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  1. Would that be considered a jerk move by the Jets GM? I am wondering if there is some unwritten rule for these types of signings and other GMs pouncing on the opportunity. Obviously Sbisa agreed to sign with the Ducks knowing that he will be sent to SD to help out the Gulls, and the fact he still has a home in OC makes the deal fair for both sides. Not sure how Sbisa feels now that he just got picked up by the Jets. At the end of the day, kudos for him if he does get into an NHL lineup regularly up there.
  2. I enjoy these european preseason games. Very nostalgic seeing the atmosphere in hockey games. I've lived in the States for over 20 years but I make sure to go to at least one hockey game whenever i visit family in Switzerland. Despite 5-7k fans, the crowd noise always seems much more amplified than the 17k here in the NHL. I'm not bashing crowd noise and be a euro-snob...please do not misconstrue this post. Just sharing how great it is to see it on NHL network.
  3. Was hoping for something positive out of him, but he didn't look that great in preseason. maybe a month down in SD and more games in the smaller ice surface will benefit him. He has the size that we need and can deliver pucks well. Just don't think he is ready quite yet. Don't worry Moose, you may see him in the big club in November maybe.
  4. I find it interesting that Ritchie and Sherwood seem to have played more than others in the preseason so far (maybe i'm wrong on this?). As if Ducks management is giving Ritchie and Sherwood a much closer look to see who should that take bottom 6 winger role. I have never been a big Ritchie fan, and from my perspective it looks like Sherwood is outperforming Ritchie in terms of the new system being used. With guys like Terry, Jones, Comtois, and even Tracey and Morand 2-3 years down the line, Ritchie is slowly being pushed away from that future top 6 role he was asked to become during a stretch where the ducks had no youth depth on the wings. Time has changed Ritchie--he is no longer high on the ducks depth chart.
  5. Carrick plays like an AHL player though. Very hard working player and forechecks well, but the IQ level just isn't there at the nhl level. As long as Grant and Shore (who was slotted as Center in the preseason) are fixes on the roster, you're not going to see Carrick fit anywhere. If we're talking about moving a young AHL player to the Ducks roster, I would undoubtedly pick Lundestrom. He's a great player with strong puck possession abilities.
  6. Would rather see a more tenacious Max Jones on that line than Ritchie.
  7. Yep I saw that right after I created this thread. Bummer. Would have loved seeing camp in the new facility.
  8. Oh man, I think it has been like 3 years since I've posted here. And I have always enjoyed the discussions here....I guess the last few years I have been just an observer of comments and replies. Anyways, anyone know the schedule for training camp? I assume there will be a higher interest this weekend bc of the new facility. Just want to see what time they expect to open sessions on Saturday. Making sure I don't show up too late once it's filled up.
  9. Hagelin has been outstanding in 2014 and 2015 playoffs. That's where his impact is seen the most. He's pretty much the same type of player like Beleskey but a more proven player and much better IQ. Beleskey will probably become that player in a few years.
  10. Was thinking the same when I heard it in pregame.
  11. Despite the chemistry the past week, I still would like to see Kesler with Silf and Palmieri. I think Palmieri plays a smarter game than Beleskey. I love what Matt brings to the table, but I think Pamieri has the better hockey sense that will allow consistent puck pressure down low. Beleskey is more of a banger and shooter, while Palmieri is better at holding the puck. Drop Beleskey with Thompson and Jackman/DSP to make that line a threat as well. Would like to see Cogs-Karlsson-Etem on one line too.
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