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  1. Really angry? No, lol, I'm watching Parks & Rec reruns while reading and posting. I'm not lashing out at anyone else that I'm aware of, only you for taking one of your patented condescending jabs at me, so I chose not to mince words this time. But it's fine, have at me, or we can hug it out... whatever works.
  2. A Cup trumps all, of course. Let's see what happens tomorrow through the start of July, while I may be unhappy with the ED trade in a vacuum, I've been saying that there may be more to come that might sweeten things a little for us. I still see Theodore as a similar player to J. Schultz, maybe better if he fills out more (only 21) and can handle body contact better.
  3. I realize these things. A lot depends now on whether Murray wants to move Vats at all. I'm hoping he has another means to add some offense, keeping the D together (including Vats) while adding offense somehow (not Eaves) would really set things straight.
  4. I don't visit that site, I'll take your word for it. Oh no, I'm all alone in my opinion, should I panic and join the hive mind or be called a troll at some point? (Where's the *eyeroll* smiley when you need it?) No, they didn't have to be exposed, I didn't spell it out, but obviously the idea is one of them (Vats) would have been traded at some point before then. All you're doing is laying out exactly what I just posted, that while it may have been a challenge, it wasn't some impossible or outlandish situation to get a handle on. As far as a lack of pre-ED trade partners: I'll react like me, you react like you, how does that sound? Spare me the Murray resume rhetoric, I'm well aware that he's done plenty of good things for this team, but we're talking about a specific situation here. To be honest, this topic has been well-beaten to death already, I really don't see the point in rehashing all the same points and counterpoints with you just because you were on Anaheim Calling rather than keeping up with the discussion here. Go read my other posts on this topic and let's call it a day, eh?
  5. That's the key point that everyone keeps throwing around. Neither of those guys had to be exposed, end of story. Was it tricky to work out the moving parts and have the foresight to make it happen? Sure. Diificult? Maybe. Impossible? Heck no, yet everyone builds it into these canned responses as if Murray had his hands completely tied all along. Who signed Stoner, Bieksa, Despres, etc.? Why are we applauding the man for having to now take it in the shorts to buy his way out of his own mess? I'm not calling for his head here, I realize the ED was a less than ideal situation to try and circumvent unscathed. I'm just expressing a little frustration. Uh oh, the feelings police has arrived. Sounds like you need to start your own blog, where you don't have to be wounded by different reactions/opinions.
  6. Man, I really wanted you to be wrong on this one. Nice read on the situation though, good call. There's a good chance this might mean Vats is sticking around for now, maybe even for the long haul, you must be doubly happy.
  7. Heh. Yeah, if I need a little schadenfreude to take the edge off, look no further than Nashville. Trade Neal for Hornqvist, watch Horqvist score the Cup winner against you, then lose Neal for nothing to Vegas afterwards.
  8. Yeah, I've heard the company line already, it never should have come to this, but here we are, and everyone will pat Murray on the back like usual. Moving on... to IKEA.
  9. Not happy about this, Theo was too much to give up. Eff everything. Hoping other dominos fall.
  10. Playoffs Flopsky.
  11. RIP nieder's coffee table. I'll grab you one at IKEA later when I'm working out some Theodore rage.
  12. For some reason, I didn't notice whenever they showed them, err, him.
  13. Dionne made Pierre seem less creepy somehow. Weird stuff there.
  14. Not sure that's an award you want, little Johnny.
  15. Pierre makes me uncomfortable in my own living room. Can't imagine how the players must feel when he corners them in a hallway interview and starts getting chummy.