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  1. Haha, I've probably only seen a handful of games/highlights, so I'm talking mainly from my rear anyhow. I didn't see him as a perimeter player when I actually watched him play, it just stood out to me in Niemi's vid.
  2. Yeah, the highlight vid showcases him in the offensive zone, but watching him in the Mem Cup and a little outside of that he really does play well all over the ice.
  3. Nice work, NWR. If I had to give a poor man's scouting report based on this highlight reel, I'd say: Pros: Good skater. Good vision with his passing. Dangerous shooter as well from all ranges. Well-rounded player. The combo of passing/shooting talent is something we lack on the roster and in the system, he'll be a welcomed addition. Cons: Size/strength, needs to fill out a bit to be a capable NHL center. Based on this vid, he makes 90% of his plays from outside the middle of the ice, relying on cross-ice passes and bad angle shots for offense. That may not translate as well in the pros, he'll need to bulk up a bit and challenge the middle of the ice more to be effective IMO.
  4. Snoozer of a game, the Pats lost in OT. But Steel was hyped up pretty good and you can just see the way he carries himself that he's going to be a well-rounded skill player. Mahura (Ducks 3rd rounder in the most recent draft) is also on the Pats along with Steel. He looks pretty solid defensively, skates well, active offensively, good shot. Could be another solid D pick... shocker.
  5. So much this. It's all clown shoes. You would... the same FAKE FAN that picked Chicago over Anaheim in '15. (that never gets old) Ok, I'm done here, back to your grass related sports.
  6. That's fine, I'm sure Murray and Carlyle will be there soon enough to break his fall.
  7. Nice to see, hopefully he makes the most of another opportunity. Commit to the grinder game, Etem!
  8. 0.47 ppg this season vs. 0.49 ppg last season. He's averaging slightly fewer shots per game (2.0 spg vs. 2.23 last season), but the big difference is his 15.2 shooting percentage has come back closer to earth this season with him shooting at 9.5%. That said, he'll finish this season at around 40 pts with fewer goals, which still isn't the huge drop off that most were predicting. Add in his physical game and knack for clutch goals and I think he's earning his paycheck.
  9. Shame he can't seem to find his NHL footing, I'm rooting for him though. I was thinking the same, he might have a better chance cracking a team that isn't quite as deep.
  10. Don't love the hit, Stepan puts himself in a vulnerable position, but Bels should've let up a bit on that one. Got rocked by McIlrath as well. Awesome hit 4-5 years ago, now it's one that gets frowned on a little. That said, I miss me some Beleskey, he can change a game with big hits like that.
  11. You have to like his attitude, shame the guy has such nice tools but can't seem to put it together at this level. Speaking of his tools though: " It's not as if he has come to a team that absolutely needs what he can bring -- size, speed, shot -- right now" Shot?
  12. Man, seems like more of the same from him. Bummer. Still rooting for the kid, and I don't want to jump the gun, but this trade is looking pretty lopsided about now. Basically, Hagelin + Nättinen <-----> Etem + Gropp. Natty + Gropp are probably a wash, and the Rags also benefited from the extra cap space by not having to pay Hags, but I'm sure they expected to get see way more upside/usefulness from Etem.
  13. Not sure about the summer coach thing, I didn't catch that one. I would expect him to come back here during the summers, so maybe he'll train with the same peeps. Etem did say in his first real NYR interview that he looks forward to being in a city away from his home stomping grounds where he can focus purely on hockey. That alone could help him get over the hump, and maybe he decides to train with someone else to shake things up as well. Who knows. I always get mixed feelings about these trades, you don't want to see the team throw in the towel on young talent just to watch them break out for the next team. But I still root for the individuals, and it's nice to see them succeed as it helps to show that the team does a solid job of scouting and drafting, even if the player wasn't a perfect fit for the big club. Development comes into question though... We're in win-now mode anyhow, you have to swap guys who aren't what you need them to be when the window is open for the guys who are right now, even if the better player gets away from you in the long run. That's the price to be paid for winning.
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