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  1. Hagelin has been outstanding in 2014 and 2015 playoffs. That's where his impact is seen the most. He's pretty much the same type of player like Beleskey but a more proven player and much better IQ. Beleskey will probably become that player in a few years.
  2. Was thinking the same when I heard it in pregame.
  3. Despite the chemistry the past week, I still would like to see Kesler with Silf and Palmieri. I think Palmieri plays a smarter game than Beleskey. I love what Matt brings to the table, but I think Pamieri has the better hockey sense that will allow consistent puck pressure down low. Beleskey is more of a banger and shooter, while Palmieri is better at holding the puck. Drop Beleskey with Thompson and Jackman/DSP to make that line a threat as well. Would like to see Cogs-Karlsson-Etem on one line too.
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