the skilled speedier opponents to play along the walls and defend the front of their net, which exposes them and evens out the ice. But I'm not sure that it's such a winning formula anymore, the game is just changing too much and it seems like we take ourselves out of position chasing hits when in today's game there just isn't the same time to recover. It baits the referees and opens the opportunity for them to over-penalize our team with their "game management" horse crap that is today's standard. I also think the idea that we can wear teams down is closer to myth than reality, as I see it putting more wear and tear on our own team than the enemy (flashbacks to the Hawks series here). So again, do the Ducks do more harm to themselves by playing the overtly physical "wear them down" brand of hockey? Would they fare better with injuries (as well as: fatigue, officiating, maintaining structure, etc.) by a shift in philosophy? Personally, this is the only brand of hockey I enjoy. But as the big dogs get older, they may not have much left in the tank for this heavy style, and outside of Manson and Ritchie, not many of our next gen players are really built for it.
  5. That's a pretty cryptic message, on par with all of Murray's other comments on Despres this year. Could be read both ways I guess. I thought it was mentioned at one point that SD was flirting with skating again, but I can't remember where I saw that. Murray could mean that Despres will be back skating soon, or that he'll be moved to Vegas or somewhere in a weird deal, or that Despres will announce retirement (maybe take an off-ice position with the team like a scout-- similar to Cunningham in AZ). ??? Who knows.
  6. Yeah, that's good stuff from Murray.
  7. Son of a ! That's a huge monkey wrench in everything now. I have no idea how this could impact Sami's trade potential and the ED. On another note, tons of respect for Vats and Hampus. Can't believe they played through those injuries at the level that they did. Beasts. That explains why Carlyle held their minutes down more than seemed logical, eh? Almost points to the fact that we can't trade Cam now, or risk having an AHL defense start the year and digging a hole they can't climb back out of.
  8. All true. His warrior status is never in question. Back on topic, this is great news about Cam and I'm pretty optimistic that he'll sign a team-friendly contract. Top 4: Lindholm, Fowler, Manson, Montour Bottom pair options: Theodore, Stoner/Bieksa, Despres (?), Holzer (?) Potential youngsters on the cusp: Megna, Welinski, Larsson Looks good to me.
  9. Well, in fairness, he was so invisible in these playoffs it could be easy to forget he's still on the team. Zing. edit- Ok, #7 had a big goal in game 7, but outside of that I'm pretty disappointed with our iron man this Spring.
  10. Dude... did you just... I can't even look at you right now.
  11. 47, 45, 42... what's up with these kids and their goofy sweater numbers? 6x6 for Cam sounds about right to me. Friedman said that a few GM's told him they see Cam getting something like 7-8mil max term if he hits the market. That's lunacy.
  12. Bernier was a good to very good backup this season, nails for us down the stretch, but it's tough to see past his performance in these playoffs for me. That's not to say that he was to fault on every goal or was put in a favorable situation, but he's just one of those guys that you never know what you're going to get. His mental game is a question mark. I think they need to be looking for the next great goalie prospect to add to the system already anyhow, regardless of Gibson's future, but I don't think they need to waste an asset like one of our highly sought after d-men to get one. We have time to find and develop one over the next 2-3 seasons. Good to great goalie prospects can always be found outside of the first round in the draft.
  13. Yeah, I definitely think his injury risk is increased by the sprawling athletic style that he plays. Cost may be prohibitive, but I'd love to see Miller (Vancouver) brought over this summer. He'd be a good mentor to Gibson and could give us more insurance if Gibson falters or goes down again in a playoff run.
  14. I recognize his age, talent, and potential, but right now color me not a Gibson fan (I still root for him as a Ducks fan of course). If he cleans up his game I'll change my tune. Let's see what calibre of backup Murray signs this summer, that'll tell me how high he really is on Gibby.
  15. Does the good outweigh the bad? He was the worst goalie in the playoffs. Exactly. His best attributes are making the first save and a good glove hand. Other than that, he's losing track of the puck, creating a ton of bad rebounds, and always flopping to the ice with zero ability to recover with his molasses movements. The puck is always loose in the crease and there is 2/3 of the net wide open during those constant scrambles. The D needs to be amazing in front of him at fishing out loose pucks and blocking the 2nd-3rd-4th attempts for us to have success defensively. It's working against the D. Add in the abysmal puck handling, and unless he cleans up his game and figures out how to absorb more pucks, I can't wait to move on from this guy. Fair point on the salary wash out. But from a management perspective, there's still more bang for your buck with Gibson, so I get the decision.