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  1. Fair enough, adding the pick might close the gap more than I think. I retract my original --> and replace it with --> (neutral).
  2. Lebrun did a nice job of pumping Montour's value for us when he said Monty might be more valuable than Shattenkirk, and when put on the spot as to what Toronto could offer, he said "JVR++". Wow. Then Gordon (?) put words in his mouth and chimed in with "Nylander would do it!", and of course he would, so Lebrun just sort of went with it. Dregger was on some show with O'Sullivan saying that the asking price for Montour and Theodore would be sky high, and that it would take a talented young player coming back the other way. He used Nylander as an example of how high the asking price would be, and at the very end slid in the comment that he doubts the Leafs would pay that. I don't see either as a claim of what Montour's value relative to Nylander's is, only that the Ducks would ask for something in the realm of overpayment. I don't buy that we'd be able to pull Nylander for either of those two. This is just some Canadian media stirring the pot, and now the trade forums are dead set on: Montour=Nylander. Am I overrating Nylander?
  3. I think there's a good chance. They're currently sitting 8 pts behind LA for the final wildcard spot with no games in hand, with three other teams ahead of them. Though, those three teams are Cgy, Van, and Wpg. So if Dallas catches a nice streak they might get close enough to decide to keep pushing at the deadline. Missing the playoffs would look pretty bad for Nill, so selling at the deadline would be a tough pill to swallow. The rest of this month isn't a walk in the park for them... here's to hoping they choke!
  4. Pending RFA, left winger... doesn't seem like a perfect target even if he'd be a fit on the ice. I'm not sure we need to target a 4th liner tbh, we're loaded with guys that can plug in for the 5 minutes a night Carlyle uses them. We also have Garbutt working down in the A, he 's been picking it up a little, maybe he comes back up before the playoffs if we really need someone? I'd like to see Murray go after guys like Patrick Eaves or Radim Vrbata... maybe Vanek. Wingers similar to McGinn that could be had at a 2nd or 3rd rd pick and play in place of Kase, and who aren't top name guys but sure to bring some offensive game. That bumps Kase down and instantly upgrades our 4th line as well, if we want to use him in that sort of role. Btw, that's under the assumption that he doesn't make some big landmark trade.
  5. I think they've turned a corner with drafting forwards, the early returns on the last few draft years looks fantastic. We're still drafting gems on the back end, and in recent years they drafted both Andersen and Gibson. That's an amateur scouting team firing on all cylinders.
  6. I'm really liking the Vats-Palat idea that was floated. Seems like a good fit for both teams. There's also the chance of adding more pieces to the deal to make the cap work, and bringing back one of their expendable dmen as well to cover the void left by Vats (if a mid-season trade). I agree though, Murray won't do anything swashbuckling, he's been playing the long game since the beginning, at that won't change. He'll pick up some low key 3rd liner who can chip in a few goals and call it a day.
  7. Damn, you pulled out the video evidence! That's not far off, one of Silfvy's more dazzling moments, but still not quite as much hand work as you put it. I'll stand corrected on JS though, forgot about that one. I usually just picture a quick move or two to squeeze by the defender and then his nasty wrister. Either way, it's nice to see another player coming up the ranks that might be showing more than the standard middle six level skill that has been in our wheelhouse the last several years. The Ducks are really turning it around with the forward drafting lately.
  8. I keep seeing this repeated, but I don't see how Vats has any interest from the Avs. They already have EJ and Barrie playing down the right side, no way they move a major asset to get a 3rd wheel. Unless they pick up Vats and move Barrie in a separate move, but that isn't exactly out there, I just pulled it from my rear.
  9. I haven't seen Silf flash moves like that, and Rakell seems more... dangly, not that they're any less skilled. It was more of a style thing I was referring to.
  10. Ha! Karma. Hull's foot was in the crease.
  11. Nice. I can't picture a single player on this roster doing that, we need a fast forward button for this guy, he can't get here soon enough.
  12. In a perfect world we keep them all. 1. Use Theodore/Larsson to bring in a comparable forward. 2. Buy out Bieksa before the ED. 3. Trade a conditional 2nd or 3rd to Vegas with the cond. that they leave Manson alone. 4. Trade Stoner this summer. 5. Try to re-sign Cam asap, and if it becomes clear that he wants more $$$ than we can manage, or wants to leave, then trade him before next year's deadline for the best possible return. Aside from that dream scenario, gun to my head to make a decision right now, I'd say trade Vats for forward help, and gamble on Cam being re-signed (assuming he gives some sort of verbal confirmation that he wants to stay). For me, this isn't about Fowler, he's elevated himself above both Vats and Manson, it's a choice between Sami and Josh. I give the edge to Josh, not only because Vats is more replaceable within the system, whereas Manson is unique, but to anyone saying we can replace Manson with another big lug... Does anyone really trust Murray to find a viable replacement given his track record? We went how many seasons using Ben Lovejoy? Murray brought in a steady string of overpaid 3rd pairing clunkers with the hopes that one could evolve into a top four solution. He finally got lucky when idiot Shero dealt us Despres, then unlucky when he went down to concussions. And even there, Murray went crazy and threw a premature contract extension at Despres, just to make sure he was overpaid like the rest. Consistency. I think Manson is a long term solution, finally, and while less of a skilled player than Vatanen, more important to the makeup of our overall defense. If Despres was healthy I might feel differently. This expansion deal is a weird dynamic though, and we're in an awkward spot, you could cut it many different ways going forward and justify several different moves to our defense.
  13. Welp, so much for that. Perry still has some life in those hands, all is not lost!!!
  14. Good stuff, thanks! That's about what I had gathered on those three, sucks that Sorensen hasn't taken that next step, he had a decent showing with the big club before Kase took over. Hope he isn't going the way of Noesen soon. That's pretty nifty about Gortz being his childhood friend, that wasn't mentioned at the time if the trade iirc, very cool. Hopefully he can be the Gortzlaf to his Sorey Perry (I'm drinking... sorry). I think Roy and Welinski both have a legit shot to make the team next season, if the opportunity is there. I thought both of them were Jultzing us, so it's all win.
  15. THN is bad, every article I read is misinformed. They missed the mark on this one, we aren't protecting Bieksa, or making Silfvy ED bait, or trading Theo + Vats (who the Avs don't need anyhow) or any other ridiculous package like that. His cap hit and our current playoff bid makes the chances of Dutchy landing here pretty unlikely imo. I'd love to be wrong though, what an addition he'd be. Surprisingly strong on the dots too, making him a fine choice on W or C.